Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Row of Gumdrops

or some sort of similar candies have been added to the Sweet Tart castle.
I think the pizza is gone.  Britney ended up having a small slice and Enzo killed it.
Britney:  The whole time Matt was talking, I was thinking, when is he going to say hi to Stacy?

Ragan:  The minute your hand went to your back pocket....I just.....

They start joking about how it wasn't fair----the ledge was too narrow for big feet, etc.  (I think they are imagining what Brendon is saying in the DR.)

Someone put a jeweled bindi on Matt's forehead on the picture wall and they all love it.

A little while ago Matt asked Brendon if Rachel had looked in his bag and he said Rachel would never do a thing like that.  Now they all mock that---Matt knows that someone went through his bags and they all know it was Rachel.

Britney says that she would love to see Rachel's face when Kathy comes walking in the Jury House.

Ragan:  Kathy, your friend that you showed the pretzels to!

Lane and Britney Build a Castle

out of Sweet Tarts.
Brendon drowns his sorrow.
Brendon would love to have Legos. Lane would like cards.  Hayden could build so many things out of Legos right now.

Brendon gets called to the DR and Britney starts doing her celebration dance once he is gone.  She goes to get Ragan and Matt and they all start dancing.

Matt:  Final Six, Baby, Final Six!!!

Enzo says that Britney won't be able to shake Brendon.

Britney:  I think he just wants to go home...he doesn't want to be here.

They All Think that Kathy

was the Saboteur and there is some discussion as to whether she will get the $20K or not.  The guys all think so, but Britney tells them that she had to survive two weeks in the house, and she didn't. (correct)

Enzo is in his own world and while everyone is discussing Kathy, he says, "It's unbelievable, Man....crazy......"

Britney plans to take a bunch of baths and showers this week, and eat a lot of cereal.

Matt:  How does it feel to be the only female left?

Britney:  It feels great..

They joke about her being the house mother in a fraternity house this week.  They are all rejoicing and Britney says this was the greatest turn of events ever.

Let's all look at Brendon while we can, huh?   Ha ha ha ha
Hayden:  I'll bet Moms is drinking a root beer right now!

Britney:  Oh, she is pounding....chugging a Frosty right now!

Now they console Enzo on his narrow loss.  Britney thought all the BB Says stuff "seemed so unimportant".  She didn't even want to study.

Suicide Watch

and Enzo ambles around aimlessly by himself.  He gave himself "the knuckle" and walks around like he's looking for something.

Meanwhile in the bedroom the packing was in full swing.  They are trying to cram stuff into all the bags. She has clothes and stuff in the Taj and in Jumanji.   Britney said she still has "a ton of stuff in the bathroom".  Brendon suggests they use garbage bags and Britney agrees its the only way.
Hayden points out that the sock monkey was missing his hat.  He made a special point to look for it and then carefully and securely put the hat on the monkey.
Of everyone, Hayden seems to be the only one who may feel regret that Kathy is gone.  He was very fond of her and she often said that Hayden reminded her of her son.  One time when Kathy was napping alone in the Have Not room I saw Hayden leave a room where everybody was trashing her, go into the Have Not room to ask how she was doing, and then lean over and hug her and tell her to hang in there.

Matt Apologizes

to Lane for the lie and says they made him do it.  Lane couldn't get over that Matt was so unemotional and didn't know why---he would have been so upset to be Matt.
Hayden and Enzo come in and become part of it, too.  Then Brendon sidles in and sits on one of the beds.  No one talks to him, and he just sits there.

Lane: I thought it was a fake when you pulled it out of your pocket---it was so shitty looking!

(I can't believe that BB didn't repair the POV before the show!)

Lane:  I'm a dick, man.  Didn't you feel bad?

They continue to rejoice.  Britney comes in to start packing some of Kathy's stuff.  Someone came in the house while they were in the backyard and took some of it, but Britney is going through the drawers and pulling out stacks of Marlboros.

