Friday, August 13, 2010

Will Britney and Lane Stay in Touch?

Britney:  If he texts.  I text all day, every day.

Lane:  What if I text, what are you wearin'?

Britney:  No.  We won't be in contact if you do that.  Nick won't like that.

Lane:  What if I say, What up sexy?

Britney:  Lane, we've talked about that.  You can only call one person 'sexy' at a time.

Matt:  Annie or Andrew?

Britney:  Oh, that's a tough one.  Andrew. Because I don't think Annie will want to communicate with me in any way.

Matt:  Brendon or Rachel?

Britney:  Rachel.  Because I think she'll be more like forgive and forget..

Matt: Enzo or Hayden?

Britney:  Hayden, because Enzo has a wife and kids.

Enzo gets in on this.  No one thinks they will stay in touch with Kathy, even Britney who lives in the same state.

There are feathers flying off the roof.

Enzo wants to keep in contact with everybody---he texts and Facebooks.

Britney: Me, too.  Enzo I'll be texting all the time.

Matt:  You'll definitely be the female I keep in touch with the most.

Britney:  Thanks.  I'll text you whenever Nick does really good in golf, too.

Matt:  Text me when he says his catch phrase, too.

Britney: No, he doesn't say that anymore.....

Matt:  Can I get him to say it on finale night?  Please?

(Britney said that when Nick has a good swing in golf, he says "who's got a big ole dick?")

Britney:  I think Nick likes whoever I like.  He's probably most intimidated with Hayden, since he's always shirtless and everything.  At least in the beginning.

Matt:  Stacy probably wants to get with Hayden, too!

Matt Forgives America

and says "it's not bad with barbeque sauce"!
Matt:  This shit is good for you, too!

Kathy:  Yeah, I love eggplant.

So far no takers on the escargot.

Outside Enzo ferociously eats a salad and tells Hayden that if they make HOH after this, "whoever is left from Ragan and Britney will go".
Enzo:  And at the end when we have to backdoor Brendon, we'll just say, it is what it is, man.

Hayden feels good about the salad he just ate--he wants a nice hard workout and a good dinner.  He is going to talk to Brendon now.

[I wonder if everyone will eat Brendon's food and gush over it now?]

Brendon Eats a Snail

Brendon:  It's not too bad.  It tastes like dirt...

Matt:  How is that a delicacy?

Kathy:  America hates us.

I'm not quite sure how the eggplant is done already, but Britney and Matt dig in.

Matt thinks they need to put something on it--Britney concludes that it "just tastes like a vegetable".

Britney: That is Disgusting!

As they look at the escargot.

Enzo:  That looks like baby turds!

Matt:  America!  How could you do that!
They found more goodies in the storage room.  Frozen breaded eggplant cutlets with marinara sauce (yum) and containers of baba ganoush.  (yum again)

Matt: OK America.  You might have redeemed yourself.  Give me 12-15 minutes and I'll let you know!

Britney is going to cook the cutlets in a skillet for them to try.  The storage room was also restocked for everybody else and I think the note that came with the food said it was just for the Have Nots.

They all think the baba ganoush smells like Chinese food.  Matt has never had eggplant in his life (What?) but he is willing to try.

And the Have Not Food is.....

Eggplants and Escargot.

Enzo:  Eggplant!  Okay!  We can bread that!

Matt:  What are you going to do with that, though?  This is not good...

Britney Discusses Production

and got away with it for a few minutes.

Brendon wanted to know what was around the soundstage---he can't really remember what the outside looked like.

Lane:  I remember.  They didn't take you around in that golf cart?

Britney:  I was in a really big group--in a van with 16 people.  Rachel was definitely in my van, and so was Kathy, and Monet.


Britney:  Did they really ask you to be the Saboteur?


Britney: I really wanted it. But now that I know it is the worst twist of all time!

Apparently Britney knew there would be some sort of twist, and hoped she would be involved with it.  They discuss how bad Annie was as the Saboteur---she made 5 different alliances right off the bat.

Britney, to Brendon:  She kept saying, I can't believe he picked her over me!

Britney says "the Jen thing didn't make sense".

Today is Chima's Anniversary

Ragan announces, and proves it out by recounting what happened in the house one year ago today.  (Jessie being first Jury member, Chima leaving before the POV)

Matt: In honor of her, no one will go into the DR today!

Brendon:  And we will be the first ones to actually honor her!

