Friday, August 20, 2010

Lane is Going to War

on some ants in the backyard. He hollered for Hayden to  bring out "that ant killer" and had to yell twice.

Britney came out in the BY with a big bag of chips.  "Think he's gonna yell at me?"

Enzo assures her Brendon will not yell.  The pool tournament has started, with Lane playing Enzo.

They get into a whole thing about Lady and the Tramp because Lane called Britney a tramp.

Britney:  Hayden how did you feel getting the first key?

Hayden:  It felt awesome. I wasn't expecting it.

Britney:  They said, make a statement!

Hayden:  Huh?  Make a statement?

Britney:  They said to make a statement with the way you place your keys!

DOTS.  ha ha

The Have Nots

are also nominated now, for the most part.

Enzo is eating bean dip with a spoon.  Good god...
Brendon wants to make slop pastini with the beans.

Enzo: Let's do the broccoli, yo.

Britney asks Enzo to come up and see her.  She seems nervous as she waits for him.  She apologizes to him and promises him he is not going home.  She swears on her family and everything--she tells him not even to pack.  He's staying.

Enzo refers to a plan they have to backdoor Matt if Brendon wins POV.  She says OK and it is so hard to read what she is thinking.

Britney calls down to Lane and asks if he is eating.  He is. She gets back in bed and starts reading her letter again.

Britney: Oh my goodness gracious.

Enzo & Brendon are On The Block

and Lane and Matt are cleaning the fridge.

Matt Has a Future as a Sculptor

after finishing Hayden and Lane's Playdoh likenesses.
Ragan says the Lane one is super--especially the hat.  They plan to let them dry and I think Britney is going to keep them. (Or maybe each HouseGuest?)

Apparently Britney's big brother Brandon hasn't been on speaking terms with her mother for some time.  So in the HOH letter where her mom says that Brandon calls her all the time now to discuss Britney on BB is really significant.

Matt:  If nothing else, this season will be really good for her family for that reason.

Matt is going to start on a Playdoh Rachel and plans to make the skin really white, the lips really red, and give her "that tacky green eyeshadow" that she always wears.  He is taking a little rest before he starts working on it.
Ragan:  Just when I think I should soften my feelings for him, I find this out...

Matt:  He and Rachel are perfect for each other!

Ragan:  None of this is helping his strategy..or his game.

Matt:  'Cause he's a Big Dummy!  I loved his smugness during the first two thirds of my speech, and then he started looking down at the end.  Waw whaw 'em up and break 'em down.

Ragan:  Immediately after I feel like I should be nicer to him, he does something completely shiteous.... thanks for the reminder.

Britney Gets Called to the DR

and she "hope this isn't it"  (nomination time).
Ragan has learned what Brendon said about wanting to confront Matt and that Matt was plotting against Britney, even though his life in the game was never at risk last week.

Matt:  Just because you have two degrees, it doesn't mean you aren't a Big Dummy.   Good try, Dummy!  I have a degree in psychology, but that doesn't mean that I am qualified to psychoanalyze anyone!

Ragan:  He's certifiable!  His lie makes no sense!  If Matt has the DPOV, he doesn't need to campaign against Britney.

Matt:  He's a Big Dummy!

Ragan:  I'm surprised he didn't throw anybody else under the bus.

Matt continues to mold with his Playdoh.  I think he is working on Lane now and asks what color his eyes are.  (He finished Hayden, who has long flowing blonde locks earlier.)
That is Britney's Razorback blanket from home--it still smells like Nick and has Porter's toothmarks on it.

The Meow Meow Comes In

and asks if anybody is throwing him under the bus.

Britney:  Brendon said he could sway you..but that's really all he said.  Lane said a bunch of bad things, though.

Britney stresses that they have to win the POV and invites Enzo to come up and study with them.
Enzo:  I got this guy hanging around with me all the time--I can't get rid of him.

Lane:  He's in love with you.

Britney:  Just come up here and listen to music to get away.

Enzo:  He'll follow me...

Enzo gets up to leave--I think he was in the room less than 3 minutes total.

Britney:  What was that?  That was weird...

Lane:  He's just checking with you....

Britney:  Yeah, but he didn't talk to me..

Lane starts flirting with her again about Nick hating him.
Matt comes in and asks if he can join them.   He gets on the bed and immediately starts playing with the Playdoh.

