Sunday, August 8, 2010

Eff, Marry or Kill

I am a long-time Howard Stern fan.  Although Howard loves a lot of reality TV shows, he is not a Big Brother fan, but several of his staff are really into it and have tweeted about it.  For your infotainment, here are a few recent tweets related to this season.

From Ralph Cirella, Howard's stylist and Host of Geektime, a weekly radio show on Sirius.

mygeektime F-RACHEAL (crazy chick SEX)...K-BRITNEY (annoys me), M-KRISTIN (HOT) RT @pgadbois: @mygeektime @jdharm F/M/K? Rachel, Britney and Kristin

mygeektime BB LIVE EVICTIONS... T-31 minutes... This train better MOVE QUICK!
mygeektime NO SORRY, were all booked up with NON-RETARDED ppl.. RT @3Heat3: Enzo and Matt are big Stern fans. Get them on GEEKTIME when they get out

From J.D. Harmeyer, who is part of the show staff and general punching bag

jdharm Kill Rachel-annoying as hell/F Britney-less annoying/Marry Kristin-sexy eyes RT @pgadbois @mygeektime F/M/K? Rachel, Britney and Kristin.

jdharm Maybe it's me, but its obvious big brother producers are coaching the diary rooms...and "floaters" is an annoying term.

jdharm @mygeektime Great fight on BB After Dark btwn Rachel/Brendon...thought you'd like a pic
 jdharm Kristin....Rachel is annoying as hell @pgadbois Who would you "do"? Kristen or Rachel?

The Saboteur Returns.

But this time the Feed Watchers don't get to see the message.

Apparently the message said something about Brendon throwing the competitions, but he and Rachel can discuss that in the Jury House.

[Interesting..I thought he might not want to win the POV so he wouldn't have to use it on her.]

Matt and Ragan are chatting about who can be the Saboteur--Ragan is one cool cucumber.  I don't think it has crossed Matt's mind that it could be Ragan.
And Hayden struts by.

Morning Vomit, Part #3

[Oh boy.]

Brendon, talking about Matt:  Go blow yourself.  Oh I forgot, you can't.  Your dick is too small.

Rachel:  Is it?

Brendon:  C'mon---he's fucking 5'4"!  How big can it be?

Rachel:  I'm taller than him.  And standing next to him yesterday, I'm bigger than him.

Brendon doesn't think the public will care when he is evicted.

Brendon:  He's not going to go to any, like grocery store openings!

(yes, he actually said that)

Matt won't get their votes in the end.

Brendon:  And Britney is just like Matt!  A backstabber...she just looks prettier.  That's the only difference.

Rachel:  I hope Enzo wins.  Of all the remaining people, I hope he wins.

Morning Vomit, Part #2

[It's like a car crash...I can't turn away.]

Rachel:  At least we have a real showmance, and really care...

Brendon:  Why does someone wear fucking footie pajamas for like 90% of the time they are here?

Rachel:  He thinks it's really funny.

Brendon:  It was funny, the first day.  But today is what, day 39?

Rachel:  For somebody being in a band, with those tattoos is just not cool.

Brendon:  Well he said that Stacy....he married a groupie!

Rachel:  Well, yeah.

Brendon:  Like this is the extent of your fame---marrying a groupie.

Rachel:  How successful can a band be if they just play at House of Blues every night?  And his most successful song is about his dead cat!


Brendon:  I just can't believe I did that bad in the competition yesterday....

Rachel:  The worst thing I did was to go first..the worst thing.

Brendon:  You being gone, it's going to be hard for me...I'm over the people in the house.  Except for Lane and Hayden....all those fake ass people.

Morning Vomit

I just returned from my monthly jaunt at Costco and am watching a flashback that started a few hours ago.  (I think I missed some drama while I was shopping and need to catch up.)

(PS They are really cutting back on the free samples at Costco--usually I can make a meal out of them.  Today only grilled chicken-apple sausage, garlic bread, and marcona almonds.)

OK.  So Rachel and Brendon are on the hammock in the backyard spewing hate.  I have to say I much prefer to listen to this then them cooing at each other, so I will enjoy their antics for the last few days they are both here.

