Friday, August 6, 2010

Crunch Time, Again

because the crunches don't take a break just because Pandora is around.

They finish their set just as Britney calls them to dinner. I can't believe how they just sit down with their plates and start eating---don't they have any manners?

In many seasons, they all eat together and use the lazy susan to serve when the meal is ready.  But not this crew.

Hayden sits down and immediately the DR calls him. Everyone says "that happens every time".

He put his head down and shoveled in the mac-and-cheese (Britney made it tonight.) before getting up to go in there.

There are so many bad table manners---smacking, the sound of forks hitting teeth, loud swallowing..

Kathy sits with her protein shake, and is probably disgusted.

She still doesn't know how to cook a damn thing, including slop, and depended on Matt to make it for her this morning.

Kathy:  I'd rather warsh....and clean...

I haven't heard a peep out of Lane, although I suppose some of the smacking noises might belong to

Allison....Are You There?

If so, can you take that giant fucking paintbrush and slap the two of these fucktards up against the wall?  Don't leave a mark, just give them a good fucking slap to show them who's boss.

They are such poor sports and so  put-upon...angry put-downs are spewing out as Brendon chomps through the food.

Brendon goes over how weak and useless Matt is, and what a loser he is.

Brendon:  I told you, the next endurance competition will be at the final three, so....

(Brendon, how do you know that?)

He is giving her a pep talk and saying that both of them will play the PoV to take her off.  She is fake-crying now about "everyone coming after her", "having to fight and cry every day", etc.

Brendon:  Trust me babe, I don't want to leave you....I am in love with you....I love you so much...and I want nothing more than to be with you at the end...but you deserve it and you can do it...

This looks like a bad Mexican soap opera.

***And SCENE!***

(vomit vomit vomit)

Oh Snap.

Brendon and Rachel took their dinner to the Cabana Room.  How fucking big is Rachel's salad?  Although Brendon is helping with a bite or two.

You just know that there's oil and shit on the bottom of that metal bowl, too.  Can you imagine putting that down on your upholstery without some protection?

When they come in the room they burst out about Matt "and his stupid boyfriend".

Rachel: And his stupid boyfriend....walking around like this (imitating a prissy privileged look)

Rachel:  I....can't....wait....'til we go to Vegas!

Brendon:  I can't wait until you win HOH.

Rachel:  Brendon....I won't be here.  You know that!  I couldn't do it alone, anyway.

Brendon just called the other guys pussies.

Rachel:  How are six guys scared of me?

Brendon:  You have a midget and a gay dude.

**crunch crunch crunch**

Rachel:  When they come to Vegas, they'll all be kissing my ass.

Brendon:  Remember that!

(Really, who gives a shit about Vegas?)

How About Using a Cutting Board, Rachel?

I mean, I know you're pissed about being nominated with your man and all, but try to have a little consideration.  She also has no control over the knife, dull as it is, and might even hurt herself if she doesn't watch out.

Maybe a visit with the doctor for stitches would help her out of her funk.

The two nominees are the only ones in the kitchen area, although other HG are sitting around the dining room table.  Maybe they're going to have a cook-off for votes.  For once, both of them are silent.

Vintage Fox

This is Ragan in 1994---there are a lot of pictures of him at this JokersUpdates Link. He looks really cute in many of them....

Here Comes Hayden With a Jar of Nuts

and he brought his own jar of nuts to the party.

He doesn't think they will be in the stockade, but let's face it, Hayden is no BB Savant.

Britney:  We have to go outside to wait for the nominations, so it has to be something related to that.

Lots of crunching sounds--a concert of crunches, as everyone stress-snacks.

Mini Brigade Meeting

in the HOH with Enzo, Matt and Lane.

Enzo has been getting closer to Brendon and is trying to push the agenda for Brendon to nominate Matt and Ragan next week.  That is the plan.

Rachel comes in and they shut up immediately.  She came in and left.  They wonder why they are locked inside now (that just happened a few minutes ago).

