Monday, August 23, 2010

Mutual Admiration

Hayden and Brendon decompress for a minute and congratulate each other for still being in the game.
Hayden says that if Brendon makes it to the end, he gets Hayden's vote because he worked hard to get there.  He likes Britney, but "thinks she has a silver spoon..." and Brendon agrees.

They both think that Kathy could have really used the money---she only makes $27,000 and has a hard time making it on that.

Hayden's car is "a heap" and he has a lot of student loans.  Brendon echos the same, and says that recently he and his sister both shared a bedroom!  Different beds, though.

Hayden:  The jury house will be weird man, because you can't talk about the game.  Did you hear that?

Brendon has a hard time accepting this. Hayden says that Rachel told him that there is a handler there almost all the time, but they only want you to talk about the game when the cameras are rolling---maybe an hour a day.

Brendon:  Well then fuck it....after being in here that will be okay with me.

Hayden:  I already kind of know who I'm going to vote for, anyway.

Brendon: It is hard for me...I do think that Britney has played a hard game....

Hayden:  I guess it would help if I won something...

Brendon:  That would help!  You've just got to focus.

As if to prove the point, Hayden starts drilling---who hosted the competitions, in order.

Lane Receives Good News for Enzo

during his phone call from home today.

"Texas loves the Meow Meow", is what Lane was told, by his mom, I think.

This is joyous news and Enzo and Lane are both freaking over their apparent popularity.  (Lane's mom also told him that local restaurants have Lane Burgers on the menu, so he is digesting that information as well.)  Lane's mom also said that numerous trainers have contacted her to say that they will be happy to provide Muscle Milk for Lane after seeing him talk about missing it on last week's live show.  He jokes that this week he will tell Julie that his favorite car is a Lamborghini.

Lane: It is amazing that words like 'meow meow' are known now across America!

Brendon:  Your mom knows?

Enzo:  She understands the concept!

Enzo is pacing and is trying to figure out "how he is going to get to Texas after this".  He might rent a Winnebago, and is pondering other options.

Enzo:  I just want to go into my Have Not room and think about some things, and that is one of them---people know the Meow Meow now!

BB told him he has to start wearing his penguin feet, even though one of the straps has broken and has to be tied on.   He can't wear the penguin head all the time because it impairs his vision.  He is planning to have a fun speech on Thursday night and fit in as many shoutouts as he can.

Brendon is eating (as usual, all the time).

Brendon says there are coffee stains all over the costume and Enzo warns there will be shit stains on the back as well.

Enzo: Julie might say, do you want to put the hat on for the speech?  And I'll be like, whatever you want me to do.....I'm sitting here in a fuckin' penguin I amuse you?

Now Enzo does the Joe Pesci speech from Goodfellas with that last line in it.  It's funny.

Ragan Knows

that Matt threw him under the bus this week, in order to stay off the block.  He is surprisingly calm about this, and accepts that some people will do anything to stay in this game.   He says this kind of shady stuff from Matt has been going on since Week #3.
He must think that this week's HOH or POV competition is the one where bits and pieces of everybody's face are all mashed together on screen.  He is looking at each person's eyes--Annie and Andrew have a lot of wrinkles around their eyes.  He is noticing whose eyebrows are thicker, whose smile shows bottom teeth, etc.  The only ones with a closed mouth are himself and Enzo....

Not a bad idea.  I know the Nerd Herd watched Janelle stare at the picture wall on the Spy Screen and laughed at her and said she was weird.  And then she kicked their butt in the competition.....

Woe is Matt.

No sign of Ragan.  Probably crying in the DR.

Matt was Nominated

Britney:  I just backdoored somebody---that is cold!

She is talking to Lane, Brendon and Hayden out by the pool.  Matt is eating slop with his hoodie up in the kitchen.

I guess it is hard being a self-proclaimed 'diabolical super genius'.

Flashback From Last Night - #3

And BB has interrupted the birthday festivities repeatedly with DOTS.

When we return the candles on the cake are magically lit, and the gang is debating which song to sing for her.  They decide on "For She's a Jolly Good Britney", no doubt aided in their decision by BB.
Ragan leads the singing, sashaying from side to side and flapping his arms around.
The mix was a 'confetti cake' and Britney says it is delicious.

Matt:  Will it go well with, say, a beer?
Britney apologizes to the Have Nots, who are bellied up to the bar eating some broccoli.  Ragan doesn't want any cake---"he's not a cake man". You'd think he would try it since his BFF made it, but whatever.

Ragan holds up his wine glass and challenges the crowd to tell him what would make it a 'Real Housewives' glass of wine.

A bigger glass, they guess?  A straw?

No, Ragan says.  A big chunk of ice is the answer---even when drinking red wine they always have a big chunk of ice in the glass.

Britney, dryly:  I never noticed that.

Ragan:  Well, I'm a Superfan!

(I never noticed that either.)

Brendon and Hayden grab a moment alone at the sink and Hayden tells him that Ragan said that he doesn't trust Britney.

Then DOTS.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

And now, the candles.  All 23 of them, apparently.  Matt didn't use the layering technique with the cake layers---clearly he will not be featured on an upcoming episode of Ace of Cakes.

They still need a lighter or matches---I think BB is going to have to bestow some fire on them if this birthday thing is going to work.

Meanwhile, Ragan is doing all sorts of calculations in the Cabana with mini candy bars.  And giggling to himself while Matt talks down the hall from the kitchen.

Ragan:   This is what I'm reduced to, dude.
Still no libations yet--everybody can't wait to start getting liquored up.  Britney thanks Matt for the cake.  He tried to place the candles so that there was one birthday number on each one.  (i.e. a 2 on one and a 3 on another).

Flashback From Last Night - #1

This flashback starts around 8:45 pm last night, BB time.  There was a long period of DOTS, about 45 minutes previous to this, for some reason.

Matt is now frosting Britney's vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.  He is using a spatula to do this and looks to be doing a pretty good job, if not a little chintzy with the icing.
Note that he used one square pan and one round pan.  But that is a minor technicality.  He had to use what they had in the BB kitchen.  Brendon comes in and says that "he is not a cake guy but that sure smells good".

Matt said he isn't, either, but if the icing was vanilla he might be more tempted.
They need a lighter for the candles and wonder if Kathy left a lighter around somewhere.  Lane went to look for it.  Matt is diligent and seems to take pride in his work.