(I really wanted a picture of that but I couldn't get there fast enough---we got DOTS while BB gave them some packing instructions.)

Britney wants some Froot Loops and Matt teases her about waiting to eat for the other Have Nots.  Hayden is putting a frozen pizza in the oven and asks Britney if she wants some.  She might have a tiny bit---she really wants the cereal.

(That is why she is so skinny.)

Brendon jokes that Enzo should be on suicide watch---he came so close to winning.  No comment from Britney.

Matt said the POV went through a lot while he hid it: No doubt it's a shoddy piece of equipment.

Britney starts choking on her Froot Loops.  Ragan is so glad that Matt is still there.

Matt:  So am I, Ragan, so am I.

We're Back

but we went back to DOTS before I could snap a picture.

Matt is talking a mile a minute about hiding his secret and he says that when he brought up the power in a vague way this week, BB called him in and said he was walking the line and....


Britney describes how excited she was---she didn't know where Matt was going with that speech.  Ragan thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest.

Hayden:  I knew that dollar bill thing was a lie!!

Matt: I know--that was a horrible lie but I thought that I would be able to tell you in a few weeks.  But then the Saboteur came back and everybody thought it was me!

Britney is going to cry when she gets her letter.  (I wonder if her fiance is pissed--I didn't see him on TV tonight and her Mom made it sound like she was pulling for Lane.)

Britney is snacking on something in a plastic bag---I guess since she is HOH she can eat now.

Monday is Britney's birthday!

Nomination prediction from me:  Brendon and Enzo

Britney: It is a once in a lifetime dream to spend a birthday being HOH on BB!

Ragan is celebrating in the bedroom.  I bet. All his friends still there, one in power, and $20Gs.

Lockdown Over, Back to Bed

The Have Nots walk downstairs and merely change locations for their naps.  Brendon starts gathering up his stuff to move it downstairs.
There are some lumps under the covers, if you look hard, representing Britney and Matt.  Did you know that Lane actually shaves? 
Ragan inspects a jar of snacks that he may be able to eat in the next dozen or so hours.  I think these are peanut butter-filled pretzel chunks.  If I may say, they are delish.

Only Sign of Life

has been Brendon walking to and fro wrapped in a bright pink towel.  He is sitting on the floor of the bathroom now, packing his bags.

The HOH Lockdown Starts,

signalling the unofficial end to Brendon's HOH reign.  The HG file in quietly and grab some real estate for napping.

Flashback From Last Night - #4

Lane says that in college his best way of hooking up with a girl is to ask if she wants to take a shower as soon as they got home.  Matt asked about the logistics of his dorm room and Lane explained he lived in a house off-campus.

Lane:  That is such a good ice-breaker, every time.

Matt:  It's like harmless nudity.

Britney:  But you can't finish everything in there....

Matt:  No! But it's a way to get their clothes off.

Britney has never taken a shower with anyone that she "wasn't already familiar with so it wasn't awkward".  I guess she has already told them that there have been 11 guys, because Matt asks her if she showered with any of the 11 guys.

Britney:  I said I made out with 11 guys, but I didn't say......

Matt pushes the issue--has she showered with more guys than she's done it with. Lane wants to know if she's done it more than she's made out with.  Britney dodges the issue.
Lane and Matt elaborate on how great the shower idea is.

Lane:  People at home think I'm crazy..The girls giggle at first but then....

Matt:  No, it works, I know!  Girls think its a great idea!

Lane:  And I wash my body when I'm in there...

Matt:  Yes!  You have to be harmless..just two friends taking a shower together.

Lane:  You gotta wash your hair....

Britney:  Both of you are ridiculous.

Lane:  You gotta talk about stuff like, did you have a good time at the bar...

Matt:  I try to make good eye contact....

Britney: You take a shower with strangers?

Matt:  These aren't girls I'm going to marry...this is in college when you're young and irresponsible.
Britney:  I wouldn't shower with a stranger.

