Saturday, August 28, 2010

Britney's Puppet

is reminding the others not to talk to Lane, since he took his puppet off to get ready to grill.

Britney's Puppet:  Shhhhhh.

The cameras are having fun with this tonight.
No sign of Ragan's puppet yet.  What could be the decoration for that puppet?  I can't imagine.

Hayden's puppet points out to Britney they she just made the Final Four (since Ragan lost the POV).
Britney just took her puppet of to pour a cup (bowl) of coffee and said something to herself.  She caught herself and put her hand over her lips.  I can't imagine they will ding her for that---it wasn't like she was talking to anyone else.

Enzo's Puppet Just Said "Bra Bra Gade"

right in front of Britney, and she laughed.  Then he made his puppet say Ghe  tto and covered up with a story from Week #2.

Lane's puppet:  I think all of us are going in the DR tonight (with the puppets on).

Hayden is silent, making the burgers.

Punishment #2 - Sock Puppets

I don't know how long this is going to go on, but they all have sock puppets that look like them.

Enzo's is called Little Meow.
Hayden's is called Little Animal.
Enzo thinks Hayden's sock looks like it's from Fraggle Rock.  Hayden doesn't know what that is.
Oh wow.  Here goes---whenever they talk to each other, they have to talk with the sock puppets.  If they don't, they wil have to be Have Nots.  Enzo likes his guy's hat and the "little patch of hair".

Britney likes hers and says she has sex eyes.  Hayden's puppet calls Britney's puppet a "Sock tease".  Ha ha ha.
Lane is pretty quiet, but he always is.  His puppet has a little plaid hat, just like Big Lane.
Britney got hurt in the POV--something happened to her fingernail.  They said that Round #4 got HARDCORE.  Two of the questions had to do with Matt.  All of the conversations now are going through the puppets.

Britney:  Why's he so popular? Just because he got double evicted?

Hayden:  Cause he won the Diamond POV....he's been the most popular for a long time.

Hayden's puppet has star quality and  he seems to enjoy talking with it and tossing it's hair around.

This punishment looks a lot like what they would do on BB UK.  Lane has to take his sock off so he can make the burgers they plan to grill tonight.  He can't talk without the sock or he's in trouble.

They want to do Just the Tip tonight with the puppets.  And maybe The View, but with puppets.  Hayden is making burgers too so he needs to shut up as well.  If I were them I would tie something over my mouth so I wouldn't forget.

Outdoor Lockdown

and they think it might be related to Punishment #2 of 3 that they are receiving courtesy of Lane's Pandora's Box.

It is dark outside and they say it feels like they are the last remaining people on earth.  Enzo mentions 'I Am Legend" and they think that is a good comparison.

Ragan is bundled up and is quiet.
Hayden and Britney are playing catch with the beanbag and it sounds like they are throwing it hard.  Enzo is soaking in the hot tub.  Now Lane comes out to play catch, too.  The weight bench is all messed up now and they say it is "even more bootleg now" and think this may be their punishment.

Lane thought this type of equipment was extinct.  Hayden doesn't think they can "do rows" anymore.
They think the lighting outside is different.  Lane thinks it looks like a magazine.  They are suspicious that something is up and look around intently.
Britney says it looks like mood lighting.  Hayden says it's just that the "big lights aren't charged up yet" but they shoot down that idea.
Maybe Allison Grodner is taking my suggestion and there will be a puppy or some type of animal in the house when they go back in.  Maybe a punishment type of animal like a goat?  A pig that squeals?

Lots of Smacking

coming from Enzo as he eats a bowl of ravioli using some sort of instrument as an eating utensil.  He is reading Hayden's HOH letter and mocking Ragan being upset about the competition.
Enzo:  He needs to MAN UP and get outta here....

His smacking is absolutely atrocious.  If you haven't heard it, you need to find a You Tube clip or something.  It is so loud.

He laughed at the part of the letter where Hayden's mom says not to let Rachel cut his hair--she saw what she did to Brendon's hair.  Hayden likes that part, too.

Enzo found a passage in the letter that he says must be code.  Something like seeing the Canadian National Rodeo which Enzo says must not exist.  He tries to decode it but doesn't get anywhere.

Enzo apparently slammed into Ragan in the competition and Ragan is in there crying about it.  (Actually Ragan is sleeping in the Cabana.)  Enzo's sound while eating is grotesque.