A few conversational highlights:

*  Rachel says she offered Britney the $5,000 to use the POV on her, and Britney refused.  Rachel:  Let's see, we're in an alliance with you, I offer you $5,000, and you say no!"  Rachel knows she doesn't want to become a target.

Brendon:  She's a fucking bitch---how can you say you would ever hang out with her?  She's fucking spoiled, and she's a bitch!  At least Kristin was relatively straightforward about what she did.

*  Brendon thinks Kathy will do whatever they say.  Brendon:  Dance Kathy!  Rachel imitates Kathy's accent saying she's a sheriff and never been on a plane.

* Rachel pretends to be Julie Chen interviewing her this Thursday night---"Rachel, you were HOH last week and now you are here---what happened?"  (Ha ha that is exactly what Julie will say!)  Rachel gives her answer, about how she had to fight every week to win, everyone in the house hates her,  blah blah blah. 

Brendon:  Also Julie, the competitions were all made for midgets! 

*  They wonder how Ragan and Matt can be such good friends with Kathy after mocking her mercilessly weeks ago.  Rachel is particularly offended by Ragan  preparing Kathy's slop.

Rachel: Oh, you really made slop for her Ragan?  Could you please be a little more pathetic and gross?

*  Brendon:   There are some real assholes in this house.  But Lane, Hayden and Enzo seem like really nice guys that I could hang with. 

Brendon:  But Lane is fucking blinded by the pounani (Yes, he said that.) and Britney has him wrapped around her fucking finger.

Rachel:  It's funny--she acts so different when the guys aren't around.  As soon as she's alone with me, all she does is talk shit about people and be mean.   But around them she says "Oh, do ya'll want to play pool?"  I guess I shouldn't complain...they got me!

Brendon:  Well, it's not like the good players win.  Matt is not a good player.  These competitions are for people with small feet and's not fucking rocket science.  It's just basic physics. 

Rachel: The funny thing is, what kind of drama is there going to be in this house now that I'm gone?  Let's face it, all of the drama so far has been revolved  around me, so when I'm gone what will there be?  Bitchy Ragan walking around all the time?

Brendon:  Yeah.  Who wants to see a bitchy gay guy on his period all the time?  24/7?

Rachel:  And he's not even a hot gay guy.  He's not even a cool gay guy, or a fun, fabulous gay guy.

Brendon:  I swear that he is just like an old bitter woman in menopause.  The craziest part is when he was crying, who was there for  (yes, that is true, on more than one occasion)

Apparently Ragan told Rachel he wouldn't talk to her for three days, and she mimics this.

Brendon: Why don't they have an HOH contest that involves swimming?  That would be nice.

Rachel:  What are they going to do---build a lap pool?

Brendon:  Well, we could dive in a pool for stuff at the fucking Matt, Ragan and Britney try to do that!

Rachel wishes she had backdoored Matt last week.

Brendon:  He's a little troll!  He's not a good player, all he does is gossip.  Running to stir shit up.

Rachel:  And they think they are so funny with their little romance.  A:  Neither of you are attractive, B: Nobody wants to see that because neither one of you is attractive, and C:  Neither one of you are doing anything except touching each other like little boys, and that's gross!


Toe Mare on Elm Street

You asked for it, here it is.

 I wonder what advice Captain Kosher would have for this jacked up big toenail?

Creative Sunday Crew

is waiting to have some action to shoot.

Flashback from Last Night #8

More chatter about Jeff and Jordan, with the Brigade, minus Enzo and plus Ragan, who always seems to be a TalkBlocker.  And it looks like Brendon has sidled in there, too, and is pretty quiet so far.

Ragan: They didn't seem super-excited to be back here in the house....if I ever come back, I'm going to be like "WHAT UP!"

They say that Jeff was really good at off-the-cuff comments during the competition.

Matt:  He was a good host...Jordan, not so much.  But she was cute, though!

Hayden says again that he thought she was cute on TV, but in person she is even hotter.

Matt:  I think she lost some weight, too.

