Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dude, I'm Like Sore Already!

Rachel is talking about already having some appearances lined up in Vegas after the show.  She says she can get appearances for both she and Ragan pretty easily, and starts talking about them co-hosting a party at Crave.

Ragan has never been to Crave, and apparently Rachel finds this unbelievable--it is the biggest gay party in Vegas.  Ragan is open to the idea. Rachel can get them a free room somewhere.

She is really trying to be a great friend now and has dropped a lot of the annoying laughing and giggling.  Just talking like a normal person.  She keeps dropping pseudo bribes about hooking everybody up in Vegas.

But no one really acts that enthused.

Rachel mentions a guy in semi-code, "afro" who was apparently a BB finalist who works at the Fashion Place mall in Vegas---she "like, totally knows him".

Britney: I think that competition was easier for tall people because you didn't have to bend your arms.

Brendon:  I think it was harder for tall people, because our center of gravity is higher.

Britney:  It would have helped, too, for me not to have the bar in the middle of my back. That really hurt.

Matt agrees.

Brendon:  Well, if you have big was hard.  My feet were hanging off the whole time.

Matt:  There were pros and cons for both...

Brendon:  I thought the challenge would involve running.

Matt:  Running?  Where you gonna run?

Lots of laughs on that.  We will hear about that again, too.

Shout Outs to the BB Crew

Matt said a  few minutes ago that the setup in the back yard was just incredible and it was so awesome to be involved with that challenge.

They hear a sound on the other side of the glass and Matt quickly raps on it and asks "do you mind?  we're trying to talk here."

They laugh.

Britney:   Steve P. loves us...he loves us.

Someone else repeats it.

Matt says that Mike is usually a "stick in the mud" but tonight he was relaxed and fun.

Matt: I think they were really excited about he competition...

DOTS.  They are talking about the production team.

Rachel:  I wonder why there is only one Have Not this week...

Ragan:  Because it's sadistic and fucked up!

Rachel is sawing away with her emory board.  Why isn't she hanging out with Brendon, whereever he is?  Oh they are saying he is in the DR.  Probably crying.

Relief in the Cabana Room

They quickly discuss the situation--Brendon and Rachel are being nominated (Obvie!) and they discuss which of the two they want out.

Britney told Matt just before the competition that Rachel said he was a weakling, and Matt points out that comment fueled him and made him want to win.

Matt:  Rachel might be like that...she might even be stronger then (if Brendon leaves).  But I'm leaning towards her cracking without him....

Kathy is going up if one of the two of them gets off the block---this is what they decided when they were up on the paint can, when they knew one of them would win.

Ragan offered Kristin the use of  his West Hollywood apartment for the rest of the BB season---he has friends "in the building who will totally take care of her".

Ragan:  She is a great girl and I totally trust her....

[Ragan told both Kristin and Hayden about this offer a few days ago.]
Rachel:  What do you think the viewers are thinking?  About all this?

Matt:  What do you mean?

Rachel:  It's pretty strange---I mean the HOH is me, you, me you.  And the POV is Brendon, Britney, Brendon, Britney...

The house is out of food and Ragan thinks that they won't even have a food competition.  Matt wishes they would have one, just for the comraderie and the entertainment.

[I know there is NO WAY IN HELL that Matt won't open Pandora's Box---he loves the twists and turns and scary stuff in the game.]

They both say that this was much harder than the surfing challenge, due to the centrifugal force.  (sp?)  When it started spinning, it was really hard to hang on.

The paint spewing in the face was the worst for Matt---he was blinded with paint and this really bothered him the whole competition.  Whenever the paint brush "missed" Britney, it always hit Ragan.

Rachel said Enzo talked the whole time, and Lane thought it sounded like he could be there all night.

Britney:  I literally thought, before Kathy dropped, that I would be the first one off!

Ragan thought the same thing.  It took about 15 minutes to get the hang of it and figure out what to do.

Britney:  If you moved your hand on the bar, it was really slippery aferwards.

The Clean Up Begins

Lots of laughs for most of the HG while they wait for the shower.
Britney and Ragan are in the shower together, to save time and hot water.  Rachel remembers to start making friends and asks why she can't get in the shower with them.

Britney:  Because you're not DIRTY!

Kathy went outside to have a smoke and is back already. Matt jokes that America voted for Beer & Cigarettes for her.

Matt:  We'll go in there and the cigarettes will all be stacked up!

Enzo:  Yo, Kathy made the best deal!

Kathy's punishment starts...NOW!

Matt Wins Again

and Rachel is starting to suck up.  They all file inside.

Kathy is the only Have Not this week.  Rachel went back out in the yard to get a few of their jackets and stuff.

Britney:  We all look cute in our own way.

I hear Kathy ask "Micheal" if he can hear her, and we get TRIVIA.

I'm positive Kathy is asking BB if she can smoke.  If that is real paint in the backyard, she may just light the place up with one flick of the lighter.

It's Down to Ragan and Matt. Again.

Hayden, Lane & Britney just fell.

Interestingly enough, while TRIVIA was onscreen.  Hmmm..

Kathy ran over to cradle Hayden, who was laying on his back.

TRIVIA, Immediately.

Ragan:  Are you fucking kidding me? 

He doesn't believe it.

Ragan starts talking to Matt about a deal----is Matt 100% "comfortable with that"?  Ragan says, "I mean strategically..."

The two of them are still hanging on and it seems easy. Matt comments that it is another good challenge for their body types.

The big paint brush slaps them and Matt talks back to it "give it to me".
It sounds like Ragan thinks Kathy will leave the house--and it sounds like he wants to let Matt win again.

(You can't tell me that Matt would waste another HOH on something like that.)

(I just want to point out that Brendon went on and on this morning to Rachel about how Matt's body was for shit and he had no where near the strength he had.)

Ragan:  BB is paying my cleaning bill!

This Challenge is So Cool

Britney and Matt are keeping up the constant chatter, most of which seems destined to piss Brendon off.

Britney: I owe all of my endurance to my stellar diet!

Matt:  I would think this would be easier if we were taller!

They all keep yelling Bring It On! Which is a familiar phrase for Rachel, isn't it?

Only Hayden is hunching over--everybody else looks strong.  But Lane is hunching over, too.

Enzo yells:  I want to be back up there!

Brendon is Down!

And he's spewing the F word like crazy.

Enzo and Kathy are down.

Rachel is trying to be supportive but Brendon is PISSED.  And a poor sport, too.

Brendon:  Why don't they give us a challenge that isn't for people with small feet?

BB knows the stakes are high for Brendon, and keeps a camera on him for the drama.

A Conservative Dress for Rachel

tonight--I guess it's all relative.  She cut her leg shaving.

Enzo prepares to shower.  Will he have any hot water?
If the water is cold, he is sure doing a good job keeping his mouth shut.  I think Rachel needs to wear some Spanx with that.  Maybe vomit a few times, too.
And who will vacuum the house before the Live Show now that Captain Kosher has been banished?  One guess:
Brendon the Martyr.  He is actually moving the furniture--a sure sign of serious vacuuming.
I hate to do it, but I have to go take care of the pooch and get ready to go to school tonight.  I will see you back here after the Live Show. 

Enzo is Ready to Blow

and whispers to Hayden that he is "sick of hearing those two tawlk" and "this one tawlk", and he just wants it to be the four of them (Brigade) to fight it out at the end.

Rachel is in the shower.

Enzo:  What the fuck?  She's been in there forever!

Hayden:  There's probably no hot water now.

Enzo: were the HOH and you didn't take a shower yet?  What the fuck?  And now Kathy wants to take one too?  Where is she going...what's she gettin' ready for?

Enzo wants to put up Brendon and Rachel this week--then Ragan and Britney and maybe Kathy.

Enzo:  Ragan and Kathy--I just can't take it anymore--and Britney--she never fucking shuts up!

Hayden:  Next week we can fly the Brigade flag outright...

Enzo:  Ragan says the same shit over and over and over--yo I can't take it!  And Matt is gettin' too close to him..he needs to go.

Hayden agrees, Ragan needs to go.  They hear Kathy talking down the hall.

Enzo, whispering furiously:  Shut up Kathy!