Matt:  What if you're dirty?

Britney:  I don't feel a level of self-confidence to just strip naked and get in the shower with someone I don't know.

Matt:  But you're not staring in the shower.

Lane:  No!  You're not staring at body parts---you're taking a shower!  You're getting clean!

Britney:  I don't feel comfortable with my body to be like, hey, I met you earlier, how do I look.  I only shower with people that I'm in a monogamous, committed relationship with.

Matt:  That would be a dirtier shower, then.

Britney:  I told you how Nick acts when I get in the shower..... he comes in and asks me about the oil spill, or what we're having for dinner, and then he steps in every time. It makes me laugh.

Matt:  Then Nick knows what he's doin...he's a smooth operator.

Lane:  Right after you get out of the shower with a girl, it's like you've known them forever.  You may cuddle a little and get in bed and watch a movie....

Britney:  Ragan, have you ever showered with a total stranger?

Ragan:  Define total stranger.

Britney:  You meet a total stranger in a bar and then go home and take a shower.

Ragan, nodding yes:  I' mean, normally we fuck first!

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Britney, Matt and Ragan are in the Jumanji talking about Matt's annual Halloween party in Chicago.  Lane is there, too.  Matt's favorite holiday is Halloween and he "goes all out" with the decorations.  Last year they decorated the basement and used a "ground fog machine" for atmosphere.
He calls is Hoffaween (his last name is Hoffman).  Britney can't wait to go.
Ragan:  Me either.  But right now I want to go to Taco Bell...

Britney, groaning:  Oh...Taco Bell!

Ragan:  I am craving Taco Bell so bad right now---my body craves it...

Britney gets called to the DR and complains that she already went.  After she leaves, Matt asks Lane how safe he feels for tomorrow.

Lane:  How safe? About as safe as a fertile young girl going out....
Matt, laughing:  I like those odds.

Matt:  I'm fucking nervous Ragan!  I'm fucking nervous Lane!  God this sucks!

Ragan wonders just what is going on upstairs for so long.

Matt:  I dunno man, but it can't be good.  There's a fine line between recon work and jumping to the other side.  It's a fine line they're crossing.

Lane is silent during this part of the conversation.  Ragan gets up and leaves Lane and Matt alone.  They mumble something really quietly and then Lane says it sucks to be on the block together.

Britney struts back in and Lane asks if she "did it in that hat" (which looks pretty hot, actually).

Britney:  It wasn't questions.  It was about my medications.  They said the amount was...


Britney usually shaves her legs in the bathtub at home.  She's a "bath-taker, big time".

Lane:  What's dirtier, a bath or a shower?

Both Matt and Britney agree a shower is cleaner, because in a bath you are festering in your own dirty water.  Matt thinks that baths aren't functional.

Brendon's HOH Blog

Here it is, in it's entirety.  I am surprised to see that his basic mechanics (spelling, grammar) are not bad at all.  It's kind of long---but what else do you have to do today?

HoH Blog Post #6: Brendon
August 18, 2010

This is Brendon and these are my words. I would first like to tell my family and friends how much I miss all of them and love them all very much. A person never quite understands how important people are in their lives until they are completely inaccessible. Alexx, I hope school is going well and your sophomore year is off to a great start. I am missing our study sessions, our coffee and our weekend movies. I am so very proud of you and know that I think about you every day. Allyson, Mom, Dad, Katelyn.... your letter and thoughts have helped push me in this game. I am sure you were all wondering what has been going on in my crazy life, but hopefully you have seen much of it. I finally met and fell in love with someone who is everything I want in another person. Rachel is quite the handful, but an amazing girl with one of the sweetest hearts I have ever encountered and a passion for science near to my own. Joe, I hope your fight is going well and you are staying strong. Know that while I am in here you have never left my thoughts. To my friends, I miss you all. Tim, I am sorry I missed the birth of your baby, but know that I hope everything went well and I send my love. Tony, Matt, Woody, Bubs, Gary, LA, all of you guys. Meet me in Vegas when this is all over. Ashley I hope the Chirop. trip went well.

