Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rachel and Kristin

just got into the sangria.  It "tastes winey" and is delicious.
Wait 'til Brendon finds out she stated drinking so early.  He's a Have Not, so she can't hide it.

She chats with Britney about making Chex with melted chocolate, or something like that.   Britney uses Chex, peanut butter, and chocolate.  After melting and stirring she tosses them twice in a bag of confectioner's sugar.

Puppy chow, Rachel calls it.

Britney checks Hayden's work by checking the turkey burgers to see if they are done.  They are.  There are loud sizzling noises from the stove where the rest of the burgers are cooking.  Enzo is making his pastine and showing Hayden how it's done.

They Can't Remember the Name of the POV Contest

They know it was "Wheel of Something" but Andrew, Britney and Ragan are all unable to come up with the name.

The burgers are cooking on the stove.

Kathy is in bed with her sock puppet.
This is the room they call the Jumanji Room.

Britney & Hayden

make turkey burgers.  Britney is assigning tasks to him like a child.

Lane wishes he could have a friend, a "real friend" come in to visit for just a day.

Lane:  I'm sick of you people.

Lane Ponders a Shot

Kristin Bums A Cig

from Kathy,  due to all "the stress she is under".

[Let's see, not a Have Not, not nominated.....]

She thinks that "after seeing what went on today, everybody's going to want him out".  I think she is talking about Andrew leaving, but it might be Brendon as well.

Kathy wants to talk to Matt but is going to "smoke another one".

Meanwhile Brendon and Rachel are on the hammock, talking low about some evil doers in the house.  I know Rachel isn't happy with Kathy (who has virtually ignored her since she passed over her HOH crown), and Kristin (Rachel:  I didn't know she was like this...).

And they are both pissed that Kristin just jumped off the surfboard.  They wonder if Lane threw it, if Hayden did...

There was a lot of talk in the house this week about shoe size, and it's relation to being able to stay on that surfboard.  The smaller your feet are, the easier you had it.  Matt was shocked that Brendon was able to stay on as long as he did, with those SIZE 13 feet.

Andrew wears a size 11, and Ragan and Matt are both 8 1/2.  Britney would have done a lot better in the contest if BB hadn't made her turnaround on the surfboard.  For quite a while, she was turned with her face to the wall, which was a benefit for several reasons, one of which was that her toes were kind of hooked inside the little hole in the wall, offering a benefit.

Once they made her turnaround (during one of the DOTS breaks) she had a hard time.  I think she had bare feet and the stripes on the board were really slippery.  I heard her call out to Matt towards the end of the contest to watch out for the stripes at the end of the board.

Meanwhile Brendon is quietly congratulating himself on winning today, and how much tension was in the air.  He does seem like a good sport as far as winning goes--he wasn't showboating that I could see. I guess that part is Rachel's job.

Hayden is a Figiter

(I'm not sure that is even a word.)

and his feet are moving, moving, moving as he eats a snack.  I watched him eat a Twizzler earlier and he shook it back and forth and all around in between bites.  Kind of crazy, actually.

Britney points out that Brendon is a great competitor---every time his back is against the wall he makes it happen.  She wants to be HOH so bad so she can have a letter from home.  She points out that Hayden won and didn't get a letter from home.

Hayden: That's allright.  I know my mom loves me.  I love my family and all, but I think getting a letter is much more important when you have a fiance or a wife like Enzo.

They wonder what Enzo would do if he were HOH.  Hayden thinks Enzo may be the funniest guy he has ever met.

Britney:  Rachel told me that when she was HOH people kept throwing my name out there to go home.

They think being part of a pair has an impact on that.  Britney points out that when Hayden nominated Brendon and Rachel, "it had only been 3 days and they weren't even Brendon and Rachel yet".

Matt: Worst Head of Household Ever

And those are his words, not mine, in response to Britney asking him "Good day so far, Matt?"

He is in the HOH with Hayden and Britney, as she rifles through his snack basket to select a treat.

She commented on something in the basket---an HOH card or something like that, and says it's quite fancy.

Matt:  That's going to be part of my Ebay prize package that I will be auctioning off!

DOTS on that.

Boo Hoo Ragan's Upset

and he thinks that "the more upset I get, the happier they are".  They being the BB producers, that is.

Rachel disagrees and tells him that when she crawled in the DR Friday morning, "they" seemed very upset about it...


Now we're back and Ragan is whining that weight loss for him is a "big deal--more so than it is for Brendon".  He knows that watching the episode must have been exciting for his family and friends, but it might not have been the smart thing.

Brendon thought about dropping due to the Have Not situation, but he didn't.  Rachel does a good job of telling Ragan when he looks back on this, he is going to be so proud.

They think there may be a luxury competition coming up, to maybe see a movie.  Brendon says that the Have Nots get to eat during the movie.

Ragan:  I don't want popcorn and candy--I want real food.

(boo hoo)

Ragan thinks that for a luxury, they will see everybody compete really hard and this will be very telling.

Ragan acknowledges the pep talk and knows they are correct, but that doesn't help now.  He doesn't think this game rewards the right things.

I'm switching channels....

Ragan Interrupts

Brendon and Rachel's strategy session in the bedroom. They were whispering about their options and plans.  They know their backs are going to be against the wall every week.
They don't trust Kristin anymore because of the way she dropped in the HOH competition.  Brendon thinks that she may have as much physical capacity to win challenges, but doesn't have the mental capacity and is "a fucking floater".

Ragan is weepy again about the whole Have Not situation and feels weak.  [I have noticed that his moods are very up and down, but not to the bi-polar level.]

Ragan is glad he didn't play today--he said it was really hard.  They whispered a little bit about who Ragan watched during the competition---I think he mouthed that Hayden and Kristin were whispering the whole time.

The hardest part for Rachel was trying not to knock Brendon out.  Apparently they had to guess the quantity of a number of items with an Ali Baba theme (magic potions, amulets, etc.) and then betting on it, bluffing or folding.

Rachel also goes through the content of each episode of the show with Ragan, and what will be shown.

Ragan has the blues.  He thinks he may be "hitting another wall", probably Have Not induced.  He is "really, really sore about being punished for doing well".

Brendon:  At least you haven't vocalized it a lot.

Brendon is going to get a few cereal bars and offers to get some for Ragan.

Ragan:  No, I just can't eat baby food.

Brendon:  These are really more like real food.

Ragan:  No, there is no nutritional value in any of it.  I just can't put anything into my body that doesn't have any nutritional value.

Rachel thinks that the whole season is based on punishment.  Ragan thinks so, too.

Brendon is sick of people throwing compeitions, and wants to keep Andrew due to that alone.  But Ragan is trying to factor in more than that in his decision.  He thinks the end result may be that Andrew does stay, but he doesn't want to rush into that decision.

Rachel said a little while ago that he has so much respect for Matt--she feels like a huge bitch for the way she treated him.  [Maybe she said that because she wanted Ragan to hear it, but who knows.]

Andrew Gets Paranoid

as he asks Enzo if Matt was really going after him.
Enzo assures him he is voting for him, and he has to stay.

Andrew:  I can't stand Rachel...I can't stand her voice....I can't take it.
Enzo:  I think Kathy's going home.

Andrew:  She doesn't deserve to be here.

Enzo:  I like you man, 'cause you don't take any shit from those two (Brendon and Rachel).

Now they talk about how Matt told Andrew beforehand about the nomination, but Matt didn't tell him about the backdoor.

Andrew:  I couldn't argue with him---he's the HOH.  I'm still glad to be on Big Brother.

405 Was the Winning Score

and Matt had 350.  Lane was the first one out, I think.

I didn't think that Lane was playing in the POV, but I was wrong.  Maybe he played instead of Britney.  She says she knows she would have been terrible at it.

Now they discuss the "amulets on the unicorn" and the "tarot card house", along with "that fucking carpet over there".

Sounds like they had to view a number of displays and guess numbers of things--I remember this from last year. 

