Thursday, July 22, 2010

Matt Won HoH

and Rachel is doing heavy damage control, in the Cabana Room going over what happened this week.  Matt is comparing how she acted to a Substitute Teacher??

"me and Brendon"---she is going on and on and on.  Matt doesn't know why Rachel had to drag everyone in the house in on the house meeting.  It should have been a one-on-one conversation.

Now Rachel has to bring up that Stacy is watching them right now and saying "Ha ha Rachel you lose!"

Of course she finds a way to make it all about her.  Matt says that Ragan didn't drop, they planned to play it out and see who wins.  Matt is telling her that the whole house would love it if he nominated her, and they will probably think that he is aligned them if he doesn't.

Now Matt is toying with telling Rachel  his plans, but hesitates and puts on a good show of being unsure if he can trust her to tell her.  He says that he wants Kathy out, and will nominate Andrew and Kathy....he begs her to keep her mouth shut.  She says that everybody who spoke to her last week was lying to her and she doesn't want to talk to anybody.

Now Rachel is crying (fake crying) and is saying that she saw people drop on purpose and is so angry.  She thinks they did it so they wouldn't be a target, and so they wouldn't be a Have Not.  (Kristin?)

He tells her again that he is nominating Andrew and Kathy but the rest of the house will be pissed because they all want Brendon and Rachel to be nominated.

Rachel wants to know why..why do people want them out?

He mentions that they isolate themselves and hide away, maybe to make out, maybe to talk, but maybe to strategize 24 hours a day.  He is considering making a "real deal" with her and Brendon.  He says that it is really hard not to be in an alliance in the house.

[So he is lying for sure.]

Rachel keeps trying to turn the conversation back to why everyone wants her out.  Matt's greater goal is helping his wife and he says that if their votes are votes for Stacy in the jury house, he needs to think about that.

And...Still DOTS

and I am hearing that it might stay that way until after midnight here on the East Coast, because the CBS episode is airing now on the West Coast.

I guess I'll watch Bethenny Gets Married and try to stay up until then.

Still DOTS

But I found my post from yesterday, where Ragan talks about Jerry's military regalia.  One of the truly funniest BB moments ever, in my opinion.

You can read it here.

The Downpour Ends

Matt:  God damn!!  That was a rough run!

Ragan:  Um...there's a water shortage in southern california right now!

Rachel:  Don't worry--it's probably recycled water!

Ragan:  If this doesn't get me laid....

Rachel:  It's like a wet T-shirt contest, but gayer!

I think Matt's microphone may be damaged.  He started thumping it and we heard a voice saying "Testing testing 1 2 3". Yep, now we can't hear him on his microphone.

Matt, faintly:  That a girl, Stacy!  Write that letter!

Ragan:  None of my friends can read or write!

ha ha ha

DOTS and I bet they are getting Matt a new microphone.

Now they laugh about Matt mentioning military regalia to funny and this has to do with what Ragan said in the DR.  I wrote about it within the last day or so...they are referring to something old Jerry from BB10 said in the DR.

Honestly this is so funny to me.  I don't know how they are staying on the surfboards it is so hilarious.


now, but just before it seemed like a deal between Matt and Ragan was at hand.

To summarize:

Matt is going to win HOH
He is going to nominate Andrew and Kathy, with Kathy being the target.  He will talk to Andrew about being the pawn.
He is going to tell Brendon and Rachel that if somebody wins POV and takes themselves off, one of them are going up.

Ragan didn't want to be blatant about letting Matt win, and then Matt nominating Brendon and Rachel.  That would make him a target in week #4.

They did a count on who would vote out Andrew, and they seemed to think that Kathy would leave if they are the ones nominated for eviction.

What is Andrew going to eat this week?

We're back.

BB got all the HG to come back outside.

Enzo:  Family pictures inside!  Who wants to see 'em?

I would really like to hear Matt's band.  Can anybody help with that?  Is it punk?  Alt rock? His microphone is taking a freaking beating right now.

Only Two Left

and they are Matt and Ragan. 

Everyone is going inside on BB's instruction to let the two remaining surfers talk.  Ragan asks Andrew to please close the door.

Ragan and Matt both seem happy.  Matt says he would put up Kathy, and Brendon but talk to him first to make it seem that he's not the target.  Matt also says that so many people totally had his back this week--Kristin is the one who got Andrew to vote for him.

Ragan doesn't want to let Matt win because Rachel will think he's a douchebag.  He doesn't care what Brendon thinks, but he is worried about Week #4.  Ragan considers having Rachel and Brendon out to talk to them.  Matt asks what about Kathy and Andrew?

Matt pointed out that the two of them "are winning the game right now", smiling.

Enzo, Lane, Hayden & Kristin may vote to get rid of Kathy---she would never win anything to help them.  Now they want to have Andrew to come out to discuss being the pawn.  How do they get Andrew to come out?

