Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Practice Time

The lockdown is over, and a game has been set up for HG practice.  There is a a boxed grid set up, with a catapult-type ramp they use to shoot a soccer ball into the grid.

They are talking turns practicing, although it looks like Ragan and Brendon are practicing the most.
After a short while Enzo, Lane and Britney convene in the HOH to talk about their outlook.  They think that the first competition will involve the backyard game, and the second will be a quiz.  Enzo brings up that Brendon will be their target, but I think they are just saying that for Britney's sake. (Ragan is the real target.)

Britney talks to them while putting on mascara---without a mirror!  That takes talent, people!

Hayden is practicing in the backyard and is very good at it.  Matt is calling out what box to aim for, and he is hitting the target much of the time.

Matt's Meeting with Brendon

OK---I was expecting something to happen here, because Matt motioned silently for him to follow him to chat.

Matt:  Basically I feel my days are numbered in this house, and I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed trashing you and playing against you in this house.  It was all great fun and I just wanted you to know that I had a great time this game talk here...I just wanted you to know that you have my vote.  Against've got my vote man.

Brendon stood up to shake his hand and thanked him, saying that it was great to play against one of the greatest players in the house.  Then it was over.

Once again, less than 5 minutes of action, and now Matt is saying how bored he is, over and over.

BB gave them a badminton set yesterday, but they already broke it.  Matt says it was made by Wilson, you'd think it would have been more durable!

Brendon really wants a deck of cards to play with.

Matt apologizes to the Live Feeders for the lack of action.

Matt:  Paying $15 a month?  You couldn't pay me $15 a month to watch it!

(ha ha ha)

Brendon:  I know there were a lot of chicks this season, and lots of stuff to watch then, but with all guys left in here, who would watch this?

Now Brendon and Matt are in the kitchen talking about all the trash that Britney eats.  All the candy, pop tarts, etc.

Matt:  She doesn't care about what she eats at all.....and she's so tiny!

Brendon compares her diet to that of a trucker.  Meanwhile Matt prepares a snack of oatmeal cookies and ice cream for himself.  (Yum--I used to make ice cream sandwiches with oatmeal cookies.)

Nope---he is crunching up the cookies to either sprinkle on top of the ice cream, or to mix in.  Good idea, Matt.

He ended up pouring the cookies on top, and then mashing them into the ice cream.  Enzo walked by and asked what he was eating.

Matt:  Don't worry, it's no good.

He took his snack outside and Brendon said it sounded delicious.  Now Hayden is looking over his shoulder, too, drooling.

They're all confused as to why they're not locked down yet---usually the backyard set is already being constructed for the Live Show.

Enzo:  Isn't there a double eviction?

Matt explains that even if the set is a simple quiz set-up, they still need to plan the camera shots and angles and that takes a lot of time.

Hayden:  Wouldn't we need to pack our stuff for a double eviction?

Matt:  Brit asked and they said, no, not in advance.  But if I were you I'd pack my stuff, to be safe.


Matt the Barber

is now giving Enzo a haircut.  He asked him if he is allowed to take the Penguin suit off, since the hair will get all over it, but Enzo says he will brush off the hair later. 

That penguin suit is a mess, to tell you the truth.  BB should get him a fresh one for tomorrow night's show.  Maybe they will.
Matt asked him if he would like it really short, since there are three weeks left to go.  (And Matt presumably won't be there...)
This activity took less than 5 minutes.  Now they're back to having nothing to do.  Matt walked through the kitchen where Hayden was, and Hayden asked if "they just touched each other up".

Matt:  Oh, I just did him...I don't care about my appearance.

He sure looks depressed to me.
Where's the fight, Matt?  Is this how a diabolical super genius reacts to pressure?  He's leaving with his tail between his legs, isn't he? 

I see no sign of a plan on Matt's part to blow up the situation tonight, sure to be his last night in the BB house. 

Brendon looks kind of scary walking around like this indoors.
He tells Matt he is craving the candy, not because he likes it, but because it is there and he sees everyone just eating it mindlessly.  Ohh....Matt motions for him to go into the Taj to chat....

Blah Blah Blah

The HG are lazing out in the backyard and not talking very much.  The drama of what was going to happen this week has ended for them and there seems to be no campaigning or discussions about who is going home (first) on Thursday.

Matt is there, too.  The silence is interrupted occasionally by someone complaining about the heat today.  Matt and Britney joked that he should wear his footie pajamas on the live show tomorrow night to secure his endorsement deal.

(Lane's call with his mom got everyone excited about potentially getting endorsements.  After he mentioned Muscle Milk on last week's show his mom got a number of calls from people willing to supply Lane with as much as he could drink.)

FYI the web is apparently abuzz with rumors that Enzo has been cheating on his Have Not diet this week.  People have claimed that he is hiding food in the bib of his penguin suit.  Supposedly they have been calling and emailing Allison Grodner about it, complaining that he is cheating.  I haven't seen it, nor heard Enzo discuss any sort of BB reprimand for it, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen.