Friday, August 27, 2010


Could be nominations?  Already?

The answer, of course, is who the hell cares?  And which season are they referring to?  I wish the answer was Metal Bolts and Band-Aids but even Allison Grodner doesn't have the balls for that.

Kitchen Excavation

Britney is on her knees cleaning out one of the cabinets.  You can see the shiny stuff on the counter where no one has bothered to wipe up their sticky filth.  There must be a ton of stuff down there.  It looks like she is throwing away the same items over and over.

And now the fridge gets a turn.

In past seasons, this would have been about the time they have the luxury competition where they all win new clothes.  I'm thinking this might occur on Saturday or Sunday.  Just a guess.  But Enzo, for one, could use some new clothes right about now.

Hayden, too.  One of the reasons why he may be shirtless all of the time is that he only seems to have that same tired yellow T-shirt.  You know the one---the AZ T-shirt that says Ride Naked or something along those lines.

Another Bowl of Honeycombs

for Brit as she sits with Lane listening to Hayden shower.

Lane has been running all of his decisions by Hayden today.  He is planning on nominating Enzo and Ragan, with Britney thinking that either one is the one going home so she doesn't play as hard for the POV.  (Yeah, right---she is going balls out for sure.)

They plan to evict Ragan but if he wins POV then Britney is going up, and going home.  As in, the Jury House.

Maybe Britney should have had a bowl of Wheaties instead.  But the sugary diet has been working for her so far.

Hayden dropped the soap and Britney joked about it.

Britney:  You are taking a long, long shower.

Hayden:  It's the first one I've had in a long time.  Are you all planning to take one?  Are you waiting?

Britney:  No, we're just watching you.

The kitchen was extra-nasty today.  They left a bunch of food out last night (no Brendon to clean it up) and there is an army of ants all over the place.

Britney is now rolling the big trash can into the kitchen to get rid of everything out there.   It is unbelievable what slobs these people are.  Really, really filthy.

Everyone's mother should be ashamed.

Flashback From Last Night #6

Sorry--I paused the Flashback to take care of a few things but now I'm back.

BB talked to Britney in the DR and left her a list of things that Kathy reported as missing.  This list included a brown baseball cap with a cross on it, and some Asics sneakers.  No one could remember seeing that hat, but Britney still rooted around in the bedrooms to find everything.

Ragan busied himself with packing Brendon's things.  Britney and Ragan are trying to act like they are working against each other, but caught a few minutes to whisper and encourage each other for the upcoming competition.
Britney:  It's that think that I'm horrible at....I'm in big trouble.

Ragan went to the Cabana alone to get his thoughts together for the competition, which is going to happen any minute.
Ragan has brought up Matt at least 10 different times since the feeds came back on to say that he is going to miss Matt, he is going to know him forever, Matt is a SuperFan, etc etc etc.

He is talking to himself now, and brings up Matt again.  Is Ragan going the Ivette route?  When she kept talking about frickin' Cappy?

I'm just sayin'.

Flashback From Last Night #5

Hayden went to the DR, probably to get his letter or whatever little prizes he gets for his short HOH reign.

Ragan then starts to quickly tell his news about Matt to Lane, who I think was out of the room when they discussed it a few minutes ago. 

We hear more this time, like:

*  Matt rode in the van with Ronnie and Casey.  Casey smelled like beer the entire time.  (I have heard Matt say before that he didn't think Casey would make it, since he seemed like an 'old drunk'.)

*  He saw Natalie playing an 'old school Nintendo game' and based on this he thought she would be cool and smart.  He told Stacy that he saw a girl that he thought he might align with. (Ugh, wouldn't such communications be verboten?  Or maybe not since he hadn't been formally cast/selected yet.)

* The reason why he didn't get cast was because of his wedding.

Lane crunches up ice and is really, really surprised:  Wow....(crunch crunch)

They all seem sure that Matt was the Saboteur now, given his history with Production, all of his lies, the fact that the Diamond POV time frame corresponded with the Saboteur's  2nd stint in the house.  Ragan just sits there and kind of chimes in that the logic of that makes sense.

Lane crunches loudly.

Britney:  Brendon was making excuses for not winning HOH the whole way back to the house.

Ragan, shocked:  Are you kidding?
Britney:  No, he kept saying he didn't see Hayden get one...he thought he had did he get that....

Ragan:  He was really pissed after that competition.

Enzo injured himself during that competition and is sporting some gauze on his knee.  Brendon fell and was on the ground, too, according to Britney.

Flashback From Last Night #4

Britney:  I'll bet my mom started crying when I got nominated.

They discuss when they think Matt will find out what happened after he left.  Ragan overrules everyone since he is the expert and says that Matt will see the tape and find out who got evicted after he gets to the Jury House.

