Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lane Makes Sloppy Hos

with a little help from sous chef Britney.
That whole house must smell so good--I'll bet the Have Nots are going crazy.
Behold the Sloppy Ho.  The sandwich, not Britney!
You must be thinking of Rachel....

Janelle's Power Hour

I forgot this was on today and only tuned in for the last 15 minutes.  Janelle is great on the show because she is a true BB fan at heart.  She watches the show, she watches Showtime, she watches the live feeds, and she scans all the message boards.

This is Janelle's dog Mr. Bear.  He was just a little puppy when she was Season #6.
Otherwise the show is kind of hard to listen to---some of the people who call in are just so damn stupid.  They ask the same questions over and over and always want to give a shout out to their chat rooms.

In order to win a T-shirt signed by Janelle, she asked a trivia question about who in her season America had to choose from to vote back in the house.

Two retards in a row couldn't answer the question...and those fucktards were on the internet!  They could have looked it up!

Janelle mentioned that on BB6, she and James talked about Diane from BB5.  They said she was unattractive and wasn't pretty enough for Drew.  She said she apologized to Diane while they were on AllStars, but Diane refused to accept the apology because she didn't think it was sincere.  They never trusted each other and Diane paid the price. (She did accept James' apology, however.)

Janelle's Point:  What you say in the house about other seasons could mess up your game in AllStars.

Mini-Brigade Meeting

in the hot tub was broken up when Captain Chaos (new nickname) came outside.

Before he came out Matt told the guys that he talked about the Brigade a lot in his HOH blog and it was fun.  They look ahead to future weeks and note that they have the numbers to control the vote in just a few weeks.

(But what if they are on the block?)

Matt thinks Andrew's speech is going to be "just horrible" and that "he is going to blast so many people".  Hayden informed Matt that Andrew wanted to hold a house meeting tonight and Matt is excited about it. He likes the action and the drama, apparently.

They were whispering about what they think the competition would be about, and Matt says if it is what he thinks it could be, it sucks because he and Rachel know the most about it, and Matt can't compete.

Matt is on a self-imposed slop diet today and they are all surprised. He feels like he has been eating too much crap and has to do it to get back on track.  He feels "gross".  He is eating slop and protein shakes today.

Wait until he smells those steaks grilling tonight....

Hayden just came out and laid in the hammock.
He brought a bottle of nuts and is crunching away on them.  Kristin is laying across the yard and just got caught staring over at him.  To his credit, he appears to be ignoring her just fine.
You're welcome.

The Sheriff Naps

Lane is Curious

about Matt's HOH Blog.

Lane:  Did you shout out to my peeps?

Matt:  Heck not.

This is repeated.

Lane:  Did you mention my name?

Matt:  Yep.

Lane:  Did you say I was a dick?

Matt:  I don't think I'm allowed to say dick.

Hayden goes in the kitchen and Andrew gets right to it by explaining what happened this morning.  Andrew was lonely and no one was talking to him.  He isn't sleeping, he isn't eating, he's totally whacked out.
Andrew:  I really think this (the baby food) has estrogen in it...I never cry...I swear I never cry.  I just want to apologize and make sure she's okay.

[Note that Andrew did not want to apologize, but Brendon asked him to try and stay in the house.]

Attention Big Brother:

Matt would like you to know that he is finished with the computer in the HOH Room.  He would come in the DR and tell them so, but Kristin is in the DR.  (Matt just finished his HOH Blog.)

Matt said he typed and typed and asked them if he had to stick to certain topics, or if they would edit it, but they told him they would post the entire blog.

(That would explain Rachel's hot mess last week.)

Matt:  That was fun.  It was a good release.

Hayden thinks she will be in the DR for awhile---BB will need to discuss this morning's drama with her so they can air it tomorrow night.

Matt:  Who's locked in the Cabana Room?

Hayden:  Brendon, Rachel and Andrew.