Matt:  Did ND throw me under the bus?  (ND actually stands for Needle Dick, which the DR asked them not to call him)

Britney:  Oh, yeah.  But he was most upset about what you said about him yesterday that you haven't apologized for---you called him a dummy and he has two physics degrees!  He's going to confront you later about it.

Lane and Matt both crack up.
Matt:  I'm shaking, really!

Britney asks if they will help her with her nomination speech.

Lane:  You can say, Nick, please listen to Lane...

Matt:  What is that about?

Britney:  I don't think Nick will be happy that you called him Bogie!

Matt, laughing:  He told you about that?

Britney is spelling out I Heart Nick out of Playdoh and Lane tells her not to do that, it's too girly.
Britney:  I haven't doodled about my boyfriends since 6th grade.

The camera men pick up on the tension, and the real issue at hand.
My Two Cents:  Britney and Lane have the potential to be bigger then Jeff and Jordan, if they start something up in the BB house, or in the Jury House.

Lane is making a "telephone wire" out of Playdoh.

Hayden Sends Lane

upstairs telling Britney wants him.

Lane seems confused by this and Hayden has to repeat it twice, and says to stop by the SR to get Brit some new batteries.

Lane tells Ragan (who he was talking to in the Cabana) that he is going upstairs to throw him under the bus.  He got the batteries and heads upstairs.
Britney:  I told you to get my batteries!

Lane:  What am I?

(I guess that he didn't get them after all.)

Britney:  I didn't really need to talk to you right now--I just didn't want other people to come up here right now.  Brendon came up here and threw Matt and Ragan right under the bus---and that everybody wanted me out last week.   What are ya'll doin' downstairs?

Lane:  Nothin'.

There is a lot of silence between them, which is unusual.  They usually talk non-stop.  Lane says that when he went to the SR, the batteries weren't there--her clothes still were there.  (so they didn't come in to pick them up)

Lane:   Are you going to write in your blog?  Do you think Nick will read it?

Britney:  Well, duh!

Lane:  Tell him not to judge me, okay?

Britney starts trying to find out what he said, or what anybody said.  Lane denies anything bad but finally admits that he said that Nick did not have a true beard like Britney said he did.

Britney:  He's just mad about TV.  He doesn't want to be on TV at all.

Lane:  I think I'm gonna get punched in the face by him.

Britney starts begging him to tell her more but he doesn't.

(It is obvious that Lane really likes Britney and has been acting weird ever since he saw the picture of Nick last night.  He abruptly let the HOH room last night first, and has been standoffish (in her terms) with her all day.)

Lane:  I said I could take him in weights, but not in gotta understand....

Britney:  Oh, that's okay.  Is that all you said?

They start saying more but BB interrupts with DOTS.  What the hell?

Now Lane is saying "ditch the zero and get with the hero" or something like that.  Britney is reading her letter.
Britney:  Ya'll all are gonna get punched......Lane who should I put up with the person I want to put up?


Lane is almost saying to put him up, too, but I don't think he is being serious.  I think that Lane is going to have a hard time being around Britney if he can't snap out of this attitude.

Lane: I'm a nice guy.

Britney:  Who would  you say you are closest to in the house?

Lane:  What do you mean?  I'm close to a lot of people in this house---Hayden's my boy.  We have a lot in common.

Britney:  So if I was up against Hayden, who would you vote for?

Lane:  Are we in the Final Three yet?

Britney:  If we're in the Final Four and Matt is HOH, who would send home?  Me or Hayden?  I think I'm the perfect person to take to the Final Two.

Lane:  I think I'm closest to Hayden.  But I thought you meant besides you...what I would like to see in this game is for me, you and Hayden to make Final Three...

Britney is processing this and Lane keeps talking.

Lane:  You know that if Enzo wins, you and Ragan are going up next week.  It just is.  Ragan goes home and you stay, and maybe you make HOH that week....Enzo kind of has an idea that he's going up.  He's taking it well, but he's not happy.

Britney:  You think he's gonna be pissed if he goes up?

Lane:  Whether he does or he doesn't, if he's HOH you're going up next week....I'm not throwing anybody under the is the way it have an easy decision.  We just can't let ND  (The Neanderthal) win.

Britney:  Yeah.  We have to win POV.

Lane with a one track mind:  You think Nick will be mad at that?

Britney:  You said bogie?  You should have said birdie, because bogie is's an insult.


Finally Brendon Leaves...

I went outside and played tennnis ball with my dog, opened my mail, and then tuned back in and saw Brendon still going on and on and on.

Britney was Trapped.