Enzo knows Ragan likes Britney, Lane and Matty--the rest of them will be nominated if Ragan ever wins HOH.

[I'd like to see Enzo win HOH---I think we'd be in for some laughs this week.]

Pre-Show Tension

Matt tells them last week about his chat with Julie in the HOH Room.  He tells them it was a quick in and out and downplays it, letting them think that it was just one question.

Brendon is in Jumanji trying to bond with them.  They asked him if he was going to move his stuff in there and he said he wasn't sure.

Britney cracked that he would just leave it at the bottom of the stairs (i.e. he will win HOH) and they all laugh.  Brendon talked some smack this morning about eating slow-release carbohydrates today (like oatmeal) so that he would have superior performance in the endurance competition tonight.  They have been making snide comments about that all morning.

They think Julie will ask a question tonight about the movie--Enzo is prepared with a funny answer but doesn't tell the group what it is so they can be surprised, too.  They think Julie will show clips of the worst team in the Have Not competition since it was such a disaster.

I haven't heard Kristin say much of anything today.  Why change now, huh?
Ragan is mimicking Kathy during that competition:  Ya'll wait...slow down!

They all crack up.  Ragan points out that their team did not have a "brute force male" to push the cop car along.    Brendon thought the ramp would get his team, since the weight of Hayden and Enzo was in front---if they fell backwards, they knew they would be in trouble so they did it as fast as they could.

I am starting to watch for signs of someone acting strange---i.e. the Saboteur.  Unfortunately I am teaching tonight so I can't watch the CBS show when it comes on at 8:00 EST.  I am tempted to call in sick, but teachers can't do that......

I am going to watch the CBS show when I get home and then will report live on the endurance competition.  I might get too excited and log in to the Live Feeds before I watch the show---it will ruin some surprises for me but I think waiting to watch an endurance competition will end up being the harder choice.

Reporting endurance results live, with pictures, is one of the most exciting things about my Feed Watcher job.

Lockdown Over

and Lane and Britney have a mini-smackdown in the hallway.
Lane:  If Nick could see this, would he get mad?

Britney:  Yes.

She went to the Jumanji room to nap and started seething immediately over Brendon.

Britney:  He's like the world's biggest douchbag!  I can't take it anymore. I want to kick him  in the nutsac zipper!

Ragan fell asleep during the lockdown, and missed some of the conversation.   Britney says they just spent an hour talking about Nick, and Brendon kept asking her "how tall is he again?" and then said "watch--when we meet Nick he'll be like 5'6" and 130!".

Britney:  Like, who cares?  What a douchebag!

[I think I have heard Britney say that Nick is 6'2".  But think about it--isn't Brendon indirectly slamming Matt and Ragan with those subtle putdowns about size?]

This is one of the best shots I have seen of Lane.
Britney:  Ragan---what about if the Saboteur comes back tonight in the middle of the show and sends the first HG to the Jury House?  Or nominates the next two people to go home?

Ragan likes that idea, but goes off on a tangent about other possibilities that aren't possible.

[I assume the Saboteur has already been presented with the choice, or will be in the next hour or so.  Maybe Britney bringing this up is her way to point out later that there is no way it could be her!  I hate to say it, but middle America who doesn't watch the feeds or read the internet updates (or my internet updates, anyway) probably loves Brendon and would vote for him to be the Saboteur.]

More For Your Entertainment Dollar

I just want to point out that these are the posts that have appeared on in the past hour or so.

And that's all I have to say about that.

*Britney talking about her boyfriend nick to lane brendon matt rachel NT
Willstheman44 0   08/05/10 11:35 AM
*Still on HOH LD.
SouthernBelladonna370 0   08/05/10 10:41 AM
*The HGs are in HOH LD.
SouthernBelladonna492 0   08/05/10 10:03 AM

Another Argument Brews....

between Rachel and Brendon, but this is happening in front of everyone in the HOH lockdown.

Rachel:  Brendon, are you saying that you wouldn't take care of my two friends if you went out to dinner with us?

Brendon:  You mean pay for them too?  And they make more money than me?  No!

Matt tries to help:  I wouldn't pay for two of Stacy's friends.

