Monday, August 9, 2010

Feed Me, Daddy

I don't know what the hell this is.

Dinner in the Making - Matt Slathers on the Butter

Brendon is making salmon for himself (and maybe Rachel) while everyone else buzzes around him in the kitchen.

Britney is making pasta and sauce, and Matt works on the garlic bread.  Brendon sits right there and watches him slather butter all over the bread.  Somehow he is able to refrain from commenting on it.


The cameras know all about the Garlic Bread Dilemma, and treat us to several suspenseful closeups of the bread being dealt by Matt like cards on the cookie sheet, and Brendon nervously clutching Rachel's hand under the kitchen counter.

I overheard him discussing "carmelization" with Rachel.

Jubiliation in the HOH

They are really looking forward to the Thursday night surprise. They think that CBS is going to bleep most of what is said by Brendon and Rachel.

Britney thinks that Brendon will flat walk out if the guys are mean to him.  But if he has someone to cling to and be friends with, he will stay.  She knows that Rachel is going to want to spend time with her on Thursday.

Britney:  I"m not getting in the tub with her...she had her period this week and that makes it a lot riskier.  Blood-bourne bacteria are much more dangerous. Please, I've been in danger enough already.

One of the guys mentions the medical screens they all have to pass.  Britney scoffs at that and says they have let people on the show before with spotty backgrounds.  She mentions BB9's Joe, who gave Dustin ghonerrea (sp?).  And Justin from BB2 who held a knife to someone's throat and was later found to have a criminal record.

Matt can't believe that she passed the mental testing.

[And BB let us hear all this....]

Now everybody's in the kitchen, rustling up some grub. (my ode to Lane)

Home Life with Jordan - Part Two

CQ - Are you guys finding the endurance challenges too boring this year?

Chelsia:  I don't think people are competing very hard--that is boring.  It would have been interesting to see if Rachel could hang on against those smaller guys.

Jordan:  I think people let go when their alliance is still up there.  Like the Brigade members...they don't have to try very hard.
CQ - Ooo.  Do you guys think that the viewers really picked Ragan to be the Saboteur?  Everybody I know in my chatroom voted for Enzo.

Chelsia:  I guess we'll never know...

Jordan:  Maybe people thought that Ragan would have a better chance of gettin' away with it.

Chesia:  Talk about the DR, Jordan...when you were standing behind the walls.

Jordan:  I got to go behind the wall in the DR and Britney was in there, talking.  I got to hear everything she said.  It was really weird, I was like, I'm watchin' Enzo sleep!  (I posted pictures of this nap, when he was sleeping with his eyes open.)

CQ - How are you and Jeff doing?

Jordan:  We are doin' great.  He called me today--he's on the way to Korea right now on the plane.  We're doin' good.

CQ - When you and Jeff just visited the house, were you guys able to take a moment to think about how you met in the house?

Jordan:  We didn't really have the time.  It was neat to see how they redecorated...we were like, we used to lay by the pool every day and water the tomatoes....

CQ - There was a rumor about you guys sleeping in the house at night..the HG were even talking about it.

Jordan:  Hmmm.  I don't even think I can talk about that....

Jordan says that neither of them changed towards each other once they left the house.  They got to know each other so well as friends before they got involved romantically and that helped.  She said that Brendon and Rachel are really going to have to try hard to get to know each other after the show but if they want it to work, it will.

[Jordan calls him 'Brandon', and so do many of the callers.  Ha hs.]

Jordan said that Kathy was just like a real mom and she came up and hugged Jordan and greeted her.  She said that Ragan asked her about her show on SuperPass and she had to tell him she couldn't talk about it--they weren't supposed to tell the HG their thoughts on the show so she just wanted to avoid it.

They chatted about the Diamond POV--they don't even think Matt will get a chance to use it and that he will go far.  They say that it would have been interesting if Brendon or Rachel had won it.

When Jordan saw Britney in the DR, she said she was talking a mile a minute and it was really funny, but she couldn't say anything else about it.

CQ - What do you think about Brendon and Rachel's behaviour in the house?

Jordan:  Well, me and Jeff are different....I'm not comfortable with kissin' in front of people and all that.  I am uncomfortable watching the Bachelor...but if that's the way you like to express yourself, by straddlin' each other....

Chelsia cracks up.

CQ - Do you think that Rachel is using Brendon?  If you see them on the feeds it looks like it.

Chelsia:  Well, I don't think she's using him because what would she get out of it?  (ugh...lots of TV time).  But I don't think she cares for him the way he cares for her.

Home Life with Jordan - Part One

Chelsia:  What was it like being back in the BB house?

