Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enzo Slams Baba Booey

after saying that Howard Stern is his icon and he would love to be on the show.  (He has said this a number of times.)

Matt says that Jeff from the DR is a big Stern fan and  and they talk about it sometimes.  Matt mentions that Enzo could sit in on The Wrap Up Show, too.

Enzo:  Oh, I listen to that sometimes, but Gary's voice kind of drives me crazy...

(I guess Enzo doesn't know that Gary books the talent on The Howard Stern Show, too.)

Now they talk about Artie Lange's suicide attempt in Janary.  Lane wants to know how someone could survive nine self-inflicted stab wounds.  Matt explains that 2 of them were hesitation wounds.

Now Matt tells the story about Artie getting arrested in California when he was in his Mad TV pig costume, snorting coke off the dashboard.  His rendition is very detailed and he gets it exactly right (I'm a Stern fan, too.)

Enzo thinks Artie will come back but Matt doesn't think so. (Matt is correct.)

Enzo mentions that Artie's car accident last year in Union NJ happened about 10 minutes from his house.

Enzo: Yeah, that's the one he got fired over...

(Incorrect.  For someone who proclaims to be such a big fan, Enzo is ignorant of several recent key show events.)

Matt mentions that Fred Armison was the guitar player in a punk band in Chicago before going on SNL.  Ragan knows that Fred married someone famous but can't think of who is it.  (Elizabeth Moss from Mad Men, but they just announced their divorce last week.)

And Now Matt Stabs Ragan

in the back yet again, by telling Lane everything.  That Ragan's plan is to split up Hayden and Enzo, and his frantic study habits.
He even describes the 'crazy pile of candybars' that Ragan stacked up to use for studying.

Matt:  I think he's cracking...he's not like the sappy emotional Ragan anymore...he's just like some creature.

Matt thinks Ragan might know something about the Brigade, but he's not sure.  Ragan thinks that Britney is working a deal with Enzo.

Matt: Crazy days in the BB house---I want to go back and watch these last two weeks to find out what is going on.

No real response from Lane.

Even Sweet Hayden

is getting rattled by the slop diet.  He told Britney he is in a 'slop depression', and got in trouble last night with BB for destructive behavior.  (He broke a vase.)
Enzo is a Slop Guy too, but he cheers up Hayden by saying that when he makes HOH this week, Hayden can hang out in his HOH room and hear some Eminem. 

Enzo had a dream last night that he was a hyena and was chasing a huge M & M.  He caught it and dragged it in the woods, and woke up right when he was taking a big bite.  Britney said that is a "standard Have Not dream".

(I wonder if there is any correlation between his dream and the music he wants to hear?)

Hayden thinks that Matt told Ragan about the Brigade (not true) because Ragan just came over and kind of sucked up to him and told him Brendon was his target.

Enzo:  He probably did....good.

Now Ragan Spills It to Hayden

and Britney in the backyard.  Basically he is recounting what Matt did to him, and what he said, and how he feels about it.  (i.e. Matt suggesting that he be nominated, asking Ragan to campaign for him last week, blaming him for it this week, etc.)
Ragan is just running his game---he told Matt that he needed to re-build his relationship with Hayden and that is what he is doing now----letting Hayden think that he is on his side, and is targeting Brendon.

Same old story, just repeated to a different audience.

Ragan Gives Matt the Bad News

that "those boys"  (Enzo, Lane & Hayden) want him gone.
Ragan:  Whatever relationship or friendship you may think you have, or have had, with those boys, they want you gone.  If they did not want you gone, you would not be on the block.  They are in Britney's ear and they want you gone.

Matt, being stubborn:  Why?

Ragan:  Because you are a strong competitor, and they want you gone.

Matt lured Ragan to the Cabana to proposed some hare-brained scheme to stay in the house, but Ragan isn't candy coating it for him.

Ragan:  You are in denial about this---those boys want you gone.

Ragan doesn't like Matt's proposed plan because it puts him in danger next week.  Ragan knows the house knows he wants Brendon to go home, but he doesn't want Enzo, Hayden and Lane to think he is after them.

