Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Crunches are Working

as we see the makings of a washboard on Ragan, as he plays with Hayden's lasso.

A few minutes ago Ragan said (about the last Live Show):  I should have said to Julie, it was me making out with Hayden...it was me!

They all crack up, particularly Kathy.

Ragan:  I guarantee you she wouldn't have said "Ragan it's not your turn to speak!"


Rachel Knows, Too

or at least she claims she does.  She just finished Crunch Time with Matt and Ragan and had a quick chat with Ragan as she walked back in to the house.

Ragan:  Did you notice it today?

Rachel:  Yep.  I did.  Just because we're hamsters doesn't mean we can think for ourselves.

[Ragan has slowly but surely figured out there is a dominant alliance in the house, and shared his thoughts with Kristin and Rachel this morning.]

What is Hayden Up To?

Making lunch, of course.
Hayden takes his with relish, mustard, and hot sauce.  With an ice water chaser.

Quick Tidbits From This Afternoon

After this morning's explosive expose of The Brigade (actually Ragan's super-vague, beating-around-the-bush discussions of Some Sort of Big Alliance), this afternoon has been pretty tame.

* Kristin and Hayden laid out next to each other.  Kristin had to keep her feet in the pool due to the heat of the unitard.  They discussed the way Hayden smells (good) and his hair (it was long, long before Justin Beiber).  This discussion took place in short bursts over a multi-hour period.  Seriously.

* Rachel seems to have missed the point entirely this morning and spent the afternoon drilling Brendon for the HOH competition on Thursday.  What is missing in the house?  What is the order of events?  What happened last year at this time?

*  Ragan and Britney had Froot Loops.  They both enjoyed it.

*  Lane, Ragan & Hayden napped in Jumanji.

Exchange of the Afternoon:

Ragan:  I think I'm going to take a nappie.  Want to spoon with me?

Hayden:  Why spoon when you can fork?

Ragan:  Ooohhh!  Good one.

One More Post

for obvious reasons.

Rachel doesn't get the whole situation, and Brendon sure doesn't---it is all about "Brendon and me", "Me and Brendon" and "fighting every week". 

She doesn't see the Big Picture because she is so self-absorbed, and Kristin doesn't see it because she doesn't want to believe that Hayden may have betrayed her.

Brendon?  He just has boogers in his nose.

Ragan: I"m Not Even Going to Tell Matt

about this...I don't want my name out here with this...I've tried to keep a low profile in this game so far, but this needed to be said.  There are some people in this game who need to consider the options.  The person who stays in this game will fall somewhere---you can observe for yourself and see it.  If you don't already know, hang out outside today and just look....

Here comes Brendon...conversation over.

***awkward silence***

Ragan: I just want to say one more thing--to clear the blockage--I don't mean to insinuate anyone is doing anything sinister---I think it is right out there in the open--it's not about who is coming after me--it is about 2's and 3's and the rest of the game.

Brendon stares blankly.

Brendon:   I feel like I came in at a bad time.


Brendon picks up Rachel's cheerleading statue and says:  She was in 8th grade when I was graduating high school!
Ragan:  I just want you to know that these observations--the first I have said of them is in the BR with Kristin--it came to me over breakfast.  I think the three of you should discuss this.  I'm going to go drink water and cry.

He makes his exit.

Kristin starts to fill him in.

[I have to take a break now..I didn't expect this to happen today and life intervenes.]

Ragan: Three is Scary for Me

Ragan:  That's all I have to say...just stand outside and watch, watch what happens.

Kristin:  I have to talk to more people right now, to stay in the house, but other than that I always hang out with the same people.

Rachel:  Do you think that is your mistake in the game?

Kristin:  I don't know..it's a make or break situation for me.

Rachel:  I think I played my cards too early in this game...but I got put up so I had to.

[Ragan must not know that Matt is involved, because if three people is scary, four is downright paralyzing.]

What Happens to the Person Who Stays?

Where does this person fall?  Ragan is asking rhetorical questions but is getting blank looks.