BB Chit Chat

and now Lane, Hayden and Britney are talking about the Rainbow Reunion that Kail-BB8 hosts every year.  They all think they want to go.  They have some idea that Kail makes a lot of money on the event and they will get paid.  I'm not so sure.

Britney wants all of them to go to Arizona for New Years.   They think they can host an event and Hayden mentions some people he knows who run venues.  Britney wants them all to come to Arkansas at least once, too.

Now they mention Shooting Blanks, Matt's band.  Matt has discussed setting up a tour after the season to visit the HG hometowns.

Lane:  I can't believe Matty lied to us about so many things!

Britney:  I know, it's stupid!

Hayden:  Yeah, I really liked him.....I still like him....but I wonder how much he told me over the last 50 something days was the truth.

Lane:  He said he'd go to Steamboat, and he'd be up there for hockey games....

Hayden:  But maybe he lied about that!

Lane:  We've got to get an awesome condo at Steamboat and get our own rooms...

Britney:  If we make Final Three together we're guaranteed a great trip, since we've all agreed to pay for the trip if one of us wins--and to pay for the other people.

(Whah whah whah....)

Hayden:  It's guaranteed to be a sick trip..

Lane:  And we're gonna bring people to Steamboat, since we're talking about it.

Hayden says Steamboat hook us up!  He can't wait to get on his board.

Lane mentions the girl who rode up the lift with him and ended up curled up frozen to death---frozen solid.  Her friends didn't know she was coming up there to meet them----that's why they all need to stick together.

Britney:  Why didn't she just ride her snowboard down the mountain?

Lane explains the layout of the mountain and how it depends on what side you're on--it's not a straight shot down at all and the mountain is huge.

Hayden tells a story about working in a 'board shop' and how some guy who used to come in all the time boarded among the trees and got buried in snow.  He survived because the snow insulated him.  We got DOTS during the story, but he kid only broke a leg when he hit a tree and survived.

Lane is doing a commercial for Steamboat and says they will all love it.

Britney Plays Ball

with Lane and Hayden in the kitchen. I don't know what they are actually throwing around (maybe a beanbag?) but they have been doing it for awhile while chatting.
Hayden's job as a baseball player was to "hit and steal bases".  (hot)  He played baseball in high school as well as college.  Lane played in junior high and high school.

Britney played softball in the 5th and 6th grades and "wore bright pink lipstick in her softball picture". She also ran track at some point.

Hayden says it is hard to "throw soft" when you are used to really playing.

Ragan Has a Snack

all alone in the kitchen area.  Chip Mate cookies and some sort of drink.  You may know that Lane opened Pandora's Box yesterday and claimed to only win about $90 (an outright lie, to be sure).  The HG got three punishments. I only know one of them, which is that they lost their use of glasses, plates, and eating utinsils for a week.  Hence, the bowl below.

BB gave them some dominoes to play with and he started messing with them after reading the directions.
This lasted all of about 2 minutes.  He then went to the bathroom to blow his nose and went to the Cabana Room to sulk.  I don't know about you, but I am so thankful that he changed out of those hideous green shorts.  I was shuddering last night seeing that he wore them on the live show with a T-shirt that didn't match.  I really hope that the luxury challenge tomorrow bestows some new couture on Ragan as a consolation prize.
I am very sorry that Matt had to go, but to look on the bright side, Ragan has no one to talk to at the moment so we don't have to hear him bitch and moan about how unfair the competition was. 
Do you think he is plotting to throw Britney under the bus?  If he isn't, maybe he should.  It's his only chance.

Lane and Hayden

still talking in the HOH.

Hayden: Matty's biggest selling point was saying that if you want a brigade final three, keep me. 

Lane agrees.

Hayden:  Let's say that Enzo wins HOH...he puts up me and Britney...and Britney wins, it's you and me up there.

Lane:  We cannot have that happen.  We can't.  And it's going to be a damn quiz, too.

Enzo comes out of the bathroom and has some shorts on.  When asked he said "they" gave them to him, with a black pair as well.  (I guess BB can't have Enzo walking around naked.)

Hayden says that they took an identical pair from him before he came in the house.  Now Enzo is getting cranked up and starts pacing and talking big.  You know, like Enzo.

