Monday, July 26, 2010

BB Salon

Kristin gives Lane a trim.
While Matt works on Ragan.
Personally I think Ragan is enjoying himself a little too much.

Kristin Haters


Rachel:  I really thought she was my friend...I really thought so.

Britney:  Everybody is your friend when you are HOH!

Now they move on to how Kristin is so proud of burping and farting.  Britney says she would never admit to passing gas, never in a million years. If she were alone in a room and it happened, she would blame it on Enzo or a camera guy.  She doesn't even think it's funny.

Britney:  I can't even get used to sharing a bathroom......I can't go any faster in there..

She laughs that Rachel should just drown her in the pool---she wouldn't put up much of a fight.

They giggle over this.  Rachel says I guess we were brought up differently!

Mini Brigade Meeting

in the HOH Room with Hayden, Lane and Matt.

They all crunch pretzels and other tasty snacks while catching each other up on the game.  Matt says they really need to win HOH, because this afternoon Brendon told Matt who his new targets are:  He would nominate Lane and Kristin.

Kristin because he doesn't trust her anymore, and Lane because he is "too personable". Lane says he feels good about the HOH competition, but Matt cautions that "they" might really want Brendon or Rachel to win it this week.

They all think Andrew's act today was a charade, and that he is working with Brendon and Rachel (true).  Matt asks Hayden not to tell Kristin what was said---he says he won't but then says she is aware that they are after her after this week's events.

Matt says that during their talk, Brendon kept saying "I don't know who Rachel's voting for..." and they all laugh at that.

I guess BB likes to fuck with the fans, because now ALL CAMERAS switch to Andrew and Kathy organizing the baby food bottles in the storage room and discussing costs of baby food.

Andrew Gets Down to It

once it is just him and Hayden out on the couch.

Hayden:  I just wasn't expecting it.....that's all.

Andrew:  I just wanted everyone to know that I'm against everybody ok?  Is Kristin okay?

Hayden: I started laughing, because you said you were going after them, and then asked him to use the veto...

So Andrew thinks he's fooling Hayden, which is interesting.  Andrew urges Hayden to win HOH, and Kristin too, so they can start "clearing house the way it's supposed to be".

Hayden says he respects Brendon and Rachel by how strong they are, and how hard they fight.  Andrew says that he needs to know if Hayden has changed his mind...and Kristin too.

Andrew:  I got nobody--I'm definitely flying solo out here...I would love to get a letter.

Hayden:  How's the baby food treating you?

Andrew: Like crap.  I go to the bathroom every two hours now--- I don't know if it's the baby food, or just all the crap that I'm eating...

Ragan: Star Wars is Cheesy

and he knows he will get flamed for that, but that is his final ruling.

Andrew brings up the movie Fan Boys and Ragan says that someone he knows wrote that movie---about going to Skywalker Ranch to steal a script or something.

Bernie Klein is the guy's name, and he did something with Ragan at the Austin Poetry Award (or something like that).

Ragan: He's soooo talented!


Michelle Phieffer

gets her 10 minutes of fame in the BB house.  They guys all talk about how hot she is and Ragan just recreated her Batman scene where she did a bunch of flips and said "meow".

Where did she go?  They all want to know...and discuss every film she ever did.

Ragan thinks Gangster's Paradise should be the theme of their BB season.  He has now recreated Michelle's Batman scene, complete with "meow" three times.

Ragan is a movie critic, it seems, and has something to say about each movie and each actor and all of his opinions are correct.  He has the last word about every topic in this conversation.

Andrew is getting a few words in there from time-to-time.

Ragan is also the final authority about movie soundtracks, too, and announces to everyone that he still "hasn't poo'ed today, in case anybody is wondering".

[We weren't, Ragan, but thanks for sharing.]

Ha Ha They Discuss Mel Gibson

and decide he is a solid A-Lister.  So is Tom Cruise, according to Ragan, for life based on his body of work.  As is Bruce Willis.
Ragan:  Here is the difference between men, women, and gays:  every guy that you think is A-list, like Arnold, is not A-list to women and gays.  Arnold is an A-list celebrity due to his family and politics, but not for his acting career.

They can't admit that Reese Witherspoon is A-List, but Brendon thinks Winona Ryder is A-List.
Ragan explains what a character actor is, using Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson as examples.

Ragan says Tim Robbins is A-List, and Susan Sarandon is B-List.  Matt disagrees and says Tim is B-list as well.  (correct)

Now Britney declares that Tennessee is not a southern state, and they all disagree with her.