Ragan:  I'm not saying to start an alliance--for ya'll to become the Scissor Sisters---(laughs)--I'm just saying...

Rachel:  Without leaving this room, you're saying that Hayden is more dangerous in this game then Kristin.

Ragan:  I'm saying...stay downstairs today and see who talks to who....

Rachel:  You're saying that Hayden would fall with Lane....and Enzo....

Ragan:  I'm saying, and I'm sorry Kristin, but I've seen you talk to Hayden...and to Kathy...and to me.

Rachel, seeing the light, nods:  I get what you're saying.

but then

Rachel:  Do you think there are lifelong friends in here?

And Rachel is off track again, speaking of her decison, "Brendon and I", etc etc etc.

Ragan:  My honest thought about the lifelong friends is that Andrew was one of them.

Kristin agrees. 

[I don't think Kristin can keep this a secret from Hayden, can you?]

Ragan:  It's like when Matt nominated Kathy....he said I can't play my game worrying about if Kathy makes HOH (and puts me up)....I feel that way about the lifelong friends.  Thinking about that can screw up your game.

Rachel:  I won't even share this with Brendon---that you want Kristin to stay..and that's fine...

Ragan:  This decision for me is not about who I like more, or want to spend time with, the decision is about What Happens Next....(repeats this over and over).  That's all this is for me.  Who can I see burning through this game...and when I say Who I don't mean one person burning through this game..

Rachel:  You mean pairs or triplets....

Ragan:  Yes!

Rachel:  Do you think they have the mental....

Ragan:  Yes!  And you know some people have been holding back!

Rachel nods. 

Ragan:  Think about people starting to win HOH, a VETO, over and over...you don't need a social game for that...who is poised in their group to make that run to the end?  You and Brendon are doing great in this game, but do I think the two of you are poised to go to the end in this game?  No I don't.  A piece in chess can be perfectly positioned to take out the queen...look at that...look at those pieces.  And there are a few people who can stand to benefit from this in the game, and I'm one of them..I'm just being honest (he must know Matt is in on it).

Rachel is thinking and seems somber:  I know we are the next two who get broken up.

Ragan:  I realize that I have been making decisions in this house that benefit other people more than me....and I don't understand that.

Rachel, to Kristin: You are smarter than Hayden, you are more manipulative then Hayden...I think Hayden doesn't think about decisions...I don't think Hayden has that ability.

Ragan looks frustrated with this.

Kristin:  I don't make decisions with emotions.  I'm not going to come after you just to come after you.

Rachel:  I can say that Hayden came to us with a deal not to nominate each other, but I told Brendon that I don't think it's smart to cut a deal with Hayden at this point.  But for my game right now, you Kristin are very dangerous and can control other people's opinions.  That is just my personal opinion.

Ragan's wheels are turning.  He has aged 10 years in the last half hour.

Rachel:  You will both be weaker without each other.

Kristin:  We will definitely both be weaker.  (Ragan rolls his eyes and chuckles to himself.)

Ragan:  It's not about what is happening when someone leaves...it is happening now....it's is already happening..

Rachel:  Oh, it's definitely happening.

[Rachel's inability to process what Ragan is telling her will be her downfall in this game, among a million other things that will trip her up.]

Rachel Interrupts

and Ragan is silent, waiting for her to move on.
Ragan farts and Kristin just giggles and brushes the air away.

Britney: Ragan can't smell anymore---his nasal passages have been singed already from the gas.

Ragan wants to talk to Rachel about it, too, but will wait until later.

Ragan:  I want you to be privy to this stuff, not for you to go away.

Rachel invites them both to the HOH. 

Rachel:  Matt might be up there---is it okay if he is?

No, he isn't.  They enter, and Ragan begins his discourse.

Ragan:  I am going to be strategically vague, and I'm not even going to tell you what my observations are in this game.  This is a HUGE week in this game and there are HUGE implications and all decisons should be made on logic, not emotions.  I've been saying for weeks now that this season is different than other seasons because there are pairs, and friends between groups.  Having said that, make observations about who hangs out with who, where do chips fall after this week, etc.

