Friday, July 30, 2010

Nomination Time

[Will, of course.]

Before the meeting between Rachel and Kristin, I was willing to bet that Kristin would be nominated.  Now I'm not so sure.

Lane and Kathy--that's my wild guess.  Maybe Kristin and Lane, though. 

Who the hell knows, really?

Me and My Man....

when someone tries to mess with Rachel and her man, she's going to defend herself.
I don't think the meeting between Rachel and Kristin is going well.  They are trying to have a conversation but they both keep raising their voices.

Kristin is all, "you, you and you" and "I am playing this game differently then everybody else" and "I am not a floater".

She never meant to let it blow out of proportion---she thinks they both got defensive, and both she and Rachel are very defensive people.  They both will do whatever it takes to protect themselves and the people they are close to.

Kristin:  That's why I like you, Rachel.  I do sincerely apologize for making you feel excluded this past week.

Rachel:  If you stay in this house this week, I feel like you are coming after me.

Kristin:  This game is tit-for-tat.  And that's the way this game should be played.  And that's the reason why the whole house is after you--you both keep winning and there's no tit-for-tat for that.

They have calmed down quite a bit but Kristin is doing most of the talking (a miracle).  I can't tell what Rachel is thinking. 

Kristin:  The reason why I didn't accept your apology last night is that I was really heated.  And a majority of the things that were said last night were untrue.  Whether it was you or Andrew, they weren't true in my opinion.  And I'd like to play this game as clean as possible.

Rachel:  Then just explain to me one thing--why did you fall off the board so soon?

Kristin:  I just slipped and was standing backwards.  When Kathy fell, I fell. I am a sore, sore loser and I hate to lose.  You know I am a tough competitor----you saw me eat that spider!  I swear on my mother's life that I did not fall off on purpose.

Kristin kind of makes a veiled threat that she is a rational person, and whatever Rachel does to her, she will take that into consideration.

Rachel:  I do know what you mean, Kristin.

Now Kristin is sucking up by saying that if she nominated them, they always turn it around and that would hurt her---why wouldn't she nominate someone weak?

Rachel toots her own horn---"over half of the people that have left are because of her" (?), and that she has earned everything she won.  And for the POVs, she was right there next to Brendon.

Kristin:  Just go with your gut, Rachel. Because when I do that, I'm always right.  Even if you put me up there, do what is right and what is best for you. And I wish things didn't get the way they did...we're both defensive people and we both felt threatened.  It was situational and I don't want us to get like that again.  I'll do it, but I don't want to.

Brigade Meeting

in the kitchen as Lane updates the other three guys about his conversation with the HOH Team.

Lane report that he mentioned that they were just too competitive for him, and that Rachel wants to put together a fun Jury House.  They are using making sandwiches as a cover for the conversation and say "Hey Ragan" as he walks through.

They break up when they see Kristin coming, who is on her way upstairs! (She just told Kathy that she has a "huge pride problem" and is dreading going up there.)
Love the headband look on Hayden. 

Lane starts flirting with Kathy and saying he feels some bad vibes from her today.  She says she's in a good mood--anytime she gets to play cops and robbers she's happy.  (The comp was a prison theme.)

Kristin came back down because Britney was up there.  Oh the drama.

Scrambling at an Unprecedented Level

this afternoon in preparation for the nominations.  Hayden and Kristin are in the SR and he is practically begging her to go upstairs and talk to Rachel & Brendon.
She doesn't want to go and says she won't promise them anything like everybody else is doing.  They are arguing a little bit and there is a lot of tension. Hayden wants to position Kathy to go home and Kristin isn't happy about that at all.   Hayden cursed Matt for not addressing the showmance situation last week.

The competition this afternoon was a movie competition--Enzo, Rachel, Brendon and I think Hayden won and rumor is that it is a Will Ferrall movie.  With Marky Mark in it, too. 

Britney and Matt did not win, I do know that.

Hayden:  We've got to make it out this week---we have to do it.

There has apparently been a steady pilgrimage up to the HOH room in the past hour---Lane and Enzo have been up there, and it sounds like Hayden indirectly threw Matt under the bus earlier today.


as some sort of competition gets underway in the backyard.  A house food competition?  A luxury challenge?  A little bit of both?

The answer, of course is Pepperoni, which is kind of a stupid name for a dog.  Pumpkin or Peanut would be fine, but Pepperoni?  I think not.

Before the break, Hayden was in the HOH room with both Brendon and Rachel.  I listened as much as I could, but had a client call me and I had to turn down the sound for awhile.

Basically, Rachel likes Hayden and doesn't want to nominate him with Kristin.  Hayden wants to know who else they would nominate and I don't think he ever got a straight answer.  (Previously with the Brigade, Hayden said he would want to be nominated next to Kristin so he doesn't have to vote against her, for Jury House reasons.  And probably tits-and-ass reasons--no need to be deprived in that Jury House.)

They went round and round and Hayden wouldn't name any names.  He is kind of losing his cool, because Rachel asked him who in the house he likes.

Hayden:  I like Lane....and Enzo.......and Matt......and also Ragan.....but these are people that I like, I don't know how they feel about me.

(Way to call out the Brigade, Hayden.)

Just the other day Hayden scolded Matt because when they pulled their keys when Matt was HOH, they were all one right after another.

Rachel told Hayden that she felt that if Enzo or Lane had won HOH, both she and Brendon would be on the block.

A little earlier, Rachel was very lucidly describing her thoughts about some of the HG with Brendon. With Lane, she has watched him compete in three POVs, and he was out the first round every time.  And when he was in the final against her for HOH last night, she felt like it was by default.  (true)  So she's not sure about him---is just not good under pressure?  Or is he holding back?

(Sounds like Lane is a nomination candidate.)

Boo Hoo

And Kathy tells Kristin not to let her (Rachel) get to you.
Kristin:  I would never let her get to me.  I'm just sad, that's all....
Real tears.  Lots of sniffling.  And so on.

Matt is Making Slop.

Yes, slop.
He thinks the days of someone being a Have Not for a week are over. (Wrong, Matt.)

Matt: But what the fuck do I know?

Exactly Matt, exactly.

Meanwhile Lane dishes up a big plate of eggs.  Brendon is happy to cook for everyone after someone else made those "hamburgers from God" last night.  Matt asks why he and Rachal like Silk---are they lactose intolerant, or do they like the taste?

Matt doesn't know that milk has protein.  (What?)  Brendon bought soy milk because it lasts so much longer than regular milk and got used to it.

Enzo is So Funny,

I don't even know if I can describe it properly.

Britney says that he kind of snapped on Julie last night when she asked about his accent--"What the fuck is wrong with the way I talk" and advised him to relax next time and don't assume that Julie Chen is attacking him.
Britney:  Take it as a joke!

Enzo:  Well, if they had prepped me a little, I could have had a joke ready...I think I have anger issues.  But admitting it is the first step.

He feels great and just needs to "drop a bomb" and then he is ready to compete.

The Show Goes On

at the sink as Rachel jockeys for Kristin's camera time at the sink.
And now she does it again, asking/telling Kristin to step aside and let her fill up the ice trays.  Kristin is like a maid now, avoiding eye contact and scrubbing, scrubbing, scrubbing.

And Rachel DOES IT AGAIN to fill up a water glass.  Seriously, she's drinking tap water?  Don't they have a water cooler in there?
I am liking the new, combative Rachel.

Breakfast Burritos,

Brendon's concoction turns out to be.
Enzo is thrilled to have a good night's sleep, and is eating turkey bacon standing up and is excited to drink coffee.

Ragan only slept for 4 hours but it was a good sound sleep and he feels great.  He doesn't like onions, so he opts out of Brendon's burritos and has some cereal instead.
They were joking earlier about what the prizes and punishments will be today in the competition.

Ragan:  We will have to see a movie starring Katherine Heigel and her twin sister, called Twin Love!

They joke that the winner will get a new car, and the loser will see footage of their car at home being repossesed.  They also joked about Matt having to wear a tampon costume.

Rachel:  Was that, like, the most intense live show ever?

Ragan remembers seeing flashbacks of what happened during the vote in previous seasons (i.e. the HG arguing on the couches), but can't remember a show like this.  He mentions arguments after the HOH competition (like Evel Dick and Jameka, maybe?) but never a combo of fights like they had.

Brendon offers Kristen breakfast but she says "I'm good..thank you!" and goes to the sink.  Rachel asks Brendon to refill her coffee and Silk milk.

Slight bit of tension in there now.....which Rachel combats by tossing her hair around.

Brendon Starts Cooking Again

now that he can eat it, too.  Looks like he is making an omelette or a fritatta.  Rachel pours them both coffee (hers is iced) and goes back up the HOH.

Lane Comes Clean

and is one of the first ones up. BB told them to "start getting ready". 

Flashback From Last Night - Part VII

They decide to save the "champagne" for tomorrow.  (Matt's 30th birthday is Saturday.) 

Rachel:  Everyone upstairs is allowed to have some---the people downstairs, no..

And who is downstairs, pray tell?  One guess:
Lots of teary eyerolling, including big sighs, you name it.  She finally hauls herself up and goes into the deserted bathroom, to the WC.
You can still hear Rachel's jubilant voice talking about Spice World and her plans for the next day.  Back to the Cabana Room.

Flashback From Last Night - Part VI

Rachel:  Who wants to see my HOH Room?

Enzo starts rapping and beat boxing...Rachel says "heeeeyyyy!"

They all trudge up the stairs.  Britney hopes there is another cheese tray.

Rachel:  Is this everyone?  (all but Kristin are there)  Oh yeah, after this week it will be!

There is a soccer picture of Rachel, and her sorority sister, who signed a release.  Also a cheerleading picture of Rachel, and a bottle of "champagne"--Martini & Rossi rose.

Her CD is Spice World and she and Enzo and Britney are pumped and squealing.   They got a new remote for the TV, too, to replace the one that Matt broke last week (BB blamed it on him).  She also got tanning mist, some chemistry goggles, something for her hair (hopefully the roots), and a Rottweiler beanie baby.

She got a letter from her sister--her little sister, and reads it out loud.
She is keeping Rachel's dog Cuervo, but had to "send her to Canada" while she is in school.  Cuervo has a two story dog house in Canada and is very spoiled.  She is taking Chemistry next semester and will need some tutoring this fall.  She mentions the time that they were in the car talking about spray tanning and Rachel blurted out the whole chemical make up of it and how it colors your skin over time.

She wants to start a beauty line with Rachel to prove that you can be beautiful and smart.  Rachel says that she and her sister are like soulmates and are best friends forever and ever.  Her name is Alyssa and her boyfriend lives in Canada --that is why both of their dogs are up there now.

Rachel wants everyone to drink the champagne  ("Obvie!") and they will all drink shots to celebrate.  There is cheese in the fridge and some chocolate.

Enzo starts singing the Spice Girls:  All the people of the world!

Britney can't wait to hear it, too.  Kathy has wormed her way into the bed---I wonder if she will cockblock Rachel and Brendon this time, too?

Rachel wants to play the Spice Girls--they all start singing and we get DOTS.

Brendon says his sister worked in a strip club (or someone she knew) and Victoria and David Beckham came in for a lapdance.

Flashback From Last Night - Part V

Britney has reappeared and I think Rachel is in the DR---the HOH Room reveal must be moments away.

They think there is a luxury competition tomorrow.  Britney would take the target on her back to get a letter from home.  Ragan would skip the letter from home to have a Slop Pass.  Enzo wants a phone call from his wife.

Enzp:  I want to talk to my wife...I want to know what the fuck is going on out there!

Britney:  I don't think they'll let them tell you that...

Lane:  Are you still together?  What if she hangs up on you?

They joke that the prizes will include time spent with the BB11 cast.

Enzo:   Have a beer with Lydia.

Britney:  Instead of the unitard, you have to wear Natalie's wardrobe for a week!  (ha ha ha)

Ragan: It's going to be Wheel of Natalie!

(ha ha Ragan hates Natalie)

Ragan mentions when Lydia became Captain Unitard last year, with the pink hair.  Now they talk about Jesse and what Lydia said to Julie Chen about her reunion with Jesse in the Jury House.

Britney, imitating Lydia:  Oh Jesse, you're so silly!  Let's go make a tent!

Hayden is listening, but is continuing to eat his pizza.  No sense on whether he is an outcast now or not--Kristin surely is, though.
They discuss what you can do in the Jury House.  Britney thinks you can talk about production all you want, even though cameras are around.  Enzo wants to know about the World Cup, but Britney thinks that they won't let you know stuff like that.

Enzo:  Why?  How is that going to influence my fuckin' vote?

Lane's T-shirt says "For Rent --By the Hour". Funny.

Flashback From Last Night - Part IV

Ragan has joined the kitchen group and says he feels like he is coming down from a pot high.
Enzo:  I just ate for two days, man.

Ragan:  I'm going to eat a lot this week.  You know what I want tomorrow morning?  A really cheesy omelette..

Enzo:  Yeah, that sounds good.

Brendon followed Rachel down the hall to the bathroom and sat her down for a talk.  Rachel is like a broken (drunk) record about wanting to go and talk to Britney. She seems to think that Britney is in the Cabana with Kristin (I don't think so.).
Brendon:  If you continue to act this way, I'm not going to let you drink in the house with me. 

[We've all dealt with drunks before, and it is certainly frustrating to be the sober, sane one.  Paging Dr. Rachel's people about next season's Celebrity Rehab.  At least Rachel can say she was on network TV this year, which is more than most of those "celebrities" can say.]