Lane enjoys some salty snacks during the conversation.

Enzo likes the stuff in Matt's basket.  Rachel comes back and tells them that the screen now says "Nominations Today".   Her skin is really bad--can you see that from this picture?

Matt seems relieved that Nominations are today.

BB:  Hayden!  Ragan!  Stop That!

And here come Ragan and Britney, barging in.

Lane:  What about knocking?

Britney:  Knocking?  Is that a new rule?

Lane:  Well if we're in here talking about you it's awkward when you just walk in.

And here comes Needle Dick.  He mentions sounds that he heard in the BY and we get DOTS.

Rachel thinks they might be putting back up the Stockades outside, since BB gave him a briefcase and there was a dollar in it.


Brendon: Do You Enjoy Being Here with Me?

Rachel:  Yes.

Brendon:  Then start acting like it.
***long uncomfortable silence from her, and nervous babble from him about nothing***

Brendon is really trying to work this scene, but Rachel pouts that "she wants to be alone".  He kept asking her about dinner and she said she's not hungry.

She really wants him to leave her alone but he doesn't get it.  Apparently in the DR she could tell from the questions that they asked her that she is being portrayed as a bitch.

Rachel:  My forehead's starting to itch--that means my Botox is wearing off.

Brendon:  I'll have them call the doctor STAT!

She says she needs Juvaderm and Botox, STAT, and says this into her microphone. 

Brendon:  You're are beautiful and don't need any of that.

Rachel:  I need to get my teeth fixed, too.

(yes you do)

Brendon:  You're beautiful just the way you are...

I have to switch cameras because I'm getting nauseous.

Kathy: Where's Brendon?

Ragan:  Hopefully at the bottom of the pool.

They all laugh.  Matt wants to "pop in the DR and find out what's goin' on", but Britney is in there right now.

Ragan:  Did you get to ask any questions?

Matt:  I did, but he said he couldn't say...


They're trying to figure out who to send to talk to Rachel.  They can't, so they decide to send Matt to find out.  Kathy feels like she's "gonna throw up".

Matt walks back there and burps along the way.  He gets there and asks Rachel why she's there.

Rachel:  Sleeping.  I didn't want anyone to know where I am.

Matt:  I saw a camera pointing over here so I looked---the camera busted you out!

Matt tells her that the nomination screen isn't even up yet and says maybe America is making the nominations---who knows?

She seems friendly and maybe she needed a Time Out.  Rachel doubts that the Pandora's Box has to do with nominations, since it was supposed to be a consequence "for the house".

Brendon came in, of course, and claims he never even noticed that the screen didn't say Nominations Today.  (Sure you didn't, Brendon.)

HG: What the Fuck is Going On?

We're back, and Kathy, Ragan and Matt meet at the back door and whisper.
Matt points out the the screen doesn't say "Nominations Today".

Matt:  When has it EVER been 4:30 on a Friday and we haven't had nominations yet?

They couldn't find Rachel and Kathy whispers that she found her laying on Kathy's cot in the Have Not room.  They don't know why, or if she is really asleep.

Kathy:  Why would you go in there?  It stinks!

Matt: Something is going on.

I know he is (and they all are) worried about the nominations---will Matt's Pandora's Box choice impact the nominations.

Ragan, whispering:  I wonder if they maybe hid something in the house.

Enzo:  Why is she in the Have Not room?  She's probably wantin' us to feel sorry for her.  She's all fucked up.
Kathy is "warshing" the paint-covered clothes she had on last night, and reports that the paint is coming off.  It even came off her shoes with plain water.

Lots of tension in the air.


And I guess this is the nomination ceremony, but who the fuck knows?

It might just be the Saboteur, or maybe Jeff and Jordan swung by with a bucket of chicken.

And the answer there is an astounding "3".  He couldn't even count that high.  But he did get some work done on those toofus.