Ragan and Kathy discuss Chima outside.  He didn't like her at first, but now at Day #42, he understands.

Ragan:  This is the point where she went nuts!  I understand!

Lane Waits his Turn

in the HOH. He mumbles his list of topics---how Brendon thinks he is the Saboteur, etc.

Brendon comes in and gets right to it.  He has to put up two people today and it is a hard decision. 

Lane tells them that "everything flipped right before the Live Show".  Brendon brings up again that with all the banging outside, it seemed obvious that it would be a physical challenge.

Lane:  Well, everybody was so busy lookin' at stuff in the house, and hidin' things from you to throw you guys off.

Brendon:  Really?

Lane isn't going to throw anybody off the bus, but he thinks Kathy is a good person to take to the end.  Obviously Britney is his friend, and he would rather someone else be the one to take her out.  Ragan is also someone that he "needs out, and would be easier for him if someone else did it".

Brendon thinks Lane is a good competitor and has potential to win stuff.

Lane tells Brendon that Ragan and Britney were "deathly afraid of him" and that is why they hid in the HOH room all last week.  (protecting Matt a little when he said that).

Now Lane brings up the unsportsmanlike conduct during the bowling incident.  He gives Brendon an out by saying that when you are in the game and you lose, you are very upset about it and he understands why Brendon reacted the way he did.

(Lane said something very different at the time.)

They joke about almost killing Jeff, and Jeff mentioning the insurance.

Lane is offering to vote out Britney, and saying that Brendon would be doing him a favor by taking care of that.  They shake and end the meeting.

Short and sweet.

Now there is another outdoor lockdown---this really might be the Have Not food.

Here We Go With the Game Talk

and Brendon tells Britney that everyone in the house is scared of her now---she's the new Rachel.

Brendon:  Everybody thinks that the next thing will be a double eviction, with a quiz and a skill.  And everybody knows you study, and you are very knowledgeable about this game.

Britney:  Let's face it---you have three targets this week.  I at least want a chance to fight for myself.  I might be your #1 target, I don't know...

Brendon:  There may be more than three targets...

He brings up that people who said they would vote to evict him didn't, and some people don't even seem to be competing.

Brendon:  If you stayed in the house, would you put me up?

Britney:  Well, I'm not going to say I won't, but I will say that I'm pissed off at a lot of people.  I'm observant....and for competitive reasons....and I will say the same thing about Rachel.  She deserves to be here for competitive reasons, and I do too.  I have to play entirely for myself....I'm not in any alliances, and I haven't been approached for any alliances.  The way this house is  splitting, I'm disposable.  If Matt and Ragan are aligned....I'm disposable to them.

Brendon brings up Kathy.  If he puts up the people who aren't competing hard--not just Kathy---it won't keep him in the house next week.  He would love it if only the people who played hard and won would be in the house---him, Rachel, Matt and Britney---not the people who have floated and hid behind other people.

Britney:  Everybody is playing for themselves in the end.  My mentality is...Final Three.

Brendon:  It also comes down to backstabbing, too.  If somebody is backstabbing all the way through, then I'm not going to respect them like I would someone that didn't do it until the very end, when they had to.  I don't blame you for playing the way you play.

Britney:  I've been sort of on my own since Monet left.  And I've been competitive. But maybe if I had slacked off on those challenges...I would still be here.. and it sucks. Nobody wants to make the power moves.

Britney:  Well, if I'm one of your targets for this week, then I would really appreciate the ability to fight.  (i.e. not get backdoored).  I don't feel like I've done anything......I don't even know how I ended up on your radar, other than winning the POV.

(No one else has won a frickin' POV, other than Brendon.)

Brendon is hinting to her that he wants some sort of deal.  He wants to be safe for the next three weeks and then fight it out.  But there are people here who don't care who wins or goes, as long as they don't get put up.

Britney:  Well, play smart.  Trust your instincts.  You already said that people will tell you what you want to hear...

Brendon:  That's not a BB shocker.  I just want you to know why I did what I did last week.  I know you love Nick, like I totally love Rachel.  I know you are a tough competitor.

Britney:  I appreciate you being honest.  And not blowing smoke.......

Brendon: I would love to get rid of the people who never win anything, but I can't do that.  Everybody wants to take fucking Kathy to the end, because she can't win......I'm not going to blindside you. If I'm going to put you up, I'll let you know.  I know you are a friend of Rachel's, and any friend of Rachel's is a friend of mine......

