Sunday, August 1, 2010

Courageous Choice,

that hat is, huh?

The Brigade Starts to Sweat

about Britney talking to Kristin, Kathy and Rachel today.  They think she might use the POV and both of them have a good chance of being nominated if so.

OMG Lane starts to say something about "going up there to talk to Needle Dick", and Matt erupts.

Matt:  Oh my gosh.  I went into the DR today and he said "are you all calling Brendon Needle Dick?"  I said, no, not that I know of .  And he said, well make sure you don't because if you do we can't use any of those conversation.  And then he told me to leave--he only wanted to tell me that!

DOTS  and when we come back Lane is chortling "Needle Dick!"

And more DOTS.

Kristin: I'm in Hell Right Now

They are reliving the HOH competition and the near-fight between Kristin and Rachel.

Lane thought Kristin was going to hit her, and saw how she had clenched up her fists.

Matt:  I think Rachel saw that too, and was shitting her pants.  I was waiting for people to come flying out of the walls.

Britney: And now Rachel says, you' look so cute in your leotard, and it's three days later!  Three days!

Britney says that when she was in the DR casting her vote, she could hear screaming in the living room.

DOTs on that little comment.

Movie in Progress

right now, and Britney, Matt, Lane and Kristin chat outside during the screening.

Matt went upstairs to get his shoes and heard them cracking up in there.

Kristin is apparently an authority on astrological signs and their impact on relationships.  Brendon and Rachel's signs clash, and they talk about that. 

Kristin: She asked me if they were compatible and I kind of shrugged.

Britney:  Did you see their faces when I said that no reality showmances had ever worked out?

(What about Rob and Ambah?)

Matt and his wife have nearly identical signs.  Matt and Britney chat about wedding preparations.  Britney took a stack of bride magazines into sequester.  She said The Knot is a bad example for wedding advice, since most of the people on there spent over $30,000 on their wedding.

They make fun of Brendon's performance as host of the POV, and the things he said.  Britney mimics Rachel when she had her turn "at the cannon" and they all laugh.
Britney points out that Hayden practiced for hours and hours at the game, and she didn't practice at all and ended up winning.  Rachel got very angry at Ragan, I think, based on something he did but Ragan thought he was being nice.

Kristin: My luck is just fucking bad.

Britney: It's not that your luck is bad, it's just that their luck is incredible.  All season long.

Britney is being really catty about Rachel in front of Kristin.  I think that is a bad idea.....especially when Rachel has been saying she wants to take Britney to final four or three.

They laugh about Rachel saying "Floaters grab your life vests".  Britney thinks Janelle is the one who made that up and Matt said that sucks.

Britney talks about how Rachel caught them wearing her extensions and how they recovered from it.  Lane thinks it would be hard to recover from that, but Britney did it.

Kristin thinks Rachel probably loved it.  (She looked like she did to me.)

Lots of DOTS Today

Is someone in the house with them, the way The Piv visited last year?  Maybe Will Ferrell or Marky Mark?

I think something must be happening, because I heard Enzo say earlier that Hayden was supposed to be let out of confinement at 5:00 pm, but they actually released him much earlier than that.

Maybe to fit a visitor's schedule?  Hmmmm?

I guess we'll be able to figure it out soon enough.

PS Remember when Neil Patrick Harris visited during AllStars, for no apparent reason?  (Other than his show is on CBS.)  Evil Dr. Will looked like he had died and gone to heaven.

Secret Press Visit to the House

Here is an article written about the secret press visit to the house during yesterday's POV competition.

It was posted on NPR, of all places.

I'm kind of skeeved by the description of the mess in there, to tell the truth.

And Now the Cock Blocker Climbs On

but at least Kathy asks first if they need to be alone.  (What do you think, dumbass?)

Look away Hayden, look away! It ain't a pretty sight!

Hayden is Released

from his cell and is having a strange conversation with Kristin, as you can see.
I think he is having trouble looking at her with that wig on.

They can hear Brendon and Rachel arguing in the kitchen about standardized testing and Kristin beggs BB to kill her now if she can't stay in the house and fight them.

She is telling Hayden that she asked Britney to use the POV, and to use it on Hayden if she won't use it on her.

Like Barbequed Ribs

Enzo needs to cook on both sides.

Enzo Cooks

in the sun and Brendon asks him if he ate.

Enzo:  I had a little salmon...a little rice.  I didn't want to to go too crazy.

(They are going to see the movie this afternoon, but it will have to wait until Hayden is released from his confinement.)

I guess Brendon said something about drinking.

Enzo:  You mean...a mid-afternoon buzz?  OK!

Kristin Goes to City Fitness

in response to Matt's question.

Matt:  Is that a chain?

Kristin:  No, but I know the owner, and he's trying to get it be a chain.

DOTS, since the poor guy didn't consent to this.  (a woman with an afro and hippietard talking about his business on internet TV)

Natalie's Ears are Burning

as Britney tells the group that last year Natalie said on the Live Feeds a number of times that she wanted CBS to pay for her wedding and televise it.

Ragan:  What, a horror movie?

Kathy:  Did she marry that guy?

Britney:  Yep.

Kathy:  I didn't think she would.

Britney:  And CBS said, you are the most hated...

DOTS. CBS has told them several times to Stop That!

Hair Color

Rachel has been a redhead for like, a year.   She wanted a change from her dark hair but didn't want to be a blonde because people would think she was stupid.
Britney's hair is really the color of Hayden's.  Matt is surprised it isn't natural.  She colored her hair very dark once, on a whim (Britney:  Kind of like your boob job, Rachel.) and didn't tell anybody.  She went home from college to surprise her mom and her mom started crying.

Her mom thought it was a wig and had to excuse herself to gain her composure.  She wishes she could have hair the color of Rachel McAdams' hair in The Notebook, but that is hard to pull off if it's not natural.

Kathy tried it one time, too and it didn't work on her, either.

Matt had to have jet black hair for a band he was in one time (had to have?) but couldn't stand it and had to quit.

Britney mentions that BB had Annie dye her blonde hair brown.  (Matt had no idea.)  Britney said that "she had the same conundrum when her friend wanted her to dye her hair dark."

Britney:  I showed them a picture of me with dark hair and said "do we want to return to this?"

That is how she got to keep her blonde hair for the show.  Britney says that too many of the girls looked the same and BB wanted them to change.  She saw "Blonde Annie" one time (during auditions or maybe sequester) because "they both sat in the back row" and she thought the New Annie's dark hair suited her personality a lot better.

Britney:  She looked totally different.

Finally the Sunday crew wakes up and realizes what they are talking about.


Still in Confinement...

Hayden reports that he still has a lot of french bread.  Ragan and Matt hope that they can have Hayden's leftover bread.   They want to make garlic bread.
Kristin wants to take a nap, but isn't looking forward to sleeping in the wig.  She got up last night to go to the bathroom and BB "yelled at her" to wear the entire costume even on that short errand.

The boys find that hard to believe.  Ragan wants to ask the DR if he can wear the other unitard this afternoon while he does his laundry.

I think there's only one afro wig, though.

It sure sucks for Kristin that Hayden will only see her (with the light on, anyway) wearing her costume for the last week of their togetherness.

How is the New Saboteur Going to Work?

Found this online---did you cast your vote yet for the new Saboteur?

Big Brother 12: How's the New Saboteur Going to Work?
Aug 1, 2010 08:21 AM ET
by Adam Bryant

Big Brother 12

When the Big Brother 12 houseguests unknowingly evicted the Saboteur in Week 1, CBS' big twist of the summer seemed dead in the water. But as Julie Chen informed viewers Thursday night, the in-house shenanigans may not be over.

So just how will the re-introduction of the Saboteur work? During a behind-the-scenes tour of the Big Brother house Saturday, executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan gave reporters the scoop on how the show plans to to make it happen, how it's related to the return of the "Pandora's Box" twist, and how the new Saboteur will be different from the original.

• The Saboteur, who will be chosen by America, will be revealed on the next live eviction show (Thursday, Aug. 5 at 8/7c). "I hope America does a better job than me," Grodner joked about the Saboteur selection.

• The new Saboteur will first address the houseguests in the following episode (Sunday, Aug. 8). He or she will only have to carry out acts of sabotage for two weeks to receive the $20,000 cash prize. "It's similar to when Dan was "America's Player" [in Season 10]," Grodner said.

• Also, the return of the Saboteur will coincide with "Pandora's Box," a temptation offered to the head of household that will unleash good or bad things on the rest of the house. The first evil unleashed will be the Saboteur.

• Unlike Annie, who Grodner said would have been pulled out of the house after she had completed her four-week reign of terror, the new Saboteur will continue to compete as long as he or she remains in the game. He or she could perhaps even win the grand prize. Also, the identity of the new Saboteur will not be revealed until finale night, whether he or she is evicted or not.

• Of course, this twist could very well be a dud a second time. If the houseguest chosen by America refuses the challenge, there will be no Saboteur. So, choose wisely!

Flashback From Last Night - Part VI

Now we're in the Jumanji Room, where Kristin is up against the door where Hayden is, and he is on the other side with his head hear the bottom of the door.
You can hear a lot of commotion in the next room.  Enzo is the main culprit.

Kathy:  I can't stand to listen to them.  I can't stand it anymore.  All they do is talk and think about themselves--it's annoying.

Oh Boy:

They discuss how poorly Brendon did as the POV host. I guess he had trouble reading the cards?

Kristin:  He can't read or act.

Kathy:  I was really shocked.

Hayden asked Kristin who else was in there with her.   At first she said "no one", but then amended it to tell him that Kathy was there.
Always cockblocking, that Kathy.  Maybe BB will call her to the DR so they can talk strategy.  Kristin made him some sort of plastic heart that she passed under the door to him.

Kathy tells Hayden that Kristin looks like Mrs. Roper from Three's Company and it doesn't even look like her---the unitard isn't really the problem.

Kathy sends Ragan in the DR to find out when the lockdown is over---she needs a smoke.
You can see Hayden still has two baguettes to eat in there.  Ragan has joined the group and says that Kristin looks kind of good and he can see her living in the 70's.

If Kristin had to pick an era to live in, she would pick the late 60's or early 70's.  Ragan would choose the prohibition times--when you went to speakeasies and everything was glamorous.
Kristin is glad that she doesn't have to sleep in the unitard.  Ragan wants to play 20 Questions and Kristin has to explain how to play to Hayden.  His voice is muffled, but he asks AGAIN if Kathy is still there.

(I know he wants to talk to Kristin about the POV and what to do next, but Kathy ain't goin' to let that happen.)

Ragan:  I think of Hayden as Production now, since I can only hear his voice but can't see him.

The 20 Question game blows.  Switching channels.

Flashback From Last Night - Part V

Britney just spoke to Matt quickly in the SR and told him what Kathy said about Kristin approaching her for a deal to use the POV.
Matt, surprised:  Really?

Britney:  There's not a chance in hell I would do that!  Don't worry!

Matt:  Good!

Brendon sits down at the dining room table, alone with Rachel to eat some fruit salad.  He had to fish for compliments first, of course, regarding it's preparation.  They smooch and talk quietly about what is going on.  She is whispering something to him and he says "no".  Probably about Britney using the POV.
He is now using his vast analytical skills to determine what would have happened if either of them had won the POV.  They now think that Hayden is "not as tied to Kristin as they thought".   Brendon says that the game is powerful and can cause people to not do what they say...they know they can't trust a thing he says from now on.

Brendon assures Rachel that with him, she doesn't have to worry about what he would do, unlike Kristin with Hayden.  They don't think Hayden was really trying to win--he's only concerned with himself.  Brendon thinks that is why it is really important to "start locking people down now".

They are whispering about Ragan's connection with Matt---what to do about that?  Everybody in the house knows that Rachel and Britney are now friends, but they don't think the two of them have total trust with each other or are aligned.

Enzo, yelling from the other room:  Boom!  Boom!  That's who I'm rolling with...right there!

Brendon:  I think I'm going to have some coffee.

Now Rachel asks if he thinks she is an alcoholic.  Brendon doesn't think so, but she works in an industry that encourages her to drink.  He mentions that he worked in a club for about 8 months as the "shot guy" and he didn't drink the whole time.  He had just started running, so that was an influence, as was the smell of the alcohol and the fact that "people acted so retarded".

Brendon:  You're fun, not really you get in a lot of fights with your boyfriends when you drink?

Rachel: No.

Brendon:  That's good.  I hate it when girls get drunk and want to fight.

Rachel:  I just want to go have sex.

Brendon:  This is going to work out well.
Brendon points out that they are both headstrong, but "that's okay".  Rachel just comments on his hair.

Brendon moves his hair around:  I'm not doing the stupid gay......

He then starts whispering about, I think Justin Beiber (?) and they giggle. 


Press Invaded the BB House During Yesterday's POV Competition

Apparently Andy Denhart from Reality Blurred was with a group of journalists/bloggers who got to go inside the house yesterday during the POV competition.

His tweets appear below--sounds like that house is a pig sty about now. It should get a lot worse without Captain Kosher--he was always cleaning and polishing.

