Monday, August 16, 2010

Matt and Ragan Swing

Love the backdrop.  Ragan says how much he is going to cry no matter what happens this week.  Enzo is running back and forth in the backyard.  Matt is going to do abs.  It must suck, knowing that even though you have a power, everyone is going to vote you out.

Ragan starts narrating his "Sexy Bitch Abs" workout, and announces special guest star Gayden, his Pool Boy.  The cameras pan over to Hayden in the tiny pool and he waves at the camera.

Britney narrates for them, keeping count and cheering them on.

Enzo Starts Cracking the Jokes

about how Matt needs the special power this week, but if the Amazin' Enzo doesn't have it, no one does.

The majority of the voters were out there and heard Enzo say that--who will be the first to tell Matt?  Enzo better shut his mouth---here is who was out there:   Hayden, Kathy, Lane and Britney.

Britney Exhaled

after the POV ceremony and is shooting the breeze with Kathy, Hayden and Enzo right now.

She gets DOTS for talking about a friend of hers and her problems with men.  She didn't name names, but she had just told a really detailed story about a friend of hers who joked online about throwing a toaster in her bathtub.

Kathy caused a hush by going into some detail about her cancer treatment and a particular nurse who had an impact on her.  Weird for them to think of Kathy hooked up to tubes and stuff,  I'm sure.

Britney talks about the Duggars and says that she lives near them, or they live near the hospital that Britney's sorority volunteers at, or something like that.

Kathy starts talking about her friend Natasha (who calls in regularly to Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy.  Natasha has a bunch of kids and gets a bunch of recipes and stuff off the Duggar's website.

Kathy: She learned to make warshing detergent from their website....she did!

Enzo wouldn't want that many kids.  Britney said kids are so cute, and everything they say is so funny.

Enzo: I just want to get the fuck out of here.  I just want to see my family.

Kathy doesn't care about the Vegas trip---she just wants to go home.  Enzo either wants to do it with his wife or just go home.  Britney thinks Joella will bring Gia and her mom or sister to help watch her.

Britney can't wait to get home right after Vegas.

Silence outside, except for Enzo's continued crunching and smacking.

Matt Just Got Nominated

and Enzo is going for the Oscar with his current performance in the storage room.
Enzo, in general:  Oh this is crazy...

They told Matt that Rachel spelled out Matt's name in pretzels on the bed.  Matt is pissed and can't believe that they didn't tell him until now.  He also can't believe that BB let that happen.

Enzo and Hayden hem and haw and say "they were told not to tell".  (WTF?)  Matt is kind of asking dry questions while shifting from side to side.

Turns out Kathy is who they claimed saw it...and I think Matt may know they are shitting on him.  But I don't know.

Enzo:  Maybe there's some magic power that will come up..

Hayden: I think there's like, a 10% chance.

Matt: I hope America gives us a chance with something like that.

I want to point out that Hayden looks like a homeless junkie during this entire conversation.  I swear I just saw him nod out.
And Enzo is looking like a liar with his shades on this whole time.  Look at dope sick Hayden over there on the right.
Now the meeting breaks up and Enzo and Hayden whisper by the fridge---they are talking about when they will tell Matty that he is going.

I think this week might even be better than last week, the way things are shaping up.

(There will be a lot of drama goin' on, but I think Kathy will end up going bye-bye, unless something shocking happens.)

Hayden Strategizes with Pretzels

These pretzels represent the HG, and their alliances and votes.  I'll bet someone eats them when this session is over, to destroy the evidence.

Brendon Meets With His New Alliance

which includes Hayden and Enzo.

Brendon feels that they need another vote in their group, so he intends to approach Lane and let him know he did him a favor by not granting him Have Not status.

Now Enzo and Hayden are pushing for Britney to leave.  (Enzo:  I just don't like her anymore.)

Brendon is trying to decide between Matty and Britney.  He is trying to determine which of them will be a threat or an asset to them in the future.  He thinks that if he evicts Britney, they have more of a chance of securing Lane for their group.  But if Lane is the Saboteur, he may be angry that Britney is gone.

(Really, what is the fucking Saboteur going to do about anything at this point---leave a nasty message that everybody laughs at?)