Ragan:  I don't think people have outright alliances like Final Two, Final Three, but this season is about overlapping friends, and overlapping groups.  This is a complex web....every single person this season is playing the same game.  Going into this Thursday, you have to be aware of the large groups, and what will happen.

[I think Ragan knows, but I think both of these girls have no idea what the Big Picture is.  He has done the same math that the Brigade has done.]

Ragan:  This is not the week for emotion.  Everybody can get eviscerated if we don't make the right decisions.  I have been trying to figure it out for hours, and....

Rachel:  I don't think anybody is making decisions at all...people are leaving it up to the HOH this season.

Ragan is trying to point out that "this is a really tangled web", and that "the groups that you observe in the house, who is likely to be HOH, HOH, HOH".

[Obviously Ragan wants to oust Hayden this week.  But does he suspect Matt's involvement?]

Ragan Suspects

that Hayden may be aligned with the other guys.

Ragan:  Where do you think Hayden's role will fall if he stays?

Kristin:  I think that naturally he will be drawn to the stronger males in the house...

Ragan:  Do you think that alignment is already there?

She doesn't get it, so he is starting to spell it out for her.  He is using Lane as an example---Ragan says he "doesn't get it" and that "Lane knows he's going toget far in this game".

Ragan:  Why?  It just doesn't make sense to me...

Hayden on Farts,

Ragan's farts, specifically.
Ragan: I need to be more careful about what I eat...

Hayden:  Well, maybe it's stress.  I fart a lot more at home than I do here---the reverse effect.

Ragan:  That's a good reverse effect to have.  I got way buzzed last night after two glasses of wine.

This week sucks for Hayden because he doesn't want to campaign against Kristin, but he does point out that he is better in physical competitions, and that might make him a target.  Hayden knows that Ragan likes both of them, and says that neither one of them would go after Ragan.

Ragan:  I wish there was a Coup d'Etat this week!

Hayden:  I requested one in the DR..he laughed....I don't think it's coming, thought.

Ragan, for the MILLIONTH time:  Well, I'm keeping my mind open until Wednesday night...I have such trememdous respect for both of you....everything is such in your favor....I have so much respect for Kristin.
He mentions seeing Kristin laying by the Confinement Door with her fingers underneath and how touched he was.

Britney is Upset about the Omelet

that Rachel is pressuring her to eat.

Britney:  Every time they cook they unload the whole kitchen on it and there are like three pounds of olive oil!

Matt:  Why eat it then?  I just told 'em I didn't want it.

Britney:  'Cause I don't want to make them mad!

Rachel calls down the hall:  Britney...I made you hash browns too!

Matt:  What's in the hash browns?  Garlic?  (ha ha ha)

Britney:  Probably TWO onions and olive oil.

Britney and Lane are already at it this morning.

Lane:  Remember that Princess stuff we talked about the other day?

Britney:  Uh huh.

Lane:  OK...

Britney:  I just have a sharing problem.

Lane:  It's called being a Princess.

Britney asked BB for some different shampoo, but they told her to make HOH and she would get it.

Lane called her a Beaver and Britney is mad about that.  As well as the fact that Kathy takes her make-up every day.

Matt:  Isn't that expensive?

Britney:  Yes, and it is like body-type stuff.  Her eye crust is on my eyeliner now!  I pulled it out but she came and found me and asked me for it!

Matt:  Well, vote her out!

The Producers Obviously Hate Kristin

She is trying to do what she can to look good, but you can only do so much with a cheap afro wig on.  The hair is falling out frequently and Kristin says she will be lucky to have a few strands left on Thursday night.

Is this really a 1060's "Hippie Look"?  I was of the impression that the hippie look involved a lot of long straight hair with maybe some long bangs and a headband, with plenty of facial hair on the guys.

If BB liked Kristin, don't you think they would have at least provided a different or alternate wig to wear?  I realize that they want to punish the HG who won this "prize", but if she had some Cher-length hair to deal with, that would have been a chore for her as well.