(Brendon is friends with a lot of guys in Vegas now, apparently.)

The Lockdown is Over

and they didn't get Have Not food---they got a smaller dining room table.

Now Britney and Brendon is having a talk in the HOH.
They started slow, by looking at his letter from his sister and talking about his niece.  Then Brendon apologizes for the personal things he said to her.  He knows how hard it is to be apart from Rachel (!) and he was just trying to hurt her by saying horrible things about Nick.

Britney tells him "it worked" and starts crying.  Before Brendon came up there to meet her, she got three Kleenexes to hold and she is using them now.

Britney tells him how hard she studied for the HOH--she knew she had to work really hard to beat Rachel, who is a stellar competitor.

Britney:  Of course I wanted you gone, after the things you said to me, but Rachel had to go---she kept winning.

Brendon:  I thought you guys would be smart enough to know with all the hammering and banging out there that it wouldn't be just a quiz.

Britney:  I thought it would be double elimination....

We keep getting DOTS here and there.  Britney tells him again that there is no way that she could have used the POV and Brendon understands.

Brendon:  I'm not going to play this game based on what happened yesterday---if I play that way I will shoot myself in the foot.  I'm sorry about the Have Nots.....I know it sucks but I was still mad about Rachel and I had to do it.  I know you and Rachel were friends---I didn't care for you at first but I know she took up for you all the time.  She was just really hurt that people went against her.

Now Britney talks about how after Kristin left, she became close to Ragan.  They are both emotional and they give each other pep talks and talk about family.  The whole argument between Rachel and Ragan just got blown out of proportion and she wishes she hadn't been there to make things worse.

It seems that they are just apologizing for what has happened---no conversation yet about what Brendon is going to do about nominations, etc.

Lane Has a Pilot License

for single engine planes.  He used to fly a couple of times a week, but the last time he flew was 3 weeks before coming in the BB house.

They get "parts for their rig" from Lindsey, OK, and it takes six hours to drive, so they fly instead.  He usually goes alone, but sometimes his cousin goes with him. 

The plane he flies is a 4 seater and it can glide for nine nautical miles.  (No one asks if his family owns the plane.)

Now they all wave to a helicopter that comes by all the time--they think it is a tourist flight that shows the riders stuff around Hollywood.
The pilot comes back around and they all jump up.
Lane:   Kathy, send him some smoke signals!

The vibe between everybody is better than it has been in a long, long time.

Brendon Stretches it Out

He mentions his dad and then stares off in silence.
They are trying to figure out when they will get another Saboteur message...probably soon.

Everyone is Sore

from the competition.  Even Brendon's lower back is really sore.

Ragan:  That was so hard....the combination between physical and mental was redonculous. 

I guess he had a meltdown and started shreiking and crying---they don't think that will be shown on TV.  (Don't bet on it, Ragan.)

They hope it looks as hard on TV as it really was.  Brendon says that when he finally got past the 2nd square and looked up and saw 10 more, it seemed kind of hopeless.

I guess the mud was really thick.

Ragan:  Did ya'll get that stuff stuck in your buttcrack?

Lane:  Yeah, I pulled out three bales of hay and a log cabin.

Now back to the Have Not food.

Lane:  They'll just give each one of you a live lamb.

Matt:  And we have to slaughter it!

Britney:  I'll keep mine as a pet.

There are feathers everywhere out there.
Brendon:  How are we going to get it clean out here?

Kathy:  I guess we'll have to warsh it..

[Having Rachel gone will be good for Brendon, just like Monet leaving was good for Britney.]

Enzo the Politician

After talking constantly this morning about Britney needing to be evicted this week, Enzo just spent some time chatting with her in the hammock about her thoughts about everything.

[Love the backdrop in the back yard.]

There is an outdoor lockdown and they think that America's Choice for the Have Not foods is the reason why---BB will set it up inside.

Lane is enjoying is an egg sandwich with mayonnaise.  Britney just told them what she likes to eat in Spain---she says it in what sounds like very good spanish.  It is some sort of breakfast tortilla with mayonnaise. 

Brendon is out there now and just sits there, crunching chips and not joining in the conversations.  Now Brendon starts talking about the Spanish language---that shirt must have been in his HOH basket---I have never seen it before.
Britney says that the past tenses in Spanish are ridiculous and are very difficult.  Now they talk about bacon---two slices have 90 calories and 25 grams of saturated fat.  Brendon laughs.