Interesting/creepy thing about going to #BB12 house: houseguests have no idea we were there, opening their fridge, looking at underwear about 1 hour ago via web

Fun to see #BB12 house, hamsters in person. Nice of producers to show us around, let us invade. Stay tuned for more detail about what I saw. about 2 hours ago via Echofon

New #BB12 twist coming Wed. Have not bedroom has a camp toilet in it. about 2 hours ago via Echofon

When critics left the #BB12 house 20 or 30 min ago, veto comp still happening. Many rounds. about 2 hours ago via Echofon

New #BB12 saboteur is for two weeks, person will still remain in the game. So, America's Player. about 2 hours ago via Echofon

It's not bad. Really. RT @GailPennington: Eating slop at Big Brother house -- Andy about 2 hours ago via Echofon

In HoH room. Handcuffs in table. Red hair extensions in bag. #BB12 about 3 hours ago via Echofon

Houseguests are slobs. It's disgusting in here. Food out in kitchen, smells like salmon. Hair in shower drain. Clothes everywhere. #BB12 about 3 hours ago via Echofon

Actually in the house now, in the living room. Audio being fed in of veto comp. #BB12 about 3 hours ago via Echofon

Eight people in #BB12 master control, opening door for veto right now. Loggers have laminated paper w/houseguests faces, evicted Xed. about 4 hours ago via Echofon

Music plays pre-veto comp to psych up houseguests. about 4 hours ago via Echofon

Going into #BB12 back yard pre-veto competition. about 4 hours ago via Echofon

What Julie Chen sees. #BB12 about 4 hours ago via Echofon

The hamsters are right behind that door. about 4 hours ago via Echofon

Just arrived at the Big Brother house/studio. #BB12

Flashback From Last Night - Part IV

Brendon is eating now and I am trying to determine if he is eating any of the mac-and-cheese.  I see meat and potato on his fork, but I haven't seen Rachel's dish yet.  The oranges and apples you see there are part of the table decoration, not Brendon's Martyr Fruit Salad.
Even while eating, he still has to control the action in the kitchen.  Matt, Britney and Kathy are trying to find the right pan to make the cake in and Brendon told them to dump out the mac-and-cheese and to use that pan.  But it was made in a disposable foil pan and that is not sturdy enough.

Kathy:  We can make a big cookie cake! 

No one responds.  Brendon says "I don't do cakes".  (So I guess he is going to shit all over that, too.)

Brendon:  Know what we should have asked for?  Nutella.  I could have made Nutella crepes.

(What a fucking asshole.  I mean, really.  Like, totally.)  No one responds to that, either.

Meanwhile Britney is getting busy making the yellow cake with Kathy as her sous chef.
They don't have a measuring cup--just a 1/2 cup scoop that they used for the slop, so Kathy says "we're gonna have to count".  Britney directs her on the counting and starts stirring it up.
She had to switch arms a few times already--I guess it's hard to cook in the primitive style.  It looks like she is using a Rachael Ray garbage bowl, doesn't it?

Britney thinks she is getting used to the boredom in the house, which is "kind of sad".  The first few weeks were really hard.  Kathy says "the homesickness never goes away".  Britney agrees and says she had a couple of days there that were really hard.  It is hard for her to be "out of the loop" on everything going on at home.

The cake pans are in the oven and now Britney licks the bowl.  Kathy doesn't want any, but lets Britney know that Kristin is going to talk to her about using the POV. 
Kathy:  It's got nothin' to do with me...  (bullshit it doesn't) this point, it sucks when anybody leaves, in my eyes....

Britney starts to clean up the dinner mess and Brendon stops her to clean up his fruit salad mess himself.  Rachel is out of the DR and Kathy compliments her mac-and-cheese.

Kathy:  I ain't never had it like that...I've had mac-and-cheese, but never like that.

Rachel makes her dinner plate and I think she is the first one so far to actually eat any of the fruit salad on a plate.   I saw Matt picking up pieces of it with his hands and eating it standing up, but that isn't really making a commitment, is it?

Flashback From Last Night - Part III

Lane wants to put a candle in Matt's steak.

Enzo, rapping a little:  You look hard in the unitard.

They make up a song for Matt:  For he's a little bit creepy, for he's a little bit creepy, he stares at me all night.

Enzo, Ragan and Britney dish up their dinner and sit down to eat.  Ragan calls out a Thank You to anybody who cooked.  Enzo thanks everybody for everything.
Enzo is really sawing away at that steak--looks like he likes his well-done.  It's pretty quiet in there as they eat.  Nobody says much about the food--steak, mashed potatoes and Rachel's mac-and-cheese.
Kristin is skipping dinner and says she just ate a sandwich.  Brendon sings the "for he's a little bit creepy.." song under his breath as he continues to work on his fruit salad.  (I call that the Martyr Fruit Salad.)

Enzo goes back for large helpings of seconds for the mashed potatoes.  Brendon makes yet another snide comment about "counteracting all that cheese" with his fruit salad.  