I think it might have been the OTEV challenge, because it sounds like Enzo had to get physical and run up a hill, grabbing something from someone.  (Ragan predicted the OTEV challenge, and said he would suck at it.)

It sounds like they considered getting rid of Britney this week instead of Ragan, but they conclude that Ragan is smarter than Britney.

Enzo:  Yeah, but he's too much of a bitch.

They think that the next challenge will be physical, and Britney will be easily beaten.  Enzo thinks listening to the Eminem CD helped him win and quotes the lyric "you only get one shot...".


Hell Has Frozen Over

Get this:  Enzo won POV.

Everybody else is in the HOH, looking at the Spy Screen.   They know Ragan is in the Cabana room and "will be in there for awhile".
Britney said it was a fun competition.  She got called to the DR and while she was getting ready to go down there, the guys started doing their chant of "Br  Br  Br" and Britney was oblivious (I guess).

Now the remaining Brigade is gloating and saying they have to win the next HOH or Britney will go to the final three.  Hayden mentions that the Final Four HOH last year was when they had to scoop up hot chocolate and fill up a bowl---a "long skill" competition and they all hope that is the case this season.

Lane:  We CANNOT let Britney win HOH.  We just can't.  We've proven twice that Britney isn't that smart, and that pressure gets to her.

Hayden:  The paint can....I beat her, and I could have stayed on longer.

Today is Day #57 and Hayden thinks they will have a luxury challenge tomorrow.  (I do, too, the free clothes one.)

Enzo calls out from the bathroom that "he has the runs" and Lane gets up to slide the door closed.  Once closed, he and Hayden start whispering like mad.  I can't hear them, but I know they are plotting to make sure Enzo doesn't go to the end.  They both think either one of them would beat Britney in the Final Two.

(I don't think so......) 

Lane:  What...are you trying to take Britney?

Hayden:  No!  Stop putting that in my head! I never even thought of that before!

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy - Part 2

After Monet hung up I was going to stop watching, but lo and behold Stacy Hoffman calls in!  Matt's wife!

Chelsia is a big Matt fan and picked him to win from the beginning (I did, too.) so she is very excited to speak to Stacy.

The connection is fuzzy but Stacy is full of energy and sounds like she would love to scream at Matt for not going after Enzo.  She thinks Matt was clearly onto Enzo and she wanted him to expose the Brigade.

Missy, offended that she said that about Enzo:  What do you think of Matt's lie?

Stacy:  I think he would have been better off without it.

They didn't discuss any potential lies ahead of time, so she was very surprised when he said it.  They set boundries about what he could do, and he hasn't crossed those boundries yet.

Missy:  You told him he could flirt, but what about his flirting with Ragan?

Stacy, laughing: I told him to make friends with the gay guy in there, but he's not doing what I told him to do!

Chelsia: Please explain the 'hand down the pants'.  What is he digging for in there?

Stacy:  That is the ONE THING that I asked him please NOT to do.  When he walked out the door I said don't do it please!  He just rests it in there--its a comfort thing.  He does it out in the bar, with family, he doesn't even think about it!

Missy, going in for the kill:  Would you admit on TV that you had dreams about Hayden with his shirt off?

Stacy:  His personality is to be funny and not care what people think, but his portrayal is like he's gay!  My father is watching this and I'm worry about what he thinks.

Missy kind of apologizes for being harsh about Matt--I think her producer said something in her ear about it.  She says that Matt is a great player and needs to go because he is so strong in there.

Stacy:  Matt is a bad liar and when he discusses my 'disease' he can't even look people in the eye and he giggles.  I know he would really donate money to that disease--that's just the way he is.

Stacy is having a farewell party tonight with friends and she says that she will need someone to "hold her hair back when she drinks too much tonight".  She knows that even if Matt made a last ditch effort to align with Britney and Ragan, they won't believe him.

They thank her and ask her if she wants to say anything to the haters out there.  Stacy laughed and said that some things are better left unsaid.  Matt has a lot of fans out there, too and she appreciates that.

Stacy confirms that she and Matt will be in Vegas.  They think she has a "good head on her shoulders" and has handled the pressure well so far.

Now they take the calls from the regulars who call in all the time.

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

While the POV plays out, I am watching the Happy Hour Show with Chelsia and Missy on  Today's guest was Monet, who was voted out 2nd on BB12, which feels like about 3 years ago.
I wonder if Chelsia will bring up the fact that she has said several times that she doesn't like Monet.  She didn't like her in the pre-show interview, and had a very difficult time talking to her. 

