Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kathy Held Back

during the Live Show, when Julie was talking to Lane about "spotlighting".

Kathy:  I had to hold back from saying "ILLEGAL!"  I work with Game and Fish and that's the worse thing you can do!

(Ha ha ha. I wish she had done it.)

Kristin mentions how Julie told her it wasn't her turn to talk and there is nervous laughter over that.

Kristin: She Picked the Wrong Girl to Fuck With!

Britney went in to the Cabana Room to "get some lotion" and started a conversation with Kristin and Hayden.  She gave Kristin props for being able to handle all of that the way she did.

Britney:  I would have been curled into the fetal position!

Kristin:  That's the way things always turn out for me...I almost expect it.  I did expect this, and I expect to be put up.

Hayden apologizes, too.  He usually is not a confrontational person.

Hayden:  Where I'm from, in the country, if you have a confrontation with somebody, you don't talk about just get physical!

Britney: This may be naive, but  I hope things can get smoothed over and everything can be okay this week.

Kristin, interrupting:  It's not.  It's not going to be.  She picked the wrong girl to fuck with!

OH SNAP:  During the fight Hayden said that Rachel didn't have any common sense and dared her to try and string together a sentence without using the word 'Like".

Ha ha ha. They have to show us some of that on Sunday.

Oh Shit. Kristin Just Owned Rachel.

Rachel just came in to the Cabana Room to apologize for what she said in the heat of the moment and Kristin interrupted her.

Kristin:  I think what you did is bullshit and I don't accept your apology.  Not now and not ever...

Rachel turned and stomped out in the middle of her speech.

Hayden kind of laughed and said, "That's why I like you".

Kristin brings up that the two of them felt sorry for Andrew, and look what he did!
Hayden, softly:  How many times have we made out?  Two?  Three?  Four times?

and then:

Hayden:  We should have just done it!

Ragan and Matt

decide to play chess.  Matt used to play with his Grandpa but hasn't played much since then.  He played checkers with Annie on the board, but that is it.

Andrew is the only one who used the board and he always played alone.  There is a piece missing and they think Andrew took it.
Britney joins them with a bowl of Apple Jacks.  She said she mainly came up there to get away from Brendon.  Her cereal is crunchy and Ragan said it looks so good.

Ragan told them what he said to Julie on the live show about wanting to "institutionalize and evict Andrew" and he heard the crowd laughing.  They all liked that.

Food is on the way---I guess the pork chops are cooking.  In the old days they always got a food delivery after the live show, but maybe that won't start happening until later in the season.

Lockdown is over.  Britney wants to go outside and do a load of laundry--her sheets need to be washed.  Kathy said hers need to be "warshed" as well.

OMG No One Believes What Andrew Said!

Matt and Ragan say they think it was a lie devised to create a new target in the house. 

Ragan:  If this has been happening for a month, why are Brendon and Rachel the only ones who have ever heard it?

Bad Day

for Kristin.  She is laying in bed being her usual non-communicative self with Kathy.
Kathy is stroking her arm and it's kind of weird, but maybe sort of motherly.
Ragan comes in to ask them about the sleeping arrangements.  They have enough beds for everybody to have one most of the week---would the two of them mind sharing a bed tonight?  And then everybody can rotate sharing a bed?

Of course, they say.  (No more nookie for you Kristin.)

Kathy wants to know who else will be sharing their room.  Ragan hems and haws and finally says probably Hayden and Enzo.  He apologizes in advance for Enzo's farts.

Hayden Pulls Rachel Aside

They go to the Taj Mahal and Hayden immediately apologizes for what he said out there.  (We really missed a good fight.)
Rachel started sort of crying and made it about her for a minute, then they got down to business.

Hayden denied making out with Kristin and said it was all lies.

Hayden:  You may have heard something, but they weren't making out noises.

Rachel:  It sounded like that to me!

Rachel pointed out that both Hayden and Kristin acted against her in the competition every time, but pitting her against Brendon, and everybody else.

Hayden acknowledges this, and is kind of talking in circles.  He is trying to apologize, not to tell her not to nominate him, and he likes her and he said things he didn't mean.

Rachel:  I said things I didn't mean, but I don't even know what I said.  I heard the F-bomb was flying.

Hayden: It was...wait until you hear it.  Or don't hear it...

Now Rachel is telling him the truth about what Kristin has said about him---that she can control his vote, etc.  Hayden denies it.

Hayden:  When you get outside this house, you will see that Kristin doesn't control my votes.