(He's going home next, anyway, if he doesn't win HOH or POV.)

While Matt talks he sticks his hand down his pants and starts rubbing himself.  WTF?  He might as well rub his junk on every doorknob, drawer pull and piece of cutlery in the friggin' house.

I worked with a guy years ago (at Ernst & Young, of all places) and a guy with the initials KB (with a high-falutin' position) would rub his dick (outside of his pants) while he was sitting 2 feet away from people and didn't seem to even be aware of it.  One of the women there had a big problem with this and would stop talking to him until he stopped.  At first we thought he might have some sort of physical problem, but I think it was a compulsive act he couldn't control.

Meanwhile Ragan is telling Matt over and over that "those guys" want him out of the house.  He's not getting it.

Ragan:  Brendon is a definite lock on their side---they've been working on him for weeks now.

Matt:  Are you saying Lane is part of "they"?

Ragan:  No, Hayden and Enzo.

Matt:  The thing is, there are so many 'theys' at this point, why not invent a new one?

Ragan is getting tired of telling Matt the truth (over and over) and having Matt not accept it.

What is Matt Doing?

Well, playing with himself, of course.  It's not unusual to see him with his hand down his pants, but to see him rhythmically moving his junk around?

TMI Matt, TMI.  Although I guess you could say that Matt is going out with a bang.

Who Are the BB Fans?

Well, this recent post may give us some sort of indication.  It was posted in the last 24 hours on one of my updates that was written weeks and weeks ago.

I hope this isn't the average fan, but if so I can conclude that the fans have low literacy skills and a healthy portion of contempt and prejudice.  I think all of the HG, past and present, are incredibly brave to sign up for this mess, and for the attention/adulation of all of us, huh?

mpst314 has left a new comment on your post "Enzo's Penalty":

this is the worst big brother ever. Matt is the only one doing anything. The brigade are assholes. hayden thinks he is so goodlooking. bullshit. at least rachel showed some guts. Lane is a big bad jerk clown in my book. Me and my crew would make him look like a sissy like he is. sissy biscuits. Ragan makes all gay dudes look like pussies, when they are not.
The gays in Baltimore hate your worthless crying garbage little girl act. you make America sick. I would spit in your face if I had the opportunity. you are garbage. Forget the money, everybody in the house hates your whining little girl act. College Professor? where at garbage. you are sick. I hope brendon or matt wins. what a bunch of losers.

Posted by mpst314 to Big Brother USA Live Feed Updates at August 23, 2010 11:23 PM 

There was another funny comment posted recently that is hilarious in that it attacks me personally.  I am going to feature that as well in an upcoming post but I need to do a little research first.  I want to give that poster special recognition so I need to dig up a few details. 

Delicious hint/teaser:  Apparently I have offended the commenter's mother.  (!)
Keep those cards and letters coming, folks!  Love the 'feedback'.

And I think we should all strive to use the phrase 'sissy biscuits' in a sentence this week.  Ha ha it must be a Maryland thing.

The Camera Guys are Either Bored or Obsessed.

You be the judge.  Brendon is going over every last detail on every day, from every competition.  He is doing things like guessing there were 700 pounds of popcorn in the 'caramel' challenge, and 50 feet of rope in some other challenge.

And the cameras go over every detail of him...

Whose got the Bichon Frise?  Is this Brendon's mug or did he borrow it from someone else?
I suppose it could be a poodle, but the little pompadour looks like a Bichon.

Britney is up now and took a bowl of milk upstairs and filled it to the brim with Honeycomb cereal, that she seems to be hoarding in her HOH room.  That girl really likes her cereal.
She sat down on her bed and put on her headphones as she started eating.  I guess a little Gaga in the morning never hurt anybody.

The Brendon Show

I tune in this afternoon and Brendon is the only HG who is up, but he is having quite a conversation with himself, and with us.