Now they start a new game where Ragan will call out a movie and they will all give it stars, based on their own taste.

They discuss Zoolander (2.5 stars), The Color Purple, The Hurt Locker (4 stars), Shawshank Redemption.  Andrew starts interacting with them now and gives that move 5 stars.

More movies:  Misery (3.5 stars by all), Fargo (4 to 4.5 stars), No Country For Old Men (4 to 2.5 stars).

Ha ha ha, here is a camera closeup of Matt's hand--the right one this time---down his pants.

Now Andrew Joins the Sausage Party

balancing a bowl of baby food on top of a glass.  No one speaks to him---they are in the middle of a conversation imitating Enzo's accent.

Andrew sits down and no one reacts.  Brendon starts to tell a story about a girl he knows with a plane crash near her house, and we get DOTS.

They keep saying "that's what SHE says" constantly in the house and it is wearing thin.  But look for someone to say it live with Julie---it is a habit by now with many of them.

Ragan, to Matt:  You got got, Ronnie!

They laugh, and continue to discuss sequels to movies.  Hayden is involved now, but Andrew still sits silently, chewing and hiding his thoughts behind dark glasses.

These are Hayden's feet, in the flip flops.  Andrew is sitting just to the right of him, but might as well be a mile away.

Britney Lounges in the Sun,

but never seems to get a tan, how does that work?

She is telling Enzo and Hayden about the quarterhorse she used to have.  I think that makes her sound like a rich girl and she should zip it up right now.  But that's just me.

Meanwhile over on the couch Ragan and Matt talk about how strange Andrew's performance was during the POV, and how fake it seemed.  They are aware that Andrew cooked this up with Brendon and Rachel to try and make sure Kathy leaves.

Ragan:  Brendon could sense that I didn't buy it, and I think he knows that I am almost totally sure that I am voting Andrew off this week.

Matt:  I'm gonna tell him that he's okay, just to get him off my back...(Andrew).

They comment on the fact that the boys in the yard are acting out with some sort of a lasso, yet they have three cameras trained on them. Wonder why Matt?  Uh, because this guy just came over to perch on the side of the couch while shredding a mouthful of baby snacks.

Ragan actually held the magnifying glass up to Brendon's nipple and asked him how hot that felt.  Brendon didn't even flinch, and they started joking about having "that West Hollywood look".

Matt: Ragan do you think dudes will hit on Hayden after this?

Brendon:  He doesn't speak for every gay guy in America!

Ragan:  That's right!

They joke about Hayden gaining West Hollywood fans with his lassoing skills.  Ragan estimates that at least four men are watching and are fans.

Matt tells them that one time a guy came over and bought a pitcher of beer to share with him.  He said he played pool with him, drank the beer, thanked him and walked off.

Matt: I felt kind of bad...

Ragan:  Why?  How many girls fucked you over after you bought them a bunch of drinks?

Brendon tells a story about a girl coming right up to him in a club and asking him to buy her a drink.  They all said, Fuck No to that approach.

State of the Mop

Some of you may be wondering about the current status of Hayden's hair.  Well, here it is as of this very minute.
Forget the fact that he is chewing on ice at the moment, look at the improved texture of his locks.  Maybe he borrowed Krisin's shampoo and conditioner?  It certainly seems calmer today that during his HOH reign.

Rachel talked about shaving his head for him a few weeks ago, but so far no follow up on that threat.

Britney & Enzo Soak Up the Sun

and discuss the dramas of the day.

Britney:  I was not expecting the POV ceremony.

Enzo:  I's just a POV ceremony!

Britney: As usual, our whole season has been effin' crazy.

Enzo:  Some people are just dumb.  What the fuck?

Meanwhile, inside Ragan and Hayden both hunch over the kitchen counter and listen to Rachel talk about "me and Brendon" and "Brendon and me".  She thinks their constant struggle to stay safe in the game is some "BB go down in history shit".



Rachel is organizing the fridge, moving things around and emptying the ice trays (how antiquated!).  She is shocked about what was said at the POV.

Ragan: I'm sorry that that happened to you Rachel, and I"m sorry you're upset.

Rachel:  If we like, even make it another week, like, I'll be shocked.

She says that she had fun, got to meet Brendon, made some friends...and that Andrew better watch his back!

Rachel Gnaws the Bone

of a barbequed rib, that is.