Can you imagine them making someone like Janelle wear a wig like this?  I don't think so, either.

Morning Fantasies

Matt and Lane are discussing how Brendon and Rachel will act next week when they are both nominated.

Lane:  They'll be poutin'.  They thought they were getting real close to everybody but last night was two steps back...

Matt:  They'll be like...you promised!  They made Enzo promise on his family!

It's never too early for Lane to fuck with people. He tells Kathy that she is going to get a penalty nomination for all of the rules she breaks.

Lane: The past few weeks..you're just goin' downhill!

They encourage Kathy to pick an activity for today.

Kathy:  Ya'll want to do somethin' with me?

Lane:  Well, I don't smoke...

Kathy:  I don't play pool....

Matt said he used to smoke, but quit at 22.  Lane's singing voice is a cross between Fergie and Jesus.

Ha ha.  Breakfast smells good.....BUT...

BB Woke Them Up,

but Hayden and Enzo merely changed locations.
Rachel came over and offered to bring them something when it's ready (an omelet, I think).

Hayden: Thank you.

Enzo. muttering:  Drunk!

and then

Enzo:  Don't go putting all that crap in there.  Onions and peppers and shit...

Hayden:  I've had it...it's pretty good.

Enzo:  Oh....(zzzz)

Of course Brendon has to supervise the process.

Let's Check In With Jeff Schroeder

I kind of forgot about Around the World for Free until I saw Jordan's Real.com show on Monday.

I just watched three webisodes online and I loved them all.  The production value is really good, and they add music (credited music) in a really nice way.  After hearing about it from Jordan, I started watching with the episode where Jeff went to visit Jordan and say goodbye to her.

I have to admit.  I teared up quite a bit at the end there.  Jeff is a natural on camera and even handles some of the blatant advertisements (American Airlines, AT&T) very well.  As a bonus you see the house that Jordan bought for her family with her BB earnings, and visit the salon where she works as Jeff gets a free haircut.

The Chenbot appears looking fabulous in a white frock on the webisode where he visits the Early Show, and we even get to see Jeff in his skivvies as he walks "The Greasy Pole" somewhere in Massachusetts.
The premise of the show is really cool.  If you have a small business or a charity that you would like to promote, this would be a great way to do it. For example, I haven't seen the webisode yet, but Jeff apparently works at some guy's taco stand in exchange for a place to stay in Texas.

It will be fun to watch Jeff travel around the world.  But I think it would be fun to watch Jeff do just about anything.  Here is the link for you--enjoy!

Flashback From Last Night - Part V

OK--remember when Kathy just went off about Rachel with her "panties hanging out".  Well, look what her BFF Kristin just did in front of her, Hayden, and all of the live feed audience.

Nice ass, huh?  Kathy the CockBlocker is right there in the room with them.  That old crone has no shame.

Enzo just came back in to bring Kristin a glass of water and turn the light out.

Flashback From Last Night - Part IV

Kristin and Kathy are hanging around together while everybody else is in bed (but not necessarily sleeping).

Kristin took a shower and we got to see her real hair for a few minutes.  She is required to put the wig back on over WET HAIR.  I think that is the worst part of her punishment.  That must feel awful.

Kristin says that "everybody has told her" that she must wear the entire costume during the Live Show, even though she wishes she didn't have to.  Her face is breaking out on the side, which is unusual.

Kathy invites her to go outside and smoke.  The cameras skip around, but when they join the backyard, Kathy is saying "Rachel is a skank!  She can say she ain't gonna do Playboy, but.."

DOTS.  Ha ha ha.
Now she reports to Kristin the conversations she had today---she told Lane that it might look weak right now, but there is a reason for everything she did in the house, and there is a purpose.

Kathy:  I said it might look a certain way when I was up there week two (in the HOH with Brendon and Rachel) but I was always listenin'...it may have looked like I was listenin' to music or somethin', but I was listenin' to everything they did.  It's amazin' what you can learn if you just listen..

