Saturday, August 7, 2010

Britney: How Cool Was it To Meet Jeff and Jordan?

Enzo: And she walked right up me and said Meow Meow and I was like okay......I'm famous!

Jeff told them that he quit smoking. And he and Jordan obviously took a liking to Enzo. He told Enzo that he and Casey would have had a great time in the house together with Jeff.

Enzo: I liked Casey--he seemed cool as shit. And he dropped beats.

Hayden says that they had a short cast, because Jeff was the tallest guy--taller than Jesse and Russell.

Britney thought Jordan was about her size when she watched the show, so she was surprised how tall she was. (Brit is 5'2" and I think Jordan is at least 5'4".)

Britney still misses Monet. They are making a big group dinner. Brendon and Rachel are still outside, laying in the hammock.

They discuss how Jesse went out this week last year in BB11---it was the week of the Coup D'Etat. Annie said that he lived near her in Tampa---a couple of buildings down from her.

Lane: America did not like him.

Enzo: He was too much into his muscles. You have to be funny for America to like you--you have to be a cool dude.

Kathy: It didn't seem like Jordan liked Rachel too much...especially when Rachel wanted her to hang out with her in Vegas. Jordan was like "ha ha ha".

The people who didn't play in the POV got to sit with Jeff and Jordan for awhile.

They talk about Jeff leaving for Tokyo on Monday, and where he has been so far. Rachel tried to ask Jordan about her job "hosting the live feeds" (really a show on and it sounds like Jordan avoided talking about that.

Enzo: She watches the live feeds? Oh shit--she probably don't like me then. (they have discussed how Jordan didn't deserve to win)

Britney: We mostly talk about Natalie--it's okay.

Jeff couldn't remember all of their names---Kathy thinks it was funny.

No Where to Run

You lost. It hurts.


and maybe this time it is the POV, for real.

Is Jeff on set?  What about Jordan?  I'll bet Brendon is going to wet his pants when he sees them.

The Skank Loads Up

on tuna salad that Brendon just made her.

And she is in a FOUL mood, pouting and pissy.  Brendon is going to make himself some pasta and came back from the storage room with a bottle of Ralph's spaghetti sauce.

Brendon:  You should eat a banana...the best thing for you..did you know that they are full of potassium and....

Rachel, curtly:  Yes, I know.

and a few seconds later.

Rachel:  I'm done.  I don't want a banana.

(I'm telling you that she is totally over Brendon---if she had someone else in the house to go to, I'll bet she would have dumped his ass already.)

Is Enzo worried about the POV competition today?  Doesn't look like it to me.

Wait...Is Enzo OK?

No, he's not dead.  It is actually pretty cool because he is in REM sleep right now---his eyes are rolling around and his eyelids are twitching all over.  Neat.

I think this is Hayden, but I'm not sure.

Now back to the kitchen.  Brendon is making coffee and discussing turkey bacon.

Brendon:   Do you remember why salt makes water boil faster?

Rachel said something about ions, but I guess it was wrong.

Brendon:  It breaks up the surface tension.

Kathy Shows Up

in the HOH room, where Britney and Lane are venting.

Britney:  I don't care if she's HOH next week---she's headed for a meltdown!  She can sit up here ALL BY HERSELF--I don't care.

Kathy:  I ain't even gonna come up here to see her HOH room.


Kathy:  He thinks he's gonna have a mock trial and interview people---he doesn't wanna mess with an investigator--I'll turn his head around!

FYI  Britney was told by the guys all the horrible things Brendon said about her fiance.  (For no apparent reason, Brendon was saying that Nick was a pathetic, weak loser and that everything Britney said about him was a lie.)

Britney: Well, from now on if Brendon says he bowls a 207, I'm saying Nick always bowls a 208.  I don't care--it's a game and I'm going to upset him if that's what he wants.

We're Back

Ragan, munching cereal:  How can you have no class picking players for the POV?

Meaning, of course, that Rachel was a nasty bitch during the ceremony.

Britney:  She wanted the bag held open for her....did you hear her say, just go ahead and give me the medal?

Now the cameras switch to Brendon and Rachel getting under the covers to sleep.  Brendon tells her not to be upset and I think they are making out.

Brendon:  Whose house is this?

Rachel:  It's my house.

Some Rare Hating From Lane

as he and Britney lounge, waiting for the POV pick ceremony to start.

Lane says the following:

*  Rachel is disgusting---the way she acts and the way she presents herself.
*  She has the nerve to sit unsresponsive while the rest of them take the time out to talk to her.
*  Brendon is like a "groomed ogre" and he is so clumsy---you can tell he hasn't played team sports one day in his life.
*  Lane's dad and friends would kick his ass if he ever acted like that.

Britney:  She wore a frickin' ring in here the first day shaped like a big dollar bill sign!  That's just the cherry on the top of Skank Mountain!

They got called to the LR and all gather down there to pick players for the POV.

The Saboteur Returns, and No One Cares

OK.  Let me set this scene.  This Flashback takes place just after I stopped posting last night.  Brendon and Rachel continued to crunch their salad and discuss their options.  Hayden and Britney stopped by and they talked about past-season trends regarding Pandora's Box and the dreaded double-eviction.

Chima Simone got some face time in the house as they recall that last year Chima "left the game" instead.  (I think "leaving the game" is a very generous description---that was some good dramatic shit last year.)  (And the straw that seemed to break Chima's back was when "her motherfuckin' Cheetos were missing".)  I posted about that last year---it is down there somewhere--I think in mid August.

Anyway, they were sitting and talking, when a loud static noise filled the room.

Rachel: The SABOTEUR!!!  The SABOTEUR!!

And they all bolt up and run for the living room.  I can hear someone's socks sliding on the floor.  They all start gathering to watch the show.

When the face appears on the screen, they all think Annie is coming back--at least on screen.

The Saboteur proclaims that "he" is back, and that he is there because Matt dared to open Pandora's Box.  He says that Annie is gone.  His reign of terror is just beginning, and he is there to stab them all in the back and to "cruise to the $500,000,

After it's over, there is a shocked silence.

Matt:  Oh, they're trying this again!

They all start laughing, then the fear kicks in.  They all sit around and discuss what happened---that someone was offered the Saboteur role, and that they made the decision to take the job.

Britney: I wonder if this is what America voted on this week.

There are occasional close-ups of Ragan, who looks appropriately confused. He pipes up here and there with his two cents,  just like he normally does.

They are trying to guess what is in it for the Saboteur---do they get a leg up on the game?  Does BB help them somehow?  Why would anybody in their right mind do that?  Aren't they going to lose the game?

Ragan:  Maybe you get some sort of special power--like the Coup D'Etat or something, or a future power if you achieve things.

Britney: I do think that America voted to choose who would be the Saboteur.

Enzo:  Someone here is the Saboteur.

They are all kind of shitting on the person's choice to be the Saboteur, but there is an uneasy tension in the room.  I haven't heard Kathy say a word---she is probably using her detective skills to look and learn---she always looks at people's expressions for clues.

Someone says maybe the Saboteur is going to change the nominations or evictions.

Matt looks very worried.

Enzo:  Oh I hate this fuckin' Saboteur!

They all laugh.

Matt:  I guarantee you that every week after someone leaves, he will come back and say "You did not get rid of me!"

Britney agrees---she thinks there may not even be a real Saboteur--it is BB or someone outside the house. She points out that the last Saboteur told them lies.

Enzo:  I thought we was goin' to see hear how things were goin' with Jennifer....

Brendon:  What a tough season man.