Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Crunch Crunch Crunch

Ragan enjoys Britney's cinnamon toast, which does look delicious.
Ragan: It tastes homemade.

Lane likes it, too.
Lane is cracking wise already today, and doesn't even appear to drink coffee.  He is looking at the memory wall and is wondering if Monet, Annie, and Captain Kosher are watching the show now.

Lane:  I'm trying to put myself in their shoes.  To me, after being on here, even being on the show and getting kicked off is a big deal!

Ragan:  I think the Captain is finger-banging some girl right now, and she's coming.

Lane:  What?

Ragan tells the story about Andrew telling everybody that he fingered some stranger on the plane and he said "she came".  Ragan is skeeving out over this and I don't blame him.

Lane is joking around about Ragan's "comma, Fruit" comments the other day.  They are having fun with that.

Meanwhile, in the HOH suite, Rachel is planning to bleach her hair again, and then put strawberry highlights in it.  She is worried the DR will try to stop her, since they don't want her to be a blonde.
Rachel, to BB:  Don't worry, this bleach isn't like, going to like, bleach my hair.

She is slapping a tube of something over and over to shake it up.  Now she is drilling Brendon about the sequence of events in the game to get him ready for Thursday night.

I think there may be a fight sooner than later---they are both very testy today.

Britney Loves George

Foreman, that is.  She has a red one "with removable plates" and Rachel has a shiny white one.

Britney stirs some of Rachel's French toast batter.

Britney: I put powdered sugar on my French toast.

Brendon, sharply: don't put any sugar in your French toast, do you?

(What a dick.)

Rachel:  No, not inside.  But I do like powdered sugar on mine, and syrup.

Brendon:  That's a lot of sugar.

Britney:  I put about a half cup of sugar in my coffee cup.

Kathy, Britney and Rachel start talking about Captain D's, and other delicious fried items.

Rachel:  We need to do some real southern cooking one day in here.

Brendon, even more sharply:  So we can all be fat?

(What a total dick.)

Rachel, impatiently:  Well, some people eat that way Brendon.

He asks Britney:  What are hushpuppies?

Britney: Fried cornbread.  It's delicious...

Brendon:  I don't even eat fried food. 

(Whatever, fucktard.)

Britney, quickly:  You're missin' out.

Rachel looks at herself in the glass over the sink:  My outfit's cute, but I look rough.

Brendon:  Like you just got home from the club.

They played Britney Spears this morning and Britney demonstrated her dance moves this morning and the way she serenaded Ragan.  I wish I was quick enough to capture it for you, but it involved a lot of booty shaking, hair tossing, and moves that looked very choreographed.
Rachel demonstrated her "shimmy" moves and some "straight up gangsta moves".  I think those involved some pseudo-dick grinding, which probably looked great in that skirt.

Britney:  My dance moves get craaaaazy.  I hope I gave them enough this morning to get them to give me some Britney every day.

Rachel:  I can't wait to be with you in a dance-setting Britney!

[Who wouldn't?  She is cute as a button.]

Brendon feels the need to further expound on his perfect diet and nutrition.

Rachel:  I would rather work out every day and be able to eat the good things that I want.  I'll bet you don't eat out very often.

Brendon:  Ah...I do eat out.  But I've been eating this way for 6 years now....

Rachel:  I eat out all the time.  But most of the time I go to the EDR.

Brendon: What's the EDR?

Rachel: It's the Employee Dining Room---it is a big huge room and it's buffet style.  And it's free, too, and you can go every day.

Brendon: Can you go to any of them?

Rachel:  No..only the ones I work at.

Brendon:  Do you work at more than one?

(How can he not know that?)

Rachel:  Yes.

Brendon mentions that he ate the Bellagio and it was good, and "Rio is always a favorite".

Rachel:  We don't eat the food that you humans eat--we have our own food in the EDR.

Brendon:  I would assume that they feed you leftovers from the buffet.

(Lots and lots of shitty attitude from Brendon today.)

Rachel:  No..they cook us our own food Brendon!

