Monday, August 2, 2010

It's Crunch Time

Literally, it's Crunch Time.
Ragan is still full from lunch.  They are reheating leftovers from last night. 

Ragan:  We need to take it a little easier with the food....

Matt: I feel better since my slop....

(Matt put himself on slop a few days last week, with protein shakes, because he was "feeling gross"

Oblique crunches:
And the dreaded lower abs.
Ragan:  Oomph.  Those get ya...

I just realized that these two were destined to be good friends.  Look at the big huge guys in the house--if you factor out Captain Kosher (the outlier), they are the only two small guys.  They need to stick together.

Now Ragan talks about his suspicions about Brendon coming in the house.  When they were talking today by the pool Brendon either said directly or indirectly that he was recruited for the show. 

(Funny--this issue came up on Chelsea's show today because Brendon said that he "know someone".  Chelsea swore that it couldn't have been someone from Production, because of the ton of legal documents they all have to sign.  Millions of dollars of damages could result.)

Who is Mad Dog?

and why does Hayden miss him/her/it?

Kristin and Hayden were laying in the Taj Mahal and Kristin was fishing for feelings.

Kristin:  Did you ever think any of this would happen?

***long pause***

Hayden:  You mean...with me and you?

Kristin:  Yes...when we walked in here that first day....

Hayden:  Well...

Kristin:  Do you regret it?

Hayden:  No.  But I wish it had happened in week #5 or 6, not week one and a half.

Kristin:  It was bound to happened...destined to happen.

(Why do girls act like this?)

She got called to the DR and almost immediately this happens:

Hayden:   Mad Dog, I miss you...........FUCK!

And the cameras changed to the back yard, where they look forward to having barbequed sandwiches.

Maybe he said My God, I miss you??  He is kind of a mush mouth anyway, and he is laying face down with his head in a pillow so who the hell knows?

Last time Britney made the sandwiches and Brendon is asking if she boiled them?  Maybe we'll have another evening of Brendon's cooking lessons.

Don't speak Brendon...just sit there and look pretty.

Nap Time

Me Sleepy...
Me Weepy...
All FOUR cameras are showing us this exciting action in the twin beds of the Taj Mahal. 

Home Life with Jordan

is live right now on
I wish Chelsea would return to her sassy bob--this look is very transitional and rather fug.  It looks like the technical difficulties of the past weeks may be over---we can see and hear Jordan just fine.

To Jordan's credit, she watched the TV show this week and seems to be following the action.  She still calls Brendon "Brandon", however, but so did Andrew is his exit interview with Julie Chen.  If a doctor can make that mistake, then Jordan can, too.
Jordan looks really pretty and her face looks really slim.  She says that the Rachel-Brendon showmance makes her cringe, particularly since they are already using the L word with each other.

A caller just called Kristin "Christian", so I guess no one really pays that much attention to the HG names.  I would think that some of these calls are kind of scary for Jordan.  One lady asks her detailed questions about what she and Jeff did after they were eliminated from TAR.  The next lady talks about Jordan's mom and brother and seems to know some details about a recent event in their lives.


Now this caller talks about "Krista" and I thought she meant Krista from BB2 (aka Krusty) but it turns out she is talking about Kristin.  This caller really seems to need some immediate medical attention.

A caller asks if Jeff and Jordan will be appearing in the house this season, but Jordan says she "can't answer that".  So I guess that means yes, or probably.

One batty old caller thinks Lane is actually Britney's fiance.  She says she loves Jordan and "she worries about her".  (***crazy***)

Jordan has a puppy in the background but I can't see what kind of dog it is.  Lane and  Britney are her favorite HG right now.  Jordan likes Britney's sense of humor.

Jeff's parents have met Jordan's mom and they liked each other.  Jordan's Mom's boyfriend is from Naperville, IL, and when she visited there with him they all got together and had a nice time.

That's about all I have to say about this.

Kristin is Going to Fight

but wants everyone to know that she is campaigning for herself, not campaigning against Hayden. 
She is adding some Flashdance flair to her hippietard today.

Ragan is kind of giving her a pep talk that "anything could happen" and the game changes from moment-to-moment.  He recommends that she "go in there" (the DR) and get a pep talk from people who have been doing this...


He thinks the vote will be 6 -1, either way.   Kristin is praying for some sort of miracle, since they have all figured out that America is voting on something this week, since they didn't vote for Have Not food.