Jordan:  It was all looked different.  I think if the look was the same I would have felt those old feelings.  I was glad to leave.  When I walked in my heart started beatin' fast and I was scared.

Chelsia:  Did you get to go in the house?  Or out in the yard?

Jordan:  I don't know if I can answer that..

(She did--she toured the house and went up to the HOH with Matt, per what the HG said after the visit.)

CQ = Caller Question

CQ - Were the HG the way you expected them to be?

Jordan:  The way you see them on TV is the way they are in person.  My personal favorite is the Meow Meow.  When I saw him I gave him a hug and said Meow Meow!  Rachel was really nice and so was Lane.

CQ - The guy had a nasty question to Jordan about being spanked.  Chelsia hung up on his ass.  Jordan just looked confused.

CQ - What about the bad behaviour in the house?  Did Brendon throw a ball?  Did it come close to hitting you?

Jordan:  Ya'll will just have to wait and see.

Chelsia: She can't talk about anything she did in there.  (well, WTF?)

CQ - Does Rachel look that rough on TV?

Jordan:  She looks just like she does on TV!  (ha ha ha)

CQ - ??? a bunch of shit and general ass kissing

Jordan:  Maybe I looked taller to the HG because I lost 15 pounds this year. (you can tell by comparing the two pictures at the top of this post!)   I'm 5'6" and Jeff is 6'0".

CQ - After Rachel is gone, who will create the drama now?  (the caller is going to miss her drama)

Jordan:  Maybe Matt?  Lane is kind of quiet.

Chelsia:  There are no girls left---that's a good question.  Britney is pretty quiet, except for her DR sessions.

CQ - Do ya'll think Brendon really fell for Rachel?

Chelsia:  I do.  When I interviewed him he was emotional about his ex-girlfriend---he seems to fall hard and fast so I do think he fell in love with her.

CQ - Rachel has been talking about her personal life lately--she said that she goes out of town with men for money...I can't believe Brendon would fall for that. (!)  But this same (crazy) caller thinks they all entered the house as secret pairs...and Britney and Lane are secretly engaged.   (ding-dong take your meds honey)

CQ - Another nutjob.  This lady said after Chelsia got evicted from BB9, she went on and entered her as a contestant on TAR.  (someone call the cops)  What was a fond memory Jordan of being in the BB house than being with Jeff?

Jordan:  Being there and feeling the tenison, I don't want to go back and play anytime soon.  The Have Not room---and the drama between people.  I could feel the tension when they played the POV game and I don't miss all that.

She talked about the mind games and all the emotions---she admits that when she was there she didn't know what she was doing half the time and "went back and forth".  It's a lot about luck and not making people mad.  She thought that some of the people really liked her, and then she watched the shows and realized they they didn't, hearing what they said about her.  She was constantly worried.

When she re-visited, she realized the backyard is a lot smaller than it is on TV.  Chelsia said the whole house is smaller than it looks on TV.

CQ - I'm a school teacher who wastes every summer watching live feeds for years now. (ha ha)  What is it like to feel the stress Jordan? 

Jordan:  When you're on the block you are scared the whole time, until the other person was evicted.  When Michelle or Jeff was HOH, I could relax a little.  Even if you were on the block and people said you were safe, you were still scared to death when Julie announced the vote.  I would be sweatin' the whole time and it's the worst feelin' in the world!

Halfway point - posting.

Hayden Hugs Kathy

in her little Have Not bed.

Kathy:  I need some slop---I need to learn how to make it.

Hayden:  I just came in to check on you--to see if you're doin' alright.

Kathy:  What are the she and he devil doin' up to?

She gets up and Hayden goes up to the HOH.  Britney, Enzo and Matt are already there.

Britney:  Enzo, do you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who can rough him up after this?

(ha ha ha)

Enzo:  I might have a cousin in San Diego..I'll have to see...

(they all laugh)

Hayden:  I think that's going to happen anyway.

Britney:  I hope so.

They all start drilling their Before and After questions.

Matt:  We're all so good at these, then the win is going to come down to a tie-breaker.  Either Brendon or Rachel will be in it, too.

Rachel: I Think We're Set

Rachel: ....if that's what you want.   I think I'm the lesser of two evils.

Brendon:  You don't think they suspect?

Rachel:  I don't think anybody but Lane is smart enough to figure it out.  The thing is, Britney already thinks you hate her, so she believed it.

They are out by the pool having lunch---no one else is out there.

They think Enzo will vote with the house, even though he may want Brendon to stay.  Rachel went to get a napkin and when she came back she was chuckling about Brendon being a "woman hater".