For some reason, all of the HG every year seem to think they are going to appear live on the Early Show.  Some even seem to think they are going to fly to NYC overnight to appear.  But all they do is tape an extra segment or two with Julie which is broadcast the next day.

Here we go....

Ragan:  OMG! Ya'll are going to die!  I can tell you now, Matt said I can!  Okay, remember when Matt said that Stacy was the superfan?  Remember that?

Britney:  It was Matt?

Ragan:  Yes, Matt was the superfan!  He applied SIX TIMES and was supposed to be...


I wish they would let us hear this story again.  I want to hear if Ragan mangles it during the retelling.  (about how he was in the Finals last year and saw Natalie, etc, in person)

When we return Ragan is blurting out that Matt was really 33, not 30.
Enzo:  I'm telling you right now, Matt was the Saboteur.

Hayden:  So he lied to us the whole time?

Britney:  Why?

Ragan:  Well, he thought the house was going to be full of 20-somethings, and he didn't want to be too old, like Ragan.

Enzo, obviously ashamed to even bring it up:  This is....well, is Stacy's thing...that isn't a lie, is it?

Ragan:  Oh, no.

Enzo:  Good, that's what I thought...I believe him, but it's crazy to even say that.

(ha ha ha ha)

Ragan: Here's another thing.  He really wanted you to know this....when they were at the cafe, for casting..


Shit.  I want to hear this!

Flashback From Last Night #3

The HG are still enjoying this brief time of celebration, before they knew who would win HOH and would have to start stressing out again.
When Brendon held the door open wide so the HG could get a good look at the audience and the live set (which was really cool--I've never seen anyone do that on purpose before) Hayden thought he saw Robin Kass (the casting director) but then he didn't think it was her.

Enzo got really cocky and made what I think is a bad decision to shout to America that he was "in the Final Five, and hadn't won nothin'!"

Enzo:  I came in last, or second!  I didn't win nothin'!  And I got the best social skills!

(Prediction:  Enzo will look back at this as the moment he lost the game.)

They took a vote on who they thought had the worst social skills.  It seems like a tie between Brendon and Andrew.  Britney points out that Rachel was the "all around worst person.

Hayden:  Rachel had better social skills, but she wasn't a good person.

Ragan:  Oh, I thought Rachel's social skills were horrible.....I get it though, that this is a happy moment.

Britney:  Where is Lane?  Is he smashing?  (i.e. taking a poop)  I feel so good right now.

Ragan:  I feel euphoric---like I just had sex with someone.

Britney:  I never have to look at that toenail again!

She is afraid that she will be a Have Not tomorrow so she is going to eat up tonight.

Ragan reports that if evicted, he was going to walk in the Jury House and say "Oh, we got a mansion!  And our very own waitress!"

(i.e. Rachel.)  Ragan thinks he is very witty and clever, as usual.

Flashback From Last Night #2

Britney is so relieved that the double eviction is over so they don't have to worry anymore.  She knew that it was going to take place when BB didn't ask her if she had her HOH key before the Live Show.

Usually BB makes sure that the HOH has the key around their neck before the Live Show starts, so that they can take it off and bestow it on the new HOH at the end of the show.

Britney:  When they didn't say a word about that, I knew...I knew it was a double eviction.

She describes how exciting it was to watch the HOH competition.  Brendon was the first one to run down the course with a card, and she saw that Hayden had two and set one aside to run down right after Brendon.

Britney jumps up and demonstrates how she was yelling "Go Hayden!!  Go Hayden!!".  She refers to it as a "Go Lane" moment, after the time she kept repeating that during the ropes competiton (that Brendon eventually won).  Britney thinks she may have flashed the audience if a camera was on her, because she jumped up with that short skirt on.

Hayden laughed and said that Brendon cheered for him when he won, too.

Britney: Yeah, both of us were cheering that you won, and then we were both on the block within minutes!

I have to make a few personal observations here:

1.  When Hayden won, I saw him in a new (hot) light.  He was running so fast, and then stopped completely and stood still after he won.  I thought that was such a turn-on, seeing so much energy from him and having him beat someone so big and strong as Brendon.  And then the quiet, easy recovery after the win.  I'll bet Kristin was turned on by that.  I know I was.  And then the way they all were breathing heavy in the moments before the nomination.  That was hot, too.

2.  And Britney is one of the only females who didn't gain weight in the house.  Usually by the end of the season the skinny ones start to chunk up a bit (Dianne-BB5, Danielle-BB8, Janelle - BB6, Jun - BB4) although there is an exception here and there (Erica - BB4).  She looked so gorgeous on the live show and so tiny next to those big guys---like a little doll.  Britney Benet Ramsey.