Hayden:  I think the Saboteur is another name for America's Favorite player---so America might get to vote on stuff.

Brendon is very anti-Lane.

Brendon Gets Nasty

Brendon and Hayden went into the house, where Britney and Lane are sitting on the LR couches.

Brendon:  Let's all tell stories about the first time we were caught masturbating....Britney you go first.

Britney, rolling her eyes and sipping coffee:  It never happened.

(or maybe that's tea since she's a Have Not)

Now we get DOTS.

Enzo is in the LR too.

Hayden says he was in Mexico "for like, 10 minutes one time" and Brendon asks him if he was smuggling kilos.  He was with his grandpa so I assume the answer is no.

Hayden is Pushing for Matt

to go this week.  He and Brendon are out at the pool table, talking about all the Saboteur messages playing all night long.

Hayden memorized them all, and can recite them.  I think there are 11-12 of them.

Brendon is saying that he thinks Britney should go, but Hayden says that it will be harder to take Matt out later, so they might as well do it now.  Ragan and Matt are seen as a team.  Meanwhile Kathy is pushing hard for Britney to go.

At first the Sab messages were played all over the house, but I guess BB is getting mad at them and is turning off the outside speakers so that you have to gather in the living room to hear them.  Several of the HG haven't even been getting out of bed to hear them, so I guess that is not what BB intended.  Ha ha.

We all know Matt is safe this week, no matter what, but will he catch wind of the Brigade turning on him?  I think he will have the balls to make a dramatic Brigade nomination, but only if he feels certain that he is being backstabbed.

In that case, I think Enzo would need to worry.  And Lane, of course, since his butt is still planted in the nomination seat.  I hope Lane doesn't get spotlighted.

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

I am watching last week's episode, with special guest Kristin.  Mark my words, we will see Kristin again.  I think she will be another Pandora's Box visitor, to keep the Shomance ratings going.

Why do I think that?

1.  When Andrew was a call-in guest after his eviction, he was on for most of the hour and got to talk to callers live on the air.  When Kristin was a guest, they only had a firm 20 minutes of time with her, and all of the questions had been submitted beforehand.  Chelsia apologized for this, but did not offer an explanation.

2.  Also, the beginning of the show was delayed and Missy indicated that it was not a technical issue, but an issue with the call-in guest.  And Chelsia missed the opening of the show because she "had to run down the hall and talk to CBS".

3.  They asked her if she wanted to go back in the house.  Of course, she said!

4.  They didn't allow any questions about where Kristin was---I don't know about you, but I wanted to know if she was staying at Ragan's house in accordance with his invitation.  I wanted to hear about her interactions with his friends and neighbors.  Ragan got interrupted by BB when he tried to describe it, but I think there are five apartments on his West Hollywood floor, and all of his neighbors are part of his life.  He thought they would all love watching out for Kristin, watching the show with her, taking her out, etc.  Clearly she's in sequester.  I would also think that when CBS runs a taped package of Ragan's support group, they would love to tie Kristin in with it---maybe show her dancing at a gay club or something.

She did speak to her ex-boyfriend but kind of marginalized that whole relationship----she said it had only been a 2 month deal, and that she should have broken it off beforehand to allow herself freedom on the show.  She has spoken with Andrew but doesn't think that they will be good friends.  She is planning on moving to LA ("for more opportunities") and Chelsia is going to hook her up with a friend who needs a roommate (probably another doomed reality 'star').

After Kristin hung up (and was shuttled back to her cell, probably) Kathy's best friend Natasha called in.  She is a regular caller now and says that we aren't seeing the real Kathy in all her glory.  The fight with Rachel last week hinted at what Kathy is capable of, and Natasha believes that Kathy is biding her time, listening and watching.

***whatever Natasha***  Everybody wants their 15 minutes of fame, don't they?

Natasha confirmed that Kathy knows no one in that BB house.

Who would still believe any messages the Saboteur leaves?  I mean, really.  That shit is being made up moment-by-moment under the circumstances.  I know that Allison Grodner tried to shake it up this year, but she is wasting her $20,000 on Ragan.  They don't need him to produce those cheesy messages.