Friday, July 23, 2010

Matt is Pissed

because both Brendon and Rachel are both playing for the POV.  Both of them know that if the POV is used, they are going up, so they are going to play hard.
 Lane says that it is still 4-2, in their favor.  Matt thinks that it might be the type of game where you open an envelope and trade for prizes including the Veto.

Matt:  This is unbelievable!  This is the kind of thing that when you see on TV, you think it is fixed!

No one pulled the HG choice, which they can't believe.

Matt:  We're working for this..through this reign of terror!

Lane:  We can still win it!

Lane hopes the comp involves the golf game:  Have you seen him swing a club?  He looks like an oaf.

Matt:  They are probably laughing their asses off about this.  What, are they well liked or something?

DOTS, as BB doesn't like the insinuation, I guess.

Hayden Enjoys His,

too.  Doesn't it look like his shirt says "GAY"?

Lane Enjoys His Sandwich

that Britney made him---a barbequed chicken sandwich on what sounds like a toasted bun.


Hayden and Matt

spoke quickly in the BR about the nominations.  Hayden acted surprised, and Matt likes this. 

They discussed what to do if Ragan wins POV. Matt explains that Ragan doesn't want the Brendon / Rachel blood on his hands, but he would like one of them gone.  He is worried that the house will be upset with him if he uses it.

Matt suggests that Hayden say to Ragan a few times that he wants to win the Veto and let Ragan understand that the whole house wants Brendon gone.  That way Ragan won't be hesitant to use it.

Hayden thinks that Kristin would save Kathy and Matt says that's fine, who cares who gets saved.  All that matters is who gets put up in their place---Brendon!

Matt said earlier that he would love to toss Brendon's ass out the door, and then to sit back and enjoy Rachel's meltdown.

Andrew really, really wants Rachel out.

Britney in the Kitchen

shredding chicken breasts with a fork.  She is going to pour barbeque sauce on it and make sandwiches.

She murmurs to Matt that she would like to know what is going on in his head.

Monet, low talking:  I wasn't expecting that!

Matt invites her to come up later and he will explain everything, chuckling.

Britney: If you get HG choice, who are you going to pick for POV?

Matt:  Hmm. Probably a Hayden-type person.

Britney laughs at this.

Now Matt and Andrew are talking in the storage room about the situation.  Andrew needs to know who to pick for POV if he pulls HG Choice.  Matt is going to get back to him on that---Andrew needs to be sure it is someone who will save him.

Andrew is worried that Rachel or Brendon will win the POV, not use it, and then he is screwed.  Matt understands how he feels.  Andrew is talking to himself in the Have Not room and may be praying, or workng out scenarios.

He's Not Even Posing,

he's just standing in the kitchen.  His arms really look like that.

Matt Got His First Massage

on his honeymoon and he will never get one again.  All he could think of not to get a boner, not to get a boner, not to get a boner.

It was dark in there and he had no idea what the woman looked like but it was physiological and he couldn't help it.

Ga Ga Goo Goo

Andrew enjoys a jar of baby food.  So far he is the only one in the house who will appear to eat it.

The jar has 110 calories and 1 gram of fat, with 23 of carbohydrates.

Oh shit Rachel had Restalyn and Juvaderm 6 months ago---she got her nasolobial folds fixed (I think that is how you spell it, and what you call it).  Rachel can't move her forehead together in the middle.  She says her entire forehead is frozen when she first does it, and she can't move an eyebrow.

Britney's grandma had the threading facelift and Britney demonstrates how it works.

Rachel says Juvaderm is just hydroloric acid.  She said it was $750 for Juvaderm and botox on her forehead.  She also has her blood vessels lasered, as well as pimples and scars.

Rachel asks Britney if she had her lips done.  Britney says she has never had anything done, but will one day.  Rachel wants her lips to look just like Britney's natural ones.  Britney thinks no one who has their lips done looks good---they all look fake.

