Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ragan Isn't Sure

that Brendon is actually a PhD candidate.

Matt: Can you imagine if that guy was your doctor?

(Uh, he's not that kind of doctor Matt.)

Britney:  I'm not sure about Rachel.  She says she works until 6:00 am every morning, then goes to school every day, then walks her Rottweiler for 2 hours, then works out...

Ragan:  Then hangs with the other girls at the ranch....the Bunny Ranch!

Britney goes to the DR.  Ragan wants to go over yesterday's argument buildup over again with Matt, play by play.   They keep cracking up about Brendon correcting Ragan in the middle of the argument "actually it is pronounced ne-an-der-trol".

Ragan thinks they will stay together through sequester.  And he will only hang out with them at the Vegas events for the things they are contractually liable for.  He doesn't want to be part of "The Rachel Show".

Let the Bashing Begin

Ragan, Matt and Britney are doing their favorite thing---lounging in the HOH, watching the spy screen, and talking about Rachel and Britney.

Britney says that in the midst of the fight between Brendon, Ragan and Britney, Rachel came up to her and asked her if she wants to talk a bath.  Britney said she didn't feel like it and then Rachel asked Ragan if he wanted to take a bath.  (He didn't.)

Matt:  Who wants to fester in her disease-filled water?

Ragan:  I just want to say for the record that Britney had half of her body in that water.

Britney:  I just want to say for the record that I wore two bikinis and three maxi-pads!

Ragan:  Are you playing footsie with my butthole Matt?

Matt:  Let me see if I can get it in up to the ankle!

(I guess that was a joke.)

Now Matt brings up how Rachel wanted to rifle through Matt's things to see if he won more stuff from Pandora's Box than $1.

(Where did Matt hide the Diamond Veto?)

Matt is starting to think about his blog this week---he is probably just going to "goof on people".  He tells Ragan about his twitters this week.  He wrote 5 of them.  (I only see one posted.)

Britney mentions how Rachel walks around looking so rough, and then looks at herself in the mirror and gives herself the stamp of approval.

Ragan mentions the big clot of Rachel's hair that is stuck to the shower wall.

Ragan is going to say on Thursday night:  Julie, I wish what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas.  I vote to evict Cockaroachel!

I guess Brendon called Ragan a "cockaroach" with a spanish accent.

Ragan:  I've had people say 'die you fag' to me, do you think I care about being called a cockaroach?

The LockDown Begins

and they think they are locked in until the Live Show.  If the competition is a simple one, they will probably go outside for a rehearsal around 3:00 pm tomorrow, but the rest of today and tonight are probably toast.

Like rats in a cage, they may start nipping at each other again soon.

Rachel and Brendon were outside working out and Rachel brought in some of the free weights to the living room.  Brendon went around the back yard, picking up stuff.

Rachel: Brendon, why are you picking up those towels?

Brendon:  So they won't have to do it.  (Big Brother, since they are setting up the backyard for the show.)

Rachel:  Oh, that's nice of you.

They found something of Kristin's out there that Rachel plans to keep.  I don't see how Brendon can be on such a high horse about how much he cleans---I can't believe they are able to live in such a pig sty as the Taj Mahal.  I think I would blow a gasket if I had to share a room in such squallor.
Hayden just got in the shower and is joking about masturbating in there---he said he's going "to be awhile" and there are about 5 towels draped over the shower door. 

What's Lane been up to?
Just chillin'.  He knows that Rachel and Brendon have been trashing him lately and I think he is building up steam.

Brendon is making some sort of omelet for he and Rachel, with egg whites, avocado, and something else, plus onions.  He is happy to have heard an Emenim song this morning.  Brendon also likes Jurassic Five and Nelly Furtato. 

Enzo talks idly about rap and who is on tour, etc.  Brendon discusses Jay Z's performance at Coachella--he heard a lot of people were disappointed in his performance.

Flashback From Last Night - #8

Ragan is still talking to us.

He knows that if he is seen as being too friendly with everyone, no one will want to take him to the end.  So it is good that his game persona is changing to have conflict with people.

Ragan:  Don't worry, I won't be Brendon-douchey.

He knows that the uber males in the house will want to remove the drama from the house, so he doesn't want to get into it too much with Brendon & Rachel, this week, but he just can't shrink from them.