In his HOH room, Matt received some Chicago-style ribs that he loves, along with the fixin's.  Rachel and Kathy are apparently back on the "in's " now and are both grousing in the kitchen about someone's poor conduct.

Rachel, whispering:  Let them squirm when they're on the block!

Apparently Andrew threw some sort of hissyfit when Brendon did not use the POV to save him.  I can only imagine that this was part of Andrew's strategy, because he couldn't have rationally expected Brendon to leave Rachel at risk, with an empty nomination chair.

Andrew made a bold statement to "add me to the list, Brendon, of the people who want you out of the house!"  This is most likely a move to demonstrate to people that he is not aligned with Brendon and will be gunning for him in the future.

A move that might just work.  No one in the house wants Kathy on their team for competitions.  She has proven time and time again that her presence hurts the team.

Meanwhile Andrew plays with his baby food while he eats it, surrounded by silence in the backyard.

And in the HOH, Matt is still lounging in his jammies, with his hand down the front of them, AS USUAL, talking to Brendon about the vote this week.  I don't think I've discussed this yet, but one of Matt's quirks discussed frequently in the house is his propensity to rest his hand down the front of his pants.

Like Napolean, only more inappropriate.  And on TV, too.  But to Matt's credit, he really doesn't care.

Anyway, Matt will have to break the tie live on Thursday if it's a split vote.  If that's the case, he thinks his vote will have more to do with how certain factions of the house voted, rather than the actual person being evicted.

Matt certainly believes that Andrew deserves to be there more.  Then Matt starts to tell Brendon about the missing HOH screen remote control, and how Andrew may be involved, and what the DR said about it.

Of course we get DOTS immediately, indicating this may indeed be a juicy story.  Damn you DR guy!

Kristin and Ragan

discuss the vote.

Kristin doesn't think either of the nominees deserve to be evicted.  Andrew is a good game player and Kathy is really honest.  She thinks most of the HG won't know who they are voting for until the very last minute.

Ragan wants to see some fire from Kathy--anything other than just repeating that she needs to be there over and over.  It seems like she has given up already.

Teen Wolf and Kristin

loll around in their single beds and talk about Andrew.  They think he is a popular character on the show due to his religious challenges, and his quirks.  They use Julie talking to him on the live show as evidence of his popularity with the fans.

They point out how he is funny without meaning to be, like with his shoes and socks. And the shorts he wears.

Kristin points out that he asks weird questions, like when he asked her how far she would go with her modeling.  She told him she would do Penthouse, but she was only joking.

Kristin:  He also said that I have a REALLY big big toe, and he kept saying it!

[Maybe this will make sense some day Kristin, when you find out what he does.]

Ragan is a Sad Sack, Too

Kathy asks him how he slept.
 Ragan:  I swear, every day it gets worse sleeping in there.  There's just not enough room to sleep.

Brendon came out and threw him a baby cereal bar.  He caught it and said thanks, but then mumbled that he didn't want it.  (like a baby, ha ha.)

Ragan tells Kathy that she needs to talk to people today, and to go up to Matt's room to talk to him.  Lane advises her to point out to everyone why they need her in the game, not why she needs to stay in.

Lane:  That's the cruel part of this game--if you go to people and beg them, they're not going to keep you.

Kathy listens and seems receptive.

Woe is Kathy

and she joined Rachel and Brendon on the patio for her morning smoke.  She is really down today and doesn't have a lot of energy.  Brendon reminds her to eat right to prepare for the HOH competition.

Kathy doesn't think she'll still be here---she has a few votes lined up, but that "ain't enough".

Lane comes outside and he and Brendon talk about the dry air in the house.
Brendon:  I feel like I have 6 million boogers in my nose, it's so dry.

Kathy:  Everybody feels like that.

Lane:  I feel like there is one spot at night when I get in bed, when I can pick my nose.

They discuss how Jerry from BB10 had to eat slop for 30 something days and how tough that must have been.

Brendon would eat pig ears in a heartbeat, if he had to for a challenge.  He's seen the ones they feed to dogs, and he would do it.  Lane has never had a pigs ear.

Lane:  Why did they get us up so dang early?

Good Morning, Foot Fans

BB just issued the wake up call, and Brendon and Rachel are discussing their game in the backyard.  i.e. is Kristin truly a floater?  is Enzo aligned with Lane, Kristin & Hayden?  can they make a deal with Enzo?