Thursday, August 26, 2010

TRIVIA, Quadrant Style

It's that show rehearsal. 

The answer, of course, is April, April, April and April.  Rachel and Brendon's conduct was downright cherubic compared to April and Ollie's conduct....

I wonder if twins get STDs at the same time.

Genuine Fun

and seemingly stress-free laughter with Brendon, Enzo, and Lane, despite what is going to happen in a few hours.  They are throwing dice on the floor in front of the nomination chairs.
Enzo:  Dude, you crapped out!

Brendon and Lane don't understand how to bet and win on craps.  Enzo tries to explain it and has to do it a few times.

Brendon wants to keep it simple and use one dollar as an example.  I can't pretend to understand but it does sound like Enzo does.  Brendon, I'm not so sure.
Brendon:  So....what's the advantage of being the bank?

Enzo:  To win the money!

Enzo: No One's Tellin' Me Nothin'

Enzo:  I want to do my speech the way I'm doin' my speech.  I'll do me...
Lane:  Oh, did they talk to you about your speech?

Enzo:  Nah...I'm not gonna scream, I'm not gonna curse....I'm gonna be me......I'm not gonna curse!
Lane laughs.  Enzo is going to "have fun with it" and just "wants to get it over it".  Brendon jokes about starting to talk like The Wizard during the Live Show to talk about the curse he put on the house.

Brendon:  Don't say the thing about the Salem Witches...I already did that!


Suggestion for Allison Grodner

Dear Allison:

As you know, this is the time of year when the houseguests, and many of the fans, become burned out and bored.  There is only so much time spent competing, and the rest of the time quickly disintegrates into napping and other isolated activities.

Why not interject some energy and excitement into the house by bringing in a puppy?  Or some kittens?  It would give the HG something to do, and something fun for us to watch as well.

I realize that you are probably concerned that Lane would injure or torture the animal, based on some of the horror stories he has shared with the world this summer, but I'm sure your security and production teams wouldn't mind monitoring his contact with the animal to ensure it will be safe.

Thank You,

Feed Watcher

Also, Before I Forget

While I was getting ready for a meeting this morning I watched a flashback from last night that involved a long heart-to-heart conversation between Hayden and Matt.

Once again Matt wasn't campaigning or even trying to stay in the house.  Instead he was trying to mend fences in the house, and make sure he leaves on a positive note.  And he made it clear that the Brigade is and was always his top priority.  A little too late, but better late than never, I guess.

Hayden told him that the reason why the Brigade pulled away from him was his exceedingly close relationship with Ragan.  They didn't know if was going to flip, or already had.  Then when he started throwing Ragan under the bus, it made him look even more shady.  Mix in the Saboteur suspicions, and Matt's time in the house expired.

Matt told him quite clearly that he and a few other jury members will be voting for the winner based on how hard they competed in the game.  If Brendon and/or Britney make it to the end, they are getting his vote.  Anybody would get his vote against Enzo, so that is who Hayden should take to the end if he wants to win.  And Lane isn't far behind Enzo in the 'doesn't deserve it' category.

They are both positive that Enzo will win the $25K America's Choice prize if he goes to the Jury House---he is deemed to be a shoe in for the money by the houseguests.  (Really?  I think Matt may have a shot, if he handles tonight well.)

They want to be connected when this is over, and Matt made it clear there are no hard feelings and it was all a game.  (I'm sure he is greasing the skids for when Julie drops the grenade about Matt lying about his wife's illness.)  He also said that if Ragan or Britney win HOH, Hayden will be getting that guitar lesson from Matt in the Jury House a little sooner than expected.

Hayden:  Ragan?  He's not going to win.

Matt:  He's all fired up. I think you guys need to worry about him....

Matt told Hayden what Ragan's plans are---to vote out Brendon or Hayden.  I don't think this was a big surprise to Hayden.

Back to Now:

Britney is up and moving around in the HOH, tiptoeing around those guys and looking for some of her stuff.  It must be weird for her to be in there with all those guys---she seems comfortable though.

Last year those silver jack things were hanging in the red bedroom, and I made a plea to Allison Grodner to please send one to me.  She didn't, and decided to use them again this year in the HOH bathroom.  So, Allison, please send one or more to me and make my day.  Thanks in advance.

HOH Lockdown

As usual, on Thursday everybody is catching a few Z'sss in the HOH room.

And it's dead silence in there.  For the Have Nots, this is probably the most comfortable sleep they've had all week.  For example, Brendon:

While I was listening to Ragan bitch and moan (and bitch and moan) last night and early this morning, I wondered how much worse it would be for him (and us) if he was a Have Not.  I have to say, I watch the feeds and look at other BB websites, but until I saw last night's show I didn't know that Brendon was going to be a have not for the rest of the season.