Matt guesses the food will be Porkchops and Penis.  Enzo says Dicks and Devildogs, or Cocks and Crumbcakes.

Matt:  It's not gay to eat a dick that has already been cut off?  Right, if you put some hot sauce on it...or grill it.

Lane:  Or put some mayo on it.

Britney:  Chicken nuggets and cucumbers.  Or crabcakes....mmmmm.

Ragan:  You guys are high.  I hope it's crabcakes and lobster!

They recall that last year they had cocktail wienies, churros, lollipops....

Enzo recalls the fishsticks fondly, but I remember him bitching and moaning about it at the time.

Brendon:  I have a good feeling about this...I think it's going to be good.

Britney: I hope it's TV dinners....

Ragan:  and tea tree makes your head tingle.

Britney:   I just wish we could have some coffee---that would fill you up.

Now Britney Breaks the Fourth Wall

and is talking to someone, saying that she's sorry she acted the way she did, "she couldn't help it, he was just being so freakin' rude'.
It's her mom.  She says that "today is the 13th, and two days from now it will be time to give Molly her pill."

Britney:  I miss my little dog.  And Dylan is about to start his senior year!

We get DOTS, probably due to this conversation. Britney probably has more than a few stalkers at this point.

Hayden's New Doo

He is whispering with Enzo in the storage room.  They are plotting to get Britney out, then Ragan. 
Let everybody else worry about Brendon, while these two string him along.

Enzo mentions that Lane has been with Britney in the hammock for 10 minutes....Hayden laughs for some reason and says he loves Lane, but..............

Enzo practically scream-shouts that Brendon has nobody----there's no way he's putting the two of them up.  Hayden is going up there to chat with him--Enzo warns to leave Matty's name out if it---blame it all on Ragan and Britney.

Brendon Apologizes to Ragan for the Trash Talk

to Ragan for the personal attacks he made, and he hopes he understands why he needed to do that---to try and get Rachel to stay.

Ragan takes control of the conversation right away, saying that he has a few things he wants to discuss with Brendon.  He launches into a description of what happened on the surfboards---how he would not get off he surfboard until Matt assured him that Brendon and Rachel would not be nominated.


Now he brings up when Brendon came into the HOH to campaign for Andrew to stay--that told him that the two of them had some sort of deal.  This pissed Ragan off and he went into the DR and was "just livid".  Out of anybody in the house, Brendon could have pulled him aside to tell him what was going on.  It was "straight up duplicitous, especially after what I did up there on that surfboard".

Then there was the meltdown when Rachel won HOH---people in the house realized that we were friends, and I was walking some sort of strange line.  Her behavior implicated you, it implicated me, and I told her that she was killing her own game.  It made it impossible for anybody to win HOH and not nominate the two of you.

Brendon just sits and nods and says "yeah yeah yeah" over and over during this.

Now he brings up the POV, when Rachel started crying when she got the $5,000---it was "straight up weird".

Brendon:  She was upset that Kristin could win the POV---not about he $5,000.  That's why she was crying..

[I have to run now but will try and update this later, if Real can fix the damn Flashback function.]

Matt Has a Moment with Enzo

Matt:  It's me and Ragan, right?  (on the block after Enzo's nominations, that is)

Enzo:  Yo, I'm not sure.  But I think it's going to be Britney and Ragan...and maybe Lane if somebody wins POV.  He wants to cut either Lane or Britney, because he thinks Lane is the Saboteur.  Please don't tell Britney anymore...I'm starting not to trust anybody.

Matt: No Kathy, huh?

Enzo:  No, he wants a big player out.

They are whispering.  Hayden comes in and farts.

Matt:  Nice...

Hayden:  I'm gettin' better.

Now Ragan goes upstairs and knocks on the HOH door.

Ragan, as the door opens:  And so it begins!

Ragan Takes Inventory

of all of the fucked up things that Rachel did as HOH.  He is going to approach Brendon and wants to remind him why the house turned against him and Rachel....There is the Floaters Grab Your Life Vests moment, the Bring it On moment, etc etc.

Matt told him to go ahead and do what he needs to do---don't worry about him--just save yourself.

Ragan:  The last person I want to work with in this house is Brendon, but his only hope of getting through next week is to make a deal with us...

Matt:  And if I make it through this week, I do win HOH's...I have what it takes to do if he waits until then to approach me for a deal, it's too late.