Kathy appears and is wondering when the lockdown will be over---I'm sure she is ready for a cigarette.  She looks cute in her leopard top--very flattering.  Matt continues to wear a lot of clothes that show a lot of cleavage, for some reason.   I guess it's his Fake Birthday, so he can wear what he wants on his Special Day.
Kathy comments on the mac-and-cheese and asks how Rachel made it.  I guess she likes it.  Rachel is in the DR so Brendon tells Kathy what she needs to know, stressing that there is A LOT of extra cheese in it.

Ragan is full, and Lane just darted his fork over to Ragan's plate to spear a piece of steak that was laying on the side of his plate.  He ate it quickly and Ragan laughed, "Oh, you're going to eat that piece that I would give to my dog?".  They laugh.
Like a prison kitchen bitch, Brendon sashays over to the table and sets down his fruit salad, announces it's arrival and walks away.  Earlier today Matt and Ragan were in Jumanji talking to Hayden through the door and Brendon also sashayed in there to serve them a salmon spread he just made from the leftover dinner.  They all took a bite or two and then he left the room.


Ragan jokes that Brendon just called him a fruit...instead of saying Go Eat Fruit, he says Brendon says "Go Eat, comma, Fruit!".

Ragan:  House meeting!!

They all laugh.  It's all about Brendon and his fruit salad.  He comments AGAIN about all the cheese in Rachel's dish and how they might as well eat it since they can all be on slop next week.

Enzo wants to "get blasted tonight" and "go streaking".  Enzo just went in the bedroom to see Kristin's outfit for the first time and I can hear him reacting to it. "Yo, yo, Hayden you're missing this".

Flashback From Last Night - Part II

Here is a picture of Kristin's unitard when she first appeared on the scene.  The afro wig is the worst part---I guess she will get evicted in that ensemble, much like Lydia in her Captain Unitard costume last year.

She said she even has to put it on at night when she gets up to go to the bathroom.  Here is Britney's reaction to the unitard.
Britney:  That unitard is ridiculous.

Rachel takes the mac-and-cheese out of the oven and stirs it around, saying it is "perfect".  I know Brendon won't let her enjoy it, though, and will continue to make shitty comments about how much fat is in there, etc.

Lane just snuck a bite of steak while he's cooking.
Now he offers a little piece to Britney, who proclaims it "delicious". 

Flashback From Last Night - Part I

We pick up and Lane, Britney and Brendon are cooking dinner.  Britney is trying to mash a "whole stick" of what I assume is butter into something.  I think it is mashed potatoes.
They give a shout out to Captain Kosher and say he left his mark on the game.  Britney thinks that "he totally has the live feeds and is watching them non-stop."

Brendon:  Do you guys want a fruit salad?  Would you eat a fruit salad?

Lane:  I would definitely have some fruit salad.

Brendon:  I'm trying to counteract all that cheese she put in there.  (a slam on Rachel's mac and cheese that they nearly argued about---see post yesterday).

They think the unitard is insane.  There are lots of sizzling sounds---I think Lane is cooking up some steaks.  They can't imagine anybody but Kristin wearing the unitard.  She got two different ones to wear, probably more for cleanliness than for variety.

Britney goes to the SR and finds a birthday spread for Matt.  She comes out and tells the group doing ab work on the floor (Matt, Ragan and Rachel) to "do a few extra---we got ice cream and cake for Matty's birthday!"
They got chocolate cookie dough ice cream, chocolate, and I think vanilla.  They also got yellow and chocolate cake mix.  (Matt is also lying about his birthday, but BB is going along with it I guess.  There is precedent for the birthday lies, but I  can't remember who lied and what season.  Maybe Eric Stein?)

Matt and Brendon like their steaks medium rare.  Britney needs to make the cake. Ragan comes over and lifts his tank top and implies that they can use his abs to knead dough or grate some cheese.

[When Ragan, Matt and Rachel were doing abs, Brendon called over to Rachel to make sure she was going to do crunches, too.  I feel he is super-critical and controlling, and we are just seeing the tip of the iceburg with his personality.  Rachel is not the one to be controlled, so I guess fighting will be a big part of their lifestyle, if they continue this relationship.]

They think Kristin looks hot but Rachel wishes BB gave her some cool jewelry, too. 

Britney wants to know which cake to make---she has both vanilla and chocolate icing.  Lane says make "half and half" (yellow and chocolate) but Brendon quickly shoots down this idea---"don't waste any of it".

Brendon reports that in the HOH room he has been "doing monologues to the camera on a potpourri of topics". 

Brendon:  Last night I talked about Obama.

Britney:  Are you serious?

Brendon:  And I said hi to my friends in Denmark.

Britney:   They didn't call you out?  I didn't think you were supposed to talk to the camera.