Oh no Rachel starts bringing up the "me and my man" topic---she knows Kristin is trying to break them up.

Hayden:  I didn't come here to have a shomance.  I know you and Brendon have a real connection---we can all see it, but I didn't come here to have a shomance. Kristin is a great girl, and maybe I can see myself dating her outside of the house...

Rachel: I don't think your parents would like you to be with a girl like her.

Hayden's hair still has that wet look---I guess it is "product".  To look at him, he looks just like any other day in the house.  I see Kristin on another channel and will switch over there momentarily.

Rachel likes Hayden and she never wanted it to come to this.

Kathy Needs a Guy

to go and get her suitcase in the storage room.  It's heavy.
Brendon left to go and get it and after he left Rachel addressed her.

Rachel:  Kathy, I'm sorry...I didn't mean to attack you.  I was just emotional and I didn't mean to say it.

Britney:  Can you believe that just a few minutes Andew had this big emotional moment and now we forgot all about it.

They tell Rachel that she said the word "Fuck" about a million times and that CBS will have to bleep out half of the sound.  A voice came over the loudspeaker to remind them that they were still taping for TV.

Lane is marinating pork chops and they discuss how to do so, and how to use garlic.

We're Back

and Rachel is still shaking in the Taj Mahal with Brendon.

Rachel:  I'm sorry I lost it on Kristin, but it was so pent up...

Brendon is trying to calm her down and keep her away from people and the DR until she gets ahold of herself.

Brendon:  Andrew if your're watching........

Rachel thinks Ragan let her win the round they faced each other.

Rachel:  He hesitated....he never does that.

Brendon left to go get water and told Kristin to stay in the room.  Lane came in to congratulate her, and then Ragan popped in.

Ragan, sternly:  You HAVE to learn to control your emotions!  Think about you, and the rest of the time left in this house..

They hugged and were happy about no HAVE NOTS.  Then Britney came in and she told Rachel "not to worry about it" and Rachel said she was just so emotional.  Britney said something like "thank you for not mentioning my name..."

Britney left and Rachel said "let's avenge Monet", or something like that.

Brendon came back in with water for him.  Rachel told him what Britney said and she has calmed down.

Brendon:  We get to sleep in the same bed tonight!  (evil glint and smiles)

TRIVIA, During the Countdown

Sometimes they show us a flash of the living room right before the show starts--I will try to be alert and catch that for you if possible.

Supposedly Julie is going to comment on the "lifelong friends" debate tonight.  I don't know if she will comment on the rumor to the HG, or just to us.  I guess we will find out shortly!

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

Missy had her hair did special for tonight.  Bless her heart.

I just tuned in and James Rhine (BB6, AllStars) is a guest.  As I tune in, the callers are slamming Sheriff Kathy.

Caller:  Old Jerry had more energy than Kathy!

James joins in on slamming Kathy, and poor Chelsia tries to jump in and say some supportive words for Kathy.  James has special insight into the job of a Sheriff and feels free to expound on her sheriff duties and limitations.  After all, James was a security professional at Nordstrom in Atlanta when he was first cast on BB6.

That's how he met the fair Sarah (BB6)---she worked in the Lingerie Department.  Unfortunately I know all of this.
Even though his home screen is dark, James looks good and is well-prepared for this discussion.  As always he is articulate and opinionated, but in a good way.  He is currently in a NY studio apartment that he is renting, for some reason.

Regarding Brendon & Rachel, he has watched them on the feeds and thinks that Brendon enjoys being around her because "she is a warm body", but doesn't see any signs that he has any sort of long-term attraction for her.

Missy (who calls Edward from Twilight her "husband") jumps in and cites specific times on the feeds when they both said "I love you". 

Always sensible, James says that he doesn't care if they get married and have 40 kids, he wants to see more game play on the show and less romance.  He feels both of them have potential to be strong players and he would like the show to focus more on this.

CQ =  Caller Question

CQ:  What big event did you miss being on Big Brother?

James mentions that Hurricane Katrina happened.  When he was evicted, they gave him an itinerary with his schedule for the next day and he wondered where all the TV appearances were.  Then he found a newspaper at the hotel and "read it in the bathroom".  He was stunned about the whole tragedy and it felt weird.

CQ:  How did you feel when you watched your shows later?

After BB6, James went home to his Atlanta apartment where he lived with Sarah and watched a stack of VHS tapes of the show.  (jokes about the use of VHS back then)  He would watch for hours and then go get something to eat, and return to watch more tapes.