Now the cameras switch to Enzo and Hayden.  Enzo is in Kristin's bed talking to Hayden.  It is so strange how they all not only get in each other's bed, but they actually get under the covers.  This is common in the HOH room but I think it is gross.  I would probably have a hissy fit on Day #1 in that house with people invading my space that way.

Enzo and his wife are best friends--they gossip, they talk about everything.  He loves being a dad and says there is nothing like that.  He wants to have another kid as soon as he gets back.

Enzo:  She's going to be jacked up..I'm fuckin' impregnating her.

Hayden's parents were divorced when he was in 2nd grade, but he thinks it was for the best.

Enzo tells a variety of stories about his hoodlum youth.  Picture the kids in Sleepers, but without the hot dog cart incident.  BB has to shield us from some of this information.  Hayden is enjoying the stories, many of which involve the police and one of Enzo's chubby neighbors whom he corrupted.

Back to the tender scene in the backyard.  Kathy is proud of Kristin and it is so nice to have someone who supports her.
Kathy decides to have another cigarette.
Kristin:  When people ask Rachel why she wants me out, the answer makes no sense!

Kathy:  She likes to be the center of attention.  Like tonight, when her boobies are hanging out, when her panties are hanging out, all of those guys turned their heads.  I watched them, they weren't gawking or anything.

Kristin:  Like they were disgusted by it?

Kathy:  Like, you'll do anything.  And she was wasted tonight...wasted.

Flashback From Last Night - Part III

Now the cameras switch to the darkened Jumanji Room, where the guys talk about music.  Every  morning BB wakes them up with music.
Enzo:  I'm still wating on some Eminem...or that song with Drake and L'il Wayne...some Lady Gaga would be nice.

Britney:  Ahhh!  That would be great.

Ragan:  You know what song would be great?  Paparazzi!  Because of all the cameras, and the magazine covers...

Lane brings up the band Chevelle and Matt is aware of them.  They continue to discuss Ragan's gas.

Enzo:  Yo, how are your ducks?

Matt:  They're all in a row.

They discuss Hayden and Lane thinks that he would be the one to settle down and get married first, before him.

Britney:  But Hayden is in no way ready to settle down..you are!

Lane protests.

Britney:  But you've been engaged  before....and your brother has kids...I think you're ready--you're at thaat level.  Like Matty.  I can see Matty installing a car seat.  He totally looks like a dad.  I can see him with the baby food in his pocket, carrying a kid.

Lane:  I think Matt would be arrested if that happened.

Now Enzo brings up the number of people who will be supporting them on TV.

Enzo:  You know, like your wife's sorority sisters...

Matt:  Yeah, people will say I know someone who knows him...

Enzo:  Yeah, like I gave him head in high school.....crazy!

Matt:  A lot more people want to be your friend when you get out of here.  Fuck 'em.

Enzo:  Are you going to change your cell number?

Matt:  I don't know...

Ragan:  How would people get it?

Enzo:  I'm the local real estate agent for my town...my number is on signs and shit.

Matt, laughing:  Oh are you on park benches with your picture?

Enzo:  Nah, but there are like two houses for sale with signs--my number is all over them.

Enzo has refrigerator magnets that he sends to people with his picture...he is not doing "The Face" on them.

Lane:  What does your sign say?

Enzo:  It says who I am, who I work for, my emails, my number, that I'll treat them right, do a market analysis....you know, come up with some good shit.  People always have a number in their head, and of course they want to crack the commission in half.

They talk about Million Dollar Listing on Bravo.  Enzo likes that show but the scale of the houses is so big out there.  He sold a condo early this year for $300,000--he had to split the 6% commission with another broker.

Lane:  You should go tell that other broker to go...

Enzo:  But they listed it...I found the buyer.

Matt:  I'd like to see you in a professional setting.

Enzo:  I'm me, and that's that.  "Ma'am, your house is not worth this!"

Matt:  You say that?