They discuss how bad Jessica Simpson's lip job looked. and one of the guys asks if Angelina Jolie has hers done.

Rachel:  Yes.  I know that for a fact, because the girl that I go to..

DOTS.  Damn another good story that we are missing.  Even if it's a tall tale lie, I wanted to hear it!


All feeds switch to the storage room, where Andrew is ironing a pair of pants on an ironing board.  Then Rachel comes bouncing in and says hey.

Rachel: How are you?

Andrew:  I'm trying to get through it...

There is an uncomfortable silence while she ruffles around on the shelves and then just leaves the room.  All cameras switch back to Ragan and Matt in the HOH.

[Rachel and Andrew had a spat this afternoon that I call RefrigeratorGate.  Then Andrew was just nominated and they had another bout in the kitchen.  Rachel offered him iced tea but he noticed that she put peaches in the tea so he can't have it.  (He's a Have Not.)  Then she offered him chicken!  It is clear that Andrew despises her!]

All feed switch back to the laundry room again when she comes storming in again and tries to make small talk about how funny it is that the guys have to eat baby food.  Andrew just "uh hmmmms" and she leaves again in uncomfortable silence.

All cameras back to the HOH.

Then the cameras come back once more to Andrew in the storage room, but this time Andrew is talking to the camera, saying that he can't stand to be around Rachel and that it is not about dumb blondes this year, it's the dumb redheads.  He can't be in the same room with her but he will see what will happen....

Ha ha. Andrew goes into the kitchen with a armful of boxes and asks Ragan if he is a toddler or a crawler.  Funny.

They have baby oatmeal but the nutritional value is so bad according to Ragan that he won't eat it.  And the RDA is for infants, not adults.  Lots of fat in that food.

I think the camera guys like Andrew, and can kind of feel his pain.  They seem to delight in getting wide shots with both Andrew and his nemesis Rachel in them, like this one.
Brendon cooked up some bok choy with soy sauce over mashed baby rice cereal.  Rachel tasted it and said it's not the best thing in the world, but it's not the worst, either.

We're Back from the Break

and the Have Not guys are raiding the storage room for baby food.
Enzo said that he didn't like Andrew at first, and thought he was the Saboteur, but now he likes him.  After Andrew left Enzo and Brendon start whispering like crazy.  They discuss how Lane has been talking about playng with competitors, and then jumps off right away, followed by Kristin.

Enzo: I mean, Kathy beat her!  Kathy!

Brendon:  Wow...Kathy?

These two guys are smacking and gulping their way through this baby food.  It's a commercial of sorts, if you think about it.
Now Ragan and Matt go up to the HOH.

Right away, Ragan wants to know if anyone knew what was going to happen.  He seems really nervous but Matt said no.

Rachel came in to thank Matt for not nominating her.  She is so happy and let's them both know that she just made some sangria.  Then she apologizes for interrupting and makes her giggly exit.  It's a walk-on performance, not a starring role.  A cameo, if you will.

Ragan is worried that Kathy will not go home.  Matt stretches back in bed to watch the spy screen.  Note some of Matt's HOH goodies in the room----the skull and crossbones over the bed and the pirate's sword in the blue chair.  Funny.

Ragan is playing a few moves out and is concerned that all of the strong players will cancel each other out and then the weaker people will have the game to themselves.  Ragan has a theory about the pairs in the house, and that some people are super-close to a few others.  Like Kristin won't want Kathy or Andrew to go, since she is close to them.

They are planning to backdoor Brendon though-that may be the only way to get rid of him.  They can envision him starting to sweep the competitions.  Matt isn't scared about Kathy going to Final Three, but then Ragan is painting the picture of what could happen in that case.  Ragan says the longer that Brendon is there, the longer he is the one with the target on him, but he realizes that he doesn't think Brendon would target him.

Flashback - After the Live Show #3

Lane is being quizzed about his life before the BB house.   Lane was dating someone but it sounds like she assumed he would be hooking up on the show and it sounds like she broke up with him.  Lane said she was a nice young lady and he hopes she is still there for him.