He still hasn't seen the entire AllStars season---he was drinking at Mike Boogie's house one time and watched some of it with him, but has no real interest in watching it all right now.  He wasn't very serious about that season and just doesn't want to relive it.  (Mike Boogie, however, won it of course and probably watches it every weekend.)

Somebody must have brought Chelsia a refill, because now her martini glass is full again.  There are a lot of technical problems (AGAIN) and James can hardly hear the discussion.


James says that Matt may go far this season because he is not considered a physical threat.  He thinks that the last 5 weeks will be boring because of this (although he just described Matt as conniving, which to me might make good TV).  James thinks Ragan will go very far in the game.

The callers don't seem to like Andrew, and one woman mocks his reaction to the "peaches in the iced tea" incident.  Chelsia doesn't even think you can drink iced tea when you are a Have Not.
Chelsia is a Big Matt Fan and defends his lies---"this is just a game".  But then she stretches things and says Matt is "bringing awareness to the disease". 

**ugh, I don't think so**

My dog needs to go outside and is not taking no for an answer.  I will have to catch the last 10 minutes of this show later.

Rachel Drills Brendon

as they lay in the Taj Mahal and practice for tonight.  Rachel asks what happened in the house, and when. 

Tidbits from Last Night

I watched/listened to some flashbacks from last night and early this morning.  Here are a few items of note.

1.  BB really prodded the HG to get in bed around 1:00 am.  Usually many of them would just be getting started at that hour, but BB wants to be sure they are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed today.  Basically, they need to be up before noon today.

2.  This house is full of BB scholars, and Ragan was talking with them about what challenges happened in week #4 in previous seasons, and who won them.  They discussed the situation in previous seasons where the HG were awakened all night long, at 30 minute intervals (I think it was actually 15 minute intervals.) with recorded wake-up messages.  Rachel said they all know to stay awake and listen, and that "the jig is up".

Ragan:  They really need some new games.  I mean, c'mon BB...

[I read some pre-season interviews where Allison Grodner said they plan to mix it up this year, and not be so predictable for the players and the fans.  I hope that is the case.]

3.  Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Britney lounged in the HOH and Brendon made one last pitch to keep Andrew in the house.  Part of his twisted logic includes declaring that Andrew is not coming after him, but I don't think Ragan is buying it.

Ragan, waving his hands:  Let me tell you, your logic, and what you are saying, is not near as logical as what I'm saying!  I want to know where I stand with people, and with Andrew I don't know that!

4.  Britney had an HOH room conversation with Lane about how she can't seem to click with Kristin.  She has tried and tried to find some sort of conversational bond, but Kristin doesn't try at all.  She brings up again Kristin's farting and burping openly in the house as some sort of great divide in human relations.

Lane:  Look, that's not the kind of girl that I would date outside of here, but sometimes you have to fake it---you have to pretend---this is a game.

5.  Andrew and Kathy packed their suitcases last night, and it seemed the ice between them had cracked. Maybe Kathy has figured out she doesn't need to worry tonight, but she is definitely in a jovial mood.  

(BB has them pack their suitcase with most of their stuff the day before the Live Show, and put it in the storage room.  They only carry out their BB duffel bags when evicted Live. I guess BB doesn't want anything left up to chance on Thursday, since the show is live.)

(Remember when Marcellas didn't even pack his duffel on BB3, because that dumbass was so sure he was staying?  He stalked around the house grabbing shit like his new jeans, etc, and was a big fat mess.)

6.  Kathy offered to leave Enzo a pack of cigarettes.  I guess he is a party smoker and has bummed a few this season (as did Annie and Kristin, at least). 

Enzo:  I don't even know if I'd smoke 'em...maybe keep them for luck..

Kathy:  I'm going to put them right here, in the back of this drawer.

7. Hayden is messing with Kathy and asking her to leave a pair of used socks so he can sell them on Ebay.  Kathy thought this was gross and said she would leave a hairbrush or pony tail holder instead.  Hayden argued with her about this while he was in the shower, and she said that Hayden's mom would agree with her and thank her for this.  No one is going to sleep with Kathy's socks...

8.  Brendon is really hoping he can eat on Thursday night, before the Have Not competition on Friday.  Otherwise it isn't fair...  (I'm guessing the whole house will compete for various food prizes---they need a break from the Have Nots..)

9.  Britney said that "someone told her that this year's sequester house is different than last year's, and it is spectacular."

