Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Matt: America is Not Going to Pick Ragan,

there is no way he would accept that!

And Ragan is sitting right there....

Ha ha ha

Another Tidbit I Forgot

Britney described the reasons why she dislikes Brendon, and it is a well-thought out list of reasons.  Enzo agrees and comments that it always seems like Brendon is better than everybody else.

Britney feels he should have been disqualified for his poor sportsmanship during the POV competition, but apparently Brendon and Rachel may be protesting something that happened that they might feel is unfair.

Happening Right Now:

Matt, to Ragan:  I've thought about it and thought about it--if the Saboteur is not Rachel, I don't know who it could be!  Who else would be so desperate as to take that offer at this point in the game?  Especially when two of the people left are the house targets!  Who would be so stupid?

Ragan:  I definitely think it's Rachel.  But I'm keeping an open mind.

Now Ragan starts drilling Matt on the number of days in the house, the number of minutes, etc.  All of which could be the tie-breaker question for the next HOH contest.

Afternoon Tidbits

While I am working today, I am part of some interesting conversations in the backyard between Matt, Ragan, Enzo and Hayden.

*  Ragan had a lot to say about Rachel.  He mentioned having a discussion with Rachel weeks ago and she told him that Evel Dick received a letter from his son that contained codes.  Dick and Danielle sat outside on the patio and decoded the letter and got some information about who they could and couldn't trust.  (This was never on the CBS show, of course, but was much talked-about on the feeds and is on You Tube, I think.)

After hearing Rachel say that, Ragan paid special attention to Rachel's second HOH letter.  There was a sentence at the end of the letter from her sister that said something like "I love you more than hunting for sharks in oil-free water."

Ragan:  I asked her what that meant and got some sort of bullshit half-ass story about it.

Britney and Enzo both remember this.  Ragan thinks that was a coded message.  They all chew on this info.  Enzo wishes he had thought about this---he would have arranged for some coded messages, too.  Britney thinks that the only way BB can prevent this is to have all letters pre-written before the season starts.

*  Preventative measures are being taken to avoid the taunting and explosive bullshit that they believe Rachel and Brendon are plotting.  They know those two are going to be more dramatic if they know their actions are going to be televised, so in order to nip it in the bud they are going to go to the "safe house" (HOH-weak) or they are all going to sing a song from Spice World.  They even pick the part of the song they will start singing.  They know BB will yell at them, but they also know that the incident will not air on TV.  Ragan goes upstairs to fill Matt in.

*  There is a lot of drama going on regarding someone going through Matt's suitcase.  This has something to do with the 'dollar bill card' that Matt claimed he got from Pandora's Box.  Brendon and Rachel are trying to point fingers at Matt as the Saboteur---I don't know how this will help them other than getting more TV exposure.

Matt read the rules and there is nothing to prevent the HG from going through each other's bags.  He has considered the fact that they might try to plant something on him.

Ragan feels that when you give in to theatrics such as Brendon and Rachel's drama, it is unsettling for the entire house.  Matt agrees.

Ragan took a shit during this conversation ("I need to poo!") and let the world know that it was "very stinky".   Matt freshened his surroundings by spraying on some Right Guard at this time.

*  Matt is trying to spin a story about Pandora's Box being set up by the Saboteur.  He is describing where his suitcase was at that time, and that the dollar bill card had a ribbon around it, and none after he opened it.  He  is making the case that the Saboteur was behind this.

[Of course, Matt is lying, since he really got a Diamond Veto, and Ragan himself is the Saboteur, which Matt seems to have never considered.]

Morning Tidbits

Britney and Ragan are off to a slow start today--both of them went back to bed after the wake up call.

Britney and Rachel both primped in the BR mirror together and complained about how their requests to the DR for makeup replacement have been ignored.

Britney:  I told them what I needed, who makes it, the color...and they just said to make HOH.  When we came in the house they took my sweatshirt and I said that is my only one--and they said to make HOH.

They both hate the shampoo and conditioner that BB gave them to use---Britney will have to cut several inches off her hair when she gets home because it is so fried.  Rachel would rather be on slop then to have to use that stuff.

