Thursday, August 12, 2010


Brendon won, of course. 

And he made Matt, Britney & Ragan Have-Nots.

Ragan starts getting weepy and says he is honored to be in the Have Not room, and to be nominated, with the two of them.  (Not nominated yet, but sure to be on a short list.)

Enzo comes in and says some supportive stuff.  He spent two weeks in that room, and this is Ragan's third week.

Britney: I've been here before---on the block and in the Have Not room.

Enzo:  There was no way I could ever finish that competition.  I was so frustrated....

Matt:  You looked like Kathy in the caramel during that!....But I couldn't have done it.

Enzo:  Kathy is gonna win this whole year...this whole season.  I'm tellin' you.

[Let's review---Matt has a Diamond Veto, so he's not going home.  But Kathy may be the one to suffer, because if he uses it, he has to name a replacement.  And he can't name a Brigade member...Britney and Ragan are the ones who be the final nominees.  And if Ragan gets sent home this week, he is out $20,000.)

Mini Brigade Meeting

as Enzo, Lane and Hayden think about who needs to get put up next, and go home.

They actually want to keep Brendon around another week so that a big target is still there to distract them.  They want either Britney or Ragan to go next week instead of Brendon.

Hayden, to Lane:  You have a fan, man.  Britney follows you around like a puppy dog!

They all laugh quietly.

Hayden:  That's good, man. That's smart!

Matt comes in and once they start whispering again we get DOTS.

Finally a Different Camera Shot

in the Cabana with Enzo splayed out with Hayden and Kathy.
They are whispering---Kathy said that Rachel cleaned up today in the kitchen or something. So sounds like Kathy wants to know too---does Rachel still think she's staying?

I heard Enzo and Hayden speaking this week about telling Brendon just before showtime that he is getting their vote to stay--they want to hedge themselves in case Brendon wins HOH this week.  But I don't know if they will actually tell him.........

All Cameras Continue to Follow Brendon and Rachel

on their last recorded day together in the BB house.  Rachel is now shaving Brendon's neck and commenting on her own imperfections.
Rachel:  Well, we need to tell anyone coming on this show to go on a Super Duper diet beforehand, because everybody gains weight on this show, right?


Rachel:  I need them to give me some Accutane----I have never broken out like this before.  Even when I break out in Vegas, I don't have zits.

(I know, that doesn't make sense.)

Brendon told her it was all the chocolate she eats, but Rachel disagrees.  She eats chocolate in Vegas all the time.
The only way that Enzo can get some camera time is to sidle up to Brendon today.  It's all about Brenchel....

Brendon:  Has anybody been told how we are supposed to dress?

Uh oh.  That sounds like Brendon might expect to be around for the HOH competition.....

Rachel: I Have the Best Speech Planned Out

She whispers the planned speech to him:  Brendon, you have become my best friend, my partner in crime, and ........(couldn't hear the rest).  No matter how many days we'll be apart, you will always be in my heart.

Rachel:  Do you want me to cry?......Oh, you do!

WTF is Going On Here?

In the HOH bathroom, with the door closed.

Wait---is that Rachel's hand inside Brendon's pants?

Why yes, it is.  OK..she took her hands out of his pants, and he kissed both of her hands (yes, he did) and they switch to a new position.

They must think we're still filming for Showtime or something.   Imagine the bacteria on those chairs that has built up by this point in the game. 

OMG now she is sniffling and sort of "crying", leading to yet another position change.  She is breathing right into his microphone and it is loud and whistly.

I put both of their names in the tags on this post, so his parents might easily find it on Google.

Britney Gives Rachel a Squirt

of something in a bottle and Rachel starts rubbing it into her face.

Rachel:  My breakouts have gotten worse.......maybe the stress?

Britney murmurs something supportive and leaves the bathroom.  She and Brendon totally ignored each other.

Britney crawls in the HOH bed and immediately starts whispering with Ragan.  They are drilling the order of things, and the day it happened.