After Brendon left Britney shot herself in the temple.  She called Hayden in but told him she didn't really need to talk to him---she just was trying to get Brendon out of there so she told him that she needed to speak to Hayden.
Britney tells Hayden that Brendon told her that nobody likes her, everybody wants her out, she should keep him safe, blah blah blah. 

Britney:  I love Matt to death.

Hayden: Me too...we're on the same page with that.

Britney:  I have to fill two slots today---somebody might be mad at me.  But we have to win that POV--we have to.  Once we do that, this week will be cake. 

She thinks the POV might be 'stacks of blocks' where you have to identify the answers and then find the right block---that success won't be if you know it or not, but how fast you know it.  Like who went out on a 7-2 vote, who got out on the 3rd HOH question, etc. 
Britney:  We're going to have a huge study session tonight.  Huge.

Britney thinks anybody should want to take her to the Final Two---Rachel, Brendon and Kathy all hate her and she has no shot of winning. 

Britney:  It's tough, because when Brendon and Rachel were here, you don't want to hang around them because you will be a target.  But when they leave and you didn't hang around them, you won't get their vote.

Some HG Have Not....

and those three are Brendon, Enzo and Hayden.  America gave them Broccoli and Bean Dip---I think things could have been much worse.  (Prunes and Pimento Loaf, anybody?)

Lane and Matt are playing with the rubber ducks in the HOH and Britney comes in.  He is also using Britney's Playdoh.

Matt wants a doughnut but asks first.
Lane just gets up and walks out.

Britney, sarcastically:  Bye Lane!  Thanks for saying bye!

Brendon comes in with a glass of iced tea and asks Britney if they can talk.  Matt leaves and politely declines another doughnut.

Brendon:  I just want to know if we're still good for this week.

Britney:  I'm having a hard time with my decision.

Brendon:  Are you thinking of going back on our deal?

Britney:  I'm not saying's just a hard decision when you like everybody.  Any thoughts or opinions?

Brendon:  I know that I put two people up that are closest to you.  I know I can't trust Matt---you may feel like you can. I don't know...

Britney:  Matt knew he didn't have my vote when he went up (against Monet).

Brendon:  Both Matt and Ragan were pushing me last week to put you up.  And we both heard Matt say that if he hadn't been put up, he wouldn't have used the POV...not for you and not for Ragan.  For me to get to the Final Two, I'm gonna have to fight a bloody battle.

Britney:  You don't have to tell me, but was there anybody else last week who wanted me gone?

Brendon:  Well, people wanted you gone for the same reasons they want me gone---because you are a strong this point in the game, I'm exhausted.  Matt has not apologized to me for what he said to me----he fuckin' sent home my girlfriend.....I took offense to what he said to me, that I was a big dummy and I couldn't make decisions on my own.....I was close to putting you up and you would have gone home....

Britney:  If Matt pulled himself off and you got to choose, I would have gotten put up and I would not be sitting here right now.

Brendon:  We can sit here for weeks and play the Big Brother What If game....

Wow the Production Team are Rookies

today, or must be really hung over.

Britney burst into the Living Room in an Alice in Wonderland type blue mini dress and said:  Hey Houseguests!  Are you ready for the Have/Have Not Competition?

Matt:  Little Bo Peep?  What are you?

Britney:  You'll find out!

After a long silent moment a pissed-off sounding producer was heard.

BB Prod:  Oh, we've got to do the entry over....with that energy level we have to do it again...

Britney:  Me?  My energy?

BB Prod:  No, them!

Matt, obviously comfortable with his co-star role this season:  We heard the Have Not thing and we don't like that...

Ragan, the other bossy co-star:  Yeah.  We don't want to do it!

BB Prod, sarcastically:  ....Well...

Britney did it again and they all cheered and hooted.  Then we got trivia.

I tried to Flashback and grab a picture of Britney, but everyone else on the planet must be doing that to because I got frozen and still can't advance my video.  I probably need to log out and back in again.


OK here it is---it's all I could get.

Late Night, Matt?

Competition Today

and they all sit silently, wondering what it is.  No sign of Britney---maybe she is in the DR.
Matt thinks it is a food competition where they all compete to win foods for the house, and losses might mean days of slop.  They want to win a grill for the house.

Or maybe a "gross foods eating contest".

Brendon:  Whatever it is....eyeballs, rectums...whatever...we eat it.

Ragan says he can't be a Have Not again---its the worst.  Matt agrees.
Lane, all antsy:  What's it gonna be?  What's it gonna be?  What's it gonna be?