They went up to the HOH Room with Matt (!) while he "put on his shoes" and Matt chatted with Jordan about school.

Matt:  She goes to community college now..and I asked if she was like a big celebrity around there.  She said, "no, no one ever really says anything about it".

Hayden:  That's weird.

Ragan:  I would say something about it. (no shit)

They argue whether Jordan is from Arkansas or North Carolina and decide on North Carolina.

(wrong---it is South Carolina).

They talked to them about the Reality event in Vegas---Jeff and Jordan stayed at Bally's.

Hayden:  Jeff was cool.  I've got..what do you call it?...a man crush on him now!

They all laugh.

Ragan:  I've got a man crush on him, too, but mines a little bit different!

They all laugh.

Ragan:  Actually, I think he's really a super attractive guy, but I didn't have a connection with him.  Like he had an instant connection with Enzo...

Matt agrees.  He thinks they watch the show, but couldn't say anything about it.  Matt wishes he could have gotten the World Cup information from him, or where LeBron went.

Matt:  He kind of insinuated it was the Bulls, but.....who got the door?

They think Kathy is the one who opened the door.

Hayden:  I heard her voice---I love those southern accents.  (Hayden is clearly smitten...Kristin who?)

Ragan:  What I liked best is that they were so unaffected..

They mention that Jordan is 23 and Jeff is around 32.  Matt is shocked--he knew Jeff had gray hair, but thought he was in his 20's.  They told them the only BB11 people they stay in touch with is Laura and Casey.

Hayden goes through the list....not Jesse, not Russell, definitely not Natalie.

Ragan:  They had a weird cast.

Now they talk about Michelle "going off the deep end".

Matt: "A Friend" (maybe someone in Production?) told me that her 15 minutes of fame really went to her head and she went all Hollywood and really went crazy. She divorced her husband...that whole "I think I'm really more important than I really am" thing.  With the boob job and everything, I guess it makes sense.

They are all tired and need naps.  They are locked down until the backyard is cleared.  Matt thinks it is just some plywood--it shouldn't take long.

Hayden:  I wish they would leave it out there for us to play with.  We're done for the week with challenges, huh?

Flashback from Last Night #7

Enzo:  I want to be HOH next week so bad, because he thinks I'm on his side.  I'll be like, "I won't nominate you, don't worry", and then BAM!  He's nominated!

Enzo imitates Brendon muttering what a chickenshit move that is.

Lane:  She's had more opportunities to stay in this game than anybody! (Rachel)

They know Rachel will beg Britney to use the POV but they know Britney won't do it.

Enzo:  They'll know soon about the Brigade, then they'll understand...And Brendon will go, "it's not fair, four strong guys..."

They laugh about Brendon crying about a pin being stuck during the game.  Rachel was arguing with Micheal about him not telling her the rules, and Michael said "Rachel, I did.".

Enzo:  They're done.  They're cracking.  It's over!

Enzo says he was making Jeff and Jordan laugh:  They were liking the talent, yo.

Hayden:  We're talent, too!

Enzo acknowleges this, and says they will have a role on his show, too.

Flashback from Last Night #6

Enzo and Hayden were alone quickly in the Cabana Room and talked about Brendon.  They know his back is against the wall and he'll take a deal.

Enzo thinks if he wins HOH he will nominate Matt and Ragan.

Then Lane comes in and they accuse him of "blowing up" out there with Rachel. (joking around)  Matt came in and they say they need to keep Brendon around because he is going to go nuts.

Enzo recounts how when Brendon was talking he was mocking him and he saw Jeff laughing at him.  They say how hot Jordan was.

Hayden:  I thought she was cute on TV, but wow...she's different then I thought she would be.

Enzo:  Yeah, when she came up to me and said "the meow meow" I was like "Oh shit!".  I'm known now.

They had some sort of interaction with Jeff on the side, saying that living with Brendon and Rachel was brutal, or something like that.

[Matt knows that the Bridgade was going to influence Brendon to nominate Matt and Ragan, or Matt and Britney if he wins HOH.  I think Enzo and Hayden are working that angle, but I also think that they are hedging their bets with Brendon.]