Kristin:  I don't know what to do....where to start...

Matt:  That's 'cause you look so damn good!


Ragan recommends that she go into each conversation with logical bullet points and not to "speak abstractly".  He would advise Hayden to do the same thing.

[Ragan and Kristin obviously have no freakin' clue about The Brigade, do they?  Hayden doesn't even need to campaign, and Kristin doesn't have a chance.]

Ragan:  Logic will rule the day!

[Not this week Ragan, The Brigade will rule on Thursday.]

Kristin:  Part of me is almost flattered---they want me out so bad!

Britney's New BFF

is going to be Lane.
She thinks that Summer (Summer Conquest, her best friend) loves Lane.

Britney:  I am going to be texting you every five minutes.  Lane, what are you doing?  Lane how was your date?  Lane how do you rate her chances?

They are making plans to see the Arkansas-Texas Tech game together this fall.  Britney even knows the names of the Arkansas players, which is a surprise.

She is bringing Nick with her and they may stay with one of Lane's friends.  Lane is going to try and see if they can sit in the pressbox.  Britney is excited and says it will be so much fun.

Britney is going to NYC with her mom and she will visit Enzo when she goes up there.

Lane tells a story about when he went to Times Square for New Year's Eve and they told somebody that they were with Hawaian Tropic (who was a sponsor) and they got passes to walk right in.  He ended up hanging with Carrie Underwood and Kid Rock---there is a picture of him with her on his Facebook.
Then they went to a club and had to pay $900 to get in and get a table.  He said his table "was busted" but they sat next to Cuba Gooding Jr. and he was nice.

Britney had a good time with Summer last New Years at a party, but she can't tell the story on the live feeds.  It would shame her family.

Lane: Do You Want Me to Arch My Back?

They are cutting up because Lane needs suntan lotion on his back and Britney refused to do it.  Matt had to do it.

Matt: Can I take my pants off first?

Lane:  Don't put so much on there so it takes too long!
Matt starts making moaning noises as he rubs it in.
Lane is very sunburnt from yesterday.
No wonder he burns---he just jumped in the pool.  I am from Florida and any imbecile knows that you need to let the lotion sink in for 20 minutes before you even go out in the sun, much less get all wet.  You can fry big time in 20 minutes.

Britney is on a roll out there and tells everyone that she didn't want to complicate things with the POV this week.
Britney:  We all learned from Matt's failures last week.

Ragan is in the mood for a DiGiourno and no one else seems to want it. 

Ragan:  C'mon guys.......

Britney:  Oh just make it. People will eat it.

Britney wants to use the leftover french bread to make a sandwich.  Matt wants to make more garlic bread but says there is plenty for both of them.

Kathy: I Ain't Never Goin' Against You

to Britney.  She is laying a load of bullshit on Britney right now because she is full of gratitude that Britney did not use the POV.   She even has Kathy's vote if she makes Final Two.

Kathy:  I knew I would never go against you the minute I saw your sweet face.  I just knew it, and that's the way it goes.  I don't verbalize that kind of stuff but that's the way I feel.

[I heard Kathy say that she wanted to stay in a hotel because she would not be able to stand being in the Jury House with Britney, just a week or so ago.]

Kathy needs Britney to "be thar for her later this week", because she's gonna need her.  Kathy also loves Hayden like a son and he is a lot like her son Shane and "it ain't nothin' against him".

Meanwhile, in the yard, Enzo is getting pumped up and is demonstrating how he will act when he is HOH.  It is funny as shit---basically he is going to abuse Kathy and order her around.  He's just being funny and Lane is cracking up.
Love the cityscape backdrop in the backyard.

No Backdoor for the Brigade

Lane goes outside and tells Enzo what he has just learned---that Rachel was going to put him up if Britney used the POV on Hayden.

Enzo:  She was alway's goin' to do that..but she got friendly with Britney and felt bad about it.  Chicken shit.

Lane is on a quest to do 100 pushups today and bangs out a quick set while bantering with Enzo.
Notice how he is using the weight bar for extra core work.  (Right?)

Enzo, getting cocky:  You can't backdoor the BRIGADE!

Lane:  That's right (huff huff) don't put up the BRIGADE!

Kathy comes outside to smoke and puts that conversation to a halt.

Britney comes back outside and Enzo yells "it's BRITNEY, bitch!"

Enzo is going to work out a little, then jump in the pool, etc.  That's how he's rollin' today.