Brendon:  When I was out here before they were making little whenever I said something Britney would say something like I was lying or making it up.  She made a 'small brain' comment, but I never said anything like that.  And when she said that, Lane tried to change the subject really fast, to like turn it around.

They are positive that Lane is the Saboteur.  Brendon says that if Rachel gets in a tight spot, she can tell them "what if I told you who the Saboteur is?".

(oh, great idea)

Brendon:  The thing is, I think Hayden knows me well enough to think that I may have done that just so you can stay in the house.

Rachel:  Do you want me to tell him that when you are gone?

(ha ha ha ha)

Brendon, stupidly:  Do you want to tell him now so you can practice with him?

Rachel, semi-smartly:  No, I don't trust anybody. I just need to win.

She knows that Enzo has been drilling with Ragan in the house.  Rachel said that after Brendon was so nasty during the POV ceremony, Kathy came over and hugged her and said, "maybe that was his gift to you, so you could stay".

Brendon:  I think Kathy pays attention more than most people in this game.

Rachel:  And Britney mentioned you trying to throw the bowling ball at Jeff and Jordan!  Oh yeah, like you would try to take out Jeff and Jordan!

[These two really think they are running a game on the house.  If the rest of them can keep their mouths shut, Brendon and Rachel will be shellshocked Thursday night.]

Lane is a Floater

Enzo starts talking smack about how many fans he has--he's not saying that Lane doesn't have any fans, just not as many as he does.

Brendon quips that BB told Jeff to make it seem like Enzo was popular, but everyone ignores that.

Enzo:  What if after this you go to a bar and fans want to buy you shots and shit?  Are you going to hang out with them?

Hayden:  Yeah, I will.  You wouldn't do that?

Enzo:  I'd take the shot...but what if they're creepy?

Rachel said as long as she got the shot, she wouldn't care.  Ragan doesn't drink shots and the all are surprised.

Ragan:  I start with rum and Coke, then later on I switch to beer.

Enzo:  That's a good strategy.  I start with a dirty dirty (martini?), then I switch to vodka and soda, and then beer.  And on the way home I go to the diner and get a double cheeseburger, then I'm set.

Britney wants cereal for lunch.  Hayden would like turkey meat, but Lane says that Enzo ate it all.  The roast beef is gone, too.

Enzo:  The kitchen looks like somebody wiped their ass with it.

Rachel:  I cleaned up in there...did the dishes, wiped the counters.

Enzo thanks her.  "Bojangles"

Dog Days

Britney has a boxer puppy at home--Lane says that if she went home today, he is probably 40 pounds already.  The vet told Britney he would be 75 pounds when full grown.

Enzo has a miniature pinscher. (sp?)  He misses playing with him---they wrestle around and Enzo "bites" his neck.

Britney is pacing back and forth in the pool.  There are occasional comments directed at Brendon.  Like Lane said she was a stupid girl.

Britney:  Of course I'm stupid.  I have a small brain---I'm small.  But my small brain worked for me in bowling...

They got 5 wake up songs this morning.  Enzo gives the day a B+.  (a Kei$ha song, a Drake song, Rhianna's Umbrella, and some Ludacris song, plus another one I didn't catch)

Ragan started reciting the lyrics to Katy Perry's California Girls, but really slow.  Britney filled in a line, and someone in the control booth realized what was going on and gave us DOTS.

Lots of planes and helicopters overhead today.

Here comes Rachel in a tiny bikini.  She saw herself in the reflection (of course) and tied on a sarong.  I think that was smart---she is kind of chunky in the midsection.
They discuss movies...Ragan is missing Salt this summer, and Toy Story 3.  Britney says that while she liked Avatar, it wouldn't be good if it isn't in 3-D.  She loved the part when they "were around the tree humming". 

Enzo didn't see it, but will watch it on his new 3D film.  Brendon kept trying to jump in and say that it wouldn't be the same at home but Britney ignored him and said it would be great on his new TV.

Va Voom

Britney comes back out in her bikini to lay out.
Lane jokes about playing Marco Polo in their tiny pool.

A few minutes ago Britney said that she wished Brendon would have hit her during the POV ceremony so that "Lane could kill him".

Britney then said she "would take it like Snookie".

Britney:  What are we going to have tonight?

Ragan:  Not chicken!  ( a slam on Brendon, who is right there---he used all the house chicken to make some Dijon Chicken thing without asking)

They decide on pasta with sauce.

Britney:  And I'll make garlic bread. With garrrrrrrlic.  (another slam on Brendon)

Britney Gets Mean

and it is so funny.

Brendon is outside talking about football and made some sort of faux pas about one of the Texas teams.  He was saying "one of his friends played there" and when Lane pointed out what school that was, Britney snickered.