For the Fans: This week has been one of the toughest I have been forced to endure since entering the Big brother house. I came in and was targeted the first week for no apparent reason. On the block I met a most amazing individual who showed me that good people still exist in this crazy world. After only two days of getting to know me, Rachel was willing to pull me off the block should she have won the POV. Insane, I know. From the time I won the first POV to Rachel going home last week, it has been a tough battle for the two of us to stay in this house. As difficult as it has been I would do it all again in a heartbeat. I have completely fallen in love with her. While we have experienced ups and downs in this house, I have only discovered that this has proven our love to be all that much more real. I wanted the house to vote me out so she could have stayed here for longer b/c she wants to be here so bad. I would do anything for her. Since they chose not to do so, they will now have to pay. Britney and Ragan have been two of the most malicious and callous people in this game. They are my two targets when matt leaves this week. When I discovered that Rachel had been in the house the entire time I was on my 24 hr vacation, I was saddened. After I discovered all the conversations she had shared with the houseguests and how much love she expressed for me, it made me a bit happier. I am so cheesy and corny at times and perhaps a bit pathetic, but know that everyone came in to this game alone. Inside this house I not only found a best friend, but someone I would like to share the rest of my life along side. I miss Rachel every day, but I know that I am fighting for the both of us now.

Player BreakDown:

Matt: Matt has been a very manipulative character right from the start. Having called him out week 2, he was ultimately the reason Rachel went home. He is part of the trio that creates so much drama in this house and whose arrogance led to his downfall. I understand that he is fighting for his wife, which was why I wanted to keep him in here. Rachel left me a message saying that she wanted him out, since I promised to defend her honor, I must carry out her wishes. As much as I wanted to backdoor Britney and send her home, Matt did make the decision to put Rachel and I up against each other, which was his mistake. I feel bad for him, but last week none of those three in the have not room showed Rachel sympathy.

Ragan: Ragan has banked on the fact that his effeminate personality would allow him to slide through the game thinking most would believe he is not much of a threat. Week 2 when Ragan was balling his eyes out in the Have Not room, Rachel and I were the only two there for him. He was best friends with Rachel and loved her to death. By week 4 he was best friends with Kristen, the very girl who was trying to target Rachel and I. Ragan is a turncoat who has hid behind Matt and let him get all of the blood on his hands. When I won HOH this week, the first thing him and Britney did was go cry in the Have Not room b/c they remembered what jerks they were to Rachel last week. Ragan is fake and he spends his time trying to make good with the masculine males in the house, hoping to help his position once Matt is gone. Ragan believes himself to be one of the strongest players also, which adds to his arrogant and stubborn nature. Any discussion that results in disagreement will surely end with Ragan refusing to accept anyone else's point of view.

Britney: Britney is everything that a middle class person could easily come to resent. I have tried not to let too much of it bother me, but it is a struggle. She is a rich, entitled brat who has spent a good portion of her childhood competing in beauty pageants and flying all over the World, yet she touts herself as "middle class." Again, disgusting to anyone who is actually middle class. She mistreats people in the house, is rude to many and has not once picked up or cleaned anything. She is a strong player in terms of BB knowledge, but a very weak physical player. She has a good chance of making it far, but the way she treats people, no chance of winning the $500K. She is definitely my next target.

Lane: Lane is a very easy going, middle of the road personality. Very likable, but also easy to fly under the radar. I think he has been throwing comps to advance game. Rachel and I know he lied about some things to Britney, which seemed uncharacteristic. I have no doubt he is the saboteur. Furthermore, I believe him and Hayden are the long time friends. Hope he isn't mad he was a pawn.