Ragan says they need to wait until the surfboards stop to start yelling for Andrew.  Ragan seems to want to jump down and throw it to Matt.  Mat said that he is fine staying up there all night, and that they can let it all play out.  I think Ragan wants to get down, though.  They don't even seem to be thinking about the Have Not situation.

Ragan wants to play for 15 or 20 minutes. 

Matt:  I'll be right here, Ragan.

Mystery Solved

Ragan said that he smoked for 18 years and he quit cold turkey, so he can do this.

That explains the skin, huh?

Rachel is pointing out that Matt and Ragan can't sleep in the same room anymore, because one of them will be a Have Nottie.  They joke about that.

Brendon whines that he is hungry.  Rachel sweetly offers to go get him fishsticks or fruitcake.  He says no and she tells him to go eat ketchup like Enzo.

How romantic.

Andrew is OFF!

The Kosher Ass Kissing Begins

Britney calls out:  Andrew, your future wife is watching this!

Enzo says "that Andrew is a competitor".

Rachel calls out:  Matt, you're awesome, Ragan you're awesome, Andrew you're awesome!

Enzo guffaws and doesn't even hide it.  Her asskissing is blatant.

Britney:  Matt is ready to use the HOH bathroom without asking!  He's ready to take his throne!

Britney comments that Andrew's water stream always started before hers, and "look at his gutter".  I think he got a badly placed surfboard.  The creaking noises start up again.

Matt is bored.  Pun intended.  A bad one, but a pun nonetheless.
Enzo tells BB:  I would be very appreciative if I get to eat tonight!

Rachel is Bitching About Something

and saying "I understand that he's fighting for his life, but does he have to throw me....."

That's all I heard.  Britney and Enzo are cheering on the surfboarders and Enzo is cracking wise on the sidelines.

Enzo:  I kind of like get to see people!  (i.e. the BB crew on the roof).  I hope we get to eat tonight....What happened to you out there tonight Lane?

They wonder what food America will choose for the Have Nots this week.

Enzo:  I'll take some squid.  I'll definitely eat some squid, but give me some lemon with it.

If Andrew loses, he is up the creek--I don't think the slop is kosher.

Ragan:  This is for you Annie!!

Now they are calling her Fanny, short for Effin' Annie.  Ragan hopes that she's watching this from jail.

Ha ha.

The Have Nots Start Tomorrow

and Enzo tells Brendon that he plans to eat pizza all night and then shit all day tomorrow.  Ha.

I hope we get to see that (the food, not the shitting).  I love to see them chow down after starving all week.  It is weird what they reach for and fun to watch.

I can hear Rachel whispering to Brendon about somebody being cocky.  I'm sure they mean Matt, since he is the main problem that they face up there on the surfboards.

Enzo jokes about Andrew's Daisy Dukes.  Ha ha ha.

Ragan loved that Matt said Natalie sucks.  They got a big kick out of that.  He also called Julie the Chenbot and asked the Saboteur to come back.  It is the best speech Britney has ever heard on BB.

Matt's feet.
Damn I want Matt to win and slap the giggle right off Rachel's piehole.


Rachel tells Brendon about Julie asking her if she would take Brendon or the money. When she told him Brendon skipped a beat and asked her if she heard the audience reaction.

She said she didn't hear it.

They are both media whores.  Brendon is on slop again, too, but he did better than most on it last week.

The wall is a pretty color blue.  I know Chelsia is so happy right now...cheers Chelsia!

Ragan Guarantees Safety for Andrew

if he wins, and says that he will not be backdoored or anything else like that.  As far as I can tell he just offered it without being asked.

Matt jokes that he is being left out.

Ragan:  Obviously Matt, the same goes for you.

Matt:  You're not even on my radar, kid.

Andrew asks America if they heard that.

We did, Andrew, we did.  Andrew slaps the wall three times with his left had, weird.

It's quiet now for a minute--only the dripping of the water and heavy breathing.

Ha. Ragan just started singing Vacation by the GoGos in falsetto and we got DOTS.

(The GoGos were waterskiing in the video.)

Matt makes it look easy.

Brendon's Down

and yelled Fuck when he fell. 

Now we're down to Ragan, Andrew, and Matt.  Ragan congratulates the other two and says it's an honor to be up there with them.

It definitely seems like they are relieved that Brendon's down, but Matt needs to worry about Andrew winning.

Matt gives a shout out to the Live Feed Nerds.  Hi Matt.

Andrew asks for a time check from the "one with the fan up there"---I guess he is talking to the crew guys on the roof--kind of funny.

Matt asked if somebody could go inside to get his wedding ring----he could use some inspiration.  I think BB said no because we had a quick DOTS and then Matt was saying, "that's okay ladies, I'll still be right here".