She can't take a bad picture, either, can she?  Our Brit is cute as a button.  Someone is sure to snatch her up for something on TV.  I know she wants to be a sportscaster---that could work.

Flashback From Last Night #1

And this takes place as soon as the feeds come back, right after the Live Show, about 6:10 pm BB time.

There were a few stutters in the feeds, where we could hear snippets of the HG conversations, but not see them.  They were discussing the HOH competition that was about to take place---it actually sounds like it was to be played in parts.

Lane:  You're saying that only the FINALISTS need to go....


Ragan was heard yapping about it, too.

When the feeds finally come back the HG are in the middle of celebrating their Final Five status.  Britney is enjoying a big bowl of cereal, and Ragan is crowing about what happened tonight.
I can't even count the number of people who go online to figure out what Ragan's tattoo says.  I have a post a few weeks ago about that, and after every CBS show there are hundreds of people googling that very thing and visiting this site.

Ragan is reliving the moment when Brendon was evicted.  He was pretty sure it was going to happen, but is smart enough to know that until Julie says it, nothing is a sure thing.  He demonstrates for the other HG how he voted in the DR for Brendon to leave.
Sorry to those of you who had seen enough on last night's live broadcast.

They talk about who they think would have been in the Final Five, based on their impressions during the first weeks of the game.  Several of them said they thought Andrew would still be there (Hayden was one of them.).  Enzo said he thought Kathy would still be around.  Someone (I think Britney.) said Annie.

Enzo thinks Annie would have been crazy if she had stayed in the house.

They think Brendon's performance was amazing.  He had a target on his back on Week #1, and if he had made it to the end they all think he would have been a unanimous vote for him to win.

They are all filled with nervous energy.  Enzo still has on his penguin costume and is a Have Not until BB gives them the okay to eat.

Enzo, frustrated:  Come on,  un-shun me from this!

Ragan is really going to miss Matt and thinks they will be friends for the rest of their lives.  Hayden thinks he is going to lose Brendon's friendship but they all say, no, it's okay.  Ragan seems to think that Brendon was the initial target, and that he himself was the pawn, and that him winning the POV made it okay for them to evict Brendon without him getting too mad about it.

When they were waiting for the Before and After competition, they were all antsy and it seemed to take forever to start.  Britney says she "got out on a really stupid one".  And that Brendon got out on a Rachel question---the one regarding when she said "Bring it on".

Hayden:  Enzo, I'm not being an asshole, but were you out first on that?
(ha ha ha)

Lane and Britney are bickering because Lane was happy to beat Britney in the competition.  The old Sonny and Cher routine. 

Britney:  Why are you so happy?  You didn't even win!

Lane:  I was happy because I got to beat Miss Study-all-the-Time and I never do it!

As usual after every live show, they discuss "Steve P." who is visible to them during the competitions. I think he is up on the roof directing the action and gives them direction (as does "Michael").  Britney always says that "Steve P. loves them" and commented last week on him "styling in a bucket hat".

Hayden:  Was that Steve P. with the facial hair?  I didn't know he had long hair....

They are all tired but know they have an HOH competition coming up.

Ragan:  That was the fastest hour!

They commment on how easy the HOH question was (i.e. the Matt and Rachel answer to the 2 HOH question).  They thought it would be harder.

Ragan:  Did my answer about Rachel sound retarded?

They all say no.  (So is it okay for them to ask if a comment sounded gay?  Is that okay with Ragan?)

Hayden wants chicken parm tonight.

OMG Enzo is Putting on a Show

He took off the headphones and is really going at it now.  First they talked about Matty's lies - the ones that Ragan knew about.  The fact that he lied about his age (30 instead of 33) and the fact that he has tried out for BB many, many times.
Enzo:  Like, six times dude?  That just shows you......I was One and Done!  That's it!  One and Done!

Now Enzo talks about how Ragan said that he didn't think that Matty was the Saboteur-he had "more faith in him than that".

Enzo made some sort of comment about Ragan liking to "lick a tush".  But it seemed like he was just trying to be funny and not malicious.

Lane got a bunch of Muscle Milk in his HOH room, and the picture of his brother Gunter is going to be a source for entertainment and jokes for the rest of the season.  As we've seen on TV, Gunter is a Big Boy.

Britney:  Lane drinks Muscle Milk, Gunter drinks straight from the cow's teat!

I am going to find some good flashbacks from last night--particularly Lane's HOH room, etc. and will post as time allows.

(I just had an hour conversation with someone about cash flow planning for tax purposes while I was trying to watch Enzo talk!)

Britney & Lane

are still up in the HOH, talking about who he is going to nominate.  Someone, I think Hayden, is laying on the floor listening to music and you can hear it faintly in the background.

It's nearly 5:00 am now.  He may nominate Enzo, but Ragan is the target.