Enzo:  You have to!  Otherwise they want to run the show--you have to run the show.  If there house doesn't sell they're like "why is my house not selling?" and you don't want to hear that shit.  So you tell 'em, I'll price it there, but I don't want to hear nothin' if it doesn't sell.

He demonstrates how he chats up potential clients and they all laugh.  He tell them the house is a "buried treasure" and asks about their kids.  It is a good conversation.

Enzo:  Yo, who farted?

BB:  Hayden....Kristin...Please put on your microphones!

Flashback From Last Night - Part II

Now the camera switches to the Cabana Room, where for some strange reason Enzo and Hayden are doing sit ups (not crunches) as they take turns holding each other's feet.
The sheriff silently watches this action.  I hope they are not expecting her to keep count.
They finish, to much huffing and puffing.  Hayden is ready to shower now.  Is Kristin still in the shower?  Hmmm.

Enzo:  I think I can smell Ragan's ass from here, yo.

Ragan has had some rather unfortunate flatulance problems for the last day or so that the whole house is well aware of.  Perhaps this is a strategic move, as it allows for privacy as people run screaming from the room.

Now we go back to the dark HOH, where someone has gotten out of bed to brush their teeth.  It sounds like they had a macadamia nut first, and then recapped the bottle.   Must be Brendon, huh?

The bathroom is dark, like this.
Those silver jack-things were in the BB10 house, too, but were in that red bathroom that is now Jumanji.  I made a public case for Allison to send me one at the end of last season, so maybe hope is still alive for that this year.

Now Brendon gets back in bed, waking up Rachel in the process.  Rachel is on the floor sleeping so he covers her up.  She protests that she hasn't brushed her teeth yet, and is still wearing her contacts.  He tucks her in and she thanks him.  He asked her if she needs any solution (contact).

Rachel:  Why are you so mad at me?  You're mad at me every night!

(You're drunk every night!)

Brendon, angrily:  I'm not mad at you!

Rachel goes into the bathroom and is brushing her teeth.  Brendon is sighing.  Woe is him.

Flashback From Last Night - Part I

Rachel is drunk---can you tell?
She came in the bathroom and started going on and on in singsong about how she loves Britney and will be her friend forever.

Britney:  Are you trying to rap?

Lane:  Trying to?  She's rappin'!

Rachel:  Yeah, I'm rappin'.  Me and my man, we're gonna go make out...

BB:  Rachel, please put on your microphone.

Rachel stumbles back down the hall.

Britney:  What just happened?  How can she still have alcohol in her system?  It's been hours.  Are they pumping that into her system through Pandora's Box?

Lane:  They probably wanted to get their weekly required footage.

Now the cameras shift to the HOH Room, where in less than 5 minutes Rachel is wearing a different ensemble and is picking a fight with Brendon as she stumbles over to the table for snacks.  She looks unsteady on her feet and has the overexaggerated moves of someone WAY over the limit.  I'm sure Sheriff Kathy has seen the likes of Rachel more times than she can count.  (Literally---I don't think she can count.)
Brendon:  ....I just don't want the whole house to see your naked body.

Rachel:  Why are you mad at me?

Brendon:  Maybe you're unaware, but I don't want to discuss anything with you.

Rachel:  If I gave you some California raisins, would you like me better?

Brendon:  I guess what I'm saying is what would your parents think, with your boobs popping out all over the internet.  Maybe for you...you should be more careful.

(Doesn't he really mean HIS parents?)

Rachel is pissed and is rolling her eyes:  You're right.  Thank you.

Brendon:  I'm just telling you for your own sake.

Rachel:  Thank you.

She finished the raisins, picked up some off the floor, and then opens a bottle of macadamia nuts and starts angrily crunching them and pouting like a child.
Brendon:  I guess I shouldn't be talking about this to you when you're like this (wasted).

BB asks her again to put on her microphone.  Boy she is pissed.  She put it on and then snapped the light off.  We have total darkness for a second, before the night vision cameras come on.  You can hear her moving around angrily.

No conversation.