Power Hour with Janelle

I forgot to mention this morning that while I worked (and the HG slept) I watched the Power Hour with Janelle that was taped on Wednesday night.

I will try to remember some interesting things:

*  Janelle said that Maggie and April from BB6 went to the AllStars wrap party (BB7).  This was in response to a caller mentioning that Maggie has been hiding her head for years in shame for being so hated by America.  Janelle didn't say anything nice about her, but she said that Maggie came to the wrap party for "her season". 

*  Janelle was sorry to see Captain Kosher leave.  She loved his speech and has grown tired of Brendon's whining.  That is a real turn off for her (and us, too).

*  She still likes Rachel's energy and drive to win, but understands why people think she is annoying.

*.  Janelle said a couple of times that this season is too slow for her and kind of sucks.  Nobody argued with her because after all, she's Janelle.

*  Get this:  She was in a major car commercial (Dodge Ram Truck) and says that Les Moonves "got her that commercial---he told the car company to put her in it!"  I thought that sounded really fishy, but turns out that CBS is involved with the promotion.  So Les can do any fuckin' thing he wants.

I just found a copy of the commercial online---here is the link.

*  I also want to reiterate that some of the callers are very, very scary.  If I were Janelle, I would be extremely concerned for my safety. They seem to know every single thing about her.  One guy even knew her house hunting plans.  And I should say that none of these crazies sound like spring chickens.  They've had lots and lots of time for insane thoughts to fly around up there.

Britney's Assignment to Assess Rachel's Mood

is to do find Rachel and see if she can gauge her mood---is she upbeat, is she sad?

Britney ends up walking right by her in the living room and says sweetly:  "Where you been?"

Rachel, sharply:  The DR.

And stalks right by her.

Matt, watching this on the spy cam in the HOH:  No impulse control!

Now he says that she is definitely pouting and that is not a happy person.

Here comes Britney.  She concurs that Rachel didn't seem happy and says that Rachel has a "very bad poker face".

Matt says they know that Rachel is the target, since there will be a quiz next week for the HOH and "Brendon isn't any good at quizzes".

Matt:  She said it all right there.  Brendon also said over and over and over again that one of them would win POV.  I kept putting in jabs over and over about having big feet, and the will to win, and size having nothing to do with it.....

Britney:  Well, they kept saying that Brendon would win HOH, too.

Matt, to Ragan:  They told me that you and I would be targets next week for whoever got HOH, and that I would go home.  I told them "bring it on", and right after that I got called to the DR and that was the end.

Ragan Points a Finger

at Rachel.  He tells everyone that she is in the DR right now reading a sheet of instructions---America likes drama!

Matt:  No, if that's true they wouldn't have given it to Jeff!

Britney:  Or they wouldn't have voted for Kaysar!  He had no drama at all.

Ragan is really working his agenda that because the DR called in Rachel right after Matt, there is some sort of "smoke screen".

Ragan:  If you read the blogs, the HG who think they are America's favorites always say that America hates the opposing team, and it is always the exact opposite!  (implying that maybe America loves Brendon and Rachel and hates them)

Britney ain't having it:  Ragan, I am going to say this ONE MORE TIME..if America liked Rachel, I wouldn't be asked the questions I am in the DR!


Hayden:  This is really intense...whether it is good or bad, it is really intense and this is fun.

When we come back Britney is calling Brendon's foot the ToeMare on Elm Street.

ha ha ha  They killed a big cockroach today and keep joking about it.

Now Ragan and Britney join Matt in the HOH.  They turn on the spy screen so they can watch Rachel's reaction when she comes out of the DR.   If she runs to grab Brendon and talk to him they know they are in trouble.

Britney:  I just can't take the cardiac arrest of her getting some sort of extra power.

The Dijon Chicken Incident

After bitching and moaning about being locked down all night and day, a bunch of HG hole up in the Cabana room to discuss the events today, and obsess over the Pandora's Box.

