Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's a Stretch

Britney Wasn't Happy to See Rachel

on the day they entered the house.  She saw Rachel a number of times "on vacation" (i.e. sequester) and "has a number of stories to tell about her".  She will tell Lane about the stories "later".
Lane heard Rachel laughing all the time during the pre-season interviews.  Enzo refers to her as a tall red-headed pelican.

(How much you want to bet that Rachel gets a nose job now, after Ragan's parrot comment and now the pelican comments.)

Lane's mom is named Loretta.  Lane wants to get more tats when the season is over.

Enzo Has a New Name for Brendon

which he is revealing in the DR---"Number Three".  Because he is #3 on the evolution chart.

Hayden, Enzo and Matt are sitting in the Cabana.  Lots of silent pauses.  Enzo said that Brendon has a weird body and seemed to be missing bones in his torso or something.
Matt:  He disgusts me.

Enzo is all cranked up and is now talking smack about Britney during the ropes competition.  Her mascara was running and Enzo says how ugly she was, imitating her "Hurry Lane...Hurry Lane".  He says how white her face is and is hateful about it.

Enzo thinks there is no Saboteur--that it is BB and that's it.  Enzo has memorized all of the Sab messages that started on Day #44 and went into Day #45.  There are 14 of them.

Enzo:  I'm telling you---that competition is going to be like the gorilla last year--you have to put them in order.  It's a game changer.


Outdoor Lockdown

No talking.  Just lounging.   Funny how you take one person out of the house and the entire dynamic changes.

This is the Part of the Season

that can be tough to recap.  Not a lot going on.  Lots of napping.  Last year at this time, Chima had just left so there were a lot of Coup D'Etat fireworks.

Britney just gave Sad Sack Ragan a pep talk in the Have Not room about changing to positive mindset. They have to focus on "getting him out" and stop assuming that he is going to be invincible (Brendon).    Funny how one week ago they are laughing at his inability to think quickly and hang on in endurance competitions, but now he's the Big Bad Wolf or something.

Speaking of Brendon, he found a shady spot in the backyard to do some ab work. Might as well watch him--he's the only sign of life right now on the feeds.  There he is, way back there in the corner.
And up close.
And more stretching.
The camera guys want us to know that this is not their fault---it's all they have to work with right now.  As if to prove this, we see a quick shot of the Cabana Room.
Who or what is that?  Kathy? 

Flashback From Last Night - #9

Yes, Brendon is a tool.  He is listening to Weezer and is shaking his right hand around as he 'jams out'.
He just toasted the air with his wineglass and is now kicking back to watch a little Spy Screen.

Flashback From Last Night - #8

The HOH powwow breaks up, and all three of the visitors leave to go downstairs.  I could be wrong, but it certainly looks like Enzo gave Brendon the 90210 handshake on the way out.
Kathy gave Brendon an old fashioned hug and called him a Wino.  Brendon has been drinking since 3:00 pm, apparently.

Brendon:  Well, I gotta drink since my girl's not here!

Now the Neanderthal climbs into bed with some pretzels to re-read his letter from his sister.  I guess all those scrapes and scabs on his knees are from the ropes competition.
Kathy and Enzo are in the kitchen.  Enzo heated up a sandwich to take to bed.  No one wants to walk around alone at night because of the Saboteur suspicions so they all stick together.  Kathy stopped by the fish tank to say good night.  All the fish gather at the glass to see her, but she doesn't feed them anymore--BB does.

Maybe that is the reason why so many fish were dying in the beginning?  Operator error?  

Flashback From Last Night - #7

Enzo has about $7,000 in credit card debt.  Brendon has $4,000.

Hayden has about $20,000 in student loan debt.
Brendon starts trashing Britney because she is 22 and has no debt.  He is angry about all the places she has visited and still has the nerve to call herself 'middle class'.

Brendon's parents have a 'double wide parked in Arizona' or something like that for vacation purposes.  Kathy bursts in and asks if they are gettin' high up there.

Brendon:  What---you want to get high?

Kathy says no and laughs that they are all still drinking wine.  They do look a little toasted.  Brendon just poured himself a new glass a few minutes ago.  Kathy wants to drill questions for the HOH and Brendon starts ripping on her.

Brendon:  OK. Lets talk about the paint can---who fell off first?  (Kathy)  And who is last with the ropes?