Ragan:  I hope we're getting dirty.

It is weird to see them sitting in the living room (other than the live show).  They always lounge in the Cabana this season.

Flashback From Last Night - #11

Only Ragan, Matt and Britney remain in her HOH Room.  Ragan is still kneeling on the floor, listening to Lady Gaga and Britney holds up a new pair of sweatpants.

The rest go downstairs in search of more wine or beer.  Lane says BB said they would get more later.  They all go outside to finish the pool game and it feels a little strange---no one says anything until:

Lane:  I was surprised about Nick!  I thought he would look different!
Brendon:  Yeah.

Enzo:  He looked kind of nerdy.

Lane:  Well, maybe for her type..

Enzo:  Nerdy?

Lane:  No...not a little nerdier....

Brendon:  He did look like a sweaty mess.

Lane:  He does look like a golfer.

Brendon:  But his beard doesn't look like she said!

Lane:  Yeah---it looked like a five o'clock shadow!

Brendon:  Are you offended as a beard grower?

Lane:  Yes, I am!  I haven't shaved since high school!

Oh, during the time we had DOTs when they were upstairs I think Enzo said that Nick looked like Lane!  Lane is upset (maybe for real) and says that "that shit is on TV!"  Enzo apologizes.

I have to predict---I don't think Britney and Nick will get married, or even last 'til Christmas.  I'm just sayin'.

Flashback From Last Night - #10

There is a DR leak of someone coaching Britney on how to pump up the crowd and she thanks them.

Now she comes out:  Who wants to see my HOH Room?
Now all the guys file upstairs after her.  The "Langel" and the "Haydenator" go upstairs.  Ragan apologizes for the "trail of farts" following him.


Britney waits at the door.  While we can hear the audio, BB cuts the video so I can't see any of it.  (WTF?)  They look at her pictures and she says the picture of her and Nick doesn't look like him. 

Britney:  That is a sweaty, drunken picture of us!

Sounds like she got a lot of clothes and she is about to read her letter.  Finally the video feed is restored.  As you can see even Brendon is there.
It is from her mom.  Britney is rushing through the letter and is fighting back the tears.  Her mom laughs about seeing Britney's phone bill and wonders how one person can text so much?

Her older brother Brandon is so excited and calls her everyday about Britney on the show.  Her younger brother Dylan started senior year and is in full teenage rebellion.

(Think her mom was a big 90210 fan?)
It looks like BB typed the letter from an email or something, since it isn't signed.  Nick sends his love and is very busy with work and his friends are keeping him occupied.  He is glad to be back in Little Rock and that Molly is doing wonderful.  Britney's mom wants to go dognap Molly and hasn't seen her since Britney got her.

They want her to stay strong and play smart. She ends the letter saying "see you in September and let's take a trip".  The camera zooms in on Brendon then, since he is so angry about the way Britney's family travels.
Ragan:  Britney your basket is so your personality.....Matrix hair products, Hamburger Helper...

Britney:  I got Gaga, Beef Stroganoff---that's my favorite---Pop Tarts-Brown Sugar, bottled sangria, Lucky Charms, Honeycombs....
Ragan starts talking about the Gaga CD.

Matt:  Are you sweating or crying?

Ragan:  Me?  I'm sweating!

Matt:  You're such a queeen!


Ragan:  Well it's hot in here!  I'm clammy!

He cues up the music and announces that "it's just the EP".
Britney:  The EP?  It starts off with Bad Romance?

Looks like Britney got some powdered sugar donuts, too.  She was talking about eating those in high school everyday a few weeks ago.  Her male friend who she used to pig out with got really fat but she didn't.
Britney re-reads her letter and there is an awkward silence.   I wonder if Britney is sad that she didn't get a letter from Nick.  I would expect more from a fiance, wouldn't you?

Lane was the first to leave the room, but I think he just left to get something.  She got more Woo Pig Sooie stuff--a new T-shrirt and a Razorback blanket.  (She said that starting every Saturday now, during football season, she will be calling the Hogs.  Ha ha)

The drunk picture of her and Nick was taken the last time they went out before BB.  She hates this 7th grade picture of her with the bright red lipstick and the weird eyebrows.  Matt wants to use the picture on his Facebook.
Matt can't tell if the picture was supposed to be sexy or if she was just pissed off.

Britney:  This is my dog---Molly Elizabeth.
She is surprised that her mom got a new golden retriever---she didn't know they were getting one.