Lane says that the show is known for hookups on the show, and Rachel tries to grab the spotlight by saying, "Who would hook up on Big Brother?" at least eight times in a row to make it all about her.

Brendon was seeing someone when he started the interview process and he said it was kind of the same thing.  He mentions that he was dating a girl who was in Playboy.  He didn't want her to do it, but it was such a big deal for her that he had to let her go.

Ragan:  There have only been what, like 150 people who have been on BB--that is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Ragan can't believe that they are going to make them be Have Nots again, two times in a row.  He rasps out the "military regalia" phrase again as a joke and thanks them for listening to him.

Ragan left and Brendon and Rachel start the babytalk and smooch show.  They say that today is Day #20 and that is like being together three months, in BB years.

Flashback - After the Live Show #2

Poor, poor Brendon.

Brendon:  I am being made to suffer because I am a good competitor.  At least everybody knows where I stand---that I don't just want to float through the game.

Rachel is pouring herself an icy glass of Diet Coke and grabbing a slice out of the stack of 4 or 5 pizza boxes in the kitchen.  I don't think the Have Nots can have soda, and that must be so hard, listening to her Diet Coke fizz and the cubes as she shakes her glass.

She told him the pizza is not that good and does he want to go into the living room and sit with her?

Brendon:  I guess I'll have a glass of water in the living room.

They went in the bedroom where Ragan was in bed, crying.  He misses his father (who died some time ago?) and Rachel goes to comfort him.


Flashback - After the Live Show

The guys are milling around in the kitchen, waiting until they get into Matt's HOH room.  Matt is sporting the Unibomber Look.  They look at Monet's black and white picture and Enzo starts talking about his taped goodbye message (that wasn't aired) and we get DOTS.

They have already been drinking, and the Bud Light is already gone.  I hear Kristin opening up a bottle of Merlot.

[I hope Kristin does something soon to make me a fan, because right now I hate to even hear her voice.  It is some sort of fake, breathy, raspy baby talk, whether she is speaking in a normal tone or whispering in bed with Hayden.]


[I loved the scene last night where they panned the camera around in the BR and we saw Andrew. I watch them make out all the time on the feeds, and I never even knew that Andrew was right there.  Do they think that Jewish = deaf?]

Andrew and Enzo are bonding on the couch.  They talked about their daughters--Enzo's Gia is just 8 months old and he misses her so much.  She loves to watch TV and is learning how to crawl.  She jumps up and down and Andrew says that is a cute stage he is missing.   Andrew asks questions about her and they have a good talk.  Gia has light brown straight hair and blue eyes.  Her legs are very pudgy (!).  Enzo is trying to hang on to win a challenge so he can see her picture.

Andrew is surprised he didn't jump off to be a Have.  They discuss how 3, 4 & 5 jumped off so fast--right and order.  Then Enzo knew it was too late--either he won or was a Have Not so he just held on.  They wish there were prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Matt is in the DR and they wonder what is taking so long.  Enzo thinks he is starting to talk about "real shit" in there.

They realize Showtime is on now and Andrew gives a shout out to his family and daughter.  They can't believe all the questions that Julie asked on the show.  They can't remember everything---that is very common for the HG.  They laughed about Ragan being told this was a family show.  And they recounted Britney telling Julie about her tough week and then Julie telling her she looks good.

Andrew is amazed that Matt squeezed so much into his speech, like shouting out to his wife.  Enzo is planning to do something like that to when the time comes.  They discuss how Monet cried way too much---what would happen to her when things really get tough?    Winning $10K is like getting third place after only two weeks.

They talk about the live feeds----Andrew can't believe that people are watching, and know everything about you.  He marvels at this like he is amused, not freaked out or skeeved.  Ragan walked through and Andrew asked him about the derivation of the Chenbot term.

DOTS on that.  I guess we can't talk about that.