Rachel is going to hook up Britney's bachelorette party for her.  Nick just wants to go camping with his friends.  They discuss the Hooters hotel in Vegas and Rachel said it is a like a spring break hotel that you would stay in when you can't afford anything else.

Britney:  That's where Nick and his friends would want to stay.

Britney had a Dream

that she got married last night.
She describes the dream to Rachel and Brendon as they all prepare breakfast.  I see Britney cutting off chunks from a stick of butter and putting it on bread.  She is making cinnamon toast.

Rachel and Brendon are doing dishes together.  Rachel has a lot of cleavage (Obvie!) and some sparkly skirt on that looks like she didn't go home last night.
Rachel:  Is everybody going to eat your cinnamon toast?

Britney:  I don't think anybody is---I'm just making it.

Brendon:  Are you just putting cinnamon on it?

Britney: No...sugar and butter too.

Brendon:  Oh.  Sugar.  (obvious disgust)

Rachel decides to make French Toast.  Brendon is in a shitty mood and is complaining about the dishes that need to be done from last night.  Always the martyr.

Don't believe me about Rachel's shiny skirt?  Well, feast your eyes on this here:
And here:
Maybe she'll walk down Sunset Blvd. after brunch, real slow....

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Ragan is going to get a new tattoo when he gets out of the house.

Rachel:  Are you going to go to LA Ink?

Ragan:  No..they are so overpriced.  And there are so many places to go to get good quality.

They do another set of crunches and recover.

I can hear the pool tournament with the first round battle between Hayden and Britney in the background, but the cameras are too intent on making sure they have adequate crotch shots of Rachel.  I wanted to watch that pool game because to everyone's surprise, Britney beat Hayden and spoiled his plan. 

Ragan:  I think the shenanigans are going to continue this season....

They ask him what he means but, being Ragan, he doesn't follow through with the details.

In the background:

Enzo:  OOOOOOOO.  Britney does it!!  Upset!  Huuuuuggee Upset!

I hear Brit mouthing off back there but unfortunately can't determine what she is saying.


Flashback From Last Night - #2

As is the custom in the house most nights, the pool players in the group are going to have a pool tournament tonight.  Often, Hayden has been knocked out in the first round, giving him a poor tournament record.

Lane said that tonight, he would play Britney in the first round.  Britney stuck her head in and accused him of using her to improve his record.

Britney:  I see what you're doin'....I'm gonna show up tonight!

Hayden tells the girls he also requested some different deoderant.

BB:  You are not allowed to talk about production!

Ha ha Lane said the deo wasn't working for him, either.  (Don't these people bring their own toiletries with them?)

Meanwhile, it is Crunch Time in the backyard.  They are pretty consistent with this and the results are starting to really show.  Rachel joins the boys, as she does at least half of the time.
The move into oblique crunches and then Ragan farts right in the middle of the set---causing them to all stop and try to protect themselves.
Matt:  It was right in her face!

Ragan:  This one's for you,, Rachel!

[That is really disgusting and Ragan needs to seek medical attention.  I hope Julie embarrasses him about this on the Live Show.]

Ragan:  It's those tacos!

Rachel:  It's always something with you, Ragan.

They continue.
Rachel struggles and is a half-step behind the others. Lots of heavy breathing, without Brendon for a change.

Flashback From Last Night - #1

Starting around 6:00 pm BB time, Kathy, Ragan and Kristin are lounging and complaining.  Kathy is having a mini-meltdown about people wanting her to "change her vote" and the fact that she doesn't have any root beer.

They sent Hayden into the DR to request a pair of scissors (for his hair), sugar, and "any kind of root beer" for Kathy.  She plans to "hide it in her room" when she gets there.  The situation is so desparate, it doesn't even have to be A&W---she'll take "any kind".

They joked about using the scissors to cut someone's hair while they were sleeping, and whether BB could stop them in time.    While Hayden was gone to the DR, they talked about how mad they are at Ragan right now---apparently he is scared to vote for Kristin since she probably won't be staying.

