Tuesday, July 27, 2010

All Shined Up

and nowhere to go.  He's on TV, though, I guess that's one way to look at it.
Wait...what's that?
Andrew needs to keep that day job and not jump into acting just yet. Things were going relatively well for him this week until that horrible performance during the POV ceremony.

Unfortunately, that means Kathy gets to stay.....

To Clear Your Mind

I think we need a wholesome shot after all of the smut.
You know, to get our minds out of the gutter.

Don't Believe Me?

Yet more porno shots of Dr. Gordon.  Someone in the control room is obsessed!

Why Won't Lane Disrobe?

I mean, it's not like there are preverted people watching him?  Ha ha ha.  He came outside and put sunscreen on his lower arms, so I thought he was going to leave his T-shirt on.
And the cameras kept teasing us, switching away every time he looked ready to strip down.  And then FINALLY we see that he started taking it all off.
I guess Lane is shy.  So shy he wears his undies in the pool.  Damn that is one angry-looking tattoo.
There's the big country boy now...all oiled up and ready for the sun.  Granted, he only put sunscreen on his arms, but that's a minor technicality.
He starts shooting the shit with Matt who is laying nearby in a sarcastic way---about him going Hollywood and all that.  Then he starts singing "If I were your baby boy..." (?) and BB didn't like that.

You know, Lane is one of the most popular search terms that bring people here to this website.  That would be Lane Elenburg....click click click.

Matt mentions that they are still trying to get all of his tattoos cleared for broadcast.  You might want to hide your young children's eyes before scrolling down to this picture.
Dear God that is hideous.  One of my readers has told me that this is a picture of "Toxie" from Toxic Avenger.  OK, fine.  Why would Matt put a picture of this on his body?  You can see a bandaid just to the right of Toxie---that is one of the tats that CBS isn't cleared to show.  The smiley face that is just below that apparently has been cleared--he used to have to cover that one up but hasn't had to do that in the past few weeks.

The same learned reader told me that is the Nirvana logo.  I hope I'm getting that right.  I guess I am a bigger nerd than Matt to not know all of that.

Well, maybe a different kind of nerd.  Not necessarily a bigger one, believe it or not.  Although I'm not in a band, so maybe I am a bigger nerd than Matt.

What Do a Podiatrist's Feet Look Like?

Well, a little something like this.
I had to check my watch, because I could have sworn that I was watching Showtime due to the long slow pans we have been seeing up and down Andrew's body.  At least four long slow pans.

I Haven't Seen Kristin All Day

and it didn't even bother me.
Here she and her boobs are, sitting in the pool without speaking.  Not a shock--she's not a big talker.  But what is she smiling about?
Andrew, who came to the pool party BYOBF.  Bring Your Own Baby Food.  He has been splashing around and then returning to the jar for a few spoonfuls.

There goes Kristin and her ass.  Bye Kristin.  I guess we'll see you tomorrow.

Do You Want to Meet My Family?

Brendon asks Rachel...after the show but before you go home?
Rachel:  I guess, but your family's going to hate me...

Brendon:  No they're not!

He wants to compare wingspans and really has to try hard to get her to compare with him.
Damn he has some ripped arms.  Rachel says of course his wingspan is larger...he is taller!  Now they go to take a nap together in the Cabana Room.  Rachel has been whining about the state of her hair and asked Brendon a few minutes ago about her roots.

Do they look brown, or reddish-brown?  I think Brendon realized that he was treading on dangerous ground and said "reddish brown".  This question is kind of like asking if you look fat--there is really no great way to answer it and appear truthful.

Brendon appeard to navigate these choppy waters just fine.  Now they locked the door to the Cabana Room and the cameras shift away.  Thank you Big Brother!

Oh god I spoke too soon.  Brendon is whining that "I swear to god...people are trying to break us up!"
Lane seems to be on Brendon's shit list---if Rachel wins she will nominate Lane and Kristin, and Lane will go home.  Rachel says Kristin just wants to be the only girl and get in with all the guys.  They plan to attack both of them about dropping off the surfboards so early.