Lane gives a blow-by-blow of his thoughts during the POV, and his calculations.
What is the meaning of his pink and blue rubber bracelets?

Enzo is eating the hell out of those baby snacks and is opening a second cannister. Damn they must be tasty.
Enzo: Now we got a big decision to make.

Hayden Stress Eats

and is now plowing through a cannister of baby snacks.
Britney says Enzo was the best host ever--they call him Amazing Enzo.

Britney, mimicking him:  Yo yo, playas of the Veto!

It was a poker tournament, so anybody could have won it, theoretically.  No strength necessary.

DOTS now.

Defeat All Over the Place

Silence, with the tinkling of silverware and glasses.

Britney is in bed talking to Enzo, who is still dressed like an italian Shazam.  It sounds like there were prizes.  Hayden just mimicked shooting himself in the temple while whispering to Britney.

Britney: This is so ridiculous.

Now Rachel is talking about it---she was freaking out and erasing her answers over and over.  Hayden offers her a Twizzler and she says thanks. It came "down to the wire".

I think Brendon won, because I didn't see Rachel wearing the POV necklace.

Kathy's Hands Stink

and she doesn't know how to get the smell off.  She's going to try "Andrew's alcohol thing" and is now rubbing her palms with it.

Kathy:  That didn't work, either. I don't know what else to try...

Enzo is criticizing Matt's nominations--why didn't he nominate at least one strong player?  He is cranky and says he is already tired of baby food.  He is going to have a pickle.

Kathy's roots look rough.

The POV is Over

and I don't think the results are good.  Enzo has on a genie costume and isn't happy.

I think Brendon won, but the sound of the conversation.

He tells Kathy that she didn't deserve be on the block, and they tried to get the strongest person out.

Matt's Theory about BB11

They had the cliques, so if Michelle, Ronnie and Chima were supposed to set the bar for intelligence, that explains why they had to cast such dummies for the rest of the show.

Rachel wants to ask that when the show is over--what was up with that casting?

BB doesn't like this, and we get DOTS. I'll bet they are chuckling backstage, though.

ha ha ha When they come back, Matt is saying: If we're not allowed to talk about how we hate Natalie, I'm going to just walk out the door, because I have nothing...

More DOTS.  Classic.

Lane Cleans Up

Rachel and Britney primp.
I like this picture--I captured the eyebrow.
They do a great round of Natalie-bashing, saying that the obvious lies she told last year should never have fooled the BB11 HG. Like being a champion poker player by age 18.

Matt:  They were the biggest pack of dummies!

Matt turns 30 this Saturday, which I guess means next Saturday.

Andrew Prepares to Pray

He checks his yarmulke in the reflection of the window outside the HOH room and adjusts the bobby pin.  Then he puts on a white vest and spends some time smoothing and straightening his hat and hair again, and begins to pace.
 Looks like he brought a glass of protein shake up there, too.  He is reading from his book (Torah?) and shifting his weight back and forth on each foot, quickly.  Is that part of the usual process?  (I've actually never seen this before--I guess the cameras are on him today due to the significance of the upcoming competition.)

Kathy Prepares for the Day

Her new BFF Kristin does, too.

Britney and Rachel rustle up grub for the gang.  Britney announces that her diet is "about 70% sugar".  They cooked up some bacon and what may be hash browns.

Scarface, the fish died last night.

Britney:  Did Scarface really die?

Enzo:  It was a drive by.....

Wake Up Call

I think they may be getting their wake up call now, at 8:06 am BB time.  This would confirm Matt's suspicions about the timing this morning of the POV.

Maybe the producers realize that the sun has been way too hot during the last couple of challenges and has influenced the results--especially for the Have Nots who aren't eating and sleeping as they should be.

This is a Big One today!