Brendon:   Let her just be---you don't have to look worse than she does!

Rachel: I could never look worse than her!

Brendon:  Then just let her marinate and stew in it.

They are in the kitchen now and Rachel is eating an apple.

Rachel:  Can I throw an apple at her?  Why is Britney in there with her?  Britney hates her, so why is she in there?

And so on.

Rachel wants to go pour "that fucking soup on her head", and a "fucking bottle of water on her head".

Brendon:  That's why I'm your stop you from doing that stuff.

Enzo is concerned that everyone will sleep through the HOH Room reveal.  He wants to go up there and listen to some music.

Flashback From Last Night - Part III

A quiet moment, and now we see that one of the cameramen has higher aspirations for his craft.  They do a series of fast, tight shots of people now passed out in the Jumanji Room.  Short catnaps, I guess, all within 10 minutes of all of that screeching and beatboxing.

I hardly recognized Britney, these shots were so close up.  I guess she broke out the pageant eyelashes for the Live Show, huh?

Kind of Brigette Bardot, huh?   Guess who this is?
Ha ha ha.  I didn't even know he was in there.  He has the pillows over his head and is assuming his favorite position.  Meanwhile, in the kitchen Brendon inhales a few slices of pizza.  He reminds me of that movie Thief of Hearts with that cap on. (late 80's cheese fest movie)
Brendon goes back to Jumanji and is amazed at how quiet it is now.  He runs into Hayden, who is also enjoying the pizza, and Hayden says, "I was just listening to all the commotion in here and now this!".  Brendon agrees.
Ragan sits up from his coma and asks if that is DiGourno (his favorite)?

Ragan:  You don't have to lie anymore!  (about eating pizza, since he was a Have Not last week).

Ragan doesn't want any right now.  He had a hamburger, half a steak, two airheads, and _____ for dinner.

Ragan:  I was not fucking around at dinner..

In the kitchen they decide to cook up another DiGourno pizza.  Enzo says he'll pick at it with Hayden---he'll "shred that shit".

Rachel:  I'm so emotionally drained I might eat slop!

Enzo:  I am eating crumbs right now!  Because I can, Bitches!

He is in great spirits and opens up a container of deli turkey.  He says it "smells like ass" but is going to heat it up in the microwave anyway.  They are on inside lockdown because something is being set up in the backyard. (I think it is a food competition to win food for the house.)

Enzo thinks it is a luxury competition.

Enzo:  What if someone wins a car tomorrow out there?  One word...

Enzo and Rachel, in unison:  Tarrrrr-get!

Enzo says that if he wins a phone call from home he is having phone sex and they all want to listen in on speaker phone.  Now Hayden the buzzkill looks at the caloric content of the pizza.  Enzo gets into the leftover sloppy joe mix and says it is too sweet---he thought it would taste like taco meat.

Enzo:  Can I put cheese on this?

Lane, who made the Sloppy Hos: can..

Enzo:  Then I will!  You know why??  Because I can, motherfuckers!

He is really building up momentum with the eating.  He is scraping that plastic bowl and I expect him to lick it like a dog any minute.
Hayden gets called to the DR and says Enzo can have his extra slice of pizza.  Enzo offers to "go halves" on it with Brendon but Brendon will wait until the next one comes out of the oven.

Brendon:  Damn, we went from that fucking remix to, like nothing!  How good is that fucking pizza dude?  It's so soft and fresh.

Enzo:  I know, man.  I just want to have fun with a shark with his prey.

Brendon is trying to tell Rachel to stay calm and not to go in the Cabana Room (where Kristin has set up camp).  Rachel is getting belligerent--I think the DR might have asked her to stay away from Kristin, too.

Rachel:  What, am I not allowed to go in there?  Am I going to get yelled at?  Am I allowed to be HOH?

She wants Brendon to go to the Cabana Room and ask Britney to come out.  Brendon refuses and says that if Britney wants to come out, she will.  Rachel should just let it go.

Brendon:  I get it, you don't like her.  (Kristin)

Rachel tries to get up and Brendon has to physically restrain her.  Rachel says she is going to the bathroom but Brendon knows better.

Enzo:  I think she likes that you are being so physically protective of her.

Brendon:  Yeah...

Andrew took the Red King from the chessboard, or at least hid it from them.

Enzo:  I think I'm good for two days now, with everything I ate....I don't have to eat for two days now.

Rachel is upset that "Kathy and Britney are her best friends now" (Kristin).    Brendon is doing a good job of keeping his thumb on her and making her sit quietly.  Rachel is adamant about wanting to talk to Britney, who is "her friend".