I am leaving for a few hours to meet a client, but I plan to be well on my way home tonight before Rush Hour.  Live Show Night is a big party at my house.

Matt's HOH Blog

The following is an exact replica of Matt's HOH blog as posted on, complete with a super-cute picture of Hayden lassoing a herd of the houseguests.

This is kind of long, but Matt addresses the lie about his wife's illness, his relationship with Ragan, and of course The Brigade. 

Thank God his grammar, spelling, and punctuation are better than Rachel's blog last week.

The Head of Household Blog

HoH Blog Post #3: Matt

July 28, 2010

Hello America! It's your favorite guilty pleasure...the one you hate to love...the "brains" of The Brigade...the diabolical super-genius...Matt!!!

Having the opportunity to write this blog to you all is actually one of the aspects of HoH that I've been looking forward to the most. Here I can tell you all my deepest darkest thoughts about all my fellow houseguests.

I should start by saying that I really do genuinely care for everyone in this house on a personal level. On a game level, however, it's anything-goes and no one's emotions are safe. But personally...I love them all. I'm quite confident that after getting home and watching this season, I will have lost the friendships of at least half of this house. But the remainder that choose to forgive my deplorable game-character and see me for what I truly am (the greatest Big Brother player in the history of the game...yeah, I said it), I will be close to for years to come.

As a crazy super-fan of the show myself, I've always found Big Brother to be not just an entertaining show on a surface level, but also a fascinating social experiment. Being a part of it all makes me realize this even more. Never in my normal life would I end up befriending a meat-head jock (who would have most certainly logged many hours kicking my ass in high school), nor in my normal life would a Vegas bikini cocktail waitress ever give me the time of day. This meshing of subcultures is extraordinarily awesome, and for that I am insanely grateful to even be allowed to have this experience.

HoH Photos

Okay, okay - enough with the sappy love-fest. I want the dirt.

So, as you are aware, my nominations did not exactly go as originally planned this week. Not to worry, America! The diabolical super-genius is fast at work rectifying the situation! It's great to watch Andrew go completely mental, and in hindsight I think this is all going to work out BETTER for me than if the plan to backdoor Brendan went through as it was originally supposed to. At this point in time I feel completely safe next week, and I think the house still thinks I'm a total nitwit. Perfect on all accounts!

One thing I'm finding odd being here is how excited people get at the prospect of making it to the jury house. I've been hearing this since Day 1 in the house, but even more so now that there's only one or two evictions left until that happens. I just don't get it. That seems like such a loser mindset to me. If I'm not going to win anyway, then I'd rather just be sent home early so that I can get back to my normal life. For me, once the jury house starts getting populated there's absolutely no options other than to win this game. There's no way I'm going to be happy "just going to the jury house"! What kind of dopey accomplishment is that?!? Who brags to their friends about being a loser??? My housemates boggle my mind sometimes.

Speaking of my family, I guess now is a good time to give my personal shout-outs. First off, to my wife Stacy...WOW! - what a helluva HoH basket!!! In case you missed all of the awesomeness at home, America - here's just some of what my wife hooked me up with:

1. Enough of my favorite candies to last me literally the entire season 2. A zombie squirrel. 3. Her actual blanket that she sleeps with at home, so it still smells like her. 4. A shot glass from our wedding. 5. A pirate skull-and-crossbones flag. 6. Sliders!

However, the greatest part of the package was the letter from home. Stacy - you couldn't have written a more perfect note! I honestly read it every day. Literally the only major weight hanging over my head since I've been here is if you were super pissed with the lie about your fake disease. Although I told you before I left that I'd do anything outside of infidelity to win this game, I was thoroughly concerned that you were disgusted with my game play, and I fully expected to have divorce papers waiting for me in my HoH basket. When I read that letter saying how proud of me you were and how supportive you are of the way I'm playing the game and being true to myself, it gave me a newfound energy and vigor to win this thing! I also love how, in the span of one or two sentences, you could both feed my ego and then shoot me down again with a little jab. It was both flattering and humbling, and that's exactly what I need to hear right now. Thank you SO much again...I love you dearly and cannot wait to get back home to see you!

I'd like to also say hello to mom and dad! As Stacy said - I've basically been myself (hand down the pants and all), so hopefully I haven't caused you too much shame or embarrassment in your personal lives. But, then again, you created this monster - heheh. I love and miss you both very much as well. Please keep taking care of the little lady for me. I'm wondering if this paragraph was a waste to type, since you usually need me to show you how to work your computer. I'm guessing you'll never see this. Either way, the sentiment is there.