Nomination Time

It's happening now.....BTW the answer of the Trivia Question is Dustin.  Remember that cape and crown he wore that week?  Loved it.

Pageant Life

The guys are very interested in what Britney has to say about the "system".  She says that she gained a lot of poise through particiipating and she knows she interviews well.

Her talent was piano, which was not very common. If she had a daughter who wanted to be in pageants, she would tell them to do point ballet because that is "a sure fire winner".

She said that the current events interviews are what sold it to the five or six panel of judges.  She tried to go in there and just be herself.  Her platform was Reading is Fundamental.  She was always thin so she didn't have the weight pressure that many girls have.  She gained a lot of life skills, and made a ton of contacts.

Enzo is very interested and asked a number of questions about the process.  Maybe he is thinking about this for his daughter.

The costs are very high--hair and makeup are $500 each for the weekend, clothes and shoes add up too.  Her family wasn't "well to do" but they put into it whatever they could.  She did her own hair and makeup and she bought her clothes on sale if possible.  She won money here and there to help out with costs.

She didn't sing, just played piano for her talent.

Brendon broke in a few times with what seemed as self-serving questions designed to bring out the following:

*  When he modeled, he felt like a "piece of meat".  Britney said--I'm not talking about modeling--this is the Miss America system.  Donald Trump's organization is really just a modeling competition.

*  He felt like he dealt with "sleazy people".  Britney said her pageant system was very respected and it was not designed to be a sexy show.

Britney Returns

and says "It's Britney, Bitches" and we get a quick DOTS due to the Spears connection.  She did pageants from age 14 to 18.  She wasn't tall enough for the pageant system but could have gone for Miss America but there were way too many incriminating pictures of her on Facebook.

Enzo:  Like, you gettin' wasted?

Britney:  Yeah.

Before she came out Ragan was assigning everyone in the house a rap name.  All of them had to have "L'il" as a part of it.

Enzo:  Li'l Nade (for Grenade)

Lane:  Li'l Pecker  (no explanation given, but lots of laughs)

RefrigeratorGate Part Deux

Brendon and Andrew discuss the situation in the storage room. 

Andrew just wants to let it all die down--he thinks Brendon is a great guy, he's not nominating him, blah blah blah.

(Andrew has to win HOH first before he starts nominating anyone.)

Andrew:  I haven't told anyone...I'm not going to tell anyone....I don't care!

Brendon:  The less drama the better!

Andrew:  Exactly.

Brendon is now reconsidering the baby food since everybody else is devouring the chip.  The box looks just like Triscuits or Wheat Thins so I'm sure it can't be too bad.

Brendon chose the Veggie type but mentions seeing Cinnamon Maple in there, too.

FYI Britney got called to the DR a few minutes ago.  Now Andrew just got called.

I am guessing that the producers are going to do a segment on the whole Holocaust discussion.

Matt Ponders His Snack Choices

That robe is way too big on him.  I plan to watch the Flashback where Matt gets his HOH Room as soon as I can--I always enjoy watching that.

This Little Piggie

If you look closely, you can see toes.  And more toes:
Eat your heart out, Hayden Fans.

Ragan Loves the Baby Chips

He likes the Garden Tomato chips because "they're kind of spicy".   He says they are better than fishsticks.

Meanwhile, Britney is drawing parallels between how people let the Holocaust happen and how we know that Darfur is happening...children are being mistreated...etc.
Britney went to a Holocaust museum where they had a railcar, piles of shoes, and was moved by it.  Andrew recommends that she visit the museum in Washington.  Andrew mentions his grandmother's aunt and we get DOTS.

I think he was going to tell a Holocaust story from his family.  We came back breifly and hear Ragan saying that he "read an interview with Allison..." and we went right back to DOTS.

Now they discuss the Pianist again and a specific scene that made Britney sick (when they threw a mans' wheelchair out of a window).

What Does Ragan's Tattoo Say?

Does anybody know?  You can also see the star tattoo that Britney and Monet think is the twin of Matt's star tattoo, proving that they are related somehow.  (Those two also think Hayden and Kristin are twins, though.)