Britney: I have a new tube of mascara in my backpack, but I don't want to open it until the very last minute.  Once you run out of mascara, .......

Brendon and Enzo made breakfast and made small talk about Charlize Theron.  How hot she is, who she's with, the tragedy in her family growing up......

They discussed Brendon and Rachel's strange behavior last night--Ragan thinks the argument was staged and believes that Brendon plans to taunt them based on what he read in the BB Rules Book.

They discussed the timing of the first Saboteur message for the "before and after" training.  Ragan is the know-it-all here and is setting everyone straight.  They also discuss the lights out incident and Julie telling all of them that "someone in the house is lying and is not playing for the half million".

Kathy and Ragan argue about the timing of this---Kathy thinks that the hot dog comp was over and Britney's leg was on ice, but Ragan is very adament that she is wrong---no one would have volunteered to sit out of the competition if they knew about the Saboteur.

Bedtime Reading

So everyone who sleeps in the Taj starts to settle down---Brendon & Rachel, Hayden and Enzo.

Part of tonight's storyline involved Rachel "acting mysterious" about her DR sessions.  I'm not sure if something is really up about that, or if Brendon just thinks so, or if this is what they want the whole house to think.

(I think Rachel is trying to paint herself as having more information then the other HG about the identity of the Saboteur.)

Brendon is very concerned with BB people "going through their stuff".   He may be thinking of talking stuff out of the house with him on Thursday as souvenirs or to sell on Ebay---if so, he is not exactly keeping his plans a secret from The Man.  I think he may also be concerned with the Saboteur's ability to mess with their personal belongings.

Maybe the Saboteur has been messing with their stuff---Rachel makes a big production out of saying that she thought their toenail clippers were broken or lost, then she saw Lane clipping his toenails tonight in the Cabana.

Rachel read the Rule Book and it said something about BB not going through their stuff "unless they need to".  She interprets this as a "Chima-type" situation where they need to pack their stuff for them.  (Actually, Lydia packed up Chima's stuff last year, not BB.)

(Also, BB went into BB9 Adam's stuff to confisicate the Oxycontin he smuggled in the house, after they heard him tell Matty that he had some.)

Brendon went and got the BB Rule Book to see for himself and took the book to bed.  He is in the lower right corner, flipping pages.

Enzo and Hayden do their routine about their movie careers after BB, and how they will co-star in each other's productions.

They discuss Jeff's new show--how CBS is "pimping him out as a freeloader".  Enzo wants a show "like Jeff's, where he feeds the kids and shit".

Hayden points out that Jeff isn't feeding any kids.

Enzo:  So what's he doin'?  Just travelin' and shit?

Spy Operation

Britney, Matt, Ragan, Hayden and Lane are up in the HOH, watching Rachel, Enzo and Brendon on the Spy Screen.

Ragan learned that if you put your ear against the door frame, you can hear a lot from downstairs.
Hayden tries it too.
 Brendon is cooking late night munchies and this entertains everybody.
Britney thinks that they suspect that everyone is lying to them and predicts Brendon will cause a big scene in the house to solidify votes against him.  Ragan agrees with her. 

(I think Brendon is going to speculate about Nick cheating on Britney while she has been on BB.)

Meanwhile downstairs Enzo has already gone to bed and Brendon and Rachel clean up their mess and head back to the bathroom. 

Brendon:  The thing is, I heard you talk about production many times in this house, so for you to say you can't talk about the DR is ridiculous.

Rachel bobs her head while she brushes her teeth.
Brendon:  It is ridiculous?  Well, I'm gonna be gone on Thursday so you decide.

Now they head to the Taj, where Enzo is.

Rachel, to Enzo:  Everyone's upstairs...having a private party.  But we're not invited...they're like twelve.

Rachel starts saying that anyone in the house can be making up stories about themselves, or where they're from.

They get ready for bed and Enzo has a big grenade.

[I hope that BB and the DR don't ruin this week for us.....they might be worried that due to the surprise Brendon might leave too on Thursday.  After all, he is a poor sport.]