Britney told Matt that Brendon asked Rachel if she thought Matt lied about the $1 prize.  She mentions the DR and we get DOTS.

Ragan was reliving the whole hissyfit he had with Rachel and Brendon--telling them that Rachel was upset that he "chose Kristin over her".  (The fight was a big nothing that became a huge fucking deal, in my opinion---Rachel accused Ragan of being aligned with Matt and he let her have it.)

Ragan worries that the Pandora penalty will be that America nominates the people on the block.  Matt repeats the story---there was a briefcase and a note that led you to believe there was a lot of money in it.

The briefcase was on a pedestal, under glass.  Once he opened it there was a "$1 card" and a note that said congratulations and to beware of the consequences for the house.  They think that the penalty must be really bad for dramatic purposes.  Matt was hoping midgets would run around.

Ragan:  I think that America chose option A, or B, etc.  Maybe they vote on the Coup D'Etat and who gets it.

Matt: Whey didn't they just put it in the briefcase for me?

Britney points out that Rachel is going nuts right now and really wants time with Matt.  They don't think she can control herself.  Ragan is saying that he thinks the special power would go into Rachel's hands because people like drama!

[Keep in mind that Ragan is the Saboteur!]

Oh...the Dijon Chicken.....When Britney joined the scene, she was seething because Brendon made an executive decision today to make Dijon Chicken with all of the chicken they had in the storage room.

Britney:  He used all of it!  So we can't make barbequed chicken sandwiches all week!

Enzo and Lane

lounge poolside and Enzo mutters under his breath about Brendon calling Rachel "his girlfriend".
Enzo:  I can't wait to be HOH, man, and nominate who I want to....don't disrupt my flow man, don't do it......fuckin' Rachel and Needle Dick!  Matty's gonna nominate them, right?  I mean, don't piss off the Brigade!

Enzo wants to do another tandem DR session with Lane.

Enzo:  I went up there at 4:00 am to ask Matt if he was okay to have the Brigade, Britney and Kathy as the Final Six?  Because Kathy ain't winning shit...I told him that it was hard to talk to him because Ragan is always there!  I understand that he's your boy, and you can't put him up, but we will!

Lane laughs.

Enzo:  You can't shoot your boy, but we can!

The Pandora Process

There was a guy talking to Matt as he read some sort of instructions and went to the door with the big question mark.  Matt was really excited because he thought he would get a big prize and a lot of money.

But there was a "one dollar card" and that's it.  They are trying to guess what that card would be used for, but Matt isn't sure it will be.  There was a note that said congratulations and to beware what would soon be unleashed on the house.

Matt:  I hesitated longer than I thought I would at the door, but when I walked in and saw it I know I looked like a knob---I was yelling and screaming and I thought I won something.

They told Matt what he could and couldn't tell the HG about that.  Matt asked if he could tell everybody that it was a "Final Three Role Reversal" (as a lie) and they told him please don't do that.

Matt goes inside.

Brendon:  Do you think it was really a dollar?  What if he got $10,000, or $20,000?  Wouldn't you just tell everybody you got a dollar?

Rachel:  Why would he even tell us about Pandora's Box?

Brendon:  They probably make him---he had to.

Rachel:  Well, you're allowed to go in the DR and ask, "did Matt really win a dollar?"


Now Britney backs Rachel up by saying that she doesn't think Matt would need to tell anybody.  Natalie only told the HG last year because of all the midgets and stuff that appeared in the house.

TRIVIA Time - Pandora's Box!

So the nominations are at hand.
The answer is either:

a:  Who?
b.  I don't give a shit.
c.  Painting contractor

Oh.....we're back, and it was Pandora's Box, not the nominations.

Matt is apologizing for taking the offer to open the box.

Rachel:  We'd all take it---I would have expected you to.

Matt:  I asked if it was bad, and they said maybe.  And they said that I could uncover great wealth, but I guess that didn't happen.  The secret room was really big--bigger than the other bedrooms, and maybe bigger than the HOH.