Somewhere I can hear the BB theme music---maybe they are playing it in the rest of the house so the HG can't hear what people are saying downstairs?  The song is faint, but I can hear it.

The HOH Lockdown Begins

as everyone makes their way upstairs and finds a space to call their own.

Matt and Ragan are in the bed (far away from each other), Kathy is making a little nest across the room by the snack table.  Hayden has already collapsed on the floor under a dark blanket.

Enzo, Brendon and Rachel are not there yet.

I expect tension today, don't you?

Britney says that "she found out about packing if there is ever a double eviction..." and we get DOTS.

(So I guess there is no double eviction today..)

Enzo backs into the door with a huge plate of breakfast, a beverage, and his blankie.

DOTS while I'm sure BB is telling the rest of them to hurry their ass up.  There is a production schedule to follow---let's get with it.

When we return Brendon and Rachel have arrived, and Brendon drags a chair into the bathroom and slides the door shut.  Looks like Rachel is going to give him a haircut.  She pounds the shaver against the sink about 10 times (I guess to clean it) and I hear someone (probably Britney) in the bedroom say Oh My God.

Look how chunky Rachel's legs look now.  She has really started porking up lately.  She will have plenty of time to slim down by the finale, although I know she will be drinking nonstop in the Jury House.

FYI Kathy knows she needs to take care of her dark roots, and brought along a touch up kit to the house.  But she wants to wait until Rachel is gone to use it---Rachel has a way of getting involved with every haircut or similar procedure in the house and Kathy doesn't want her help.  Britney is going to help her, probably this weekend.

Brendon just made an astute observation---everyone likes to touch long hair, and run their hands through it, but as soon as it falls out and lands somewhere, everybody is grossed out.
Which reminds me, last night Britney and Kathy said that someone made a big mess in the HOH toilet with "skid marks", and there was a long strand of Rachel's hair on the toilet seat.  Britney told Matt and said not to worry, she cleaned it up.  Matt had to confirm this with Kathy to make sure it was true.

Matt:  What in the world?

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Britney is shaving her legs in the HOH bathtub and is talking to Kathy, who is sitting nearby.

Britney:  When I was in the tub with Rachel, Brendon came in here and closed the door and sat right there, watching.  How creepy is that?  And the two of them trashed every single person in this house nonstop...

Matt comes in and gets in the conversation.  The Saboteur's message made them think that there was some sort of special power that would come into play tonight, and might possibly save one of the nominees from the block.

Matt:  There's no way that both of them can be way. We'll all just vote for Brendon to stay and then see what happens.
Now we see Brendon and Rachel packing up their stuff in the Taj, and Rachel is putting on a big show of all of her keepsakes from all of their 'dates' and significant happenings in the house.  Rachel is giving him a bunch of stuff, including her stuffed Rottie and her Hot Mess T-shirt (the one with the stack of pancakes on it) that she wore for their first kiss.

Brendon is giving her his Bruins hat and tells some big story about how he basically bought it in a store.  The mayo from one of the challenges is still all over some of Brendon's stuff.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

and the plans for their TV appearances continue.

Brendon:  The next time we see each other will be on TV, when I ask you questions.  (during the face off between the final two).  I will ask you what is the best thing about this experience, and you will say falling in love with me, and I will say falling in love with you..

Brendon: I was meant to help you get to first place...

(ha ha ha tonight will be a great,great live show.)

Flashback From Last Night - #1

and I think I might vomit.

Brendon and Rachel are having yet another tender moment in bed.

Brendon:  I want nothing more than to protect you, and no one can stop me now....When I make my speech tomorrow, I don't want you to get upset.  We will have about 5 minutes then, so you can get yourself together, you can hold my hand and we can kiss as you walk me to the door.

(I wouldn't be surprised if they block out their scene tomorrow, to ensure optimal camera angles.)

Brendon:  Are you ready to start practicing now?

This question throws Rachel into another crying jag, but as you can see there are no actual tears.
Brendon:  I will protect you outside of this house......