Brendon:  Your friends make more money than me---I'm a grad student!  And I feel like your friends would eat and drink lavishly!  (ha ha ha)  It's not like I wouldn't want to, but for me to have to put it on a credit card and then work to pay that is fucked up for you to even put me in that situation.

Matt:  Exactly.

Now Rachel is playing games asking if certain things would upset Brendon---like if an old guy friend took her out to dinner and it is her sister's old boss, or if some guy paid for Rachel to go to a cabin with another girlfriend...

The information gets really specific, so it's obvious that this is something that has actually happened.


I'm actually sorry I won't be able to hear Kristin and Kathy trash talk about this later...they love to talk about what a whore Rachel is.

I predict some drunken crying over this conversation later tonight.


Now Rachel is asking Brendon if her sister and her boyfriend came to Vegas, would Brendon ever say "let me get this".  Brendon is answering angrily about them "ordering Platinum drinks" and is getting loud about it.

Still Locked Down.

And Britney has been telling everyone about Nick, her fiance.  He plays a lot of golf and when he hits a good shot he says "who's got a big ole dick!".  They all roar over that and make her repeat it.

He gets really upset when he plays badly and hits things with his clubs.  Britney has to tell him to calm down.  He doesn't get upset over bowling--just golf.  Nick eats beef jerky and drinks PowerAde on the golf course.

His friend is named JB and Matt wants to meet him at the wrap party.  She doubts he will be there.  They all want to meet Summer Conquest, Britney's best friend.


You can see that Hayden is still sacked out on the floor.

Summer drives a black Honda Accord and smokes.  Her boyfriend wears argyle, though, and is a duck hunter.  Matt doesn't think Summer's relationship is going to work.  Britney says that is why she has to be careful what she says--they may have already broken up.

Britney wants to set up Summer with Lane and says she will think Lane is hilarious.  It is funny that they are all talking about Summer like they know her.

Britney:  She loves guys who like to hunt and fish..

Matt:  She's perfect for Lane.

Lane:  Does she have a beard too?

Summer is thin but not too skinny.  She loves wine every night, but she likes to drink cocktails when she goes out.  She lives by herself and always loses earrings when she goes out. There is a picture of her on Britney's Facebook page wearing duckhunting gear.

For some reason this all interests me.  Sorry Summer.  Blame Britney.

Maybe Brendon Needs to Watch His Back

He is telling Matt and Ragan about when he used to work with the Scientologists.

It was a merchant fee sales job (credit card processing costs) and he describes how he had to read all of L.Ron Hubbard's books for the job, and his sales training.  The sales training involved doing role plays with a rock, and also exercises where he and a sales girl had to "like, stare at each other for 15 minutes".

Brendon thinks that was designed to make you more comfortable in uncomfortable situations.  He says the Scientologists are "very odd people", and that people involved with the religion were always milling around.

Brendon:  I know someone who knew L.Ron Hubbard and he said he wanted to start a religion because that was the best way to make money (tax free)..

[That is a widely-published quote that I doubt Brendon heard first-hand from someone who knew L. Ron Hubbard.]

Ragan, quickly interrupting:  I am actually friends with L.Ron Hubbard's grandson.

They all turn to him.

Matt:  Is he a Scientologist too?

Ragan:  No, he is one of the most vocal opponents of the religion.  People fly him around the world to have him speak against it.

Matt:  Is his name Hubbard?

Ragan:  No, it's Jamie Kennedy---as far away from the name as he could get.


I found this info about Jamie Kennedy--he actually changed his name to Jamie DeWolf in 2006 so I'm not sure how close Ragan is to him.  Jamie is a slam poet, so that is probably how Ragan knows him.

Very interesting, huh?

Up and At 'Em

and on a Thursday morning, that means an HOH Room Lockdown.  This Thursday, however, the group is actually ineracting with one another.  Maybe everyone isn't there yet---I know Kristin in in the HOH bathroom.
Britney used to have "straight across bangs" and she liked the way they looked, but "you had to fix your hair every day".

Brendon:  What if when we went downstairs the Spice Girls were there?  And they were the only ones who would appear for $5,000?

(I swear I don't make this up.)

Britney:  Rachel I was Baby Spice for Rush one time.