Rachel:  If I win, I'm going to be such a bitch!  A totally different HOH than I was last time.  I have my floater speech ready!

[Well now finally this sounds interesting!]

Rachel:  I just realized something....all of the drama that has happened in this house has revolved around me and you!


Tiolet Gate

Matt wants to hold a house meeting to determine the culprit.

Enzo thinks that it is not a Have Not---it is someone who has been "eatin' lots of shit in here".  Now he starts to cast aspersions on the jarred baby food eaters.  (Andrew).

Enzo:  I'm scared to take my next shit..it's hurtin' me.

Brendon:  Why, cause you get it on your back?  (ha ha he thinks Enzo did it).

Matt says he was talking about this a few minutes ago and describing the situation (see earlier posts) and when he walked in the DR and sat down, the guy said "toilet brush?".

Ha ha ha

Matt:  I hope we get to see footage of this when we get out of here----maybe who did it because this is worse than the Saboteur--much worse than anything Annie did in here!  The placement of is..I just want to know how that happened.  Maybe this will be Julie's clip on Thursday?

Brendon:  Maybe the Saboteur is working with someone in the house!

Matt, in Saboteurs' voice:  Two of you are life long friends. One of you has explosive shit!

Hayden doesn't have much to say about it...maybe he's guilty?
Or maybe he's worried it's Kristin, and that could be a deal breaker for him.  ha ha ha

And Now for the Andrew Fans,

here is a half naked picture of him for you.  You might want to enjoy the view while you can, because in the words of Jeff Schroeder, I think "he gone".
Rachel is bitching about all the wasted pizza and says the pizzas were super-huge and that BB ordered way too much.  Britney says that Nick "could totally eat a whole pizza".  (Nick sounds hot.)

Andrew mumbles that when BB ordered all that pizza after the Live Show last Thursday, they didn't know that Enzo and Brandon (yes, he said Brandon) would not be eating food all week.  This is Andrew's lunch in the making.
And an action shot:
He's doing the swirl with that honey bear, and even just dunked his little head in the protein shake, since the bottle was nearly empty.  I guess honey's kosher, huh?

Shout Outs

Britney:  I love you Mom!  Miss you!

Brendon:  Happy birthday Caitlin!

Britney:  And Nick, I miss you millions of tons...

Brendon's sister is as tall as he is, so his niece Caitlin is "huge" and had a hard time fitting into a baby chair at the sushi bar where Brendon works.

Nick is tall, too.  Britney's kids will play golf, and Lane's kids will start "pushing the pigskin" around when they are babies.

Britney took tap and ballet.  Rachel took tap, jazz and ballet.  Brendon took tap as a child, and ballet when he was older.  (!)

Lane has dragged out the cold cuts and is building himself a big sandwich.  He pulls out the leftover pizza wrapped up in foil and tells Matt he is going to trash it.  Good god that is a huge pile of wasted pizza.  I think he was looking for the hot sauce for his sandwich and wasn't really trying to clean out the fridge.
Let's move in closer on that.
Matt continues to talk about Toilet Gate and reports that "something inhuman happened in there".

Matt:  I'm not angry---I just want to talk to someone and find out what happened in there.

Rachel's Boobs Feel Like

they're getting harder, she says.
Britney:  Are you getting your period?

Rachel:  No, my breast implants.  They feel really hard.

Britney:  Well, call the Gummy Bear reasearch center.