Sounds like they are going to put Britney in a tough spot this week---I just saw her walk outside on one camera, but she disappeared.  All cameras are focused on this conversation in the hammock with Matt and Ragan.

Ragan: I Am Six Figures in Debt

I guess from his student loans?

But Matt also says he needs the money "for his wife", so who the hell knows what is true?

They are expecting to be nominated either initially, or through the backdoor.

Ragan:  I just don't like the way he operates.

Matt:  We haven't even seen him operate.  We've seen Brendon and Rachel operate--that poor bastard is up there all alone in the HOH for the first time in 40 days!

Ragan:  What led to all of this is when she had that meltdown after winning HOH and I tried to tell her that she was ruining her game....she just couldn't see it.  What might help me now is that Brendon was there, pretty much agreeing with everything that I said.

Ragan promised not to throw Matt under the bus a few minutes ago.

Ragan: This is not a season of is a season of friendships...

Britney and Lane

The only effin' Flashbacks I can watch right now are those occurring over 2 days ago---I guess someone at dropped the ball last night.

Anyway, while I'm working I re-watched the argument between Brendon, Ragan and Britney again  (the Neandotrol (or whatever) fight), but from a different camera angle.

This time, the camera stayed on Britney afterwards, as Lane came over to the hammock to calm her down and comfort her.  There was a long, long hug....
And this reminds of me what happened on the Live Show....after Rachel was evicted, there was a shot of Lane in the kitchen, with Britney coming up behind him and giving him a big bear hug.  One of those big bear hugs where you hold it for a while.

Nick can't be happy about this.  I don't think that Britney would cheat on him, but at this point in the game people start to lose it and she is really leaning on Lane for comfort.

Who wouldn't----Lane is pretty darned huggable.  But it might not be a bad thing for Britney to go to the Jury House this week.  Nick could breathe a sigh of relief and not have to worry about Lane being around Britney constantly.

Have you seen them wrestle, when he tries to "choke her out"?  That is also upsetting, on a whole different level.

Backstage with Jeff & Jordan

Here is the link to Jeff's ATWFF episode where he visits the BB house.  I guess I pictured them seeing each other the night before and spending the evening together, but they actually only saw each other on the BB soundstage.
Here is Jordan walking by and Jeff first seeing her through the window of his van.  Jeff points out what door you come out of when you are evicted from the house, and we get to see the two of them testing out the bowling game while the HG were locked in inside.

Jordan told Enzo that she had a flight to catch right after they finished taping, and we see Jeff drop her off at LAX to go home.  So I guess they didn't have any private time together at all....bummer.

It's funny to see that what we see on the show is all illusion---the surroundings are just like any backstage of any show, anywhere. 

Let's Check in With Jeff Schroeder

I have to say, I love the Around the World For Free concept.  I am going to start making a habit of watching each day's episode, and then going back to catch up on the old episodes.

The episode at this link documents his first trip out of the country with ATWFF, and it is so interesting.  Jeff is staying with a family in their tiny apartment in Kawasaki City.  The guy in the picture is his host and is affiliated with the Boy Scouts somehow.

I liked riding along with Jeff on the three-layer freeway and seeing the amazing traffic signs.  Also seeing the strange-looking dinner that they prepared for his arrival, as well as their Jetsons-like stove and toilet.

Jeff is a natural at hosting and seems to relish every moment of this trip.  He does call Jordan when he arrives and wakes her up to let her know he landed safely. 
PS  Jordan is really cagey on the shows whenever anyone asks about their marriage plans and says they will discuss that later when Jeff "comes back from his trip".  I am thinking that they are going to have some sort of televised wedding, like Rob and Amber did.  Just a guess.  Maybe they will have some sort or web-based or cable reality show when she moves to Chicago after graduation.

Jordan alone isn't interesting enough for that, but the interaction between the two of them and Jeff's ability to include us on his activities through narration would make it work, I think.  I guess we'll see.

Mother Effer

I am trying to watch Flashbacks from last night and something is indeed wrong with this morning.  No matter what time I select from last night or early this morning, all I get is the sight of a sleeping HG in the Jumanji Room.

So, here are some miscellaneous items to keep you informed and entertained.

1.  Here is the link to Matt's HOH pictures.  Certain viewers might enjoy the shot of Hayden's feet---this view is hard to come by on the feeds, trust me.

2.  Here is the link to Rachel's long interview with Julie Chen last night.  I was hoping to hear her "real thoughts" about Brendon, but she is still sticking to her Real Love storyline.  It is a great interview and she was very comfortable with Julie.