Ragan:  I don't want to be the stereotypical weak guy...

Flashback From Last Night - #7

Turns out that pool game was the Championship Round, and Enzo won.  Britney made him some sort of trophy and is adding his win to it --it says his name and  "39" for him and Enzo loves it.  There is also a 'Meow squared" on there to commemorate his three times as champion.

Enzo:  Yo, that shit is hard!

Ragan was just in the HOH speaking to the cameras.   A few quick highlights:

*  He knows he shouldn't be so emotional about these false, contrived attacks by Brendon.  But he is a human being and can't help but be upset when someone runs up to him to attack him.

* He has enough going on in the next two weeks (Saboteur) and doesn't need this.

*  This is the time in the game when the weak players lose it and leave.  He names Chima and Lydia as these type of players.

Ragan:  I am not a weak player!

(I think Ragan really believes that America voted for him to be Saboteur---I highly doubt that as all over the internet people say they voted for Enzo.  But I think Ragan was a good choice for the producers as he is obviously the one that no one suspects, and is also the most analytical about the game, and what people say and do.)

Flashback From Last Night - #6

There is a pool tournament going on in the backyard.  Enzo and Hayden are facing off in the early rounds and Enzo yelled at the pool balls that "the fucking fans want to see him win".

Matt and Britney sit on top of the washing machine and dryer to watch.  They chat about Brendon and Rachel, of course.

They hear BB tell B&R to stop talking about their DR sessions 4 times.  They are concerned that if Brendon makes a voluntary exit before Thursday, Rachel will automatically stay in the house.  They think that would be very stupid of Brendon because he would lose all BB stipend money, and will not be invited back to the finale---basically persona non grata ala Chima.

Britney went inside to evesdrop, but says that she heard the two of them talking about all the classes he is taking at Long Beach this fall.  Everyone outside laughs when they hear that.

Britney:  He won't make a voluntary exit before Thursday.

Ragan:  The two of them want to be in the Jury House together---he won't do it.

(FYI apparently they aren't allowed to call it 'Sequester' anymore---they have to use the term Jury House.  I saw a conversation between Britney and Rachel one time and Rachel kept correcting her whenever she said 'sequester'.)

Enzo is serious about winning this match and gets into some unusual positions to make his shots.
Now BB warns B&R again about not to talk about their DR sessions.

Britney:  You know what will be really hilarious?  When they break up and speak publicly about each 'she was so disgusting' and 'he was so bad in bed'!

Matt:  What 'public' will even care to listen?

Britney:  When he said, how many girls is Nick banging when you are gone, I wanted to say, how many guys has Rachel banged in her life?

Ragan:  Why is he so worried about Nick?

Britney:  He's never even seen Nick...or met him!

Flashback From Last Night - #5

Brendon and Rachel are really trashing Ragan now.  Rachel is telling Brendon about their conversation earlier, which sounds totally innocuous.

Brendon said Ragan is the most "dramatic, stupid gay guy in the house ever" and that "he is the biggest girl in the house".

Brendon wants Rachel to win HOH and then have everyone dance to determine who is going to be nominated.

Then Rachel starts the 'dry cry' about how she "is at her fucking lowest point in this game".  Of course, there were no actual tears.

Rachel points out that both of them are on the jury, and are being treated like this.  Now she goes on and on about how they "have genuine feelings for each other" but all of the others are just fake friends.

Rachel:  Ragan was best friends with Kristin for like, one week!

Now Brendon says that Ragan "got his frilly panties in a bunch" after only being accused of being a pair---an alliance.  Rachel laughs----how ridiculous.

Flashback from Last Night - #4

Kathy comes in and speaks to Brendon and asks if he wants some wine.  Brendon just got a utensil from the drawer and goes outside with it. 

I was scared for a moment, but it turns out to be the corkscrew.  BB put wine in the storage room for them so Britney took the bottle of red for herself and Brendon bogarted the bottle of white wine.

Brendon poured two huge glasses of wine and started to head to the bedroom.  Kathy asked if he was going to give the corkscrew to Britney and that set Brendon off again. He knows everyone is outside talking shit about Rachel while she's crying her eyes out in the DR. 

Enzo perches nearby to listen and say some patented Enzo phrases:'s crazy in's all fucked gotta do what you gotta do...