Brendon is very confused by this and they have to tell him that her gel breast implants are made of a gummy bear-like substance. 
Brendon has a hard time accepting this.  Then Matt comes down the stairs for his first appearance of the day and they clap.  He grabs a piece of the leftover french toast and says the kitchen smells good.
He describes how Enzo was in his room talking about family and music and stuff until 3:30.  Every time Enzo got up to leave, he would sit in another chair.  Britney made some cheese nachos and sits across from Brendon to crunch them.  Brendon looks like he wants to dive in to that plate.
Matt is considering asking BB for a toilet brush, because someone 'exploded' in his toilet and it is very gross.  He is weirded out to use the toilet.  It could be anybody, although Brendon thinks it has to be a guy.  Matt uses a napkin to demonstrate where on the toilet seat the mess is, and how unusual the mess is, due to it's location.
Brendon says that he is willing to bet that it is Enzo--they have both been Have Nots and Brendon himself has had some bad moments in the downstairs bathroom.  Both Brendon and Britney continue eating their slop and their nachos, respectively, during this entire demonstration.  Britney is also planning to eat some Apple Jacks, because the nachos didn't satisfy her.

More Talk About Other BB Seasons

And Ragan is an authority on why Angie got evicted during BB10. She was connected with Bryan, then she shifted to Steven, and then Memphis which got her evicted.

Ragan thinks their season is much more like season #10, since they weren't paired up by BB.  But last year's show would have been much more different without the Clique Twist.

Rachel brings up the couples season (BB9) but Ragan doesn't really remember it that much.  They all watched BB10 and BB11 in sequester.

Rachel:  They fought so much last year---our season isn't like that at all.

Britney:  Did America think that Memphis was a big old douchebag?

Ragan:  I liked Memphis, but what he did to Jerry was waaaayyy out of line.  And so early, too!

Britney:  That's what I'm sayin'...America must have thought he was a big old douchbag!

Now Britney brings up how mean Russell was to Ronnie.  She doesn't think that they would stand for that in their house...if someone treated Ragan like that, for instance, they wouldn't stand for it.  And Ronnie started being really mean during Week #2.

Brendon brings up Evel Dick--he didn't see that season, but doesn't understand how Dick won.  Britney explains that Evel Dick was being strategic, and was trying to manipulate the situation, rather than just being mean.

Ragan:  I just wouldn't waste that much energy on Ronnie.

Britney:  I think Russell was cracking..I think he was cracking up!

Wow that fridge is jam-packed with stuff, huh?  Must be hard to reach in there and only drag out the slop!

Of Course, Rachel Found a Way

to make this conversation about "her and Brendon".  They aren't even individuals anymore--even to production.

Brendon comes in and she drags him into the conversation, but doesn't really explain it.

Rachel:  Isn't that right, Brendon?  We're not even individuals in this game, right?

Brendon starts talking about being evicted, but he doesn't realize that Rachel is talking solely about their relationship.

Britney:  That's why I'm so jealous of the lifelong friends.  They have such an advantage.  I'm telling you right now that if they put Summer Conquest in here, my life would be totally different!  It would be the ultimate advantage, better than the frickin' Coup d' Etat!

[They giggle at Summer's name.  I guess she signed a release, because I have heard Britney talk about her a number of times.  Maybe we will see her on a Thursday night show if Britney is HOH or is up for nomination.]

She also mentioned Dick and Danielle---it would be great to have a friend in there when you have a bad day.  You wouldn't have to worry what to say, or how to say it.

Rachel brings up of course she can trust "me and Brendon".  Of course, Rachel, of course.

Ragan Hasn't Had a Roommate in Ages

and he cherishes having time to himself.  It doesn't mean he is mad, or sad, he just wants to think about things.

Britney likes to be alone, too, and likes to "go to New York City all by myself, just to look around".  But at home she is different.  In the BB house she doesn't want to be alone because she has nothing to distract her and she will start thinking about her family, and stuff at home, and it will get her down.
 Rachel understands how she feels.  She hated being in sequester because she was all alone.

Ragan:  Oh I liked sequester---I was in there for nine days!

Rachel:  That long?  Oh my god...

Britney:  I was the day behind him---I was in sequester for 8 days but I didnt' mind it..

BB has to tell them twice not to talk about production---the second time they were called out by name.

Ragan's Quizzes

are very straightforward, and are designed to determine if you finished your reading assignment.

i.e. Did you complete the reading assignment?  There are no trick questions.

