Sunday, July 25, 2010

OMG Andrew is About to Blow It

Ragan's search for the toenail clippers leads Kathy to tell Andrew that she clips her toenails every week.

Andrew:  Every week?  That's too much!

He stopped himself before giving out too much information about it.  Ragan does it once a week, too.  Kathy keeps her nails short so she can whip out her gun fast and arrest people easily with handcuffs.

Andrew keeps one fingernail longer "in case he needs it".  He elaborates that he might need it to peel an orange, etc.
I wish I could say that these feet belong to Lane or Hayden, but these are Ragan's tootsies after he found the clippers and took care of a couple of pesky toenails.

Kathy really misses her family, her job, and her best friend.  Andrew understands and says sometimes you really just need a hug from someone you know.

Kathy:  I'm not sellin' my soul to the devil for nothin'!

[I thought she would sell it to the HOH but maybe I misunderstood what happened last week.]

Here Comes the Choo Choo

Kathy takes the baby food jar from Andrew and feeds him a few bites, using the big circular motions and choo choo alliteration that you would do with an infant.  He resists at first, but then finally goes along with it.

Kathy: Come on, it's Pear-Apple-Oatmeal and it's delicious!

She even scraped the side of his mouth with the spoon, like you would a baby.  I think Andrew is going to regret the last 15 seconds of his life.  Just a guess, Dr. Gordon.

Lots of DOTS Today

In the last few hours, BB has objected to the following:

* Britney and Rachel were comparing make up brands and specific products they recommend.  BB didn't like that.

*  Britney and Rachel were talking about everything they like to eat at Sonic and got interrupted. When the feeds came back, Britney was saying "I guess we can't talk about anything..."

*  The boys are messing around in the sun with the magnifying glass and BB is not into that at all.  Matt grabbed it and held it to his face, saying "BB, I'm burning my retina, I'm burning my retina, is that okay?"  Yet more DOTS, of course.

A Rare Treat

It's not often that you can snap a shot and capture a yarmulke, cleavage. and dark roots all at once.
Kathy and Andrew are talking about their options.  Kathy is really pulling out the big guns, now, mentioning her IV when she was sick, and going on and on about her job saving people and helping the community.

Andrew:  Let's face it, we both got screwed.  It was a wasted HOH, that's all.

Kathy:  Do you think we were nominated because we both have such strong religious beliefs? (since when, Kathy)

Andrew:  No....please don't say that.  Don't go that route.
Kathy brings up that the two of them are older, and don't fit in as easily.  For example she's not their drinking buddy, etc.  Andrew agrees that might be a factor.

Kathy thinks everyone is going to vote "as a house" again and she is fed up.  She is tempted to "walk right up there and tell them not to worry---to just vote for Andrew".

Andrew just had a snack of pickles and salsa.  He ran to the kitchen when the teapot whistled and now is making a cup of tea.  Enzo goes outside with a cannister of the Apple Honey baby snacks and Ragan says those are the worst ones.

Matt looks at the sun and guesses it is about 3:00 pm.  (It's 3:08 pm.)  Britney brings up that in past seasons the HG didn't have a clock.
Looks like Enzo found his hat.  This hat was missing for weeks and at one point he thought Annie took it.  Kathy got called to the DR and when she leaves they all want to talk about her, but Andrew is right there with his snack and tea so they refrain.

Andrew will wait and have ketchup for dinner.  Ragan wants Brendon to make Slop Chips for them.

Lane is So Funny

He is sitting and chatting with Enzo, Britney, and Matt about Kathy's attempt to force Britney to get votes for her.

Lane:  Kathy you can get my damn vote if you go get my clothes out of the damn dryer!

Enzo laughs in that squeaky crack-up way. 

Britney:  I feel like I'm the bad one in here because everybody else is saying things like, let's get rid of the people that don't really want to be here.

Matt snickers.  He really gets a kick out of Britney and is probably as surprised by her intelligence and wit as the TV audience.

Preseason Lookback - Ragan Fox

That last post reminded me of Ragan's preseason interview.  I also looked at that this morning and refreshed myself about the situation with Ragan's dad.

Ragan's dad was Russian, and came from utter poverty.  He had Ragan when he was 56, and died of Alzheimer's.  I seem to recall that he died recently, maybe even last spring.

Ragan told Chelsia that he wasn't sure if he would talk about this in the house, that he didn't want to "pimp out his dad". 

I only mention it now because Ragan has had some teary episodes in the last few weeks, brought on by the slop I guess.  He was crying and talking to Brendon and Rachel about his dad.

So I guess Ragan is trying to deal with it as best he can, living in that lunatic asylum.

Britney's Outlook

on the nominations is the topic of a backyard discussion with Enzo and Lane.

Sounds like Kathy tried to put the squeeze on her to go to Enzo and Lane to get their votes, because she voted for Monet to help Britney out.

Britney:  If you keep Kathy, you are keeping someone who will probably not win HOH or anything else, so it helps your chances of winning yourself.  But if you keep Andrew, you are helping Brendon because he is aligned with him, so you are helping Brendon win.

Enzo doesn't like the idea of Kathy telling Britney to tell him how to vote: She can go fuck herself.  She'll find out on Thursday what's gonna happen..

As of this moment Enzo thinks Andrew may be leaving, but I'm sure things will change day by day, hour by hour.