Enzo:  He was in there napping with her with his fucking mask he could sleep...he makes me laugh all the time.  This is great because whoever the HOH is next week will put him up....there's no way he's winning anything.

Enzo could tell that "Jordan loves the Brigade!".    And Jeff was "happy to see him".

Enzo:  It's Final Four!  And then we backstab each other!

They all laugh.  It was a good day for the Brigade.

Enzo, cracking up:  I definitely think the Saboteur is in the Brigade!  Because The Brigade is just beastin' right now!

Enzo jokes about saying to Brendon:  let's have that house meeting now!

Flashback from Last Night #5

Now the BB cameras take us down to the kitchen, where the guys rehash the competition and their brush with celebrity (Jeff and Jordan).

They talk about "Steve P." from production, who gave Matt a thumb's up while they were out there.  They figure out that Steve P. had an earpiece in and was getting communications from the control room.

['s a TV show.]

Brendon is at the stove and is making little comments here and there, trying to be a part of it.

Matt:  I get completely confused as to why we even call him Steve P.

Lane comes over  to Matt and Matt says quietly:  Br...Br...Br...Br...!

(Almost saying Brigade....)

It's just Hayden, Lane and Matt now, with Enzo sitting at the dining table.

Matt:  There is so much hypocrisy in what they were saying.  I wanted to say something so bad...

Hayden points out that what Rachel actually does is 1000 times worse.

(Ragan is watching this on the spy screen--they better be careful.)

Enzo:  They were up to 5:00 in the morning, practicing.  And they were the first two out!

Matt knows that Brendon wants to start something about him being the Saboteur.

Now Ragan arrives (now that Brendon is gone) and they tone down somewhat.

They say Kathy is "a firecracker now!"

Enzo:  She's the saboteur!

Ragan:  We could all use a lesson in sportsmanship right now.  (sarcastically)

Matt:  It's crazy, the way their heads work!

Now Ragan points out that Rachel really acts mental and has problem.  Hayden tells them about when Rachel came in after last week's nominations and said "sorry I said was just for television purposes".

They mention when Brendon threw the ball when he lost.

Ragan:  Did anybody see Jeff and Jordan's faces when he did that?

Enzo:  He (Jeff) said, what about the insurance?

They are all really excited about today and are whispering/talking frantically and venting.

Ragan:  I will say this...I was really proud of Kathy today.  She set the tone for the competition!

Enzo:  Kathy was like...BAM!!

Matt:  I love the way they have to make everything about them.  And I love the way Micheal (production) called them out.

Rachel and Brendon kept inturrupting the action to ask Michael questions and Micheal said "I already explained that but you two were talking".

Matt, to Ragan:  If you had been down here you would have gone crazy!  I wanted to say something but I know it would have all been turned around on me so I kept my mouth shut.

Flashback from Last Night #4

Kathy is still with Ragan in the HOH.

Kathy:  And she's probably the Saboteur!  And she's up on the block!

They watch the screen.

Ragan:  I wish she would get out of the kitchen.  I still haven't eaten lunch yet.

And here comes Britney with what looks like a plate of nachos.

Kathy:  Is she still goin' on about me?

Britney:  Kathy, if you apologize to her, I swear I will slap you in the face!  I will personally find you and slap you in the face!

Kathy, giggling:  I ain't never gonna aplogize to her!

Now Britney starts her Rachel imitation, with Rachel saying that she wants an apology due to Kathy's celebration when beating her.

Britney:  Like you did to Monet?  And like you did to Kristin?  Like she does in every single competition?  And when Brendon beats anybody?  She goes "Yesss!"

I guess it's not nachos, because Britney helps herself to a jar of Peter Pan in Matt's HOH fridge.

Kathy:  Did I handle it okay?  Was I rude?

Britney:  If it was me, I would have been really rude.  Like, "what about the things that YOU'VE done to hurt people, Rachel?"

Ragan:  What did Lane say, Britney?

Britney:  Lane called her out on some bad stuff she said about people........

Kathy interrupts to vent and rehash some more, but I can tell Ragan really wants to know what Lane's involvement was---he mentioned a few minutes ago that Lane was talking to Rachel on the Spy Screen.