Matt:  No, Andrew's in the kitchen.

Hayden:  Hmm.  Interesting..

What's For Dinnner?

Big discussion on the backyard couches about this, with Lane, Enzo, Britney and Hayden all involved in the decision.

Lane wanted to marinate some steaks with italian dressing and Britney reports this to Hayden and Enzo.  There is silence for a few minutes, and then Hayden suggests that they barbeque the steaks, then shred the meat to make barbeque sandwiches on hamburger buns.

They all like that idea.  Britney could eat barbeque every day for the rest of her life with no problem. She had a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch for lunch.
Lane likes the idea, and says:  We can cook up that hamburger meat and make some Sloppy Ho's, too.  (That is what he called it, too.)

He points out that their food will be replenished on Friday (probably) and so they should cook up everything they have in the house.

Hayden:  Can somebody please tell them that we don't like fish?

Britney:  Yeah, we don't eat it.  But I would eat it if Brendon cooked it up like he did that time...

Enzo likes to cook up some fish once a week, and they acknowledge that Andrew eats it regularly.

Before Britney came outside Enzo and Hayden were evaluating their stance in the game and were trying to convince themselves that getting Andrew out this week was a good consolation prize---he has been placing in the top tier for the last few competitions and will only get stronger.

Enzo is very worried that Andrew will call out their alliance during his speech tomorrow night.  They both agree that if he does that, just laugh and be like, "What the fuck...he's crazy!"  Enzo likes that Andrew keeps the kitchen clean, but says he watches him clean things that are already clean.

Hayden:  I don't do dishes, but I use disposable stuff and throw it away.

Ragan came out and when he left they both said he needed to go, too.

Hayden:  Who would he put up?

Enzo:  I dunno....I think he's scared to put up Brendon and Rachel.  He wants to, but he's scared.

All the dinner-planning excitement has these poor kids tuckered out.
There are lots of loud plane noises today, and some pool water noises.  It would make for a nice lazy nap.

More Pictures

Lane hugging a rubber duck (with tongue, per Matt's instruction).  And Britney by the pool.
Kathy takes one of Matt laying in the hammock.  Matt puts his hand down his pants, and points to it for good measure.
During all of this, Brendon is doing agility drills across the yard---here he is running backwards.
They got him to stand still and do a fake agility move for the camera.  They plan to take some good baby food shots inside.  Here are Kathy and Kristin by the pool.
Everyone keeps asking, "what are all the lemons for", and "who is using all the lemons".  I don't hear Kristin answer, (she's so "mysterious") but Lane says he put the lemon juice in his eyes.

They want to take a picture of someone (Britney?) getting hogtied with the lasso in the Cabana Room.

Funny.  This group picture has been a tradition for them every week.  Some of them even sit in the same spot every week.  As Matt pointed out, "the weekly picture session is losing it's luster".

Picture Time

and the HG are not enthusiastic about it at all.  Britney is still in her pajamas but tries to get inside one of the metal balls for a picture.
BB tells her twice to "Stop That!" but they get the snap, anyway.

A few minutes ago Lane needed lotion on his back and had to beg Britney to put it on there for him. Once she started doing it he started saying "I like it slower....go slower".

Britney:  This isn't a massage!

Brendon recommended that she straddle him and get it over with.  It was very funny and Lane is very dry with his delivery.
For example, when Annie had been nominated and was sad and fuming about it, Lane listened for a few minutes and then said, "are you vulnerable right now?"

Ha ha Lane is a hoot.

Hayden's Been in There a Long Time

Just keeping you informed...


Sorry that was Andrew, not Hayden.  And when he came out, Kathy was there and he called out "Kaaaaathy!" in a jovial tone.  (Their last exchange hours ago was icy.)

He warned her "not to go in there" and she went right in, anyway.

Ha ha ha.  Kathy's enveloped in stink right now.

Lemon Head

That's so, like eighth grade.