Rachel feels science is so different--one question might require 10 different calculus equations and if you get the first one wrong, "like...whatever!".

Britney had a boyfriend who was an engineering student and his tests were the same way.  They all took 3 hours and she couldn't understand any of it.

Rachel:  Like, some questions are like about the perimeter, and whatever, and like, whatever whatever whatever.....I would do so much better in class if I didn't have to worry about taking a test.  If you get one part wrong, you get it all wrong.  Like, I don't think that's fair.

Britney's mind is conceptual and she doesn't just see one correct scientific answer.  Ragan is the same way and he points out that quantitative reasoning involves one "capital T truth", but if you use qualitative reasoning, you believe there is one "lower case T truth".

Ragan brings up an argument he had with a friend in Palm Springs and how neither one was right or wrong...there were two sides to both arguments.

Ragan:  Truth is not something we can uncover...truth is something we can construct.

Andrew walks through and Britney says "Hi".  He appeared to ignore her and the group.

Did Ragan Spill His Secret?

Sounds like he did...he is currently talking to Britney about his teaching policies, and enforcement of them.
Ragan takes attendance and enforces it---he has noticed a huge difference in the success of the class in general when he enforces the attendance policy.  So the Professor cat is out of the bag, and he's not even playing it off like he just became a teacher last month.
Cal Long Beach, where he teaches, most of the students work full-time and go to school full-time, some with 18 units a semester.  OK, he is even referring to the time when he taught at ASU. 

(Hmmm.  Didn't Hayden attend ASU?)

Rachel is in on this conversation, too.  Ragan's school has a lot of students who are products of the poor education system---some of them can't diagram a sentence properly.

 Britney doesn't have health insurance, so she has to "drive to Oklahoma to go to the doctor, where it's free, and that takes a whole day!"   (WTF?)

Britney had a class as a senior where the teacher would write a different random phrase on the board every day (i.e. Life is Like a Box of Chocolates) and they were expected to write it down.  At the end of the week they would have a test where they could pass just by filling in all of the phrases for the week.  And some people still had to try to cheat or ask others for help to pass the test.

Britney:  That was their one job, to write down that phrase!

Rachel has bad test anxiety.  Britney was a fast test-taker--she liked to finish and then have time to hang around afterwords.

Britney mentions the test that "they" made them take (i.e. BB gave them an IQ test) and they told them it would take about 3 hours.  Britney finished in one hour.  Rachel was really angry about that test---she took it Memorial Day weekend and she had been "up for two days, working two jobs" and she had a hard time focusing on it.

No, This is Not an Infomercial

Although it probably should be.

Still Plotting

Matt and Enzo think the vote for Andrew to leave might be 8 - 0.  They can't wait to hear his speech.

Enzo's wife works in the "white collar world".  He said she doesn't have a hard accent like he does and makes fun of his.  She tells him to stop talking like a "fucking retard".

She works from 8 - 7 every day, but Enzo gets home by 2:00 every day at the latest.  He watches Baby Gia but also works out and tans with her.  He will listen to rap really loud on his iPod and Gia just watches, unaware.

Matt and his wife want  "Halloween baby" and plan to start trying in February.  Enzo says that is so funny when people say they are trying to make a baby...

Enzo:  You mean you're fucking all the time?

An Evil Plan

as Matt lounges in his skull jammies talking to Enzo about Brendon and Rachel.  Matt thinks that if Brendon goes home, Rachel might lose it and leave voluntarily.

Matt:  All she does is talk about wanting to spend the summer with him.

Enzo:  And him?  He doesn't give a shit...he's always talking about science and she's always drunk and shit!  I know characters like him...he's not going to be with her.

Kristin got really mad today and told Matt she wants Brendon and Rachel out, too.  Matt thinks that if the two of them were on the block, and she won POV, she would save him.

They would love to get Brendon out next week, before sequester starts, and then start planting seeds in her head that Brendon is a good looking guy, now he's a celebrity, he's out meeting girls...

Matt:  Maybe she would just leave and we could avoid a double eviction!