Brendon, trying to hard:  Scary was the only one I didn't like.

They say that Posh used to look way better back then.

Britney:  I think she's had some face work.

Rachel:  She's had A LOT of face work.

Rachel is packing up (because after the HOH lockdown she has to check out of the HOH suite like a mere mortal) and holds up a slutty silver top that they say looks like bondage.

Hayden is sleeping on the floor in the middle of all this, and I think Kathy is, too.  Matt is under the covers with Enzo, I think.

Rachel offers some of her wardrobe pieces to Britney if she has something that she needs to "spice up".  It is so obvious that Rachel is clamoring for Britney's approval and attention. 

Rachel:  What is your favorite store Britney...where do you get most of your stuff?

Britney:  I buy a lot of stuff at ......


Big Fat Rumor

As you know Jeff Schroeder is traversing the globe this summer on Around the World For Free.

Apparently he is traveling to L.A. this afternoon---rumor has it he will appear on the show, maybe even stay in the house!

Flashback From Last Night #9

This Flashback starts about about 10:30 pm BB time. I think the pictures speak for themselves.
They rank on Kristin for awhile, and now Kathy.  They are trying to imagine what Kathy is going to be like after Kristin is gone.

Britney:  She will bang on the sliding door saying she needs to go out and get fresh air, and then shove a cigarette in her mouth the second she gets out there.

Rachel describes how Kathy would come up there to the HOH during her first reign and would jump right in on every conversation and agree all the time.  She acted like she had never heard anything about the show.

Britney, imitating her:  Did ya'll hear there was a prize at the end of this?

Rachel:  If you're so worried about your kids and your health, why are you smoking a pack a day?  And why are you drinking a gallon of sweet tea?

Britney tells Rachel that people are starting to really get on her nerves and she can barely hide it. And how Kathy told Britney she had never been to Fayetteville....she's never been anywhere else in Arkansas, much less the rest of the US.

Flashback From Last Night #8

Enzo used to be in a group called The Henchman---that's where he was "White Squall".

They were going to perform at the town fair, but they "couldn't get their shit together".

Enzo:  We were so hyped on weed we'd try to do stuff, and then a few days later we'd be....what the fuck?

Matt:  Does anybody have any long lost tapes of The Henchmen?

Enzo:  Yeah, one guy...

Lane:  But he's locked up!

Flashback From Last Night #7

Back in Jumanji, the talk continues about their singing group.
Nick, Britney's fiance is going to be involved too.  (He is a lab technician and I think he works with blood.)
Nick is going to do all of the band's drug tests and then release the bad results to the media for publicity.

Enzo:  Britney you can be our Fergie.

Britney:  Yeah, but I won't pee in my pants.  (ha ha ha)

Matt:  We also need a Janet Jackson type deal.

Enzo:  Yeah, we definitely need some boobage.  And Nick can do that, if you want him too.  He can run out on stage and grab your top..

Britney:  And act like he's never seen it before..

Enzo:  Yeah, than we can run over and taser him and shit...

[I would buy a ticket to this hot mess.]

Britney:  Or Hayden could lasso him!

Matt:  Yeah, Hayden can lasso him from the DJ booth.

Enzo:  And then we can taser him!

Lane might wear an orange prison jumpsuit but with the sleeves cut off.

Enzo:  You could do that...and change it up...but I'm not gonna do it.

There are also midgets running around, but I'm not clear on their involvement. 

Flashback From Last Night #6

Brendon:  Matt's a fucking slimeball---he has to go!
They both want Matt out and say their initial instincts about him were "always correct".  They think the fact that Matt hasn't come up to speak with them this week indicates that he is going to put them up if he wins HOH.

They also think there are "no strong alliances" in the house and that "no one will stick their neck out there".

Brendon thinks it is going to be a physical endurance contest and might be like "the hot chocolate thing". 

Brendon:  Why do you think I'm eating pasta?  I'm an endurance athelete!  Matt may have done a couple of fucking situps but that's all he's done in his life!

Rachel:  What if it's hanging?  Do you think Matt can hang on?

Brendon:  No!  I'm hanging on for my life!

[Uh, Brendon he beat you last time....handily.]