And people have scurvy in Africa.

Hi, Kristin,

Andrew says as he walks through the kitchen to do his laundry outside.

After he walked through, Hayden said:  He told Enzo that he wants to have a house meeting to apologize to you.

Kristin:  Really?

Moral of the Story:  It is hard to keep a secret in the BB house. But not for Andrew---I am aware of two big secrets that he has been keeping:

1.  He is a doctor.
2.  Hayden and Kristin have been fucking every night in his bedroom.

Hint:  One of these secrets is going to come out tomorrow night!

PS:  Personally, I don't think they can say they aren't fucking if genitals are being manipulated.  To me, that's sex.  And they've been having sex and Andrew had to listen to it for a few weeks.

What Kind of Drugs Were They On?

This is part of the decor in the Have Not room.
The Big Picture---I guess they are supposed to feel like homeless people under the dock in Nantucket.
And is that blood spattered on the lockers?

When I used to post updates for that BIG Big Brother website, I would write an update and comment on something, and sometimes (usually on Sunday mornings) the camera would zoom in on whatever I talked about, sometimes rapidly as if to say "LOOK AT THIS!".  It was really funny.

For example I would write, I guess Adria likes a lot of mayo on her sandwich---and the camera would zoom in and out on the Hellman's jar.  I guess they get bored and surf the net, too.

I guess these are not-so-fresh clams in a net.
 But BB still is a nice clean box of tissues for Andrew to use. He's been using a lot of them today.

Andrew Goes to Enzo

and says he needs someone to talk to about anything...
Andrew explains what happened---he needs food, sleep, and is stressed in general and he snapped at the girls.

He tells Enzo that he wants to call a house meeting to apologize and asks for Enzo's help to organize it.  He also asks Enzo to keep an open mind until the last minute, because "something could change".

Enzo says his usual patter, which includes "this house is crazy, man", "I don't know what the fuck is going on" and "you never know in this place".  He also said that Kristin "has a dark side". 

I guess Kristin LOST IT on Andrew today. 

Andrew:  Thanks.  Go back to sleep, man.  You do that well!

Andrew, to himself:  Oh man, this game drives people crazy....oh my god.....jeepers...are you kidding me?

Andrew: Tomorrow Night,

I'm ending with a blast, and you will be in a great position in this game.  If I can't win, I want you to.

Andrew:  Tell me this...are you in an alliance with Hayden or not?  If you are, tell me and I won't blow it up, but if you're not, this is going to take the target off your back.  Trust me on this.  I know I'm going out...

Brendon is whispering and using a lot of body language, and I don't think he has any idea what Andrew is talking about.  Brendon wants to know what he said to Ragan, but Andrew tells him that he only said that he has respect for Brendon and that is all.

Brendon is worried that Andrew said that he and Brendon are aligned, but Andrew didn't. 

Andrew seems resigned to his fate and this last deviant but truthful act seems to have given him some energy.  He's sure not getting any from the baby food.

Brendon wants to whisper about Matt and Britney.  Brendon wants Andrew apologize in order to get the two extra votes.

Andrew:  If I apologize, and then do what I'm going to do tomorrow night, then I will be such a bad guy.  Trust me.

Brendon has no idea what is coming, and says that people won't change their minds when they are sitting in the chair live on Thursday.  He's probably right, but I hope he doesn't talk Andrew out of it so we can all experience it live.

Andrew:  When I leave, the target will be off your back.

Brendon:  The best thing you can do for me is to try and stay in this house.

Andrew:  It has to do with him liking Kristin too much.....

Brendon:  This has nothing to do with Kristin....

(Brendon has no idea what the hell is going on.)

Would You Tell Your Friend?

Andrew:  Let me ask you this....if your close friend's parent was cheating, would you tell your friend?

Ragan:  Hmm..  I think I need a diffferent scenario to answer that...I have a skewed view of the situation.