Britney:  She said, everybody talks about everybody in this house.  She started crying...nobody understands her...

Kathy:  She's right, we don't!

Ragan:  I am so hungry.  I just want them to get out of the kitchen.

Britney:  If you had been there, you would have thrown up!

Brendon has been accusing Lane of throwing competitions--specifically the Surf Competition.

Britney:  Yeah Brendon.  And you threw this competition---am I right?

Kathy:  Yeah!  Because he THREW THE BALL at somebody!

Britney:  Oh, and she said you had no class, Kathy...

Kathy:  Oh, she already told me that down there..

Ragan, laughing:  Rachel, can you please scoop your vagina off the floor and put it back in your panties.

Britney:  She's going to write a book on etiquette when she gets out of here.

Ragan:  Oh please, I want them to just go in the Cabana Room and shut the door.

Britney cracks the door open and tries to hear what is going on out there.

Kathy:  If I had yelled "this is for you Kristin!" I could understand, but I didn't..

Ragan:  We were all reserved.  None of us gloated..and we could have.

Britney closes the door and sits back down:  That was unbelievable!

Britney, joking:  Kathy you have no class, you skank!

Kathy:  She called me a skank?

Brintey: No, I just made that part up.

Flashback from Last Night #3

Thank goodness the Flashback feature lets you pause the action to catch your breath and catch up with the typing.  I like that.

So now Kathy went in the Cabana Room and Rachel stormed in there to continue the same shit.  Note that Kathy is sporting a cute off-the-shoulder mini-dress which will be great for her big scenes on TV this week.

Rachel:  I'm coming in here very nicely to ask you to apologize...

Kathy:  I'm not gonna do it. You thought you could beat me, so you picked me.  I've been nothin' but supportive to you.

Rachel, admitting defeat:  Fine.

and leaves the room.

Britney stops by the Cabana and quietly tells Kathy to come upstairs to the HOH with Matt and Ragan.  As Kathy walks through the kitchen Rachel is starting to spew the same shit over and over to Brendon, but loudly. (I went in there and asked her to apologize....)

Kathy, sharply:  DROP IT!

Brendon:  All right---I'm going to drop it.  It's like.....whatever.

Rachel:  Am I not supposed to say when someone hurts my feelings?

Brendon:  Well, some of these people are not really your friends....

The cameras follow Kathy (a major slam for Rachel) as she struts up to the HOH in her mini-dress where Ragan is enjoying the show on the Spy Screen.

Ragan, obviously reveling in his power:  Britney told me everything that happened.

Kathy:  I'm not going to get into it with her...I mean, I said no, I moved around..she kept comin' after me!

Ragan:  Oh, she followed you back there?

Kathy:  YES! She was followin' me around everywhere!  And now she's in there making a big ole scene and Brendon is jumping in and nobody else is sayin' anything.  And I said why did you pick me?  And she said, "because I thought I could beat  you".  And I said "exactly!  and I beat you!".

Ragan congratulates her and mentions how Rachel acted the last time she won HOH---"having an orgasm" and yelling at Kristin and Hayden and everybody else.

Kathy, venting:  I'm not apologizin' to her, I'm not havin' a house meeting....SHE DON'T RUN ME!  This isn't her house no more!

Ragan:  I know you're all fired up right now and you have a right to be.  But I say this from the most compassionate part of myself....Rachel is not a well person.

Kathy:  I know...that's why I kept on goin', I"m not doin' this.

Ragan:  I'm not saying she's full on crazy, but she's bi-polar, she's manic.  Believe me, I know.  I've been stewing about it.  If you were dealing with somebody who's sick, and you knew they were sick, you wouldn't be angry with them.  I am just removing myself.  I expect them both to do horrendous things this week.

They both watch the spy screen at the action below.

BB does a super-cool shot of the spy screen with Kathy reflected in the glass beneath it.  Good camera job, guys.

Ragan:  It was so awesome, Kathy.  It wasn't just you beating her, it was you setting the tone for the whole competition.  Different people got different things, but to me your's was the most significant.  You weren't gloating, you were just excited.