She doesn't like the picture of she and Nick--she has said this several times---she looks so squinty and drunk.  (I can't imagine Nick is flattered by her saying this over and over.)  It was taken in a piano bar in the basement and she "may or may not have gotten sick later in the night".
 Brendon said that Dylan is "skinnier than he pictured him to be" and takes a closer look at the family photo. (Why is Brendon "picturing" Britney's teenage brother?)
Enzo is sighing and looking frustrated through much of this. Poor sport, I think.  He wanted to see pictures of his own wife and daughter.

Britney's dad is a firemen, but Dylan has a different dad--the one in the pictures.  Britney points out that he mom isn't Kathy, and that her stepdad is the worst picture-taker in the world.

Flashback From Last Night - #9

Matt and Ragan have a heart-to-heart in the hammock after Britney went inside to pack.
Ragan had a very intense moment when he told Matt that he knew this would sound gay, but he was going to say it anyway.  He has huge abandonment issues with his dad's treatment of his kids, and his mom leaving, and the way he felt this week when he knew that Matt was leaving was the reason why he doesn't let people get very close to him.  He can't stand that feeling.

Matt was supportive, and said he needed to come clean with something that was a "tiny, Natalie-like lie". 

Matt: The birthday that you helped me celebrate was really my 33rd---I feel like I look so young and boyish that if I said I was 33 it would seem strange.

Ragan:  No one else knows?

Matt:  No.  I've just gone so far with Day #50 that I felt weird clearing it up.

Ragan:  OK---can I tell you a secret too?  And you promise that you won't say anything to anybody?

Matt assures him.

Ragan:  OK...I have a PhD, and I'm a professor at Cal State Long Beach.  And I'm about to get tenure next year.

Matt: No shit?  A professor?  In what?

Ragan:   In Communications, with a focus on ethnographics (or something like that).

Matt:'re like the opposite of Brendon!  Congratulations!  Tenure next year?

Ragan:  Yes, if I hadn't done this, I would have gone for early tenure.  I have a ton of peer review articles.  I got my bachelors and masters at the Univ. of Texas at Austin, then I took a year off.  In 2002 I went to ASU---I told everybody here that I went there to teach, but that is when I got my PhD.

Matt:  And you taught also?

Ragan:  Yes, as a grad student.  In 2006 I got my PhD, and that is the year I also got my tenure track position at Cal Long Beach..

Matt:  Wow...Dr. Fox!

Ragan:  So when I talk about my students....all of them call me Dr. Fox....when Rachel was saying that I was just a communications major I was like....uh huh......

Matt asked why he hid it and Ragan says that it would be too intimidating

Ragan:  My student loan is actually $300,000!

Matt:  What the fuck?????

Ragan: dad started exhibiting symptoms of Alzheimer's when I turned 18, so basically when I started going to college he totally cut me off.  I thought it was because I just came out of the closet, which didn't make sense to me.  So all through college I basically had to take the maximum out I could in student loans to pay rent, go to school, etc.

Matt:  They let you take out that much?

Ragan:  That $300K includes all the interest...I consolidated all my loans.  My income in California just allows me to get by, so I haven't paid a penny back yet.

Matt figures the payment is about $1,500 a month and Ragan says that's about right. 

Matt:  Does getting tenure help with that?

Ragan:  Yeah, I think it will bump it up about 7%. Right now I make about $60,000...last year we were on furlough and I had a 10% pay reduction.  I'm hoping that after tenure I can use that bump up I can start paying back my student loan.  I've pretty much resigned myself...

Matt:  To always owing it?

Ragan:  Unless something like this (BB) happens!

Ragan's rent is $1,500.  He is hoping that tenure helps him, as well as any opportunities that he gets from BB will help him.  He doesn't want anyone to know about this until the show is over.

Ragan:  That's why when Brendon starts pontificating about his shit, I just kind of glaze over.  He told you, he told Annie...he's just the embodiment of hubris...

Matt mentions that on July 4th when everybody was drunk, Brendon took him aside and told him. (I saw that and posted about it.)

Ragan is 34 and considered saying he was 30.  He is so glad they are having this conversation and almost brought it up the other day.

They decide to head inside to get ready for Britney's HOH room.

Ragan farted and said it felt good to get that out of his butt.

Flashback From Last Night - #8

Matt joins Britney and Ragan at the hammock, where they celebrate the big night.
Britney:  Looking back at it, there were a lot of clues that were just weird.  Like you kept talking about next week, and you didn't try to cut any deals, and you wanted me to go upstairs and throw you under the bus...