Andrew: You mean, with two guys?

Ragan:  No, let's just say father was married six times and I'm the product of a divorced family so I have a certain opinion..

Now Ragan talks about gay men he knows who married women that he was also close with, due to their own closeted homosexuality. He spoke with both parties separately, and then together, and it "doesn't take Nostradamus to tell you that it would end in disaster".

Ragan points out that honesty is always the best policy, but it might not be as sexy on TV.

Andrew:  Remember that line for later, please.

It sounds like Andrew has quite a treat planned for us on tomorrow night's show!  I can't wait!  It may be too late to save his own ass, but it should make for interesting viewing and might help him get voted back into the house.

[I think that is where we are headed after the first three or four evictions.]

Andrew, to Ragan

Andrew:  I know you are good friends with Kristin, but I am asking you to just keep your mind open until the final vote.  (his voice is cracking and he is about to cry)  The last few days have been hard, and no one has come to talk to me, if you can just wait until the last minute, please wait until the end.

(I guess after he calls out Kristin and Hayden during the Live Show??)

Andrew:  I like Kristin, but I take offense that she only talks to Kathy and not me.  And I'm supposed to feel okay with that.  I thought Kristin was with me, and she took great offense to me. Just please keep this in your head, to wait.

Ragan:  Everything Kristin has said about you, sans whatever what said this morning, has always been overwhelmingly positive.  I don't want you to think she has been talking bad to you.  I know it seems like she has been hanging out with Kathy a lot, but maybe Kathy requested that.  It must be really hard, especially since it seems like everybody else has a really close friend..

Andrew nods.

Ragan:  I will always keep an open mind in this game, but the things I see that don't make sense from a game sense are the attacks on Brendon.  First being what was said during the POV meeting, and what you said by the pool when I said the people who had been Have Nots twice--you said that Brendon deserved to be a Have Not again.

Now Andrew tells Ragan that there is more to the story than this, and to keep an open mind until "after the meeting". (I guess he means the Live Show.)  Andrew is insinuating that there is something more to his relationship with Brendon that Ragan needs to find out later.

Ragan:  It just seemed mean to me.

He compares it to bullying, and Ragan knows bullying when he sees it.

Ragan:  Whatever the illusions may be, and whoever is complicit in those illusions....I can't say anymore, but the truth will set you free.

Andrew thanks him. Ragan recognizes Andrew's rough week, and the especially rough morning.

Lane and Enzo, in the Cabana

Enzo:  He better not ask me any more questions.....I'm voting him out!  I'm leaving him a bad message, too, in case he calls me out!

Lane pantomimes pulling Andrew in for a hug, and then happily waving bye-bye.
 Now they whisper about Rachel is talking to Andrew now.

Lane:  This house is crazy....if you don't like somebody, then just don't like 'em!

Enzo is in a mood today and starts cracking on Britney--she walks around looking at everybody but if you look at her she starts crying.

So here is what happened earlier:  Andrew walked in the room where Kathy and Kristin were talking and told them to stop campaigning against him--that Kristin had been playing him like a fiddle.

Kristin and Andrew started shouting at each other and Andrew said if she was doing the right thing, she shouldn't worry.

I hope that Andrew tells the whole house during the Live Show what has been going on in the bedroom every night.  How funny would that be?

Andrew just pulled Ragan aside to have a chat.

Long Trip Upstairs

Andrew is sniffling and just went upstairs to the HOH.  He picked up a sweatshirt he had left up there, and knocked on the HOH door.  He cracked it open and then just went back downstairs, not saying anything to anybody.

He passed Enzo, and Brendon, and sniffled his way back to the Have Not room, sitting down alone like this:
And this:
He is wiping his eyes and seems to be having a quiet breakdown.  I think the DR needs to call him in to talk to him.  So sad...
I hate to see anyone so ostracized and alone.  I wish I could call in and ask him some questions about the cracks in my heels that I get every summer.  I'm sure he would tell me to stop wearing flip flops, but I would listen respectfully and thank him for the free medical advice.