Britney:  I was actually the defensive coordinator for awhile at Texas Tech.....just for awhile...I just dabbled.

The guys ask her dry questions about it and she answers them.

Lane:  Is that when you were with Nick?

Britney:  No, that was before Nick.

Ragan:  And how tall is Nick?

Britney:  Oh, he's about 5'5", but I tell everyone that he's 6'2" so they will be intimidated.  Actually he's only 4'11", but I lie about it all the time.

Brendon is kind of staring down--I guess he knows that all this is directed at him. (?)

Now Brendon starts talking about a buddy of him who golfs...

Britney:  And his brother is Tiger Woods...

Brendon ignoring her:  He pulled down his pants on the green and he had a big dildo!

Britney:  Oh, that is hilarious.  Just hilarious.

Lots of tension. 

Brendon Gets In the Conversation

about a running back friend of his who got recruited by Navy but never "got the ball tons".
Britney is quipping on the side, pretending to be Brendon:  I actually got that wrong...he was in the Olympics.

Brendon tells them that the planes overhead are from the Burbank airport.  (John Wayne Airport in Orange County). 

When Lane was "just trash" during the BB audition process, he had to fly through Burbank, but he liked how fast it was to get in and out of there.  Later in the auditions, he flew through LAX.

Britney knew that Tim Tebow is going to Denver (??)--I guess she is a big football fan.  Hayden thinks Peyton Manning has the "worst spiral" in football. 

PS  That is Enzo next to Brendon in the picture.

A Day at the Beach

It looks like it, with that backdrop, doesn't it?

Meanwhile Rachel is hard at work washing the dishes in the kitchen (ha ha trying to be a good roommate in order to stay) while Enzo, Britney & Hayden talk about college football---the pregame routine at Arkansas, someone named Chris Johnson who is "the fastest player in the league".

Brendon: Do You Think They Have to Put That on TV?

[Uhh, yeah, dumbass.]

He is still whispering with Rachel in the Taj.

She wants to know if told the DR he was going to do it first, and he said yes, they wanted him to explain it all. (did finger rolling in a circle that would indicate to "keep going").


Ha ha I guess he is having second thoughts about seeming like a dick on TV.  Too late.

PS  The two of them are not great actors.  The rest of the house apparently knows that was a fake act, and Matt, Ragan and Britney are going to act really nice to Rachel to make her think that she is the one who is staying.  This will make the Thursday night eviction super sweet.  They don't just want to be mean to Rachel, they want to throw Brendon off so he will not be able to compete well for HOH.

Brendon: I Can't Just Pretend Anymore

as he chats with Enzo about what he just did in the POV ceremony. (i.e. he can't pretend to like Britney anymore)

Brendon:  Well, I guess we won't be friends after this.  (sarcastically)  I was looking forward to those little excursions with her and Nick.  (snapping fingers in an "oh shoot" type of way)

Enzo leaves and now he and Rachel go back to their nearly silent whispering.  Brendon is saying that he might call a house meeting---I am confirming my earlier thought that he is being a huge dick to make sure that he is the one voted out.

Rachel:  I don't even think anyone would go to your house meeting, at this point.

Now Brendon is saying that this experience would "push Britney closer to you". 

Britney told Rachel that Brendon is going around the house trying to find people to have an alliance with---they are blaming Lane as the information leak. They are strategizing big time about who will say what to whom, and when.

It is a tangled web they are weaving.

Things Sure Do Get Ugly, Don't They?

The POV ceremony was just held and as expected, Britney did not use the Veto.

It sounds like Brendon blew up during the ceremony and called Britney a spoiled brat (or something like that).  Rachel pulled Britney aside and apologized for it.

Britney brought up what a poor sport Brendon is, giving the example of Brendon "throwing a ball at Jeff and Jordan" during the POV competition when he lost.  The end of their conversation was very positive, with Britney saying that whatever just happened between her and Brendon shouldn't impact her relationship with Rachel.  Rachel can still come and talk to her anytime.  Britney even wanted to "hug it out" afterwards. 

(Britney is working the jury votes!)

Now Rachel is whispering to Kathy about something, but I think Rachel is fed up with Brendon.  Both of them have tried to go into the DR but no one let them in.  Now they are huddled up in bed but are whispering so softly that we can't hear them.

It sounds like Brendon might have been nasty on purpose, in hopes that he would get voted out instead of Rachel.  I hear Rachel talking about Lane, and Lane & Britney, etc.  Now Rachel is saying something about not talking about it with anyone, and "if she stays".....

Now Hayden comes into the room to get something out of a drawer, and says something about "a little bit of fireworks".

Brendon: We'll see what happens.