Kathy:   I know.  I beat her!  And that's a huge accomplishment!  And she said, you would have picked me!  And I said, no I wouldn't!  Hell no I wouldn't have picked her---she's good at everything!  No way.

Kathy repeats all the stuff that Rachel said about letting her stay in the HOH all week.

Kathy:  Yes, I did, and I used you that week!  And you didn't see it!   BAM!

(I'm so happy for Kathy and glad she chose that dress today, instead of that Rub for Luck T-shirt.  She looks fantastic and should be an Over 40 icon.)

Ragan mentions that Rachel campaigned to have her evicted instead of Andrew.

Kathy: I know, but I didn't even bring all that up.  She just wanted an apology and I said NO.

Ragan:  To act the way he acts, and to keep saying to give me the medallion right is such poor sportsmanship at all levels.   And when stuff like that comes out of your mouth, I think that fate intervenes and gets you.  It is so aggressively mean and horrible.

Kathy calls Brendon "her little lap dog".  Ragan is watching the spy screen--"what is all of this about".

Kathy:  It's probably still about me!

And she goes through the play-by-play again.

Ragan:  How many pins did Brendon get?

Kathy:  Three.  So I beat him, too!

Ragan:  Every single person beat them in that round.

Kathy brings up that two weeks in a row, they voted her friends out.

Ragan:  I just want this to be over.

Kathy:  It will be over..Thursday!

Flashback from Last Night #2

Now Brendon is in the kitchen with the rest of the gang, discussing the competition.  He is blaming Jeff (or some guy) not telling him when his time was over.

Brendon:  That's what fucked me up.

Matt mentions that someone said that he should hang out with Jeff in Chicago but Matt says no way.  He must be kidding but I didn't get the whole drift of the conversation.  Now Rachel appears and requests to speak with Kathy.

OK---Here we go!

They walk into the Cabana Room and the door is barely shut when Rachel starts raising her voice.

Rachel:  You know, I think it's really FUCKED UP that you YELLED and CHEERED when you beat me--that is not CLASSY, that is not playing with integrity, all these things you say--that's not doing anything Kathy.  I let you stay in my HOH room...why don't you just apologize?

Kathy, getting up:  Rachel, I'm not gonna listen to this...I'm not gonna do it....

Rachel:  Are you kidding me?

Kathy:  I'm not gonna listen to it Rachel.  (and leaves the room)

Rachel jumps up and goes after her. (Didn't she just tell Brendon to ignore everybody and be nice?)

Now the fight continues in the kitchen.  Matt is hunkering down at the kitchen counter, enjoying the ride.

Rachel:  You can't talk to me like a woman?

Kathy:  Rachel I've done nothin' but be nice ("nahce") to you.

Rachel:  You yelled and cheered when I lost--I'm on the block Kathy!  That's like, not nice, it's like not playing with integrity...

Now Kathy has just about had it...

Kathy, starting to raise her voice:  You thought you could beat me and you didn't!  I cheered because I won and I was excited!  I cheered for everybody---did you not look?

Rachel:  Not for me you didn't.  When you won you cheered because you beat me!

Kathy:  I'm not gonna apologize because I won!

Rachel:  You stayed in my room when I was HOH and now you're rubbing my face in it and all I want you to do is apologize!

Kathy:  Well, I'm not going to.  What are you gonna do, make me?

(ha ha ha Kathy finally shows up)

Rachel:  Yes.  I think I'm going to stand right here until you do.

Kathy:  You're wastin' your breath.

Rachel:  So you're not going to apologize....

Kathy:  No.  Who stood right over there and hugged you last night when you were cryin?  I did!

Rachel with her arms folded now (a sure sign of impending defeat):  No, you didn't.

Kathy, shreiking:  Yes I did!  Brendon was out there and you come out of the DR and I stood right there and gave you a pep talk while you sat right there.

Rachel:  So why don't you apologize?

Kathy:  I'm not gonna!!  You picked me because you thought you could beat me and you didn't.  End of story!

Rachel:  So apologize for rubbing it in my face...