Flashback - After the Live Show - Still Waiting for the HOH Room Reveal

Cool Picture.
Whisper, whisper, whisper.  Kathy found out that Andrew knew he was being nominated, but Kathy feels she was blindsided.  Kathy doesn't plan to throw Andrew under the bus or "sell her soul to the devil".
Kathy thinks she will be fine.  Why is Kristin straightening her hair this late at night?  Where does she think she's going?  Yet again, she is not competing in a POV contest---I don't think she has played in one yet.
I might have to give up on this quest for HOH Room footage.  Turns out I have spent the last hour torturing myself with footage from last night, not Thursday night. 

Flashback - After the Live Show

I am trying and trying to find the part of the Flashback where Matt gets the key to his HOH room, but this task is not so easy.  Apparently it took them a LONG time to get the room ready.  Maybe BB had a haz mat team in there sterilizing all of the surfaces of the Rachel/Brendon chemicals.  Who knows.

Usually they show this scene right after the BBAD cameras go live, but no such luck this week.

[NOTE:  Right now, on Saturday morning, the HG are still sleeping, but the rumor is that they will do the POV competition a little earlier than usual today.  They picked the players last night so that will save time today.  Matt seems to think it will happen around 8:00 am BB time, but who knows?]

OK.  So we're back to late Thursday night, or actually early Friday morning at this point, and Matt is yucking it up with Ragan and Enzo in the Cabana Room.  They are joking that the POV competition is set up to heavily favor Rachel and will be based on the Chemical Elements Table, or the Pythagoran Theory (sorry I can't spell that anymore...its been a long time).  Or a Swim Meet.  Ha ha ha.

Enzo is going to host the POV, and is very excited about this.  Ragan gives him tips, since he got to do it last week.  Enzo practices saying, in an official voice:  Welcome to the Physics and Cooking Challenge!

Ragan:  Or, the name of this challenge is Who Can Read Hebrew the Fastest!  Depending on who is going to, you know...

Matt:  So much of this show seems rigged, but it's not.

Now they laugh about the potential for Kathy winning the POV--they say Welcome to the Chain Smoking and Gun Totin' Challenge!  Matt is cracking up left and right.

Enzo:  Who can drink the most?   The Schmammered Competition!  (Rachel)

Matt:  I really hope that Kathy wins...just for her!  That would be great!

Enzo:  It would be like the USA hockey team beatin' the Russians!

They say how funny it would be if Kathy just goes all out and shocks everyone with her skills.  If she had been holding out this whole time...  Matt compare it to Rocky.  Enzo compares it to Buster Douglas and Tyson.

If you don't know, Brendon and Rachel were picked first for the POV, and then Britney.  So those three are playing along with Matt and the two nominees Andrew and Kathy.  The Brigade is bummed because other than Matt they are not playing in the challenge.  (Which may work out to their advantage if it goes their way anyway---their alliance will not be revealed in that case.)

Enzo thinks its going to be fun tomorrow---the suspense really adds to the drama.

Brendon makes a cameo appearance and reports that the baby food and bok choy he ate earlier is wreaking havoc on his digestive system.  [I hope he recovers before tomorrow, because if someone else besides him or Rachel doesn't win the POV, his ass is gone.]

Matt keeps saying he was in the DR for an hour and a half and BB keeps shushing him about that.

Enzo talks about the reaction in the kitchen last night when he grabbed "that fuckin' piece of pizza and shoved it in his mouth".  People in the kitchen gasped when he did that.

Enzo:  That was good TV, man!

Matt:  I don't know if they'll show that...

Andrew joins them with a big bowl of slop mixed with protein powder.  Enzo asks if it is good and Andrew says "eeehhh".
Ragan thinks that there will be punishments associated with the POV, just like there were in last week's POV (the Stockade).  Rachel is looking around the living room, counting things in case that matters tomorrow.  Of course they know the cameras are on them now, and they start making suggestive comments, kissing, and Brendon gives a shout out to Showtime After Dark.

Rachel is strategizing with him to be sure they try to knock out Andrew and Kathy in the POV if they can.  She is telling him about the competitions in the past, where you can target someone.  I think they believe only Kathy or Andrew would use the POV, but that is not true.....Matt and Britney will use it, too.