Rachel:  Maybe this is what America voted for!

and kissing some ass:

Rachel:  I'm excited for you Matt!

I guess they will have a Saboteur message soon, then.


This is Sunday's episode right here.

Rachel and Matt were trying to get back on track and they could hear Ragan and Brendon going at it oustide.  Rachel walked out to intervene and now Brendon is back in the room with his tail between his legs.

Rachel:  And I really don't need Ragan running around telling the whole house what just happened.

Matt:  He's not.

Rachel:  Yes, he is! I heard him out there.

And now Matt is in the Cabana alone, chuckling while he hears Rachel, Ragan and Brendon going at it in the hall.
Ragan:  Well, when people ask me what just happened in there, I'm going to tell them! (that Rachel just accused them of having an alliance).

This is making Matt's day.

Ragan Begs Matt

to mention sportsmanship in his nomination speech (about Brendon's conduct last night).

Matt:  I'd like to, but I have to think about the jury votes now.  I can't just say fuck you please vote for me later.

Ragan is very sick of being locked down.  They still haven't been outside since last night and Matt says something else is definitely going on.

[I'll bet they are setting up some kind of international game in the backyard to publicize Jeff's trip around the world.]

Matt mentions that "they" made his HOH bed, and he hates it when they do that.

Matt: I know they're trying to be nice, but...


Ragan makes up a cave in the cabana room to demonstrate for BB how Matt would like his bed made.

Ragan:  I just want to know, like how all this happened---when it started for you.

Matt starts to tell a story about a small bathroom in his house growing up, and Rachel storms into the room and listens impatiently for a few seconds.

Rachel:  I'm not going to waste time---I know nominations are coming up and you are going to nominate me and Brendon---I know that no one in the house likes me and once Brendon is gone I will have no friends.  You know that one of us is winning the POV, and you will have to nominate someone else---you know that.

She wants to make a deal.  Ragan offered to leave at the beginning of this and Rachel shook him off and said, "Oh I don't care-I know you two are a team".

Matt appreciates that she came in without Brendon and thanks her for it.  Rachel makes the point that he should play with people who would play hard and protect him.

Matt:  So we duke it out at Final Four?  Why not nip it in the bud before then?

Ragan:  Why am I even here?

(Fucking wussy doesn't want any blood to splash on his keds.]

Ooooo now Ragan and Rachel get into it.  Rachel is being really sarcastic and nasty and you can see Ragan biting his tongue and trying to maintain control.  With his background and self control, Ragan is owning her and her whole conversation that she wanted to have is derailed.

Here come the crocodile fake tears.

Now Brendon Insults the Cinnamon Toast

and mocks it:  Butter and sugar!  That's all it fuckin' is, and everyone is complaining about getting fat.  And like one person ate it, that's all!

Ha ha ha.  He is so pissed whenever anyone gets near his kitchen.

Brendon thinks they should have been able to throw or push people off the paint can.  He pretends to sling Ragan to the side, but thinks Lane would have been a challenge.

[I like listening to this Brendon....this is great.]

Brendon picks up a bunch of cups to take to the kitchen:  No more picking up and washing shit...I'm done..that's it.

Now the Hate Focuses on Ragan

Rachel wishes that BB had cast her gay friend with the afro from Vegas who was in the finals, instead of Ragan.  (because there was only one opening for a gay guy, I guess)

Brendon:  He's like a chick!

Rachel:  I know, but not even a cool chick.  Like a loser chick.

Brendon:  All they do is talk about other seasons and the Real Housewives...c'mon...we're on a reality show and all you want to do is talk about reality shows for hours and hours.  Does Britney even have a job?

Rachel, thinking:  Yes, but all she does is work and go home and watch reality TV.

Brendon: I don't have time for all that.  I am studying all the time, and if I watch TV it's CNN!

Rachel:  Are you that boring?

Now he starts semi-scolding her about how she runs off and avoids him whenever they have conflict.  Blah blah blah blah . (I really think she is so over him.)

