Saturday, August 14, 2010


since Ragan won the POV it looks like Matt might end up using his DPOV after all, particularly if another Brigade member gets put up in Ragan's place.

Or, Britney's life in the game might be at stake.  Either Britney or Kathy, those will be the choices.

But the Brigade will know that Matt lied about it---but if he saves the day for them it will be okay.

When are Enzo and Lane ever going to win anything?  Or Hayden, for that matter?

Pandora's Box

They go upstairs to the HOH and the door is open.  Rachel calls and calls to him and knocks and knocks...
Brendon was right---Rachel does hate the picture of them together in the HOH.

Enzo and Hayden just had a quick whisper outside the door---Rachel doesn't know anything that happened in the house.  She got some sort of Saboteur message but she didn't even know that Brendon won HOH. 

Rachel:  The Saboteur said one of you might be going back in the house. 

Rachel didn't get any game information about alliances or anything, but she did get some good general information that they can ask questions about.  She wants to ask each person individual questions that I think BB wants her to ask.

(I am going out to dinner--damn---but will be back on the case later.)

Hayden Thinks That Brendon is Watching

them talk to Rachel somewhere.  But no one really knows.

Rachel asks Kathy why she and Britney voted to evict her.

Kathy:  I'll talk to you about that later.

Britney:  Because you are such a tough competitor.  We thought it would be a quiz and you've never gotten a quiz question wrong--ever.  But then Brendon said, you should have kept Rachel--she could never have won this competition.
They tell Rachel about the competition and that they were all about equal playing it, but Brendon was way ahead and Ragan was way behind.  The cameras flash to Ragan alone in his bed.

Oh Snap.  Rachel, to Britney:  So why were you so bitchy in your goodbye message to me?

Britney, objecting wildly:  I didn't!!  I said nice things---that you brought a lot of great energy to the house--that I can't wait to watch movies together in the house---stuff like that.  They must have taken stuff out of context for that from old messages---I left a really nice one for Brendon, too, because it was before we fought.  I wanted to do a mean one after that, but it was too late.

Rachel is Back

but relax, she is only in the house for 24 hours.  I'm not sure about all of the details, but I know she is only there for 24 hours, and her goal is to make Ragan miserable for every minute of that 24 hours.

That's what she told him just now.   As you can see, she is all tarted up with false eyelashes and dark, dark eye makeup.

Rachel:  There's going to be six of us in jury, and only two of you will be able to win the money.  So we'd better get along.

She tells them that the Jury house is amazing---there is a spa and a pool and it is surrounded by mountains.  She can watch DVDs and movies, and she got her cellphone back.  (I'm sure the calls are monitored, though.)  She can't get on the computer, though.  Now she says she can't make calls.

Matt is asking a lot of questions, as is Britney.  Looks like Ragan has retreated to whine about the visit in one of the bedrooms.

Britney:  I'm sure the house is beautiful, but I want to talk to my family for at least 10 minutes!

Rachel said Julie Chen was awesome.  Britney wants to know how long she was on set after she was evicted, and if she watched the HOH.  Rachel said she didn't think she could talk about that.

I think Brendon opened Pandora's Box and now he is probably locked upstairs for 24 hours.  Ha ha ha.  This is a great twist.  Kathy wants to go upstairs and yell but no one thinks that will do any good.  They told Rachel that Brendon teared up reading the letter from his sister, and that he got a picture of he and Rachel in the Taj in his HOH room.

Kathy:  Brendon said, Rachel ain't gonna like that--her hair ain't fixed!

Brendon has been gone for about 2 hours so they are guessing that he might be locked up while she is in the house.

(Janelle predicted that Rachel would be involved with Pandora's Box.)

Enzo Lounges

and continues his Free Ride on the show.

Brendon told him yesterday that he needs to "step it up".  I'm starting to wonder if he can step it Enzo holding back?  Or just coasting on some good luck?

I hope everyone starts competing for real.  Enzo talks about getting his own show after this...he needs to start putting on a show now, in my opinion.

Hayden Has Turned Into One of the BeeGees

or maybe just Andy Gibb.

Smiling is a good look for him---his lack of lip is not so noticeable.

The guys are hanging around---basically the Brigade but they were talking about personal stuff for a change.  Britney was there, too, for much of it.

They finally got around to asking Matt questions about his band.  He told them about releasing a few CDs, and Enzo asked numerous questions about the money.  Britney asked him about their publicity materials---did he have a poster, was he in front on the poster because he was the lead singer, etc.  A few tidbits:

*  Matt was in the front of the picture, but not just for being the lead---he was also the smallest.  (I saw one of the videos on You Tube, and he looked like a child in it, behind that big guitar with normal-sized people behind him.)

*  They have more than one poster.  Britney asked him if they "shot it in a meadow" but Matt said, no in a bar.

*  Studio time is very expensive---his band ended up being more like an expensive hobby that paid for itself.  It takes thousands and thousands to make records.  One of their albums was fully paid for by the label, but even then after touring all of the income had to pay back the label, etc.

*  Sounds like Matt wrote all the songs--he retains all of the publishing rights, but always split the quarterly checks with the band evenly.  Their music is for sale on Amazon, iTunes, etc., and the songs are registered with ASCAP, etc.  Their music was also played on some TV shows,.too, and they got royalties for that.  The checks would come quarterly to someone who would "take their cut out" and then Matt would split up the rest.

*  Enzo tried hard to get exact dollar figures but Matt sidestepped those questions. He said there is no money right now, since the band isn't playing for a while.

*  They went on tour across the US three times.  Stacy always knew who the band was, but didn't really "get on board" until the third tour.  They never spoke before then.

Now Ragan is up and is very whiney today---he wants real food, he wishes Matt could play for the POV.  They had the drawing today and Matt didn't get pulled.

(Little does Ragan know that Matt doesn't need it.)

The plan for the house is to have anyone but Ragan win the Veto.  People think Ragan is going home, but Britney and Matt also worry about getting backdoored.  Lane has been told by Brendon right after he was nominated yesterday that "he wasn't the target---the guy sitting next to him" is.

The question is:  Will Matt use the DPOV to save Ragan.  God, I hope not.  Ragan seems to bitch and moan all the time and talk about his bowel movements.  After a week of being on slop I'm sure his conversation will be insufferable.

They are bitching about the "eggplant shit" already, after only 24 hours.