He doesn't complain, so I didn't know.  He also didn't complain about shaving his head, or the chum dunk.  I'm sure he does a little kvetching here and there, but nothing on the level of Ragan.

I watched Britney organize and pack her luggage last night.  She picked out an outfit that she will wear "if there isn't a double eviction" and "BB doesn't tell her what to wear".  I guess if there is going to be an extremely physical challenge then they will give her a heads up.  But if not, she picked out a royal blue short-sleeved button front shirt which she is going to tuck into a black skirt with high heels, holding them up for Enzo's approval.

Enzo:  Nice.  I think I'll wear a penguin suit.

Still Bitching

Ragan is still bitching and moaning about how ridiculous it is to have a "soccer ball challenge" for final six.

Ragan:  I spent the last week studying my ass off to shoot a water-filled soccer ball off a teeter totter.

Matt, trying to be supportive:  You will still have a chance to use that knowledge....

Ragan:  I have a feeling it is going to be the OTEV Veto, which won't require any knowledge.

He is going on and on about how alone he is in the house, how unfair it all is, blah blah blah.  Meanwhile Matt is going home tomorrow, and this probably isn't the way he wanted his last hours to go.

Ragan:  This is a fucking nightmare.  I just want my life back!

Matt:  I know exactly how you feel.  I probably don't have my job anymore.  In all likelihood, I have lost my job.

Ragan:  This is ridiculous!  Mark my words, it will be that retarded OTEV challenge for the veto.  If I'm going to be gone, just be gone!  I don't want to give them another week of footage of me squirming.

(Maybe you'lll get your wish tonight, Ragan, and bless us all with your departure.)

Just before this, Ragan announced that he "was done" practicing and wasn't going to get any better.  They went inside and sat at the dining room table in tired silence.

Matt:  Last night in the BB house.....last night...

 Ragan bitches some more, totally oblivious that Matt needs support, too.

Hayden came through and asked how it was going.  Matt said that his arm was sore from throwing the ball all night but agrees to go outside and help Hayden practice.  Ragan went outside, too, and watched in silence while Hayden sunk ball after ball, one after the other.

After Hayden finished and went inside, Ragan let loose with this latest torrent of bitching and moaning.

Ragan:  This competition is made for Lane and Hayden.  Period.  I'm sick to my stomach thinking about tomorrow.

Matt: Just hang in there and fight.  I can't explain how I feel when I hear you say you just want to go to the jury house.  I am so jealous about that..

Ragan continues to bitch about himself:  If I'm going to be all alone in this house, why can't we just have a double eviction week and get it over with?  This will be week #4 of me being miserable!

Matt kind of shrugs and realizes that Ragan is totally self-absorbed with his own stuff to acknowledge him.

Matt: Just try to be as sociable as possible.  If you take the initiative, people like you.  Try not to be so negative.

Ragan:  I can't believe I have to be here another week.

And so on.  And on.  And on and on and on.

I feel sorry for the production crew, having to listen to this non stop.  At least we can all log off and refresh ourselves with something else.

Still Up and At 'Em

and Ragan is in a foul mood, bitching about how unfair tonight's HOH competition is.  He and Matt are in the backyard, and he is practicing incessantly with the game that BB gave them.

Matt points at different squares on the grid, and Ragan tries to hit it with the ball.  He's doing prettey well, but for some reason he thinks the game was designed for someone else.

Ragan:  I have to fight all the time in this game and it is just bullshit that this is the HOH competition.  Some people haven't had to do anything in this game and it's just not fair.  I mean, I would be pissed if the HOH were a dick-sucking contest!  And Brendon would win it----I would be pissed.

They have two different balls and Matt throws one back to him as soon as he launches one.

Ragan:  Thanks for staying up with me.  I know I'm being a Negative Nancy tonight.  (No shit.)  On the live show....the pressure of that.....having to watch how everybody else practice shot..

Matt:  I know....I was on the block three times in here....backdooored twice in seven weeks.....but everyone else is in the same boat as you.  You are in the top tier from what I've seen.

Meanwhile in the house Hayden is showering and Lane and Enzo sit and talk to him.  About what,you ask?  Well, about what they think the competitions are going to be, of course.  (As Matt would say, "All day, baby, all day!")

Not a good look for Hayden.
Enzo thinks the second competition---after the catapult thing---will be a Saboteur quiz, because they haven't done that yet, and "the whole season has been about the Saboteur".  (unfortunatley)

In the backyard Ragan is still bitching about how good "they" are at this.

Ragan:  They can do bam bam bam and not miss it!

Who's missing from this picture?  Britney and Brendon, who are both presumably asleep. 

I wonder who will win, huh?