Brendon:  Rachel just let it go.  It's not worth it.

Kathy:  It's not!

Brendon:  It's not worth your breath, Rach.

Kathy, pissed now:  It's not worth mine, either!

Brendon:  Kathy..............whatever.

Rachel continues to bring up the fact that she let Kathy sleep in the HOH every night and Kathy walks off.  (Really, who gives a shit about that?  I think Rachel is just trying to maximize her screen time on every episode this week.)

What the fuck is Rachel wearing?  That flourescent green layer has sparkles all over it---paillettes, I think.

Oh, Rachel still isn't finished with Kathy!   See part #3.

Flashback from Last Night #1

This Flashback begins just as the feeds return after the POV competition yesterday---around 3:00 pm BB time.  As you probably know, Jeff and Jordan hosted the competition and I think they rang the doorbell and entered the house that way.  (The competition, including their visit, will air this Wednesday night on CBS.  Jordan has a show on Monday night, so I am going to try and watch it live and see if she can give us any good information about her visit.)

OK.  As is common with the POV comps, BB doesn't turn on the feeds immediately after it's over.  This is obvious, because when they've had a really messy competition, most of them have already showered and are trying to get on with their day.

Today is no different.

As we pick up the action, Brendon and Rachel are getting into bed in the Taj, and Rachel asks him if he things there is any chance that Britney will use the veto.

Brendon:  I guess we could ask.

DOTS. (Apparently Brendon was a very poor sport when he lost the competition, and threw something in an angry way.  I wonder if we will see that on TV?  Supposedly his performance was awful.  Ha ha ha.)

When we come back Hayden is in there talking to the two of them about Jeff's new show, Around the World For Free.  Rachel can't believe that the fans even pay for the plane tickets for Jeff.

Enzo:  It's crazy, man.  Those are some good-looking people. They can make fun of me, I don't give a shit.

Brendon is pissed and wants to hold a house meeting "about the Pandora's Box thing".  Rachel shushes him on that.

Hayden tells them not to isolate themselves---he can't give them a vote because if he is the only one voting for them, he will be a target.  They understand.  Rachel is going to try to work Britney.

Brendon, coughing:  I just can't believe how shitty I did---that is the worst I have ever done--I really fucked up.

Rachel:  It was all the pressure.  And how bitchy was Kathy to go "yeah!" when she beat me, after spending all week up in the HOH with me that time.  I mean, really, was that necessary?  That was super mean.

Brendon:  Well, Ragan--fake.  Kathy--fake.  Super, duper fake.  There are people in here that I think I could actually be friends with after this, like Hayden, Enzo, and Lane.  But the rest of them?

Rachel:  Let's not call a house meeting--let's just go.  You can talk to other people about it, but not a house meeting.  I can't stay here---you need to stay.
(Brendon thinks Matt is lying about the amount of money he won--although how accusing him will allow them to stay in the house is unclear...)

Rachel is talking to him like a child--he needs to stay and "do great".  She says they have to be apart for "maybe a year while she lives in Vegas".  She knows they will vote her out because she's "a bigger threat, or whatever".

Brendon:  Was I a really bad sport today....when I lost?

Rachel:  No.....but I did.  When I lost...

Brendon:  I just let the pressure get to me.  Do we not have to talk to these people and pretend to be fake now?

Rachel:  Just don't talk to them.  But don't be mean.  (whispering)  The thing is...this is all on TV.

(I have heard Rachel talk countless times about how she is going to do a lot of paid personal appearances in Vegas after the show.  That's why she keeps saying she can't wait to get to Vegas, so winning to her is not the most important thing--it's getting enough exposure to be visible.  And let's face it, she has been the main focus and the star of the show from the very first episode.)

Brendon:  I'm going to go get some pasta.

Rachel: Please don't be mean.

(The tables have really turned in their relationship, haven't they?)

Brendon:  I'm not....and Ragan..I'm sick of his shit.  He's a little girl.

Rachel:  Please.  Just ignore it.

Brendon exits and ends the scene.  Cue Rachel looking forlorn and lonely....

and CUT!