I learned today (8-5-10) that is says something like "Sometimes a dream can make you a slave".  Or something like that.

Ragan and Lane look like Me and Mini Me here.
Ragan is a good conversationalist and I think this makes him sought-after during the long boring afternoons.  He is also very creative.  For example, he just created a scenario about Lane going in the pool, and having one of the overhead cables or wires snap and fall in the pool, electrocuting him.

This brought up a discussion about how to call 911 to report the incident---Ragan doesn't even know the address of the BB house.

Now the crew on the couches discuss travelling to Mexico.  Britney has been to Jamaica and Haiti and has also studied abroad, which exposed her to many parts of Europe.  She would really like to take Nick to Paris and had to cancel a vacation to come on BB.  She feels that if she won a vacation on BB, it would make up for the money she lost on the cancelled vacation.
She still has a lot of Europe she would like to see.  She did some backpacking and hiking before her European studies started, so that covered a lot of ground.  She and her mom just went to Italy and Monaco and southern France.  Some of the HG she is talking to have never heard of Monaco and she had to explain it.

Andrew, Enzo and Hayden seem to be the main participants in this conversaion.  Brendon is there too and they are all munching on the baby food snacks.
Britney said that Oslo is very chic and everyone is ostentatious about their clothing and cars.  She and her mom went to Nice and saw Elton John's house.  Brendon chimes in that "his buddy went to Cannes and went on Elton John's yacht".  Britney said that after he built his house the government halted building in that area and so his house is the biggest one there.

Britney:  I think it is funny that we are all going through all of this on this show and people who are watching it can drop a half million dollars out of their wallets and never know.  They would spend that much on a car but it would change all of our lives.

Hayden gives a shout out to the people who want to give him a half million---and all the sugar mamas out there.

Andrew gives a shout out, too, to the "Jewish papas" who want to marry off their wealthy offspring.

Britney has never been to Hawaii and hopes the vacation she wins is that one.  Nick has "never been anywhere".  Hayden has been all over the US and Britney says he should use his stipend to stay at the Royale in Cancun.

Britney:  I mean, I'll take the effing TV, but I want the vacation.

Hayden wants the slop pass but they say that Enzo needs it to stay out of the penalty situation.  Hayden says he'll even take the Unitard.

Britney's dream has been to visit Auschwitz--she tells this to Andrew and he can't believe it.  She has visited so many museums and has read the book Nine (?) by Elie Weisel and would like to see it as a part of history.  Andrew is blown away by this and says it is too personal for him and he can't visit.

Andrew:  I know what happened there--I don't need to see it.  I have too many family members......

Britney loves The Pianist and Andrew does too.  They can't believe that people claim that the Holocaust has never happened.  Britney loves to read the first person survivor accounts.  Andrew just read one by a woman who had to give up her son to a non-Jewish family and she went back and found her son.  She also found her husband whom she thought was dead.  Andrew saw her in person and was blown away.

Britney researches the topic and then finds the books in the library.  She doesn't understand how people could participate or watch this happening and not stop it.

WOW.  This could be a turning point in their relationship---Britney is really connecting with Andrew on a deep level and he is moved by her interest in the subject.

Rachel is a Lush

Brendon and Rachel are talking about her drinking last night.  She got really wasted and he wanted her to come in the bedroom with him and "say good night and then go and do her thing" but she didn't want to do that.

He was "very hurt" by this.

Rachel told him that it is no big deal--she drinks every day as a part of her job!

Brendon seized on this and started asking questions.

Rachel:  I only drink every day because it's part of my job!  But not like that---it's part of my job to have be happy.....

Brendon:  Don't say another's just not good for you to drink every day.

Rachel:  I also work out every day, and go to school every day...

Brendon:  But drinking every day isn't good for you.  If you're really serious about being with me, I need to know this---I don't want to be with someone with liver problems.