Rachel:   Let's go in the DR and do a session about the Lame Losers Club!

Brendon:  No...

Now he does the poor sportsmanship rap again, saying that he needs a challenge that is more fair.  Rachel counters that by saying that in the caramel challenge (in the first week) Matt "just tore through it".

Brendon:  These people don't have body mass...body size...I'm a fucking physicist and I know about centrifrigal force (sp?)...

Rachel, moaning:  Babe, there's nothing we can do about it now...let's just get over it.

They start hating on Ragan again.

Rachel:  He's supposed to be so gay and fabulous, but he's so boring.  And why is Kathy crying with Hayden all the time about Kristin?  She's gone...

Brendon:  And when did they become such good friends with him?  When she was popping the zits on his back?

(This is great.)

Rachel plans to flip out and bitch at everyone today and Brendon says he doesn't care anymore.  I think this will happen at the nomination.

Brendon and Rachel Hate on Britney

Rachel, re Nick and Britney:  Well you know their relationship is so boring...she's never even been to a strip club..

Brendon:  Well, that doesn't matter.  There is more to life than just settling down and waiting to die.

Rachel:  I'll bet they only have sex once a week.

Brendon slams Nick's job (some sort of labwork) and says it's not like he's a doctor or anything.

Rachel:  I can't believe she turned on me so fast..I can't believe it...

Brendon: I can!  She's a bitch!

And he reminds Rachel of Britney's behavior when Monet is there.

Brendon:  Just remember that this is all being recorded...and I don't want people to judge you by little petty comments you make....don't be like that.  I'm not going to be fake nice, I'm just going to be nice.

[I'm not exactly sure what this is all about, but I know that Britney told Matt what they said about how weak he is, and how could Brendon could kill him in a physical challenge.  Matt kept making comments last night about this, so maybe this is what has caused the rift.]


Brendon:  I'm not going to help his wife.  (ha ha ha ha)

Rachel:  I"m not going to hold it against his wife....

Brendon:  Yeah, that's true.

Rachel:  Stacy seems really cool.  What could she possibly see in someone like that?  Someone like....

Brendon:  ..the Gremlin?

Rachel:  Yeah, the Gremlin.  I mean, like everybody in the house calls you you really think that is like, a compliment?

Brendon is very disappointed in Ragan...he and Britney and Matt have all showed their true colors.  You can't look back on this and blame the game for the way you act....

Rachel is ready to turn the focus of the conversation back to her..

Rachel:  Like when you get between me and my man, I'm going to be a bitch and that's who I am!

They kiss. Rachel wants to keep working out.

Rachel:  At least I don't have a flat butt like Britney's. How sad is it to have a flat butt like that.

**And SCENE***

The Worm Turns

and Enzo is already talking to Brendon about joining him and Hayden.

They are whispering very, very softly.

Enzo mentions how it's "Matt and Ragan", "Matt and Ragan" and he's "not even fucking going up there."

Brendon:  I need to go before Rachel goes---she deserves to be here more than I do.

Enzo:  That's why they want her out of here...

He pushes Hayden, saying that "he's like a free agent now".  And says that he thinks Lane likes him, but "him and Britney are tight as shit".

Enzo:  Britney loves Lane, you can tell!

Brendon:  Yeah..always sitting by him and stuff.

Brendon thinks they can offer Matt the $5,000 to bribe him (!!). Enzo says he doesn't trust Matt--and you can't even talk to him without Britney or Ragan being there.

[Some of this is a put on for Brendon, but some of it's not.]

Is This Enzo's Missing Hat?

Sure looks like it could be....

Ha Ha Ha

Hayden is up and is telling Enzo and Lane about how last night Brendon got up to get water, and then Rachel started talking to him and "crying that everyone hates her".

[I happened to see this and posted about it.]

Enzo:  Oh...America hates her!