Flashback From Last Night #5

Miscellaneous Stuff:

* Enzo drives some sort of 2009 Lincoln that  he brags about.  I think the HG are impressed.

* Hayden drives a "four-door Saturn with dent resistent doors".  Enzo:  Yeah, they're dent-resistent, they're plastic!  Hayden: True story!

* Enzo is sometimes finished with his insurance adjuster job by 9:00 or 10:00 am every day.  He hasn't been doing real estate lately "because of the baby".  (or maybe the shitty economy)

*  Their stage show is going to have florescent blood flowing from Hayden's lasso.  Britney is going to come out during Hayden's act to introduce the band and they are "going to come running out of the gremlin cage".

Enzo:  I'm not going to run out, yo. I'm going to walk out hard....start doing my shit.

So funny.  Too bad CBS would have to bleep out the really funny parts.

*  Hayden might be MC Beastly Beats.  Enzo can be "Dwight Puddin'"---"there's nothing better than that--that's hard as shit".

*  Lane is going to wear a wife beater, Dickie's and a doo rag.  Enzo:  You've got to do different beard shit every time---that can be your thing man.  That would be hard a shit.

[I keep laughing out loud while I watch this.  So entertaining.]

Flashback From Last Night #4

They continue their long-running comedy bit about having their own muscial group.

Enzo is hilarious when this starts, and boasts about how "his shit will be hard", and that "magic will be made in the studio".  They are all cracking up.  One of his stage rap names will be "White Squall".

Since Matt is the one with the "legitimate" singing voice, he will sing and Enzo and Lane will rap.  I think Britney will just be the tamborine girl and the groupie wrangler.  Hayden will always be shirtless and will come out on stage with a flourescent lasso to warm up the crowd.

Matt says that he has been doing solo stuff for the last year so he is free to join the group.

Matt says that working in the studio is the best time in the world---you drink all the time, play video games, and just make "fucking incredible music".

Matt:  Taking a girl in the studio is the best---much more impressive than taking them to a show.  You can't just take anybody to the studio..

Enzo:  Yo, your balls will hurt.

Matt:  Yeah, you take a girl in the studio and you'll be balls deep for sure.

Matt used to have a pierced ear but it closed up.  He wore a little loop earring.

Matt:  I was kind of fat then, too.  I was a mess.

Brendon has joined the group and seems to be quietly trying to fit in---I'm sure he is ready for some humor and fun after what he usually has to deal with all day in there.

Britney:  Everybody in high school was piercing their ear cartilage, way up high.  But my parents said no.

They discuss which ear piercing means you are gay.  Matt's piercing was strictly heterosexual.

Ragan:  When I was a kid I pierced my ear myself and my dad said "you'll get AIDS from that!"

Hayden likes the small nose piercings, with just a little sparkly dot.  Matt likes that too.  Matt also likes eyebrow piercing sometimes, but it "really depends on the girl".  Britney shows them where Miley Cyrus has the top of her hand pierced and none of the guys like that.

Ragan starts doing his "Sexy Bitch Abs" infomercial, which is pretty funny.  I think this will be on the CBS show soon, in order to build Ragan's fan base.  (He isn't exactly getting a great edit on the show and the fans don't seem to like him in the polls.  Because he isn't a beauty, I think they need to show his funny side for a change.  He is always so dead serious on the CBS show.)

Ragan:  Hi my name is Ragan Fox and you might know my from my blockbuster role on Big Brother 12.......

He takes one of his "cellphone calls" during the shooting of the informercial and it is funny.

Flashback From Last Night #3

After eating, Enzo puts together a loose schedule that includes a nap, then doing abs later in the living room if they can't go outside to work out.

He left his dishes in the kitchen for someone else (Brendon) to do.  He feels good so he starts to do the Enzo Show.

Enzo:  I just leave my shit where ever...I don't give a fuck!  My wife is probably glad I'm gone---she's probably partying and shit--she don't know what is going on with the season...

Britney:  She's not even watching it!
Britney:  She keeps watching Jersey Shore and waits for you to show up on there!

Enzo:  She probably just keeps watching Jersey Shore!