A few minutes ago they discussed people's motives for being on the show.  Brendon thinks the HG think they are going to achieve stardom and Rachel takes offense at this.  I see trouble on the horizon.......(!)

Kathy Has Already Floated

away from Rachel and she is trashing her now to Brendon.

Rachel:  She spent all week up there with us because she didn't want to be nominated.  Now she will barely even speak to me.  And she wants Kristin to paint her nails so they can bond.

Some things are so predictable.....

Rachel is also very upset about people who didn't even last 30 minutes in the comp last night and knows they only care about themselves.  (Kristin?  She dropped before the feeds even came back after the Live Show. Maybe Hayden, too.)


Rachel and Andrew just had a tiff and Andrew got snippy with her and went out into the backyard.

Andrew is a Have Not and the good news is that the baby foods are kosher, so he can eat them.  He put a selection of baby foods on a shelf in the fridge and Rachel objected to it.  She said that CBS spends a lot of money on food (actually, AGP spends the money, it is their budget) and food goes bad every week.

Kathy chimed in that baby food doesn't even need to be chilled.  Brendon took up for Andrew's causeby saying he knows Andrew is thinking that he doesn't have anything else in the whole fridge that he can eat!  And he wants to have it cold when he eats it!

Rachel gets waaaayyyyy to upset about this and says that she just wanted him to compromise on space.  Brendon is saying that it is true that Andrew is overly sensitive, but she should try to be more understanding.

Rachel storms out of the room and goes and hides under her covers.

Of course Brendon had to go in there and make a big production out of the whole thing.  Rachel just cares about starving kids in Africa and doesn't want to waste food. (Yes, she said that.)  Brendon didn't mean to upset her by taking Andrew's side and plans to talk to him, too.

He then launches into a tirade about how fucking selfish everyone in the house is  and didn't thank him for cooking and cleaning for them in the house.  And how Monet ate some of Andrew's kosher cookies and how much this upset Andrew because he has such limited food resources in the house. Brendon hates it when people are mean to Andrew.

Now Brendon talks about having to struggle for things and how other people in the house don't know what that means.

I think they realize that this is another Big Camera Opportunity for them.

I wonder if Andrew needed the whole shelf for kosher reasons---maybe to separate his stuff from the others?


Are They Twins?

Britney thinks these two are twins due to some sort of matching birthmarks. (i.e. Kristin & Hayden)

Matt said maybe that's why they never make out!  (ha ha ha)

The two of them are discussing what would happen if either of them won the POV--would they use it and have Brendon or Rachel go home?

Bok Choy & Baby Food

is what America has chosen for the HG.  Enzo is happy and is eating baby crackers that he compares to Cheez Doodles.  Enzo is a snacker and is happy with the choices.  He says that baby food is healthy and he will get his protein from the protein shakes and the slop.
 Enzo:  Me and America, we're good right now...I'm happy.  I'm eating with my daughter right now.  Plus we'll have a luxurious challenge this week and I'll win a slop pass.

Brendon is very angry about the whole situation and started stubbornly cooking fishsticks until BB called a timeout (DOTS) to set him straight. Rachel offered to eat baby food with him but he is having a tantrum of sorts.

Brendon went outside and Enzo commented that he's in hell this week.

Enzo:  And he's goin' home, too.

Hayden is smacking on an apricot and is really eating the hell out of it.
He asks Kristin if she's ever heard of Bok Choy. She tells him it is found in stir frys, noodle bowls, etc. and that it is Chinese.
That Kristin is just a wealth of exciting information.  Meanwhile Brendon takes out his considerable frustrations on the weight bench.
And there is still that little matter of nominations to be taken care of today.
Matt wasn't sure that they would be held today, but Hayden told him that he read it in some sort of BB Rule Book.  Lane has been giving Ragan work out tips and advice and Ragan says he should be a motivational speaker.  Lane is asking Ragan's advice on goofy things, like should he grow dreadlocks, and how he should wear his bandana.