Enzo: Absolutely hilarious, as I am sure you can see. He is not a strong player and we are trying to groom him to win quiz competitions, but I am still worried. I need him to win. I am afraid he thinks he will be able to skate by. This may work for a while, but not for much longer.

Kathy: I love Kathy for being herself. She is not a strong player and I know she had said to others that she would put Rach and I up if she won, but I think that was Kathy trying to survive. She is a sweet woman and w/o her this house would be filthy. She will make it to the end b/c everyone thinks they can beat her at anything.

Hayden: Hayden has become someone I trust more but still am wary in regards to the possible long time friendship w/ Lane. I will trust him b/c I have nobody else now. I think he is strong and believe that he knows if i go, he is next.


If Britney or Ragan win this week I believe I will be up on the block. It is inevitable, but essentially the witch-hunt is still afoot. This season is not about intelligent players or strong alliances, it is about everyone looking out for themselves. People throw each other under the bus like it's going outta style. I know my war is going to be a long one should I win this whole thing, but I am strapping myself in for the ride. I am representing three people; myself, Rachel and Andrew. The latter two gave their lives in this game so I could get to where I am.


This has been one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. I am sad that I cannot be here with Rachel, but I know that she wants me to fight hard. I apologize to all the fans if I have appeared to be a jerk or an a-hole, but all I really wanted was for Rachel to stay, as she had wanted it so badly. I know that perhaps the two of us have appeared poorly at times, but know that it was hard feeling like every single week here, people were looking for any excuse to get rid of one of us. It was hard to keep our spirits up, especially feeling that all we had done was fall in love. After this is all over, I am hoping she will move to LA in support of my career as a Biomedical Physicist and to pursue her own career as a scientist. I am an absolutely lucky man to have met her. As hard as it will be from here on out, I would do it all again w/o hesitation. To my family and friends, I am sorry if I have embarrassed any of you, but I also trust that you know who I am. To my friends, forgive me if I left anyone out, but I did not have much time. To all the fans of the show, please continue to watch, b/c at times I especially feel that I am now completely alone in this house. When I have conversations at night in the HOH room, I am hoping at least one of you is listening. This experience is much different than it appears on television. It seems so easy and so much fun. The truth is that w/o the normal activities of a typical day, boredom and solace may easily overtake your spirit. It is 3 days at 120 mph, followed by 4 at 5 mph. It is like no other emotional roller coaster I have experienced. We miss the small things. Kiss and hug all of your family members and loved ones for me, as I am unable to do so at the present. I appreciate and love everyone who makes this show possible, especially the relentless fans that tune in every week. I hope to write you again soon. Peace to all.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

and Kathy the TalkBlocker comes in and the conversation changes dramatically.  She doesn't knock--just barges right in and starts moving pillows around and gets in bed.

Kathy:  Britney wanted to know what we were all doin' up here...

Brendon:  Did you tell her to get away from you?

Kathy: Hmph!

Brendon:  They were all up here last week!

Enzo has made a little pyramid with some nail polishes that are on the table. I guess they belong to Rachel but maybe the girls brought them up there to use.  (A couple of years ago BB started furnishing them with a selection of nail polishes and manicure accessories---I think this started the year they had a sauna in what is now the Cabana Room, I think.)
Enzo:  It smells like a nut factory in here---doesn't it smell like a nut sack?

Kathy:  You oughtta smell your own hand, then, because you've had it on your nut sack!

PS  What was up with that fucking robot last night?  What kind of lame shit was that?  Did you see when Enzo hit it with a T-shirt?  Ha ha.

Laughs all around.  Now Enzo gets in bed next to Kathy and Brendon jumps up out of the way and clears a place on a chair for him to sit.
Now Kathy trashes Britney some more:  She don't talk to me---she didn't talk to me all day!  If ya'll don't see me around here, you better look!  'Cause I might have pressed that button to leave!

Now Brendon makes them go back over the order of the BB Says tasks.