Aha!  Brendon makes an appearance---I can hear him but I can't see him on my Flashback camera.  He starts talking about the fish and what he's going to do to it.

Enzo:  My wife probably got a new dawg, a new house, I'll probably be in the spare room.....

Brendon is really quiet, and the room is quiet now.  Enzo plans to "go in the Taj, put his Ipod in and go to sleep"

Brendon looks at the sauce:  Did you guys put some meat in the sauce?
They say yes.  He doesn't ask what kind.

Matt:  It's really well seasoned---got a kick to it.  (ha ha ha)
Enzo:  What's Rachel, sleepin'?

Brendon:  Yeah...I didn't take a nap today....

Now Britney and Matt are in Jumanji and are cracking up about the spice comment.  Britney sneeze really loud.  Enzo threatens to go to sleep for the night, yo.

Britney:  No, you need to go talk to Kristin about your vote.

Enzo:  What are we doin' here?  We got two more months...can you talk two more months of this?

Lane:  Don't say that....

Britney:  I think we're having fun...

Enzo:  I want to do a quadruple elimination in here---kick two people out and let them take two with 'em.
Now he and Lane joke about leaving the game, maybe during the Live Show.

Lane:  You can just get up and leave with the person who is going home--make sure your bag is packed.

Enzo:  I'm just going to wait until somebody nominates me and then punch 'em in the face and it's a wrap.  At least I get to hit somebody, know what I mean?

They must hear Rachel in the kitchen.

Enzo:  Ah fuck, she's up.....Wilma's up.

(ha ha ha Wilma...I haven't heard that one yet.)

Enzo can't wait to read his HOH letter from his wife.  He doesn't even want to read it out loud.

Enzo:  You's can all see the basket, and then leave.

Britney giggles.

Enzo: I'll take my letter in the bathroom and read it there.

That must be Matt's letter Enzo has now. (???)
Britney hears Ragan interacting with Brendon and Rachel in the kitchen and asks the guys if they think Ragan has a deal with them.

They agree it was maybe a one week deal, at most.

Britney:  Were you in there when Brendon and Rachel were talking about living together?  And all of her experiences living with her ex-boyfriend?  She got kicked out after 6 months but they stayed together.  She invaded his space or something like that, her stuff was everywhere. 

Lane:  I lived with a girl for a year--or she lived with me.

Britney:  Did you like it?

Lane:  Yeah.  She cleaned up all the time, and always had food ready...

Britney:  I like living with someone.

Lane:  Then I needed my space, so...moved to an apartment.

Britney:  You moved to an apartment?

Lane:  No.  She did.  It was my house.

Britney:  Well, they talked about how she had to move to LA.....


Britney:   Lane, "somebody" (DR) asked me today about you choking me out.  And then they asked me what type of woman you should marry.


Flashback From Last Night #2

The pasta is ready and Ragan and Britney drain it over the sink.  The steam is really hot and there is some pain involved.

Enzo wants to just take the noodles and add some butter--he doesn't want the "gravy". (I lived in NY and that is what the Italians call the red sauce---"Sunday gravy".)

Even Kristin shows up for this late lunch, and Kathy, too.  Here is Kristin's plate.
These people don't have a lot of manners.  They all sit down and start eating and don't wait for everybody else.  I guess like a big family--maybe you have to eat fast if you want to have a chance to grab seconds.  Someone asks if this is ground turkey in the sauce but it is ground beef--no more ground turkey.

Enzo put butter and lemon on his pasta.  Someone is drinking apple juice with their meal. (Isn't that weird for an adult?)  Enzo would like a "nice piece of fish" later but he wants to make his simply--not with all the sauces and stuff.

Britney:  That fish is frozen solid right now.

Enzo:  Maybe Brendon will cast his spell on it later. (sarcastically)

Hayden isn't much for dinner conversation.  Kristin trimmed his hair earlier today but it doesn't look very different, does it?
They are on lockdown inside right now and not sure if they will get to go outside before the Live Show.  They hear some hammering and banging out there.

Britney:  Just for fun, I think they should have some noises out there to freak us out, like tigers growling or Jurassic sounds...