Ragan:  And the pretzels took care of that....

Matt:  Yup.

Ragan:  I do feel bad for Kathy.  We were all so happy about what happened, and she got voted out unanimously.

Britney:  Now we can start making regular tea!

They make fun of the way she asked people to help her pour the sugar in the tea.  And how hard is slop to make, and she couldn't do that?

Now Matt mentions how messy the house is now, with the uneaten pizza all over, and the candy houses, etc.  They are joking about Brendon having to clean up now, and Britney making a deal that is subject to him bringing her coffee every morning at 8:30.

Britney:  I am definitely giving Nick a shout out in my nomination speech.

Matt:  He thought he had it all figured out, but he didn't.

They agree that the power was a Half Coup D'Etat.  And that Kathy was Brendon's only real ally in the house. 

Flashback From Last Night - #7

Britney and Ragan settle into the hammock.

Ragan:  I feel like a found a genie in a bottle who granted my wishes...I just have one wish left...I need to stop being so passive-aggressive with him.  I need to be a bigger person.
Britney:  When you made the comment about Rachel's homophobia, you should have seen his face---he gave you the dirtiest when Matt asked if Rachel went through his luggage....

Ragan:  Oh I laughed out loud when he said she would never do that.

Brendon went  inside and Britney mutters:  Oh, why don't you come to the hammock, Neandertol?  This is where it all started---right here.  Actually, it's pronounced Neanertrol!

Ragan mentions when he smugly called out their names as Have Nots.

Ragan: I just need to get over it.  This is a week when I can relax and not worry about his asshattery.  And it's not like me to kick somebody when they're down...although I can.  Are you so happy?

Britney:  I didn't want to be too excited when I won...I didn't want to be gross about it.  Like Andrew, dancing across the lawn.
Ragan:  It was such a big deal.  A big, big deal.

Britney doesn't think they ever did a Diamond POV before.  (But they did---in Season #4 the HG had to compete for it.)

Brendon gave her a half-hug when she won.  Now she brings up the too-tight jeans that he wears every Thursday.  She thinks he washes them every week to make them tighter.

Britney:  His thighs can't breathe!

Ragan:  I don't like him Britney...he's done so many shitty things to me.

Britney:  Can I just get my letter now?  Can I?

Flashback From Last Night - #6

Right on cue, Hayden and Enzo have a quick mumbled meeting in the kitchen. 
Hayden:  We HAVE to win the POV.  We HAVE to....

Enzo:  I know man....

They both think they will go up on the block if Brendon wins the POV. 

Hayden, whispering:  This week, Ragan was telling me that he wanted you, me, him and Matt to go to the Final Four.

Enzo made him repeat this.  Hayden does, and heads back outside to play pool.
Who is going to wash ("warsh") up the dirty dishes now?  Look at how they all leave their plates just laying around---who does that?  Don't most adults pick up after themselves?  I mean, really.   That place is going to be extra-disgusting now.

Hayden doesn't want a burger--he just had six pieces of pizza! 

Brendon goes outside now, too.   Ragan is getting liquored up so maybe he will say some more comments about Rachel's homophobic comments to set Brendon off.

Ragan had his first beer really early in life--his dad was "kind of European that way".  (Also, wasn't he at least 60 years old when he had Ragan?)  In high school, Ragan could order a margarita at a Mexican restaurant, have a glass of wine with dinner, etc. 

Ragan:  Because of that, I never really went crazy with the alcohol...

Neither Britney nor Hayden ever drank in high school---not once.  

(Where do they find these HG?  No drinking in high school?)

Britney didn't drink until sophomore year in college.  She doesn't think anybody drank in high school---or maybe she wasn't in with that crowd.

Ragan:  In high school people drank, they smoked pot...

Britney:  Really?  I guess that just wasn't my group of friends.

Hayden:  In high school all of my friends drank...all of them.  When we went out I was always the DD.  Friday night after football games we would go down to the creek and start a big bonfire and park...

Ragan:  So you were always around peer pressure but you never gave into it..

Britney, mumbling:  In the sorority house..........

Hayden didn't feel like he had to prove himself to anybody.  Ragan always felt like he had to be rebellious because he was an outcast--he had to smoke cigarettes and do bad things.  Britney was a goody two-shoes and she and her boyfriend didn't go to parties.

Hayden had a girlfriend in highschool who was a college cheerleader at ACC (?).  She used to go to his high school.  (wow, that is cool)