They are up and showering.  There may be some sort of food or luxury competition today, and we know for sure that Jeff and Jordan will be making an appearance sometime this weekend.

Julie Chen said that they would be "visiting the HG".  I think that means they will be overseeing a competition and maybe staying for dinner.  Maybe Jeff will bring them a grill and cook up some goodies.  That could happen Saturday or Sunday. Jeff is flying to Korea on Monday, so I'm guessing the visit will take place by the end of day on Saturday.

Can you imagine Rachel's behavior during this event?  Ha ha ha.

Of course, nominations will happen today.

Brendon is making breakfast like the kitchen bitch he is.  Enzo is listening to him talk about his running routine and doing a great job of caring.

Enzo:  Yo, we may be locked down for awhile today, due to the dismantlement.

Brendon:  I've never even heard the word dismantlement before...

Happy Hour with Chesia and Missy - From Last Night

The HG are all asleep or passed out right now, so I am listening to Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy--this show aired live last night at 6:00 pm EST.
The special guest is the Captain Kosher himself, Andrew Gordon!  He was a call-in guest only, so he didn't appear on the screen.

And he was a great guest---very articulate and he has been watching all of the episodes and is very into all of the action.  A few choice tidbits:

*  Andrew has a lot of great things to say about Enzo.  He thinks Enzo is hiding his alliance very well and has a great personality.

*  He would like to keep in touch with Brendon and Enzo, and also "Vegas", believe it or not.  He also says that Kathy is a nice person and would probably see her, too.

*  He "can't stand Britney" but thinks she is playing the game well and her diary sessions are very funny.  He says it is clear from watching the show that Britney hates Rachel, but hides it very well in front of her.  He thinks Britney's lack of protection will be her downfall, however.

*  He was cagey when asked, but it doesn't sound like he's the one who stole the Red King chess piece.  He thinks that chess piece is in the same place as Enzo's hat, which went missing in the early days of the game.  He implied that people come in the house and move things around---I think he would have confessed if he had taken it.

*  He says he is getting A LOT more attention out of the house than when he was in it.  Everyone who approaches him says they loved his speech (THE speech) and they also respect his faith.

*  He doesn't think Kristin will even want to sit next to him at the finale but Chelsia assures him that they can end up as BFFs--being out of the game changes things and she even "talks to Natalie now".  I guess that is Chatty Natty from BB9.  Ewww.  Andrew is skeptical about Chelsia's forecast.

*  Andrew would have loved to be the Saboteur and thinks Annie did as well as she could under the circumstances.  He said that when the lights went out, it was pitch black and he couldn't see a thing.  Even after watching the TV show, he still doesn't understand why Brendon got up to brush his teeth.  He said he got up "to have fun" but he has no idea why Brendon did that.

*  He "clicked immediately" with Brendon and felt they have a lot in common.  He mentioned their shared love of science (even though Brendon didn't know he was a doctor) and the fact that they were both clean and not slobs.

*  He doesn't understand Ragan's game now that he's out of the house---he said he backstabs everybody and doesn't seem to have a plan.

*. He thanked America for the baby food--he couldn't touch the slop since it wasn't kosher, so he lived on the baby food and iced tea.  (Maybe protein shakes too but I don't remember if he mentioned that.)

*  Andrew has the live feeds and seemed kind of sheepish about it.  He feels bad for some of the people that he sees, but does not elaborate much beyond that.

After Andrew hung up, a caller called in and asked about Ragan's tattoo on his arm.  They said that it reads "sometimes a dream can make you a slave".  OK.  Whatever.

Rachel: Boo Hoo

Rachel is lying in bed, crying and talking to Hayden about how "she has nobody" and "everybody hates her" and "everybody blames her".

Hayden:  I understand--I have nobody now.  Nobody talks game to me right now.

Brendon comes into the room and it is very dark--he is feeling his way around to find the bed and crawl in.  He took off his shirt and crawled in beside Rachel.
Rachel:  My life, like, is like so different from my life here.