That ends yet another sappy break. Back to some Big Brother entertainment for you super-fans...

Let's talk about The Brigade, shall we. I believe that 70% of this game is skill, 25% is luck, and the last 5% is fate. I don't have much luck in my day-to-day life, so I was banking on a 75% chance of being the odds-on favorite this season to win. Thankfully, that little 5% of fate got sprinkled on me Day 1 as I fell into The Brigade. I truly believe that there has never been a greater alliance in Big Brother history. As I type this, there's not a single person in the house that suspects us in the least of having a four-person alliance. The beauty of The Brigade is that we all have our little "side-alliances". So as long as the main four-person Brigade remains under-wraps, then if any Brigade member gets put on the block they will more than likely be put up with their side-alliance member and not against another one of the Brigade members. It really is a brilliant operation. Hopefully Hayden can keep his focus on The Brigade instead of Kristen. They're making themselves more and more suspicious by the day of being the "secret friends", so he needs to be careful of that. The Brigade needs to be all four of our number-one priorities, and I'm thinking that Hayden may be losing focus.

The side-alliances are a good segue into talking about my personal side-alliance, Ragan. Ragan is definitely one-of-a-kind. Stacy loves gay men, and before I left for the show she told me to be sure to make friends with "the gay guy" in the house. I told her I didn't want to because they typically just hang out with all girls so that is horrible strategy to get involved with. Well, it turns out that (much to the delight of my wife, I'm guessing) "the gay guy" has inadvertently become my absolute closest friend in the house. He's really the only person that I feel any guilt about in regards to the lie about Stacy or even the lies that involve The Brigade. I know that he thinks we'd have each other's backs through to the Final Two, so it's unfortunate that I have to play him the way that I am. I hope that he can watch the show and understand that I'm just being a great game player and that it's nothing personal. But any connection you see between Ragan and myself is entirely genuine, and I can't really say that about anyone else at this point in the game. I'm going to keep him here as long as I can without outing The Brigade because he's a friend that I want to make sure that I have outside of this house for a very long time. We'll see what happens!

In regards to lies, I should address the major one surrounding my game play. Allow the following few paragraphs to clear the air for the large number of people who undoubtedly think I will be burning a slow eternity in hell for the lie I'm telling about my wife. In case you're not in on it already, I've been spreading around the house that my wife has a degenerative bone disease called Melarheotosis (which I have, definitely...just misspelled). I've been telling people that I don't really ever watch Big Brother (haha), but that Stacy is a huge fan and has convinced me to go on the show in order to win money to get her the necessary surgery that she needs to save her leg from being amputated. Furthermore, this fictitious surgery is not covered by insurance and will cost insane amounts of money to fund...

...Look, America - to win big, you have to play big. The reason that this story is so believable is because no one would be sick enough to lie about something like this. No one until me, that is. But that's what makes it the perfect way to garnish the sympathy I need! I only need four jury votes to win the $500,000, and I've already had three people tell me in confidence that they would not only vote for me, but that (because of my wife's "condition") they would even suggest to the jury that I should get the money if they were in the Final Two up against me!!! Haha - brilliant!...

Even though Stacy has a clean bill of health, this disease is something real. I heard about it on TV a year or two ago on some medical program. The facts I've been spewing about it are half real (from my memory of the show) and half completely fabricated. Either way, if I win this half-million then I definitely have this disease to thank (in part) for my victory. That being said, if I win the $500,000 I will absolutely be making a sizable donation to the research foundation for Melarheotosis. That's not something I'm doing only in an effort to clear my conscience (although I'm sure it'll help), but more as just a genuine feeling of both gratitude and sympathy for anyone suffering from the condition.

See...I'm not so evil after all! ;-)

Well, everyone - time is winding down here. I hope this has been a little bit interesting for you. If you've made it this far, then words cannot even begin to express my amazement at the time you'd invest in me. It's insane to me to think that anyone would even slightly care what I have to say or think (especially when I've rambled this much). So, to all of you reading this far...THANK YOU! Your support and encouragement is unbelievable, and it gets me choked-up to even think about. If any of you see me out in public when this is over, please do not hesitate to stop by and say hello. Unless you don't like me and want to punch me in the face...then please just leave me alone.

America - I love you! Stacy - I love you more! A thousand thank-yous again to everybody. You are all amazing!

See you on the other side,