He ran through his predictions and/or hopes for the next few weeks.  He is hoping for a Final Three with Britney and Enzo.  He knows he will be lucky to not be nominated in the next week or so.  (I don't know if he suspects this week is double elimination.)  He and Rachel said that whoever wins this game should be able to win both HOH and POV competitions.

He realizes that the only way he has been able to stay since Rachel left is to win both of those.  If Ragan wins HOH, he knows he will be nominated.  If anybody else wins, Ragan is going home.

(Britney seems to think that Brendon will be the one targeted next week, at least that is what she told Ragan.)

Brendon feels that now is the time to stop studying with others in the house.  Every man for himself.   

He goes inside to make a cup of tea with honey but stops to clean the window over the sink.  There must be some crud on there, because he is squeaking up a storm and it is loud.

BB:  Brendon, Thank You!

Brendon:  Oh, you're welcome.

Now he goes back outside and takes his shirt off, and resumes his conversation with us.

He says he doesn't know if he's said hello to the family on his mom's side of the family.  Or maybe it was his dad, I don't know.  He said that they had a Villegas ("Vi-yah-has") family reunion a few years ago and over 200 people were there.

He salutes his Cuban side and then BB lets him give shout outs to Aunt Becky, and a few of his cousins, by name.  Then he says that they "lost their father a few years ago", and we get DOTS on that.

Brendon says that the $500K won't make his whole life, but it sure will help.  He is not as bad off as some people in the world, and he'll be okay without it, but it sure would be nice.

(He's getting a free PhD along with paid research opportunities, plus he won the genetic lottery as far as looks go, so I don't think any of us should cry if he loses the Big Prize.)

He thinks of Rachel in the Jury House and hopes she is having fun, and is safe and comfortable.  He hopes is missing him, and maybe she would want to come back in the house, along with all of that stress, to be with him.  And he goes inside for another cup of tea, adding soy milk and honey.

Now he gets down to business, reciting what happened on what day, and to whom.  I don't know if he has studied the picture wall, but if I were him I would start analyzing everyone's features in those pictures.  Ragan sure has.....

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Lots of horseplay in the backyard tonight. A little booze, a little tension, a little blowing off steam.  They stayed up in the backyard until the wee, wee hours, and then were talking in the bedrooms until 4:00 am BBT.

Everyone except Brendon---he turned in rather early.  I guess he wants to win.  And may even deserve it, who knows.

Lane does his wrestling routine with Britney.  I know it is all in good fun, but I could see how some people might take it the wrong way.
While this is happening Ragan is squealing that he loves this and he want's them to do "the shoulder thing".  Enzo is screaming for Lane to "kill her and then bring her back!" over and over.

So after Lane let's her go, Britney attacks Enzo with a beach towel.
After the BY emptied out, Ragan and Matt sat and talked for hours.  Matt accepts that he is leaving, and is giving Ragan advice about the game and helping him plan what to do.  Ragan is planning on this being the double eviction week (true) so that he is prepared for Thursday night.
Ragan isn't going to talk game with people in the near future because he has to stay focused on his plan and not to get swayed by other people's bullshit.  Matt is going to consider his options in the next few days to see if there is anything he can do to stay.

Ragan:  I can't believe we're in the position that we're in right now....

Flashback From Last Night - #1

This all went down around 11:00 pm BB time.  They HG are a little tipsy in the back yard.  Ragan says it is the drunkest he has been in the BB house and Matt congratulates him for that.

They have been bitching and moaning about not getting any playing cards.  Per their calculations, the HG in BB11 already had cards at this point, since they remember Russell playing cards with Natalie (before he was evicted).

Britney: The other seasons got playing cards----we get generic aluminum foil from Ralph's and dental floss.

She decided to make a pageant crown out of tin foil and whipped it together in just a few minutes.  It's impressive, really.

After encouragement from Matt and Ragan, she does her pageant walk, complete with smile, occasional twirls, and stiff arms around the backyard.
Ragan is cracking up that on side of the BY you have Britney doing this, and on another you have a man in a penguin suit working out.