Monet regrets winning the $10K, since after she did it seemed like none of the HG wanted to hang around her and she felt marked.  In response to Chelsia's question, she said she was annoyed that Hayden was able to win $5K and keep it concealed from the others. 

She wishes Britney would align with Brendon (this was taped on Thursday, before the Double Eviction live show.)

CQ = Caller Question (delivered via email)

CQ - Now that you are at home, do you plan to interact with fans more?

Monet:  I have Facebook, but it's a private page.  I'm not adding fans, and am still overwhelmed with answering messages. I don't plan to Twitter.

Chelsia agrees that she needs to have a personal space apart from the fans, but she should consider creating a fan page.

CQ - Now that you know about Matt's lie, what do you think?

Monet:  I thought it sounded fishy, with some of the other stories he told about her.  But I didn't want to say anything.  When I found out I wish I had said something, but I didn't want to seem insensitive.  I think Ragan is going to really take it to heart and be upset.  But Matt is playing the BB game--he's lying, cheating---I don't look down on him for it.

CQ - If you had seen Brit on TV playing the way she does, would you have been friends with her?

Monet:  I think all of the girls in the house, except for maybe Kathy, wanted to be the only girl in the house eventually.  I would have aligned with her, but I would have distanced myself because she does have a tendency to talk too much.   She is really comfortable around those guys, but it might come back to bite her.

She thinks she will stay in contact with most of the HG, and doesn't want to say who she doesn't like.

CQ - If you had to have a showmance with one of the guys, who would it be?

Monet:  Lane.  He's kind of a guy that I would be friends with in real life.  He's not gorgeous, and we got along great.  I liked him.

Missy keeps coughing and you can imagine what that sounds like.

CQ - Are you watching the show and the live feeds?

Monet:  Yes, I do watch the show and sometimes the feeds.

CQ - If you were in the Jury House and it came down to Britney and Lane, or Britney and Hayden, would you vote based on friends?

Monet:  I would vote for Britney against Hayden, and also Lane because Lane hasn't really been playing the game.

CQ - Do you feel guilty for talking so horribly about Kathy when she ultimately voted for you?

Monet:  I do feel bad about some of it, but I was told that she threw me under the bus and you get paranoid in there.  You kind of lose it in there.  We did make amends and I apologized to her and she did give me her vote.  But in there you don't know what to believe.  I did genuinely like her.

CQ - What do you think about Lane and Britney's relationship?

Monet:  I know Britney is really in love with her fiance.  She thinks that aligning with Lane gets her in with the guys, but I think it will hurt her in the end.  Lane does like her, but knows she is taken in the end, so he is talking advantage of her to do his dirty work.  He will get rid of her when he needs to.

CQ- Who should the final two be?

Monet:  I think the final two should be people who are playing the game. I like Lane, but he's not playing.  I think Enzo is trying, but just can't win. (Chelsia isn't sure about that.)  She thinks Matt will go home tonight, and would like the final two to be Brendon and Britney.  I would like Enzo to leave over Matt tonight--he's so sneaky and conniving.  I think Enzo would BLOW UP if he got evicted and think that would be good TV.

Chelsia loves that comment, but Missy is on Team Enzo and wants Matt to go.

CQ - Is there anybody in the house that you have done a complete 360 change on after seeing their actions?

Monet:  I thought that Enzo was funny, but outside I think America might find him overbearing and vulgar and annoying.  (Missy doesn't like this and reached for her cocktail as a pacifier.)  Brendon is a lot more tolerable without Rachel.  I think he is a good guy and siding with Rachel hurt him in the house.

Monet is going to the Vegas party and stayed online for about 20 minutes.  I think they read emails with questions when time is tight because a lot of the people who call in are so weird and waste time on the calls saying odd things.


DOTS, Now.

And for quite a few minutes.  POV time?

Making Up

Britney is in the HOH with Lane, putting on makeup and talking to her friend Lane.
She grew up "in the woods on a lot of land" and was kind of a tomboy.  She started getting girley in the 4th grade, wearing red lipstick.  All of her teachers always wrote things in her yearbook like "we think you will be a big star one day". 