I think Enzo just wants his wine and came in to get the corkscrew and a glass. He sees Rachel and starts yelling "Rachel...Rachel...Rachel!" and they go in the Taj and he starts filling her in.

I am distracted by how filthy that room is.  Don't believe me?  Look.

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Brendon still sits and waits.  (Sometimes my dog waits by the backdoor for me when I step outside, just like that.  I"m just sayin'.)

Britney just waked by off camera, with with a cup full of noisy ice water.  Her voice sounds tight.

Britney:  It's no wonder your family doesn't support humiliate them!

(that's gotta hurt)

Brendon, whipping his head to the right:  Oh...that's a good one!!  Gee Whillikers!  (yes, he said that)  Nick's such a lucky guy...

Britney, going back outside and closing the sliding door: You humiliate them!

Brendon:  .....after he's done hooking up with all those chicks...

And Brendon is all alone again, stroking his chin and playing with his jaw.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Brendon still can't find Rachel.
He twiddles his fingers and waits to see what will happen. He then speaks into his microphone, "can you guys please tell 'Rach' that I"m outside waiting for her."

Like hes the fucking secret service or something.  Please.  He's probably worried that his scene won't be on TV if Rachel isn't there in the next frame, reacting to how big, bad and scary he was in the backyard.

Attacking Britney and Ragan.

In the back yard, Enzo warns everyone:  He's gonna start sayin' some hurtful shit now.

Ragan is telling them what he said to Rachel.  Basically he accused her of acting strange and laughing maniacally when she came out of the DR and looking at him.

Enzo:  Yes...YES!

Now Brendon is still sitting on the couch, performing a siloloquy about what is wrong with Ragan.  He is speaking to us about how evil Ragan Ragan used to cry and no one cared but 'him and Rachel'.

Brendon is over this...'ingenuine' (ha ha ha) behavior by people.  These people are ridiculous..maybe I'm acting like a tyrant, but I can't stand this anymore.  I can't stand it.  I can't stand by while people act like this.  I wasn't raised that way.
He is looking right into the camera as he speaks, but he does take time to look at a few other cameras as well, just be sure.

These people don't even care that two people who are 'genuinely in love' are up against each other on the block.  And he's not even going to pretend about Britney---she's a fucking horrible person who would throw people away like Kleenexes if she could.
Enzo and Hayden...he's cool with both of them.  And Lane...he and Rachel know that he is the Saboteur.

He brings up the fact that Britney says she is middle class, but anyone with a loudspeaker in her house 'with voicemail' isn't middle class.  (WTF?)

He also brings up that Britney was in the bathtub with Rachel, wearing a mask, and then Matt wins HOH and she won't speak to her anymore.  That's the kind of people Brendon is dealing with..they've shown what they are made of.

(I hope BB has that doctor on close standby..)

Flashback From Last Night - #1

And Brendon begins to throw a scene in the backyard.

We heard Rachel crying in the house a few minutes ago and telling Kathy "she didn't need to talk to anyone".

Now Brendon is storming around the house, calling her name and looking for her.  He goes into the backyard and asks if anyone has seen Rachel--do they know where she went?

(Ugh, it's not like she went to Walgreens Brendon...she's around there somewhere.)

He storms over to the hammock where Ragan is.

Brendon, angrily:  What happened?  What did you do to her?

Ragan:  I didn't do anything to her...

Brendon:  FUCK YOU!  You used to be the best friend around here...what happened?

Enzo is cracking up and Matt is doubled over with silent laughter.

There is some name calling.

Ragan:  Well, you're an early're a neandrathol!

Britney giggles and then guffaws loudly.

Brendon, to Britney: Oh you're fake're Los Angeles to a T!  Why don't you go take Nick's balls out of your purse?

Britney:  Oh, you're one to talk.

Brendon: Go ahead and keep me and watch me make HOH!  And watch you all scramble!

Britney:  Who?

Brendon:  You, you...and him!  (Britney Matt and Ragan)

Brendon tries to make an exit into the house.  Britney follows.

Britney:  I'M NOT SCARED!
Brendon:  Go ahead, three foot nothing!  Go ahead!  Nick's been banging chicks left and right!
Now Brendon escapes from the vicious Britney by touring every room of the house, looking for Rachel.