Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enzo Jams to GaGa

He is bobbing his beak and waving his wings around. Britney recommends track #6 that features Beyonce.

Sweet Treat

Oooey gooey birthday cake batter, courtesy of Matt.

Hayden Stares Longingly

at the barbequed chicken.
Hayden:  Don't worry about me---I'm having broccoli.

Britney:  I wish everybody could eat on my birthday.

Ragan:  There's seven of us now---given who is here, is there anybody that you think would not have been here at this point?

They all ponder, but don't want to answer.  (Duh, who would?_

Britney: Well....probably Brendon, since he was nominated.

Birthday Girl

Britney has on kind of a tarty dress for her birthday celebration tonight.  Certainly a lot more skin than we usually see on Britney in a non-bikini situation.

She is making her barbecued chicken again tonight---probably for sandwiches.  Too bad Hayden can't eat with them tonight, because that is his favorite.
Matt is trying to make a cake from a mix for Britney.  It isn't going will, which is pretty funny.  First of all, the bowl is way too small.
Also, he almost used olive oil in the recipe.  Ragan caught him just in time and he switched to vegetable oil.  It is painful watching him try to stir it all up with a whisk.
He finally gets some traction with the batter and tastes it.  Matt thinks that "cake batter is truly the stuff that dreams are made of".

Britney agrees and Matt asks her if she wants to taste it before it is cooked.  She declined and said she would lick the bowl instead.  She advised him to grease the pans very thoroughly---when she made his birthday cake it stuck to the pan even though she greased it.

I wonder if this is Matt's first cake baking experience?  Kind of looks like it.  It is nice of him to do it.  I certainly don't see Enzo or Lane doing something like that.

Britney deputizes Ragan to help her shread chicken----it is taking her a long time.

Ragan:  Shouldn't our maid be doing this?

(ha ha ha  Kathy)

Britney:  Our maid is probably smoking a cigarette and guzzling root beer.

Ragan, imitating Kathy:  I need an Ambien and a handler!

and a few minutes later:

Ragan:  I'm actually looking forward to getting drunk!

Matt:  I'm looking forward to both of you being drunk.

Britney is drinking her sangria tonight and the guys have beer.

Foiled Again

After talking about it for hours, Enzo and Hayden go outside, where the plan is for Hayden to write Meow Meow on the front of Enzo's penguin costume.

 They start planning how and where to write it, and Enzo strips the costume off to get started.


Enzo:  What, this?  Stop this?


They abandon the plan.  I wonder why? It's not like they plan to return the costume to the Wardrobe department, are they?

Brendon is planning on winning HOH and targeting Ragan.  That is what Britney has agreed to.

It's Over

we had a DOTS break and now Brendon is in the shower sans Britney.
So that was WAY LESS than 24 hours, but don't tell anybody!

It's probably a union thing---they want to get the backyard cleaned up and avoid a lot of Sunday overtime.  After all, Endemol is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy.

BB Scandal

Enzo tells Britney and Brendon that BB told him that the handcuffs will be coming off soon.  Apparently Britney and Brendon knew that it wouldn't be a full 24 hours, but they were cautioned not to comment on that when they were released.

You know, so the viewing public would be fooled.  Right.

Enzo had to attend the luau in his Penguin suit and his dancing was funny.  Ragan thought one of the dancers looked like a tranny (the skinny one) and Enzo said one looked like a crack head.  He thought she was missing a tooth, too.

BB Birthdays are Celebrated on Sundays,

Britney tells Matt and Ragan (and Brendon who is attached to her).

Her birthday is actually tomorrow, on Monday, but BB told her that they always celebrate BB birthdays on Sunday.  Matt asked a lot of questions about that and we got DOTS.

Britney is so glad that she didn't 'win' the Chum Dunk herself.  Her hair would have been wet for over 24 hours, and she would have to go to the inside warm shower to rinse off.  She would have been freezing the whole time.

Brendon: I think you're handling better than a lot of people would.

Britney:  Thanks.

Time to Get Up, Honey

The dreaded Chum Bell dings twice.  They don't even curse---they just get up and get to it.

We all know the drill by now.

Brendon has told everyone that he pees in the outdoor shower.  They have lost count, but they think that this is Chum Dunk #13 or #14.

Quick Catnap

Britney and Brendon have finally dropped off for a quick catnap.  Big Brother has been waking them up just about every hour so Brendon can jump in the Chum.  The bell sounds like the little bell on a hotel reception desk.
You know it's coming any minute.  The Chum Bell.

Funny how they have been alone for so much of this time....different HG stopped by where they were outside for a little bit of time here and there, but they have been left alone for much of the time.

Matt wants to grab Britney the moment the chaining is over to talk...

Chum Buddies

Britney and Brendon are in the HOH, talking almost nonstop about many topics.  Brendon still has on his Chum shorts so he is laying on the floor.
A few tidbits:

*  Britney majored in Spanish in college, although she initially didn't intend to.  She had 5 years of Spanish in high school so she took the retired language courses first in college (she should have CLEP'ed them---do they still have that?).  The spanish program in school was small and she liked everybody, and the language, so she just kept going.  Brendon assured her that with that skill she could easily get a job on the West coast, but she said when she graduated in 2008 the economy sucked.