(The last I saw, Britney was passed out in Jumanji, not talking to Kristin.)

Flashback From Last Night - Part II

Still working on the BB remixes....

Brendon wants to incorporate the Saboteur in the remix.

Britney:  We can call it  "Did you miss me?"

Aha...Ragan thinks Annie will be back next week for the Week #5 HOH, since she was supposed to be in the house and win the money then.  (How perceptive.....)
Rachel thinks they will get more booze after everyone has their turn in the DR, so they can all visit the HOH and stay up until five, talking. 

Rachel:  Why does Rich call this the Palm Room?

(Rich is a DR guy.)

Britney:  Because Rich.....DOTS.

Rachel:  Brendon, where are you going to sleep tonight?

**uncomfortable silence**

Brendon:  In the room with your mother standing over me!  (BB put a picture of Rachel's mom in her last HOH room and she moved it to the bathroom.) 

Enzo is going to sleep in the Taj and says that he will be doing "mad game talk" in there and has several alliances in there.  Rachel says he can cuddle with Lane in the Jumanji Room and that Lane has, like, five alliances.

Enzo:  I can't believe that Julie Chen knew about the spotlighting...

DOTS.  (After last year, BB is careful not to let anybody say anything bad about Julie on the feeds because it shows up on all the blogs, etc.  Mrs. Moonves doesn't like that.)

Enzo:  Seriously, who can say they were tutored by Julie Chen?  That was so awesome!

More DOTS as they discuss the Chenbot.  Matt must be in the DR because I don't hear him in Jumanji doing the remixes.  They probably could have used his musicality.

Flashback From Last Night

around 10:30 pm in the BB house.  Hayden and Kristin are in the Cabana Room, alone, and are reliving the fight in the backyard (most of which we weren't allowed to see).

Kristin:  She said (in a mocking tone)'re so degree!  I wanted to fucking choke her right there and then.

You can hear a lot of squealing and shouting from the living room as everyone whoops it up.

Kristin:  This is going to be a tough week...I'm sorry it had to work out this way.

Lots of DOTS here and there tonight.  I think Production is talking to them--if BB aired their voices they would have to pay them as performers, I think.  I would love to hear more about how that works if anyone can let us know the union pay rules.

Hayden and Kristin discuss the HOH game and how Brendon was out first thing.  The sounds from the kitchen are really loud and appear to be Ragan acting out.  I might have to switch to that camera to see what is going on there.

Hayden:  You look hot out there when you were screaming!

Kristin:  Thanks.  At least someone out there thinks so. I'm sure America was thinking that about Rachel.

Hayden:  No....see, a lot of guys would "do" Rachel, but not many would date her.

They realize they will probably be in the Jury House and think it will suck.

Oh it sounds like a frat party in the kitchen...I have to switch channels.

OK!  Now I see Enzo with an empty wine glass and he seems half in the bag.  After being a Have Not all week, I'm sure he is a cheap date tonight.  Rachel's voice can be heard and she sounds drunk, too.  Enzo is kind of weaving while standing up and has his hand up his shirt, exposing his belly.

Rachel:  Houseguests!  You are not allowed to discuss Production!  You are not allowed to discuss Liposuction!

DOTS on that.

They say that Ragan is food drunk.   He is imitating BB talking to Monet:  Moneeeeettt, please put on, no, please stop singing....


Enzo and Brendon appear to be drinking beer out of the wine glasses and just clinked each other.
Ragan is cracking up and laughing uncontrollably.  Ragan:  It's like we smoked a joint or something!
They are making rap-type remixes of the BB messages---they are about to make a "Stop That" remix and Britney requests a "Houseguests you are on Looooockdoooown" remix.  Ragan got out of bed and started doing the robot, someone is beatboxing (Enzo) and they are all rapping in falsetto.

Ragan keeps saying in falsetto:  I don't want to go back to jail!

There is a moment of silence, and Enzo raps "Stop talking about production!".

Britney:  Enzo, you are really good at that!

Enzo:  That's what we did in high school, man.  A little rapping...I was Enzo, King of a Thousand Wet Dreams.

Kathy missed the first remix and Rachel wants to make a "Floaters, Grab Your Lifevest!" rap.  Enzo says he needs a hook and tries "These are shark infested waters".

This is hilarious.  Britney said that BB told Ragan:  Ragan, Please Stop Singing!  and Ragan screeched in falsetto:  Then I'll rap motherfuckers!

Lots of DOTS but BB has got to love this energy.  Posting but I continue to watch.  Can't look away!