Power Hour With Janelle - Wednesday's Episode

After last night I am going to have to dig deep to get back into the Live Feeds.  Last night everyone I usually like to watch was moping around and crying, and The Neandotrol was in charge.  So I distract myself by watching last Wednesday night's Power Hour with Janelle.

And Chelsia kicks it off by telling us that Janelle will soon leave on her honeymoon.  And what a honeymoon it will be.  Janelle and her new husband are going to:

*  Norway, for 5 days
*  Amsterdam, for a weekend  (so jealous of that....I love weed)
*  Prague. for 3 days
*  Venice, for 3 days and her mom and stepdad are meeting her there for 2 days
*  Madrid, for "awhile"
*  London, for 5 days

Janelle thinks there will be another Pandora's Box, that will bring Rachel back into the house.  (!!)  She doesn't like that Matt didn't have to compete for the Diamond Veto---he just walked in that room to get it.  She thinks they should have had a riddle to solve, or known in advance that it was at stake, etc.  They both think that Rachel would be great in the Endurance Challenges.

CQ = Caller Question

CQ - Nick (who can't believe he is talking to Janelle) wants to know who they think is playing the best game right now.

Janelle:  Enzo and Matt are playing great games---Enzo is better socially and is thinking of jury votes at the end.  Matt is playing a good strategic game.  Britney hasn't made any real alliances so how far can she go?

Chelsia:  thinks Rachel will stay this week (no). 

Nick says everyone is playing like pansies this year.  Janelle agrees and says Ragan deliberating about whether to be the Saboteur was a good example of this.

Janelle:  I was like, Ragan....c'mon!

They both are getting tired of Ragan.  Chelsia doesn't like that he always calms everybody down after fights--she thinks this is a great quality "for a human, but not for Big Brother".  A caller mentions how Ragan is talking to the walls---she compares this to Evel Dick, who spoke to the fans every night about what happened that day.

Chelsia admits that she told them in the preseason interviews to talk to the fans if they had a minute alone---she told them she loves to hear their thought process, etc.

CQ - Janelle do you regret any decisions you made in either of your seasons?

Janelle:  Oh, definitely.  I wish I had put Mike Boogie on the block instead of Marcellas---I could have exposed some alliances, maybe gotten rid of Erika.  She doesn't regret evicting Dr. Will.  In BB6 she doesn't think there was much she could have done to change things, but she could have worked to get April on her side a little harder---it was too little too late by Final Four time.

CQ - Are you sick of the B & R bashing all the time?

Chelsia:  What are they going to talk about when they leave?

Janelle:  I think this season in general, there are just some really shitty players.   I don't like the shit talking all the time.  Britney is funny in the DR, but when it happens all the time.....Don't these people have any different "faucets" (yes, she said that) to them at all?

Chelsia is a Company girl and points out that even though the message boards are full of complainers who say this season sucks, the ratings are up over last year.

Janelle: Well, I think it is because the economy sucks---people are staying home, not taking vacations...

Chelsia:  ...cancelling cable.

CQ - It's Phil from LA!  Whoever the fuck that is.  Some sort of photographer who takes pictures of all of the reality stars.  He said that Chelsia looks gorgeous tonight.  He took great pictures of Janelle's wedding and Janelle gives him huge props.  He is also shooting Allison's (BB4-Allstars) wedding in Pittsburgh in June.  He might be shooting Laura BB10's wedding as well.  Phil also thinks this season is 'lackluster'.  He loves Britney though, and that's about it.  Enzo is funny, and Matt is the best gamer but is not likable.  He reminds Phil of Mike Boogie and Janelle agrees.  Lane isn't doing anything, neither is Enzo.  He might be photographing Annie soon---I guess he does it free for their portfolios.

Janelle:  The only thing that I am looking forward to is BB13!!  I can't wait for it!  (ha ha)

CQ - Janelle who's game did you respect most from the Nerd Herd?

Janelle:  Oh geez...that's a loaded question.  I guess it would have to be.....Ivette??  At least she said what she did---Maggie never admitted to anything, even at the end.  Who knows what she did?

Janelle thinks she would be friends with Britney outside the game, but she doesn't like all the shit talking and the way when confronted she "spazzes out".

Speaking of spazzing out, the tape keeps freezing in the same place.  I love Janelle, but I can't go back a third time and try it again---that's the very definition of insanity--doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result.