She talked about her bulldog--they had a hard time finding a male brindle-color.  Lane talked about his dog and how him mom gives him commands.

When Britney graduated college and moved to Fayetteville, her mother wanted her to move to California and said she would pay for it.  Lane thought about moving to Los Angeles--he has a friend who worked as an assistant to Julia Roberts and thought he could hook him up, but he never did it.  Lane used to think the Real World kids were big stars. 
 Britney used to watch BB when she was 14 and thought she would be on it someday.  But she had to wait until she was 21 and thought it would never be on TV long enough to be a contestant.  It was something she waited for all year, for the season to begin over the summer.

Lane never watched BB on TV, only on You Tube.  (Quirky Dude's site---he has mentioned this before.)

Britney only told her friend Summer that she was coming on the show the day before she left.  She mentioned how strict BB was about that.

Britney:  Summer about died when I told her.

Saturday Morning

I flashed back to about 30 minutes ago to start watching---kind of like watching a show on your DVR, because you can pause it, rewind, etc. 

Lane is sleeping all by his lonesome in the HOH.  He sleeps with a shirt on.
Ragan is up and is moving around in the kitchen, already reciting his mantra of house activities.  Practicing for today's POV competition---everything is on the line for him and he knows it.

The rest of the HG are sleeping in Jumanji.  I think that is Hayden's HOH basket there on the right.  Since he didn't get to have the HOH room this week, they let him take his basket in the bedroom.
All in all, its pretty quiet this morning in there.  I watched more of the Flashback action earlier today from after the Live Show on Thursday.  Some tidbits you might find interesting:

*  You might recall that the Brigade started calling Brendon Needle Dick some time ago.  The DR asked them not to do it anymore, since they could not use any of that footage on the show.  So they started calling him 'ND'.  Brendon heard them saying it, and thought that it stood for 'No Doubt'.  So after the HOH competition when they were all pacing around and going back in the house the Brigade was saying ND, ND, ND to themselves and to each other.  Brendon started chanting it, too, and Hayden cracks up remembering this.  Enzo thinks Brendon is going to be really mad when he watches the shows about this.  (But he won't know unless he watches Flashbacks or reads the websites.  Or, I guess the fans will let him know....)

*  Britney told some stories about 'vacation', the nickname for being in sequester before the season started.  She saw Rachel at the pool, who was wearing a tiny red bikini with a thong botttom.  She got up and demonstrated how Rachel stripped off some sort of polyester blue dress and strutted over to the pool to check the temperature of the water with her hand.  As you might imagine, it was very suggestive and involved keeping the legs straight to bend all the way over with your ass hanging out.  As the water was too cold, she strip-walked over to the hot tub and did the same thing.

All of the guys gasped as she did this---probably just as much at how Britney could move as the description of Rachel.

Britney:  Oh, I already saw Rachel's vulva long before we went into this house.  All of us who were out there just looked at each other and rolled our eyes!

Then she described how after this they walked up a flight of stairs to go inside some door (probably on a soundstage).  Rachel was two feet in front of her, but only opened the door a tiny sliver to squeeze in and shut the door abruptly in Britney's face.

Britney: The girl with the clipboard was standing there and just looked at me like this...

BB:  Britney, KNOCK IT OFF!

Britney kept talking and BB had to scold her several times.  But I know they were laughing, too, and I appreciate them letting us hear and see all that.

Britney:  You know, I told Rachel that whole story, too, and she said "they wouldn't let me bring that bikini in--they said it was too skimpy!"

Ragan cracked up at this:  That's what she took from the story---that she couldn't bring in that bikini!

Back to Now:

Everyone is getting called to the DR, but then they have been going right back to bed.

Feeds are Back Up

Everyone is still sleeping, oblivious to the supposed 'blackout'.  I looked at some local news websites in Southern California, and could find no mention of this incident.

Live Feeds are Down

Supposedly there was a power outage at 7:20 am in Studio City, CA.

So...the HG may not have any electricity?  I'm pretty sure that they would have a generator to ensure continuity, right?

Britney's HOH Blog

Better late than never, huh?  This is Britney's blog in its entirety.  Maybe they limit their blog to a certain number of paragraphs?  Maybe that explains why none of them use paragraphs in their blogs? 

Or maybe it's just good, old-fashioned low literacy skills.

The Head of Household Blog

HoH Blog Post #7: Britney

August 25, 2010

Hello America!!!!

I have been so anxious to get to do one of these blogs, and I finally won HOH and got my chance! I want to take a moment to first express my incredible gratitude to each and every fan out there! I have been a BB fan for so many years myself, but never realized how important it really is. Without you guys, we wouldn't have this amazing opportunity. We still aren't even sure that we really have fans out there, but in the event that we do, we would like to all say THANK YOU!!!! Ya'll are the BEST ever and we are so thrilled that anyone cares about us in the least. Keep watching and cheering us on; your support is what keeps us going!

HoH Photos

Now for the completely mushy part of my blog that many of you may wish to skip over: SHOUT OUTS! I talk to the live feeds a lot but am never sure that anyone hears what I say, so bear with me as I take the time to make sure the people in my life know how much I miss them. Mom: I miss you more than I can even say. I never realized how much talking to you saves my sanity. I cannot wait to see you again and get caught up on everything that I have missed. Start planning us a trip to NYC now. We need some time away! I'm sorry I have cried on the show. UGH I know how much we always HATE the people who cry!! I love you so much and want to thank you for being my source of upmost support in this experience. Without you, I never would have had it in the first place. You're the best. Dillon: I hope everything is going well in school. Stay focused and do your homework! When I get home, we will go to the movies and spend some time driving around. I can't wait to see you bubby. I love you so much. Brandon: Thanks for all of your support! I know you are so happy for me and behind me all the way and that means SO MUCH. I love you and can't wait to see you soon! Monica and Summer: UGH I NEED TO TALK TO YOU SO BAD!!! We have SO much to discuss. I can't wait to meet up as soon as this is over and talk for hours and hours. Miss you both TONS. Michael: I think about you all the time and wonder how excited you are about this! I hope you got your house and are doing good! Hold down the hometown for me and I can't wait to see you when I get home. Love you so much! ALL OF MY FAMILY: I love you so much and thanks for your support! ALL OF MY FRIENDS: I am so grateful for you more than ever and cannot wait to hear from each of you. I have the best friends in the world. Love you all!!!! And lastly, Nickolas! Babe (in Australian) I MISS YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH that it is just stupid. You'll never know how much that blanket meant to me. It really keeps me together sometimes. I hope everything is good at home and the pups are on good behavior. Kiss them for me. I am more thankful for our life than I ever was before and I can't wait to get back to it. You can't even imagine how much I think about you and wonder how everything is going. Your support is so tremendously important to me and I couldn't do this without you. I love you more than you will ever even know and I literally dream about seeing you again. Have fun while I am gone and get ready for my return! I love you SO SO SO much. You are THE greatest.

Okay, now that you are all completely grossed out, allow me to continue! This game is getting seriously intense with only 7 people remaining, very soon to be 6. This week was supposed to happen entirely differently than it did, but hey, I guess it all worked out in the end. Regardless of what happens in this game I do have to say that I live with some awesome people. All of the guys are incredible and contribute to this house in their own way. Hayden is one of the greatest people I have ever met. He is such a genuine person with a HUGE heart for people. He lives in constant fear that you guys think he is some kind of doucher. So funny! If you want to give him a hard time, call him Hollywood! Matt is such a cool person. He has a very different kind of humor that I find to be hilarious! He definitely brings a lot of fun to the house. Ragan is just hysterical. He is so animated and can keep you entertained doing nothing at all. He just makes me laugh so much. I love having him in the house for that and many other reasons. Lane is without a doubt my favorite of everyone in the house, which is ironic because he is also the most mean to me! He treats me like a big brother would and gives me a hard time. But he really is such a good person deep down, despite the tough image that he puts off. I don't know what I would do without him here. He straightens me out when I am stupid and makes me tough when I want to break down. He's the best. Enzo is just Enzo. I know you guys love him!! He is the biggest character I have ever met in my life and is certainly a lot of fun to be around! He cracks me up all day long, even when he isn't trying. Literally everything that he does is funny. Everything. He is just awesome. Brendon and I have certainly had an exchange of words a time or two, and I can't say that I enjoy him as a person. However, I can say that I enjoy what he brings to the house, and that is comic relief that he never intended to give. If he wasn't here for us to crack on, we would have to keep talking about Rachel, and even that gets old. But in his defense, he has been much more pleasant as of late and is inching towards tolerable/TOElerable. Game wise, what has transpired so far isn't too horribly off base from where I wanted things to be at this point. My only danger in the house right now is Brendon, and I am working hard everyday to get him out of here and into the Jury house with the love of his life. Cough cough. But who knows what will happen from here! As the options for nominees and replacement nominees get more few, it is tough not to make enemies. If everything goes my way, we will see Brendon go home next, and ultimately see Lane, Hayden, and myself in the final three. That being said, nothing ever goes my way in this house (hello, Pandora's Box!) and I have a feeling it will be more difficult to get to that point than I am hoping for. I will cross my fingers for a smooth ride to the end but I am not naive I am prepared to fight!