Flashback From Last Night #1

And let me first apologize for yesterday--I got really drunk at a business meeting in the afternoon and I just didn't feel like posting when I got home.  I'm not a daytime drinker, apparently.

OK.  We pick up the Flashback at 6:00 pm, and I immediately see something I didn't expect---people are actually playing chess!  You don't see that very often in BB12, even though there are/were some intellectuals on the cast.

Britney and Matt are playing, but I can't tell who is winning.
I tried to figure it out but I can't---sorry.  Here's something else to figure out--what is going on with Matt in this picture?
The game ends abruptly and they decide to "go and make garlic bread".  Britney says that she can be around Ragan all day and it feels fine, but if she is around Hayden or Enzo too long, they really get on her nerves.

Britney:  Let's make plain old garlic bread...if you want we can put on a little rosemary, and vanilla...(making fun of Brendon).

Matt opens the spice cabinet to jokingly display all their spices----maybe use some coffee creamer?
It seems that hell is freezing over, because Hayden and Ragan are cooking, too, and Brendon is nowhere to be found.  Did they ask him first if that is okay?  I'm scared he's going to show up suddenly and start getting pissy.

Ragan and Hayden have browned what looks like ground beef and are adding marinara sauce.  Ragan asks if he is being to obnoxious about space at the stove and Hayden says no, you're fine.

Britney and Matt are using plain white bread to make their garlic bread.  Unless someone else goes into Solitary Confinement, I guess there will be no more baguettes.  They have some good teamwork going there.
Ragan comes over and they start making fun of Brendon again.

Britney:  Can you go saute some garlic for us?  We're going to need ten cloves.

Somebody must be asleep in the control room, because Britney and Matt are muttering about their DR sessions and how they were asked to do imitations of the other HG in there.  Matt says that he starts venting and going off on tangents in there.

Britney:  There is never enough time to cover everything..

Britney is calling the bread Saboteur Garlic Bread.  (they must know something)  Someone made toast earlier in the toaster and just left the bread in there.  Britney thinks Friday's food competition will be fun.

Britney:  I hope we get some more Britney (Spears) in the morning.  (it was the wake up call)

Hayden demonstrates how Britney had her eyes half-closed on second, and then was full out booty shaking the next.   Matt said she had a rat's nest on her head.

Britney:  I still had my bite guard on---it wasn't pretty.

Britney lends a hand with the pasta sauce and the pasta.
They joke about putting 5 tablespoons of rosemary in there, and several cloves of garlic.  Also 6 Froot Loops and a Krackle Bar, for "extra flavor".  (all jabs at Brendon)

While they wait for dinner, Hayden performs a tutorial with the lasso for Matt.  "Real ropes" are much easier to work with, because they are stiffer.
Matt:  Did you ask for a rope, or did they just give it to you?

Hayden:  They just gave it to me..(I guess in his HOH basket)

Matt: It's a good toy for the house.

I don't think Matt practicing the lasso in the kitchen is a good idea....but maybe it's just me.  Matt is certainly no cowboy.
Those pink packages on the counter are frozen halibut that they don't think will be ready for tonight--I guess Brendon is defrosting it.  The garlic bread must smell really good, because here come Enzo and Lane.

BB:  Enzo--Knock it Off!  (I don't know what he was doing.)

Lane has some chips and salsa and Ragan starts doing his "cellphone act" to make Britney laugh.
Ragan's act will probably end up on TV if he stays on the show much longer because they will need to find a way to endear him to the fans (I don't think that's happening now, from some of the polls I have seen.)  The act involves him  simulating a cellphone conversation with his battery pack and gossiping about the HG to his friend.

Britney, interrupting the call:  Me?

Ragan:  No, not you.  Britney other friend.

It is really funny and a good gag.  As you can see the garlic bread is out of the oven.
Britney eats a slice and it is very crunchy.  Enzo starts getting loud about the spices on it:  Crushed Reese cups,  grated orange peel, vanilla, six Jujubes.....

Britney:  I'm not really picking up the cilantro....(ha ha ha)

The bread is very salty.  Enzo shoves a piece in his mouth.

Enzo:  Very should have taken some bruschetta and crushed it up and .......

Enzo, now serious:  Simple is better.  Way better.