Kathy:  Sometimes he's too book smart, and that don't work.....

When Hayden returns he reports that he broke his toenail at some point during the day, and Nurse Kristin jumps in to help.  They both grimaced when he showed them it was broken.

Kristin did good work and Hayden thanked her.  Kathy notes that Matt asked for Lemonade yesterday and they got it for him!  If BB did that, she should be able to get her root beer....

Ragan's Big Aha Moment

Yesterday I wrote some exciting live feed updates where it was clear that Ragan was beginning to suspect that Hayden, Enzo, and Lane were working together.

He shared these observations and thoughts with Rachel and Kristin.  He was very vague about it, and it wasn't clear if either of the girls really understood what he was saying.

Well, in retrospect, I'm not sure that Ragan knew what he was saying.  I was busy yesterday afternoon and last night (I actually teach a night course at a local university that started last night.), but when I was able to tune into the feeds here and there I saw an interesting exchange between Rachal and Ragan.

Apparently...the DR people have been planting ideas in Ragan's head through their questions, making him wonder if the "strong males" in the house were working together.  This was the basis, apparently, for Ragan's theories yesterday, and might explain why he was so vague and noncommittal about them---he wasn't sure what he was talking about.

Rachel had her own DR conversations, and now it appears that both of them feel somewhat duped by the DR, and are determined to "make their own decisions, even though they are hamsters".

Ragan seems to have realized that Kristin is leaving, and is somewhat satisfied that all of the big guys do not present an immediate threat.

Ragan may look back at this as the moment that he lost BB12.  I guess we will see soon enough.

The Brigade knows that their alliance will be revealed in due time, but they are assuming that once revealed, it will be too late for anyone to do anything about it.  Everyone will stand in line to be annihilated, one (or two) at a time.

If this means that Kathy leaves the house soon, I'm fine with that.  Let the battles begin!

One Last Night Together

actually, they have tonight together, too, but the night before a live show BB tends to control the action.  When to go to bed, when to get up, lockdown inside, etc.  So this is really the last night that Kristin and Hayden can stay up all night, "bonding".

They are in the hammock together, "talking", even though it is nearly 5:00 am BB time.  And I say "talking", because there is not a lot of communication going on.  Clearly these two are attracted to one another, but they aren't really getting to know each other based on this conversation.

For example:

Kristin:  You looked really cute in the luxury competiton.

***long pause***

Hayden:  Really?

Kristin:  Yes.......I was trying not to look at you, because.....

***long pause***

Hayden:  Really?


Hayden:  You'd be surprised how weird I can be.

Kristin:  Really?  (no follow up questions, like tell me what you mean, give me an example)

***long pause***

Kristin:  I can be weird, too.

Hayden:  Oh, I know.  I'm sure.  (once again no follow up questions on either side)


Hayden:  I wonder what it will be like when we get out of here.

***long pause***

Kristin:  Probably weird.

***long pause***

Hayden:  I probably shouldn't say this, but before I came here, I went to the dentist...

DOTS.  (I'm sure that was a REALLY great story, too.)


Hayden:  What do you think your mom will think of me?

Kristin:  Oh, she'll like you.  She knows my type, and knows it's hard to find...

Hayden: What...long hair and no job?

Kristin: (laughs)  Well, you're nice...and blah blah blah blah blah

Hayden:  Well, I'm not going to change, not at this point of life.  I'll always have long hair.....

[There are so many problems with that last statement, I don't even know where to start.]

Hayden compares Brendon to somebody from Harry Potter (is there an Elvis Bumbalore?  or something like that?)

This starts a lot cooing from Kristin:  Oh, you read Harry Potter?????

Hayden describes when his aunt sent him the book and he read it in two days.  Now he preorders the books and Kristin says that is cute.  She has only read the first book and he told her they only get better.

[I know it's easy to be a backseat driver here, but if you spent weeks on end with someone that you might be interested in later, and might be considering a long-distance relationship with, I think I would discuss some more soul-searching topics.  You know, like the questions on the E-Harmony application.]