Paging a Plumber

Britney went to use the HOH WC and reported to Rachel that the toilet is clogged.

Rachel got up to see and said one of the boys must have done it.

At the door Rachel offers an alliance with Britney and says she will protect her with the $5K bargaining chip that she won in the POV.  She won't let anybody nominate Britney.  They hug because they are so excited.

Rachel asked Brendon to come unclog it, and he stops what he is doing to address the situation.

Brendon:  What, is it full of baby wipes and tampons?

Matt, sarcastically:  Better get Brendon, because he's the only plumber in the house!

(making fun of the HOH meeting they held last time they were in power, disguising it as a toilet clog)

They talk about how intense the ceremony was, and how Rachel "felt it for Britney". 

Now Britney catches Lane in the BR and tells him that Rachel was going to nominate Lane instead of Kathy, to make sure that Kristin went home.

Britney:  When I heard that I couldn't use it--I didn't want you to go up.

Britney Apologized to Hayden

in the HOH room and seemed to say all the right things.
Now she is going to talk to Kristin.  She finds her in the bedroom and feels like she has to whisper. 

Britney tells her that Rachel wanted Kristin out, and there was no way she could use the POV and take the risk of Rachel coming after her.  Brendon and Rachel have so much power and she can't go against them.

Britney:  I really, really wish Hayden had won the Veto. I would much rather have a new 3D TV then to have someone's fate in my hands.  It was like when I knew Monet was going home, and there wasn't anything I could do about it.

Britney begged the DR for more time to talk to Hayden before the ceremony, but they refused.  (She was leaving the HOH room in search of Hayden when she was called to the DR.)

TRIVIA.  (Not DOTS, which is weird.)

Woe is Kristin

now that Britney did not use the POV.

Kristin, whispering:  I hope you guys take it all the way...

Kathy, whispering back:  I've always said...if they ain't separated, this game is doomed.  They're going to be settin' up there on their throne.

Kathy expected Britney to take Hayden off the block and then she was going up.

Ragan comes in and says "that was weird".

Kristin asks what Ragan would do if he were in her position.

Ragan:  I don't're in an impossible position!

[He should have told her to start making tents with Hayden, asap.]

Ragan:  I would just be a logical as you could's about you, not Hayden.  I would think there is a strong logical case for you.....probably on both sides though.  It's a "hearts and minds" thing...


Kathy is trying to make it about her misery---she was on edge, waiting to "sit in that seat".  Kathy feels that this was an "already made-up thing" because "people's minds is made up".

Ragan:  Do you think she made this decision about it alone?

Kathy and Kristin, in unison:  No.

They said it was awkward last night, knowing that conversation s were being held about it.

Quick Status Check

and it is hard to take Kristin seriously in that outfit.

Britney tells Kristin that Rachel thinks she has a deal with Hayden, not Kristin and Hayden.

Kristin:  If you take Hayden down off the block and not me, I can't keep all the promises I made to give up my life in this game to you....but Hayden and I will not nominate you and try to keep you off the block as much as possible.

Oh shit Rachel storms in and wants a minute alone with Britney.  BB tells her a couple of times to come and change her battery.  She colored her hair last night and they comment on it.

Britney: It's 10:00, and I Don't Know

if I"m using the POV.

Rachel isn't "sold on Kristin".  Britney needs to talk to Rachel to find out what to do.  They all know that Kathy would be pissed, but they don't care.

Lane: Yeah, but it would suck if she puts someone else up (other than Kathy).

Britney:  That would set up getting them (Brendon & Rachel) out in Week #5 for double eviction.

Brendon comes out and interrupts that conversation.  They don't think there will be a Wizard or a Coup d' Etat this year, but they think something would happen.

Lane:  Julie will say, HG, there is a Wizard, but we can't tell you who it is.  And there will be Brendon sitting there wearing a Wizard costume.

Brendon mentions "", which includes a six-week schedule to get you up to 100 pushups.  Brendon wanted to print it out before he came in but he didn't have time.

The Camera Crew Understands

how Lane feels about Brendon.  Lane sits in the BR with Kathy, listening to Britney grill Brendon about his outlook for his relationship with Rachel.

Lane keeps smirking and making faces.  The Camera Crew give us a few shots to show us the proximity of the kitchen conversation and where Lane is sitting, getting douchechills.
Brendon is saying that Rachel will be working in the clubs in Vegas, and he will be in the lab all the time, but he trusts her and that is okay.  Brendon hates it when guys say they want to marry a virgin.