Lane jokes about what people will think seeing him stroll down Hollywood Blvd. like that.

Flashback - HOH Aftermath (con't)

Rachel told Brendon at least 6 times NOT to discuss any of this with Ragan.  They are also agreeing not to enter into any deals with Matt, but to talk to him in the HOH before nominations.

Rachel:  I don't think you should be like, you fucking suck dude!

Brendon:  I don't give a fuck!

Rachel:  But you need to pretend!

I can't even believe that they don't think that they would be a target.  Now they talk about everyone who "fucking dropped" in the competition--Brendon wants to know if Rachel brought that up with him.  She said she did.

You know, I knew that someone couldn't be that good looking and brilliant too.  (Brendon, not Rachel)  There are a few crayons missing from his box. 

Rachel:  He's here to play the game...and he's not stupid.  (Matt)

I would love to hear Britney's comments about Rachels cut-off shorts, but who is she going to talk to about it now? She stopped at the mirror and turned around to look at her ass as she walked by.  At least Rachel is consistent, huh?

Andrew advises Brendon to start plowing through the fishsticks tonight, and in the morning when he wakes up, before BB takes them away.  I'm sure they are both worried about competing in the POV without solid nutrition this weekend. 

Britney was a Have Not, and she won.

I have to say the choices for the additional Have Not foods were all disgusting.  I only remember the sardines, but the choices were all nasty. 

Flashback - HOH Aftermath

Rachel and Brendon are whispering in the BR about her conversation with Matt.  She is telling him that one of them will go up if someone uses the POV.

Rachel is instructing Brendon not to throw anyone under the bus, etc.  She is a loud whisperer.  Not much about her is quiet. 

Brendon is reeling from Rachel telling him that everyone in the house wants the two of them on the block.  Brendon is whispering in a panicked way and his posture shifts to leaning back and crossing his hands.

Brendon, whispering in a crybaby way:  This motherfucker!!  He said he wasn't going to put us up!

As Brendon gets angry about it, his body language pulls him away from Rachel.
Brendon:  Motherfucker!!   Piece of Shit!!  We should have sent his ass home this week!

Ha ha ha ha ha.  My mother always said you could have "book smarts, but no common sense".  I'll bet Brendon's family is meeting with an estate attorney today to revise their Last Will and Testament.

I love watching Brendon and Rachel now---this is a lot better than the sleazy softcore porn.


Enzo's Penalty

Enzo just said he took a penalty for the pizza.  He just told them to enjoy it.

Apparently he ate half of Britney's slice of pizza in one bite--pepperoni pizza.

What was the penalty?  Don't know yet..


I am watching the flashback now and Enzo said that he got a 'penalty warning' and they said if he does it again he will be automatically nominated.  BB doesn't like him even telling the other HG about this and says so.

He said he grabbed the slice out of Britney's hand and inhaled a big bite.

Enzo:  It had pepperonis on it so I don't fuckin' care!

No mention of the cheese cubes Enzo was ganking on the sly during the week.  He must be very well liked by the cast and crew if no one forced the issue--the HG talked about it a number of times.  If I know it, Allison Grodner must know it.

Ragan's First Fishstick

He's never had them.  Britney used to eat fishsticks and macaroni, all the time.  They think that the fishsticks might be gone tomorrow so they are eating them now.  Enzo is licking a bowl of what looks like his pastini.

Ragan used to work at Macaroni Grill and loved some dish with salmon croutons.  Britney stopped to eat at the Macaroni Grill at O'Hare Airport on her way to Spain.

Ragan likes the fishstick and says that you can hardly taste the fish.  Britney said that of the three types of fishsticks they received, those are the best, with the best breading.  And they are kosher---Andrew has some in the oven.

Ragan puts hot sauce on his fishstick and crunches away.  He chews with his mouth open and it is disgusting.

Lane, to Andrew:  I know your daughter would be proud.  I know you're upset and all....

I think Enzo got a penalty for eating the cheese but I can't confirm that right now.