Flashback From Last Night - #1

When I first pulled up this footage, from 11:00 pm BBT last night, I thought at first that it was Groundhogs Day. Same situation as the night before.

Specifically, Brendon is in the HOH,, tipsy on red wine, and is talking to Enzo and Hayden.
Brendon just went through all of the 'BB Says" activities the HG were forced to do earlier in the day, in order.  They feel that these tasks will have something to do with tonight's HOH competition.  They all seem to think that the double eviction may be tonight, but Chelsia has convinced me that this is not the case.  On her show last night, she said that because the Diamond POV is tonight, there is no way that BB would cram the drama of a double eviction in on the same night.  They have to spread that stuff out for maximum impact.

Also, doesn't Julie usually tell us when a double eviction is imminent?

Anyway, Brendon not only recites the tasks, he also acts some of them out, carefully clutching his wineglass.  These tasks include spinning around, a group hug, 'sizzling like bacon', flexing in the mirror, etc.  All he needed was his toolbelt to make the moment complete.

Then the conversation turns to Lane....and Britney.  They discuss whether or not Lane thinks he can trust Britney---they hope that Lane realizes that she is a snake and can't be trusted.

Then the chatter involves whether Lane has a crush on Britney.  Enzo was in the bathroom for part of this conversation and Hayden feels uncomfortable asking some of these questions about Lane.  He calls out to Enzo for assistance and confirmation.
Hayden: you think Lane has a crush on Britney?

Enzo comes in the room:  Well, so what?  He's not's okay if he has a crush on her.  He'd probably chip away at that if he had the chance.  Wouldn't you? (to Brendon)

Brendon:  No...not unless I was really, really drunk and she wasn't talking very much.  (ha ha)

Hayden:  I have really high standards.  I like Britney---she's awesome and she's cute.

Enzo indicates that they have all fucked trainwrecks before.

Brendon:  We've all had our trainwrecks before.

Enzo, opening a package of snacks:  Not like the fucking trainwrecks I've had....

Brendon, laughing:  Fucking deisels?
Enzo:  Bro.....

Hayden:  Trainnnnnnnwrecks!   How big---two bills?

Enzo:  Oh, I wouldn't say that...180 maybe?

Brendon:  Are you ducking in alleys with 'em?

Enzo:  Nah.  When you're young you don't care..the bars close and you don't care.  This was before I was married......

Brendon:  Ever been with a woman with a broken leg?

Enzo:  Wheelchairs....I mean, whatever you gotta do....I'm either going home with my right hand or some shit.

Brendon:  I think we've all been there.  Britney...yeah she's pretty.  She's got a nice little body, no ass, but whatever...

Enzo:   No, she don't have no ass....

Brendon:  But if she started talking, I'd be out in a heartbeat.

Hayden:  Britney's cute, but ......I don't just hook up with chicks that aren't......

Brendon:  Bangin' hot like biscuts...

Enzo:  In Arizona?  I dunno....

Brendon:  I'm not going to lie.  In Arizona there are a lot of hot girls.

Brendon gets up and goes to the snack table and grabs a handful of what they are eating---Reese's Pieces I believe they are.
Hayden:  Britney's cute...she's way cute....but she's not my type.

Brendon:  But tell me that when she's talking you're not wondering if your laundry is finished back at home....I mean really, right?  When I was 21, 22 and 23 probably, I would have overlooked all that.  In a hearbeat.  But I don't have the patience to listen to all the stupid conversation.

(OMG--we've all heard his conversations with Rachel....)

Enzo dropped some candy and now he can't find it:  Reeses, man...they get lost in that shit!  I can't find it!  Who knows what the fuck is down there!
Enzo:  Who the fuck is the Saboteur?

Now the talk turns to Enzo's secret.

Enzo:  I'm gay!  (joking)

They joke about him having the Coup D'Meow.

Enzo:  This ain't fucking Harry Potters....I don't have no special powers.