Now they start cracking on Enzo's shitty performance and Kathy loses it.  She is cackling like a hen remembering how she asked Enzo if he was ever in the Boy Scouts.

Flashback From Last Night - #6

Brendon has a glass of red wine in his hand and seems giddy to have some male friends to talk to in the HOH.
Brendon can't stand that even though the "fix is in", Ragan and Matt are still walking around like they own the game.  They still walk around all cocky, and he's about to send one of them home.  (ha ha)

Brendon:  I would like to just punch Ragan in the face.

Enzo:  Just 'cause you saw a bunch of different seasons, that don't mean you know it all....

Enzo goes through all of the stupid Saboteur messages they received---apparently they think that this will be included on the upcoming HOH competitions.
The Teen Wolf is there, too.
Hayden:  You can win this with only 4 votes...

Brendon:  I know..get this...Rachel and I are two votes!  No one seems to get that!

Brendon is "over that shit with Britney" because he says she cries all the time.  (Whatt??  What about Rachel, the Queen of the Dry Cry?)

Enzo:  I feel like Lane is loyal...

Brendon:  I don't know if Lane is loyal...

Enzo:  Yeah, but I like the kid.  I can't say nothin' bad about him.  And you can say some bad shit about Matt, but I can't say nothin' bad about me---he didn't put me up.

Brendon:  The thing I can say about Matt is, he stirs a lot of shit in here.   Matt may not want to vote for me, but Rachel wants him gone.  If he doesn't understand that, then Fuck You.  It happened, and I'm sorry.

Enzo is apparently blaming the fact that he voted to keep Brendon in on Matt and Ragan.  He just went along with the vote, I guess.

They tell Brendon that he is going up next week if Ragan or Britney win POV.

Flashback From Last Night - #5

Now we see Lane and Kathy talking on the backyard couch about how they miss their old lives.
Lane:  I just want to go home and get in my truck, see my friends, etc.

He wants to maybe do some commercials when all this is over, but he can see the beauty in just going home to your old life.  He mentioned watching "Where are they now?" shows about past celebrities and wondering why they just disappeared back to a normal life.  He understands now.

Kathy:  I just want to get in my patrol car and drive.....

She mentions just about every small town she patrols, gives them a shout out.  She mentions the cafe where they all meet for lunch and wants to go there with everybody and "not have 'em say nothin' about all this".

Lane wants to keep in touch with Kathy and invites her and her son to come on a ski trip to Steamboat Springs.  Hayden is coming, and Matt and Stacy are coming.  Kathy can drive to Lane's house for lunch in one day and then go back home.  She is going to "miss Hayden terribly" because he lives so far away.

Lane says if Kathy can get to Fort Worth, they can all crash at his house, go out to eat, etc.

Lane:  No one else is going to understand what we went through in this house.  And I'd like to be able to talk about it and everybody know....

Kathy doesn't care about the big Vegas reality party---she really just wants "their group" to  meet.  Lane thinks his family will go to Vegas, and probably to the finale as well.

Kathy:  I know mine can't afford it....I know that and it's okay.

Lane:  I can't wait to put the hay out, feed my horses and my dogs....

It was a grind on a daily basis on the farm, but now he misses it.  Kathy would love to "jump on a horse and go" right now.

Flashback From Last Night - #4

After DOTS, when we return the HG are once again talking about who will be invited to Allstars from all the various casts.  They think Casey, even though he left early, was more visible on the show (and memorable) than many of the other HG.

Matt:  Other than Braden and Laura, it was a cast of pretty memorable characters.

Britney:  I don't remember Braden AT ALL!

Matt:  Oh, I forgot to tell you, when Rachel was here she asked me to be in an alliance with her during Allstars, because she thought the two of us were the strongest competitors in the house.
Ragan:  She is SO delusional....

The two of them start making jokes about the pretzels.

Matt:  I thought she just spelled out 'I love you'---that's what he said.  Maybe I wasn't supposed to be nominated!

Britney:  What are ya'll talking about?  (I guess she doesn't know.)

Matt:  Why is this such a big secret?

Britney:  The pretzels spelled something?

Ragan jokes about the pretzels saying something about evil Britney.  They don't want to tell her even though she begs Ragan. Matt left the room, probably to go get his drugs.