Love in the Afternoon

Rachel sits kneading Brendon's muscles as they prepare a scene for TV  (sorry, couldn't resist).
Brendon:  You're a really hard worker.

Rachel:  And if you saw me in my real life, you would say I'm a really, really hard worker.

Brendon:  That's why I'm thankful--I never would have met you in your real life.

Rachel wants to talk about how and when Brendon applied for the show--or should he just tell her about that later?

Brendon says yes and tries to change the subject to how he got in his physics program.

Note from Feed Watcher:

This morning I reviewed the Preseason Spotlight Interviews I blogged from watching their videos with Chelsia on  I had forgotten a lot of things about Brendon that I learned from that interview.  For example:

*  He said he "knew somebody" and that is how he basically got on the show.  He had to apply, but they knew about him ahead of time.  Hmmmm, interesting.  Bet that's why he can't talk to Rachel about that in the house.

*  His older brother is a "drug addict" and if Brendon wins, he will use part of the money to help him get treatment because "he really needs it".   Now, to my knowledge this is not something that Brendon has discussed openly in the house.  Maybe that is what he and Rachel were moaning about under the covers.

They moved over to another part of the backyard to lay out and come in on the end of one of Ragan's conversations.

Rachel:  You probably will get to meet Kathy Griffin, Ragan!

Ragan:  Well, she is a really big fan of reality TV, not just her own show, so I can see her being a fan of BB.

Butter Up

Rachel prepares to lay out next to Britney.

Rachel asks her if she really eats a lot of sugar and she says yes. Rachel wishes she had that kind of metabolism.

Britney tells a story about how in high school she and her best friend used to skip first period and go to the Texaco on the corner and buy powdered sugar donuts, Poptarts, bean dip and Fritos.  They would skip breakfast and just chow down on the snacks before going to second period.

Britney's friend (a guy) gained a ton of weight, but it happened so gradually that she didn't notice at first.  Britney didn't gain any weight. She doesn't know how long her metabolism will be like this, but she wants to ride it out as long as possible.

They are doing a virtual commercial for Sonic right now--they both like to go to their Happy Hour (?) and get the diet cherry lime icees.  They both like "ocean water", too.

Rachel used to be really skinny but she wanted to be "curvy like a woman" so she started eating more and feels like she messed up her metabolism.

Britney has never heard of Carvel, but they both love the Ice Cream Pies from Cold Stone Creamery.  Rachel loves the ice cream cakes at Carvel.

The boys are using the big magnifying glass to burn a bee in the backyard.  Rachel says "she can smell it".

DOTS now.

Kathy Stopped Drinking

when she was cured of cancer.  It doesn't bother her to be around drinking---she doesn't want to take the risk that she could get sick again so it's not a temptation.

Brendon and Enzo are really missing food and are talking about how good the food smells cooking, how good Rachel's salad looks, and how much they love eating in their daily lives.

Ragan is "sure that they will be able to eat on Thursday".  But he admits that he felt the same way last Thursday.  They don't even want to imagine having to do a third week on The Slop (and Baby Food, and Protein Shakes, and Bok Choy and Condiments).

Rachel has a  lot of battle scars from the competitions.  She fell during the first POV and was "gushing blood" and then fell again.....but no blisters yet.

Ragan discussed his view of the production schedule with Enzo and BB interrupted him frequently.  Basically, he knows that the competition Thursday night had to cover both the HOH and the Have/Have Not battles, due to the fact that the endurance competition had no determinate ending.   They are hoping that is not the case this week, and that they have a chance to eat for a day or two before the Have/Have Not cycle starts again.

[I think BB will give them a break this week, and make the competition one where they all work together to win certain foods.  But then who will sleep in the Have Not room?  Who knows, but I do know listening to them talk about how hungry and listless they are is boring to everyone.]

Brendon tells Rachel why they are all outside---they just can't take smelling the food in there.

Matt and Brendon Meet

in the BY to start their day.

They are congenial and Brendon thanks him for not nominating him---Matt doesn't have to worry if Brendon or Rachel win HOH next week.

They discuss Kristin dropping so soon during the HOH contest--Brendon wanted her to win and give him a break for a week.  Brendon says that she and Hayden want to lay low and keep their showmance quiet.

Matt:  I don't think they're really hooking up, are they?

Brendon:  Well, yeah they are.  But I kinda wonder if she is using him---when we first came in here she was talking about dating someone---remember?  Someone she had just started dating and really cared about?

Matt remembers.

Brendon wants Kathy gone this week because she's "chillin' in the Have Room this week without workng hard for it".  Matt is surprised that Brendon would turn on Kathy after spending so much time with her last week.

Brendon:  Dude---she was always in our bed!  She never left!

DOTS.  Must be the wake up call.

HOH Twitter

I don't have much use for Twitter, to be honest.  I had a personal Twitter account way back in 2006, but quit after tweeting three times.  It just didn't seem to matter.

I've tried a few times since then, but it just doesn't stick.

But guess who is twittering?  The BB HOH!  But don't get excited----just like most Twittering, the end result is ultimately disappointing.  It looks like they only let Hayden, Rachel, and Matt write one heavily-edited message that sounds mostly like a commercial.  They should just go ahead and link to the live feed sign-up form on

Don't believe me?  OK, here is the link.