Lane is so disgusted he has to go outside.

Morning Titty Bar Talk

and Lane remembers the good times when he and his buddies go to motorcycle rallys in Austin.  They always stop at a Titty Bar on the way home.

He said that the Bars are BYOB and they have to bring their own beers.  The dancers are so drunk that then end up almost passing out on their laps.

Brendon quips that "that is a high quality strip bar".

Britney thinks it is so sad for those girls.

OH Now Brendon spills it.  He apparently stripped one time but it was in Denmark.  The story involved "Clive, who was in Ibiza".  We got DOTS on that.

He and his buddy got an offer to dance for app. $175 each so "he and his buddy went and bought matching underwear".


Brendon:  My buddy was a really good dancer.  We had some tapes and we planned it all out.  We had an intro...a whole routine!  They started dressed as waiters and then stripped down to their matching panties and gave each person a lap dance---about 45 minutes in total.

It sounds like it was a bunch of girls.  Brendon acts out a few lap dances and booty spanks.  His buddy has a videotape of it.  (!)

Lane had to leave in the middle of the conversation, saying that he had to go to the bathroom.  Now he is in the BR sitting with Kathy, smirking as he listens to Brendon and Britney talk.

Now he starts whispering with Kathy.  I'll bet Lane is going to have a lot to say about this later with The Brogade.

Flashback From Last Night - #7

The Britney and Lane Show has been in effect for awhile in the kitchen.  Bantering, teasing, insulting each other----the usual entertaining fare.

Britney:  Every few days you get like this--testy and mean---I love it.  It's a refreshing change of pace and after you're done with me, you turn it on others.  It happens every few days---I love it.

After they are alone, they start talking about business.  She tells Lane that Hayden and Kristin have given her a guarantee of safety if she POV's either one of them.  They discuss that Rachel was overhead saying that Lane and Britney need to be split up.

Britney:  The only way I will use it is if Rachel is okay with it.  Rachel not being mad at me is part of my plan.  But if I am HOH, they're both going up.  It has to happen and I think people will respect whoever gets them out.

Britney thinks that if Kathy leaves, Ragan will be the New Kathy.

Britney:  He's a floater...

While the two of them talk, the camera guys shift to the pictures on the wall---so witty.  
 Britney:  Matt is getting a bad reputation---he's sneaky.  I think Matt will go during the double elimination.
Ha ha ha.  It is like they are directing the show.  They aren't happy with the amount of booze they got tonight--two bottles of wine and 6 beers aren't enough since there are no Have Nots.

This one is for all the Lane fans---and I know there are a lot of you out there!
Britney keeps saying she's all alone in the house and Lane says "you're not alone".  Britney says there is no one who will beat Enzo in the Final Two.

Flashback From Last Night - #6

In the HOH room, Brendon, Rachel, Matt and Ragan discussed the next BB AllStar season.

When the cameras joined the discussion, they were discussing the possible players.

Someone:  Crazy James would be invited.

Rachel:  No. He's a gay porn star.

Brendon:  Well, I wouldn't say he's a star...

Matt:  It's just a hobby!

Rachel described the process for the first AllStars episode---how they were all on the front steps and got called in groups--some were selected by America and some by the producers.

Rachel:  Do you think they would ever pick a couple?

Matt:  No, probably not.

Ragan:  Well, it would depend on the circumstances---for example did it end really badly?

Matt:  Maybe they should do an all Showmance show!

[I sense that Matt is worried that if the POV is used, he needs to kiss some ass so he doesn't get backdoored.]

Flashback From Last Night - #5

Ragan Hates Jay Z and gives as an example the song Empire State of Mind, where Jay Z came in and made it all about him.

Ragan:  The song is supposed to be a celebration of New York, not Jay Z!

Brendon:  All of his songs are like that!  That's all they are!

Now Brendon talks about Jay Z's statements about Obama and Matt can barely contain his disgust.  (Obama is from his home town.)
Now Rachel discusses her HOH tweets and how great they were.  Matt felt that there was a lot of pressure to do it quickly and he has a hard time being witty right on the spot--it has to happen organically.

Matt:  I feel that way in the DR sometimes, too.

Ragan:  Yeah, I know.  Like, say something funny now.

They feel sick now.  Rachel ate the topping off 8 pieces of the bruschetta and threw away the bread. 

