Sunday, August 15, 2010

BB Asks Kathy to Help

in the kitchen, while Rachel is in the DR.  She jumped right out of bed and turned the hashbrowns over.

It is possible that Rachel is the one who asked her to help---we had DOTS at the time.  All I know is that Kathy was in bed when Rachel went to the DR, and when we came back Kathy was saying "it's scary, but I'll do it".
The potatoes look good--I don't think I've ever made hash browns.

Still No Brendon...

Rachel is up making breakfast---slicing the hell out of something with a dull knife.  She just got called to the DR.
And wearing one of Brendon's shirts.  How 'romantic'.

Flashback From Last Night - #3

I just watched the Flashback when Rachel first arrived on the scene yesterday afternoon, at approximately 3:00 pm BBT.

We had DOTS when she came in---this will not be seen until we see it on TV, apparently.    I heard her say that she said, "I'm back, Bitches!" or something like that, but when we first see her is after she and Ragan apparently had an argument.

Rachel was fuming and Ragen walked back to the Have Not room to get a jacket of some sort and collect his thoughts.  We hear Britney asking Rachel if "they" told her everything that was happening.  I guess not.

Ragan comes back in and Rachel makes a snide comment like "Ragan, you won one thing!".

and then:

Rachel:  Ragan, do you have to be such a bitch because you're gay?

Ragan:  No, I'm a big bitch because you are a horrible person!  You care more about making good TV then making friends.  (and  on an on and on)
 Rachel:  You can't even, like keep a boyfriend.  You stayed in the game one week longer then me, Ragan.

Ragan:  Well, I guess now two weeks.  Ultimately Rachel, this game is more about how you treat people, and that's why your picture is black and white.

Rachel:  It's a fucking game!

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Hayden's abs don't look like that without a lot of hard work.  Here he is doing an ab workout next to Matt and Enzo in the Cabana Room.

He is actually leading the charge, and all we here is labored breathing when they are in mid-motion, along with occasional words from Enzo:  Oohhh.  That's good.
Matt even rolled down his onesie during the action.  Here he is holding Hayden down while he does a set of 20 crunches.

Flashback From Last Night - #1

Let's see.....where to start?  Where to start?

Let me first say that I do like watching Rachel without Brendon---she is a ball of energy and is definitely up to something.  OK. I am working on a project today for a client I am seeing tonight (yes, on Sunday) so I have been running flashbacks from last night while I work.


*  As always, Rachel's behavior is very erratic.  One moment she is having friendly conversations with someone, and in the next she is accusing people of ridiculous things and is all about the drama.  For example, she had a nice conversation with Britney in the Taj and then while she was in the DR, told Lane that Britney was talking trash about him (not true) and told Enzo that Britney thinks he is the Saboteur.   I don't know about that part, but I do know that when Britney and Rachel were talking, Rachel was insinuating that America loves Enzo--I think Britney even asked her if that was true.  So the leap between America loving Enzo and America choosing him to be the Saboteur might not be so unthinkable.

*  Britney defended herself and managed to avoid any further personal attacks.  She apologized to Enzo for even having to have that episode, but told him over and over that she told Rachel that "I think you are the Saboteur", not Enzo.  There was a "who's on first?" type misunderstanding about that---Enzo thought "you" meant him, but Britney meant that "you" is Rachel.

*  Hayden won the pool tourney last night and used nail polish to add his name to the trophy bowl.  He didn't cross the 'A' on purpose, which Enzo ridiculed, but Britney thought was original.

* Mattt wore his skull onesie most of the night, even when lifting weights.  Not a good look, in my opinion.

*  Rachel said that the Jury House has 5 bedrooms.  Each bedroom has a TV, and there is a 70-inch TV in the living room.  Enzo asked if it was lonely---she said no, not really.  People are always around so you're not alone.  Britney tried to find out which handlers are there, but BB gave us DOTS when this topic came up.  Rachel said she had a Trader Joe's salad with feta for lunch, and said "we" had a salad. 

*  Apparently this is someone's house they will be staying in---not an empty house available for rent.  Kathy asked about this and Rachel said that yes, it looks like someone lives there, because "there are pictures of them..."  DOTS.  Probably just another high-end home on the market owned by people who got in way over their heads in this economy.  Imagine how strapped they must be, to allow the BB people to live in there for a month or so?

*  Ragan and Rachel had a huge blowout when she first arrived.  I haven't been able to watch that yet, but hope to later.

*  It doesn't look like Brendon and Rachel will get to spend time together during her visit---Rachel hopes for 5 minutes with him, but thinks "America" will love to see him getting into a limo and just missing her visit.  So I guess the implication is that he got a nice trip out of the house, and the house got stuck with Rachel.

*  Because Ragan won the POV, Britney is worried about having to go against Lane on the block.  She is trying to have a sincere conversation with him about being his friend, and not wanting to be against him.  He is so mean to her all the time (not really) and she is always so nice to him.  Lane says he will act the same way to her outside these walls.

*  From what I read online (haven't seen it yet), the Brigade may make a formal break from Matt by getting Brendon to nominate him and then getting rid of him, rather than Lane.  They are very concerned about the time that Matt spends with Ragan, and really, really wanted to get rid of Ragan this week.  So now they think that Matt is being somewhat shady and don't trust him.  If Matt gets wind of this, and is nominated, he might be able to strike back at The Brigade by using the DPOV and nominating Enzo or Hayden in his place.

Fireworks, indeed!!! 

*  Rachel seems to think that BB ratings are very high (yes) and that they are very, very popular with America (not so true).  Enzo is very in to this and says he is happy that "Rachel was a part of his season".