Andrew Hurt Kathy Personally

with something he said about Kristin.

Kathy:  I could care less what you say about me, but what you said about her upset me.

I have no idea what all this is about, but I guess Andrew came in to the room and told them that he had been played like a fiddle and congratulated Kathy on "having the week".

Andrew:  Kristin controls everything around here.

Kathy:  What??  (Andrew repeated it.)  No, she don' me!

Now Andrew apologizes for hurting her and says he felt all alone and he still wants to talk to her and there's only a few days left.  Kathy starts with blah blah blah stirring up emotions.

Andrew:  What are you talking about....emotions?  I don't have anybody in this house.  At least you have somebody.  I'm all alone.  No one talks to me in this house!  You know that.
Kathy reminds him that he has Brendon, who has already told her that he will not be voting for her because Andrew is his friend.

[This is kind of sad to watch.]

Oh Wow.

Ragan just went into the Taj Mahal to speak with Rachel and Brendon.  Basically he went in there to give them an itemized list of reasons why he will not be voting in favor of Andrew tomorrow night.

Andrew's conduct during the POV meeting was a big factor, as was the way that Ragan apparently felt bullied into voting to evict Kathy.  Ragan certainly plays the part of the sensitive man and is trying to stay in Brendon and Rachel's good graces, but I think he wants to hurt their alliance as much as anybody else.

Brendon and Rachel knew his mind was made up, and mostly just listened quietly, asking a few questions and not trying to persuade him otherwise.

But here's the strange thing---at one point in the conversation, this happened:

Brendon: Who else is going to vote to keep Andrew?

Ragan:  I don't think anybody will vote to keep Andrew.  The whole thing was just too bizarre...and turned everybody off, and..

BB changed channels on us abruptly.  End of conversation.

Just how bizarre was it?  I wonder if they will show us the whole performance, warts and all on tonight's CBS show?  If it's too weird, maybe CBS will edit it since he is sure to be evicted and they want to appear to be fair to his religion?

As viewers, if we don't feel like what we see tonight is "bizarre" enough, we will know that CBS may be a little too heavy handed with their editing.

Meanwhile, Andrew seems very reflective today.  He did some praying, and a fair amount of sitting silently and staring off into space.
I would have liked to see him in the Jury House after everyone knew that he was a doctor.  I'll bet everyone would have a bunion or toenail issue to discuss with him.  Otherwise, if evicted, the first they will all know about his true profession will come on Finale Night, after the winner's vote, but before the keys are revealed.

Tidbits From Last Night

I had to make the donuts today, but I had a Flashback from last night running in the background this morning.  A few tidbits of note:

1.  Andrew and Kathy had a heart-to-heart and talked about a lot of things.  It seems to me that Andrew knows he is going home, but he and Kathy both promised to contact the other person's family and give good wishes.  Kathy told Andrew she couldn't give him her phone number because she DIDN'T KNOW IT.

Kathy:  I only know what it is by looking at my pill bottles...I don't call myself!

Kathy revealed that she has never been to Florida, nor anywhere on the East Coast.  She hasn't even been to Tennessee...

Kathy:  I've lived in Texarkana my whole life....

Andrew was kind of extending an invitation for her to visit Miami and asked her what airlines flew from Arkansas to Florida.  She had no idea.

2.  Britney and Rachel took a bath together in the HOH tub.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I grabbed some evidence for you.  I guess Britney forgot about her fear of flying STDs.

3.  Rachel and Brendon got in a big fight this morning about prenup agreements, of all things.  Brendon was discussing the need for one in front of several people in the house, while Rachel is violently opposed to them.  This disintegrated into a volley of "I thought you said you loved me!", and "I thought you meant it when you said you loved me".

And so on.  But they made up....although they are getting closer to divorce every day.