Rachel has a candy necklace from the movie and makes some suggestive comments about using that later on.

She asks Ragan if she has used candy necklace before....candy panties?  candy bras?

Ragan:  Flavored lube, but that's about it.

Lane asks what Rachel means about the necklace---does she just put it around her waist or something?

They ask America if it wants candy.

Matt:  Let's lure America into our tinted-window van..

Ragan acts this out with his empty Whopper box.

Flashback From Last Night - #4

Hayden is in the shower and Kristin stands nearby, brushing her teeth.
And she is really sawing away with that toothbrush.  She is going on and on and on.  I kid you not her stamina is amazing.  She even had to bend over at one point and lean on the sink but she KEPT GOING.
Hayden:  Did you eat any of that garlic bread?

Kristin:  Nope.

Hayden:  Good.  Because my breath is really garlicky.

After she finished brushing Kristin went over and whispered "did you talk to her yet?"

Hayden:  Not yet, but I will.

They are referring to talking to Britney to get her to use the POV.  Right then, Britney walks right in and stops the conversation.
On her way out, Britney talks to Hayden quickly and they make a tentative appointment to speak later.

They are all stuffed from dinner and now they have a ton of candy leftover from the movie.  Ragan is plowing through a box of Whoppers like there is no tomorrow.

Flashback From Last Night - #3

Kathy and Kristin are doing the dishes---and the bruschetta is STILL cooking!
Rachel is the only one waiting for it now, and I guess she has to.

Ragan brought his laundry in and talks about how much he loves garlic.
Ragan:  I am going to eat so much of it I am going to poo fire!

They discuss what life will be like in September.  Ragan thinks it is going to take at least 2 months to get back to normal---there is email, and Facebook, and friends to catch up with.

Ragan made a timeline of his life last year to show what happened to him over the last decade, with some current events mixed in as they impacted his life (i.e. 9-11).  It is going to be weird to add Big Brother to the timeline.

Ragan:  Last year was a really, really bad year.  My friend Gabriella was diagnosed with cancer, my grandfather died, Long Beach went on furlough...and we all kept saying that 2010 was going to be a good year...and it is.

Brendon has 4 classes in September and Rachel says that is a lot.  He doesn't have to be a T.A., or even to start his research yet, so his program is different from other schools.  He thinks it will take him five years to get his PhD.

There is a girl there who is going to do it in 4 years, but Brendon is pretty sure that she is going to be an astronaut.

Ragan named Kristin in costume as Joie- and they keep joking about Joie's lifestyle.  Joie di Vie is her name.  (Joy of Life in french.)  Ragan says that Joie goes to key parties and has to explain what that is.

The fucking bruschetta is finally ready and Ragan, Brendon and Rachel all dig in.  I think Hayden is having a slice, too.  It is really hot and he has to blow on it first.
Kristin might as well try some, because Hayden's breath is going to reek. Ragan "loves, loves, loves garlic" and could eat it until he is sick.

Ragan says that fresh basil would have made it better.

Flashback From Last Night - #2

Kristin's wig must be itchy---she keeps moving it around while she eats.  Kristin is very non-carb--instead of getting some of the rotelle pasta, she sliced up a  cucumber to eat on the side instead. (WTF?)
They discuss the BB TV ratings.  Britney says that BB11 got huge ratings and Rachel doesn't understand why.

Enzo:  Maybe Jeff and Jordan, I dunno.

Britney says that after BB7, the ratings got higher and higher, whereas on Survivor the viewership peaked and has been dropping for years.

Rachel:  Do you think we have big ratings?

Now Rachel thinks that Survivor should be staffed with BB people, and vice versa and "that would be crazy".  Enzo has never watched Survivor.  Britney used to, but hasn't in "years and years".

(Britney's mom almost made the cut for season #1 of Survivor.)

Rachel discusses how horrible Season 11 was at competitions, and how much better their season is.  She also describes why AllStars was so popular, and how popular their season must be.

Enzo:  This has been a great fucking week so far.......I got to eat, sleep, watched a movie, won at TV.

They are all finished and leaving the kitchen area and Brendon's bruschetta ISN'T EVEN OUT OF THE OVEN YET.

Ha ha ha ha.

Flashback From Last Night - #1

When I start viewing, dinner preparation is in motion.  The HG were talking all day about how Enzo was going to make them Chicken Parmesan tonight (third time this season).