*  She believes in destiny, though, and if not for her current job (at the Hilton) she wouldn't have met Summer Conquest, who is her best friend and upcoming maid of honor.  She wouldn't have done the show without Nick's support, though.  She almost didn't go to the the open casting call because it was a long drive.

*  Brendon almost didn't do the show.  He was offered $6,000 by his school to do 6 weeks of research this summer, which is a rare deal, apparently.  He didn't want the school to think he didn't want to go by turning it down.

 *  He mentions AGAIN that he dated a girl who was going to be in Playboy and he encouraged her to do other things instead.  In the end he didn't want to be the one to change her plans, so they broke up.  (Not sure if that was the ex-fiance we met on the CBS show---I don't think so.)

*  They have been discussing Nick a lot.  Britney told Brendon that they always have fun, and always laugh.  I wonder if Brendon will badmouth Nick now---I hope not.  They seem to have made a good connection that is civil if not truly friendly. But you never know with these people.

For example, Enzo has been sulking in that penguin costume and talking to Matt like he lost the game and knows he is going home.  Matt starts talking about how he will get his revenge on Brendon next week and Enzo keeps a straight face the whole time.

That Enzo is the biggest gamer in the whole house.  I think every one of them should be scared to go to the Final Two with Hayden, though.  Everybody loves Hayden and he has generally chosen the path of least resistence.

Although Britney and Ragan are going to be pissed when he tells them he won the big prizes.  But Ragan is going to be pissed no matter what.....

Mr. Clean

makes slop.  He and Britney have been very civilized and it seems to be going well.  I'm sure she will trash talk him later, but Brendon has felt like such an outsider, he's probably enjoying hanging around with the Popular Girl.
Of course Brendon has to add seasonings.

Brendon Waits by the Door

while Britney takes five.
And of course she washes her hands.

Britney: You are officially bald.
Look how filthy the kitchen is.  Gross.

Ragan Plays the Fool

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Lane comes out and jokes that he will have no air time this week---he's not in a penquin suit or being punished or anything.

Lane:  Maybe I'll make my own handcuffs and come over and chain myself to you guys!

Britney:  That would be fun!

Brendon asks her who she would have chosen to chain herself to.  I know he expects her to say Lane, but she hems and haws and says that one person isn't really worse than anybody else.  She doesn't really answer.

Lane threatens to break something for screen time.  Britney doesn't like DiGiourno pizza because it has too much sauce for her.  When she orders at home she asks for light sauce.  She loves bean dip though (must go hand-in-hand with being a football fan).

Britney says again that she feel really bad about being so mean in the DR early this morning. She would send the DR lady flowers if she could, because she was so ugly to her.

She mentions being in the HOH bathtub the other night and feeling awkward so she talked to the camera.  Brendon says he felt the cameras following him while he was up there alone and he thought surely no one would want to sit and watch a guy all by himself.

Ha ha ha.

Brendon is telling Britney about the HOH blog and assures her that she can address her family and just about anything else she likes---you just can't use profanity.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Britney went to Branson MO with her family one time and went to a Nickelodeon show.  She and her Dad were plucked from the audience to play a game.  They won, and then they got slimed.

Britney's little sister was very jealous about that.

The bell goes off for Chum Round #2 and both of them get up and get ready.  This was an early round, so they are still working out their Chum Dunk routines.  Brendon changed from some shorts he weas wearing into his swim trunks and Britney turned around and didn't peek.
The rules state that he has to be totally submerged.  This means he will need to dunk lower and lower every time, and the chum level recedes.  He couldn't see when he got out and Britney guided him over to the shower.
There are chunks of ice in the chum.  Britney is a good sport and says it doesn't smell that bad--she's getting used to it.  Brendon sits in the hot tub for a moment and says cheerfully, "Two down, Twenty-two to go!"

They joke that they are getting the full Big Brother experience.

Flashback From Last Night - #1

Brendon just had his first of twenty-four dunks in the chum and is chatting nicely with Britney while they are chained together.

Brendon's dad is a brick layer and worked on two different movies.  He built some sort of backdrop and made it look like real bricks. I think he worked on Hollow Man (?).

Britney can't wait until the Super Bowl is shot in 3D.

Hayden Confessed

last night that he won the prizes---the trip to Hawaii (that Brit wanted so badly) and also the $5,000.

Enzo blamed Matt as the winner of the prizes in front of Hayden after the competition, telling Britney that Matt was a cocky, selfish SOB who needed to go home.

Hayden offered to take Enzo and Lane to Hawaii, but Enzo suggested he take Kristin.  No comment from Hayden on that.

Hayden wants to come clean to everyone about his (to preserve his jury votes) but Enzo advises that he wait until Matty is gone, just to be safe.

A Dunk in the Chum

This is live and has been happening all night.  Brendon and Britney are chained together and have a routine that they do without speaking.

The bell goes off.  They both get up and he dunks himself in a bathtub of 'chum'.  Then he showers and they walk over to the hot tub and he dunks in there to warm up.