Being the only girl left in the house is a weird feeling. I have to listen to them talk about boxing and baseball all day long. I can actually join in on the football conversations, but that's about it. Otherwise, I am left to entertain myself. Which reminds me that I want to apologize for how much we sleep around here!! I know as a fan of the show I would hear the houseguests talk about how bored they were and I thought they were just complaniners. Now I have a whole new opinion on that matter. It really is something you have to experience to understand!! We have been 54 days without seeing or talking to anyone from our lives. Its tough to imagine what that would be like but I can now say that I have done it and it is AWFUL. You have to be much more mentally strong to survive here than I ever gave anyone credit for. I am certain I will live the rest of my life and look back and say this is the hardest thing I ever had to do. However, it's awesome, amazing, and fun as well, which makes for quite the unforgettable experience! I feel so blessed to be here and can't say enough how grateful I am for it. I do try to view our season through the eyes of the fans often and I can't wait to get out of here and see what you think of us, good or bad!

I have to wrap this up, but I want to just apologize to anyone who I left out and say thank you to anyone who cares to read this! BB fans are the BEST!!! I think we have given you all a good season so far! There has been PLENTY of drama and there is still more to come, I'm sure! This place just gets more and more crazy all the time. Never would I have thought I'd be saying that I am about to go have lunch with a penguin, but indeed, that is what I am about to do! :) So keep watching and supporting who ever your favorite houseguest is and know you are so, so very appreciated!!! Enjoy everything you do today, even if that is just going to get groceries or going to the mailbox! We are JEALOUS!!! :)

GO HOGS!!!!!!


Amusing Videos

I found these videos on the website, so you don't need a membership to view them.

Zingbot - This is the link to a video with additional footage of the Zingbot insulting all of the HG.  He even insults Enzo's wife, which doesn't seem very fair to me.  I liked Kathy's 'zing' the best.  It was funny.  I think we are going to have to see Zingbot next year, too.  ***sigh***

Mr. Pectacular - This is the link to a video with extended footage of Britney opening Pandora's Box to find Jessie Godderz, Mr. Pectacular himself.  I watched the feeds when Britney described this to the guys in the house, and she said that Jessie was really mean to her.  After watching this clip, I think Britney was the one who was mean to him.  He was nearly begging her to participate.  As a bonus, we get to see some more of the luau that was happening in the backyard.   Look for the skinny hula girl that Ragan said looked a lot like a trannie (he was serious). We don't see much of Ragan at the luau---this is because he was searching for a key almost the whole time--for some reason he thought he was supposed to search for something instead of enjoy himself.  ***dumbass***

The Early Show, Starring Matt and Brendon

This is the link to Julie Chen's extended Early Show interviews with Matt and Brendon.  There is a short video at the top, and the extended ones are posted under that.

 Random Thoughts

*  Matt says a number of times that he thinks Britney is evil!  I could see sneaky or conniving, but evil?  But coming from Matt, this is a compliment.  Matt is a hardcore gamer and admires that action.  He thinks Lane should beware!  (I think it is the other way around, but whatever.)

*  Brendon does an excellent job on camera, and is surprisingly good at thinking on his feet.  He wants to marry Rachel!

*  Julie Chen seems to be actually watching the show this year, and is well-briefed about the live feed action.  She mentions Kathy cock-blocking Brendon and Rachel!  Ha ha ha.

Enjoy--each extended interview is over nine minutes long.

Dalton Ross Interviews Matt

This is the link to a great interview with Matt for Entertainment Weekly.  It looks like they filmed this on Friday morning, after Matt had a good night's sleep.

He sure is cocky in this video.  It is cleverly produced with footage from the show, with funny captions.