Enzo is sprinkling the cheese on the chicken, and is comparing his work to that of Michealangelo---it's a masterpieice.  That is Ragan who is closely observing the Palumbo Technique.

(I heard Enzo's uncle on a talk show a week or two ago and he said he never knew Enzo could could cook---he's known for eating in that family, though.)

I guess there is some reason why Enzo is leaving one tray of chicken unsauced and uncheesed.  Maybe he's still working on it.

Before I go much farther, I must discuss the Garlic Bread Dilemma that was brewing yesterday afternoon, since we will likely see it resoved during the Flashbacks.  OK:

*  Hayden had a few french bread baguettes leftover from confinement that they all wanted to use to make garlic bread.  Matt and Ragan spent some time yesterday remembering all the great garlic breads they have ever eaten, and looking forward to the treat tonight, particularly  with Enzo's italian entree.

*  Never mind that those baguettes were sitting uncovered in the Confinement Room, and that Hayden had manhandled them all at one time or another.  Let's not forget there probably wasn't a lot of handwashing in the Confinement Room, for lack of a proper sink, soap and water.  And the fact that a camping toilet was sitting a few feet away, with just a flimsy sheet between it and the baguettes.  And the fact that the curtained area had no cameras and thus Hayden planned to use the area during Confinement for autoerotic activities.  In summary, that bread probably should have been removed from the premises by a Haz Mat team.

*  Matt said the best garlic bread he's ever had is just butter and garlic salt.  He tried to tell Brendon this and offered to make it, but Brendon is very territorial about the kitchen and is generally like a prison bitch in there.  He is also very stubborn and controlling.

*  So instead of just taking Matt's advice or letting him do it, Brendon started sauteeing garlic and making a garlic sauce like he was on Top Chef or something.  Enzo's Chicken Parm was finished, but they couldn't eat for some time because of Brendon making his fucking garlic bread.  Matt said it had been nearly an hour since he started----"it's just fucking garlic bread--what's taking so long?"

*  A plan was hatched where they would take some of the bread and make their own simple garlic bread, and not eat Brendon's version.  Ragan tried to be supportive, but was really hungry and couldn't promise anything.

OK.  Now back to the Flashback action.

What a coincidence--Brendon is making the fucking garlic bread.

Enzo really liked the movie he saw and plans to see it again when he gets home, or maybe on his flat screen TV that he won in the competition.

Brendon has never had a really good TV and Rachel is surprised.  Brendon used to work at The Good Guys, which was an electronic store and he got a TV there about 9 years ago.  He said Jerry Seinfeld ordered 10 plasma TVs for himself, and for gifts, but over half of them broke and had to be replaced.

Rachel is slicing tomatos to make bruschetta and has to use a dinner knife--so she is really sawing away at it.


The camera guys are well-aware of the Garlic Bread Dilemma, and cover the action as Britney comes in the kitchen to announce that she is going to pull some of the bread for "me and Matt" to make garlic bread their way.

She has to clear this through Brendon, who authorizes the removal of the bread. We see a nice tight shot of the garlic that Brendon is cooking.  Whew it must stink in there right now.

That is all garlic cloves, people.  Meanwhile Britney had to go to the storage room to get butter.  Britney is making 4 pieces of bread for Matt, and 3 for herself.

Matt enters:  It smells like garlic in here!  (wink wink)

Britney informs him that she has made their bread and it is going in the oven. 

Matt:  Thanks.  I may have a piece of the Super Garlic Bread, too, but I want my own in case it is too garlicky for me.  Is the pasta done?  Are we ready to roll here?  I'd like to get it started if nobody minds.

Matt learns that Brendon is not really making garlic bread, he is making some foofy bruschetta and I know he is going to crow about this later---he just wanted his simple fucking garlic bread.

Matt and Hayden don't waste any time.  They build plates and dig right in.  Brendon tries to stop Hayden by asking him to wait until the bread is done but Hayden ignores him.  (ha ha ha)

Britney build his her plate and starts eating, too.  Brendon has lost control of the herd but is going on and on and on about his use of cheese in the bruschetta, and the type of cheese, etc.  The rest of the HG are eating already, but Rachel is still slaving away to achieve Brendon's bruschetta vision.

They have trays and trays of the fucking bruschetta---who is going to eat all that?  Matt jokes that Hayden took one for the team by getting them that bread.  Britney and Matt are eating the simple garlic bread that she made and it is very crunchy.