Britney:  Why don't you want to tell me?

Ragan:  Because the person who told me doesn't want it to get around.

Britney:  Oh, is that what Kathy told you?

They laugh.  For a split second, the cameras flash on Enzo sleeping in the Jumanji room and then come back.  (ha ha ha)

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Matt rushes back from the DR and Ragan asks if he "got drugs".

Matt:  In 5 minutes they'll be in storage.

We got DOTS for a short time, and when we came back Ragan was telling Britney:  Your boobs are so big!  Look at that bra!  With the leopard inside---you're like Britney Nicole Smith!

Britney took her pill (maybe a PMS pill?) and lays in bed, joking "bring it on!".
Matt:  Do chicks feel comfortable getting naked in front of other girls?

Britney:  I lost a lot of my inhibitions from doing pageants---girls are always getting undressed backstage and stuff, but I"m still pretty modest.  But in this instance I have showered with both Monet and Ragan after competitions and I was equally comfortable both times.

(After her shower with Ragan, he stepped out and left the shower door open with her exposed--she had on a thong.)

Matt tells them about Stacy's gay friend who is a good looking guy.  He hangs out with all the girls so Matt always jokes with him that he is straight and really smart to work the situation like that.

Ragan:  Oh I like him...what's his name?

Matt:  Butters...his name is butters.

Britney:  That's not his real name though?

Matt:  It's Patrick..DOTS.

After a short DOTS:

Matt:  He actually did a reading at our wedding---he's a really good friend.

Ragan:  Really?

DOTS.  And then when we return.

Ragan:  Oooo Pat and Ragan....Tragan!


Flashback From Last Night - #2

Britney comes in to the Have Not room and is happy that she just got her prescription for something refilled by BB.  She is so happy because she knows they had to contact Nick to get the medicine for her.
Britney:  So there's a good chance I'm still engaged!

Matt jokes that he wants to throw everything out so he will receive something from Stacy.  They joke that Nick was sending all of her stuff to her Mom's house.  Or that Nicole is---Britney has a long-running joke about a fictional 'Nicole' that Nick met this summer at the lake.  At one point she had a whole scenario about what Nicole was like, what her dates with Nick were like, and what Nick's mom thinks of Nicole.

Matt:  It would be awesome if your HOH letter was from Nicole....

Matt says that if he gets evicted on Thursday, someone might well be following him to the Jury House within 15 minutes or so.  Now Matt gets called to the DR, too (Ragan is back already) and thinks it is a 'drug DR' for him as well.

Britney announces that she has to massage her boobs and apologizes to them---I think she has PMS and they are sore.
Matt:  Please wait 'til I get back to do that...

Ragan:  She's Boobsterbating!
Ragan:  Women are so weird...they have boobs!

Flashback From Last Night - #1

This Flashback starts around 11:00 pm BBT, and features long bouts of silence in a conversation between Matt, Ragan and Kathy.
Matt is still stewing over the news that Rachel left a message made out of pretzel sticks for Brendon that spelled out his name.  (I haven't seen any evidence of this in pictures, though.)  Now Kathy is talking about Brendon  and saying that she thought Matt needed to know about the pretzels---she didn't want to start anything, but she said she saw it and Matt needed to know.
(But Enzo and Hayden are the ones who told Matt about it yesterday-- Kathy told them.)

They think this Thursday is a double eviction, and Matt thinks that the first HOH might not be so great, since you only get to be HOH for about 15 minutes.  Ragan thinks he would still receive a letter and his suspenders.  (I think BB took these from him when he entered the house, for HOH purposes.)

Ragan, in a shaky voice:  Matt, you are an incredible person, and you deserve to stay here...

Matt, looking directly at the camera:  Thanks Ragan.  Maybe I will....just maybe.  Karma works in mysterious ways, right Stace?
(I read somewhere that after one of his talks with Enzo, Matt gave him the devil's horns behind his back....if I see that with my own eyes I will let you know.)

Ragan:  I'm a firm believer in karma...not all the principles behind it maybe, but good karma and bad karma.  I think I needed the last week to remind me of who I am...I needed to be knocked down a peg.

Kathy agrees about karma.  Ragan gets called to the DR.   Kathy is fed up with getting called in there--they think this is for Wednesday night's show and it all seems to revolve around "her being here".

(Rachel, of course.)