Now cold water comes down and it must be miserable.

Matt's Altoids

He started the competition with five Altoids in his mouth, for some reason.  Now he is down to two of them and Hayden is really interested in this.

Matt sarcastically says he loves it when his shoes and socks are swishy.

Enzo just fell and is pissed.  Not only is he not HOH, he's a Have Not, AGAIN.

Lane is Looking Good

Ragan has been talking dirty on the surfboard, I guess mocking his dirty talk with Julie.

Ragan:  I'd like to ride a human surfboard! I'd like to fuck it!

Rachel comments that it is sensual.

Ragan:  Yes, it's sensual!

Rachel:  Especially with you and Matt!  (joking)

Andrew is trash talking and laughing and seems to be in his element. He has been using the elliptical for over 6 miles a day so he is really fit right now.

BB just came on and told them not to talk--I guess they are worried that they won't have enough footage they can use, since the comp is going pretty fast and the talking is so dirty.

Matt:  There's spunk all over the backyard.

A plane flies over and Matt says that's how they're going to get us!  I guess referring to craning his neck to look for a banner and falling off.

Andrew gives a shoutout to his daughter, which is nice.  Matt asks Ragan what the temperature drop off will be tonight.  Being from Chicago might be an advantage for him.

Foam is Flying

and the crew on the sidelines is covering up.  All except Rachel, who sits cheering on Brendon.  You've got to love that spirit.

On the Sidelines

Britney notices that Hayden is shivering so she throws him her towel and says to cover up.  He finally takes it but moves over next to her to share it with her.
Kristin is as far away as she can be...looking like this.

Hayden must have noticed this because he went in the house to get more towels and when he came back he sat near Kristin and gave her one.  He keeps trying to make eye contact but she won't look over.

From the sound of it, they just started another round of torture on the surfboards.

So Who's Still On the Board?


Am I missing anybody?
The sound coming from the contraption sounds rickety and mechanical.  There is also a dripping sound.  The HG are mainly silent, although there are some small conversations taking place.

I hope anybody but Brendon wins.  I can't take another week of the slurping and sucking.

Ragan is talking about Julie telling him this is a family show.

Lane is Out

and Rachel looks like she knows she's toast.  Brendon's out, Kathy's out, Kristin's out...all of her friends.

Hayden's Out,  Now Britney's Out.  I think Brendon might still be in so I guess I was wrong earlier.  Sorry but it is hard to see and my feeds are kind of choppy.

I think the Have/Have Not thing was a big factor in the results so far.

Andrew Gave a Shout Out to the Jewesses

who might be watching him.

I was wrong about Matt...he is still on the board.  Being small seems to help Britney and Matt because they can hug the wall and miss the water stream.

The boards changed so that they are going in and out of the wall, making them move more, and when it started Ragan said:  In and out baby, in and out!

Someone said that was gross and he said, "why"?

Uh oh...must be a technical difficulty. All the motion and noise stopped and Enzo was able to stand straight up and give us a thumbs up.  Then we went to DOTS.

Can't be a good sign.

We're Back, And Guess Who's Out?

Kathy just dropped and we heard a splash but I did not see it.  It looks like someone else may be already out and sitting with Rachel---OMG Brendon is out, Kristin..WTF?

I think Matt is out, too.

While We Wait....

During endurance competitions, it is common to have frequent DOTS or TRIVIA.  In some cases, there is a lot of verbal interaction between the producers and the cast about rules regarding the competition.  (i.e. can I use two hands, etc)

It is also common to have technical problems which mess up the competition.  Last year, when the HG were swinging around getting whacked by the diploma, there were a lot of problems and they didn't want us at home to know.  Britney herself said today that the hot dog incident when she fell took 45 minutes to resolve.

We're back..

Kristin's Couture

I'm pretty sure Britney is going to be brutal about this outfit, but I don't know if she will have anyone around to talk to about it.  WTF is she thinking with that?

Kathy Gets Tarted Up

Brendon looks handsome--must be all that sex he's having.

Nobody out-tarts Rachel, though.

I wonder if she is going to lose the kneesocks, though.  The camera guys do, too, because they just did closeups of them.

Monet is calm, having to share a mirror with the Prostitution Whore.  (A tasteless RHONJ joke.)  Rachel is very dressed up compared to everyone else, who is looking forward to a long night of competition.  Rachel said this might be her only time to do a live interview with Julie Chen.  She must think she is staying a long time, then, huh?

They are all saying Kristin looks good but I can't see her.  She straightened her hair and is telling Monet that she could save time by only straightening the top.

Hayden Shirtless

I guess they have to tape up so that their mikes stay on during the competition.  They are looking at the picture wall and commenting on it.  Andrew says the crowd is being seated outside even as he speaks.

Here's another one  for Hayden's fans.  You know who you are..

Special Guest on Skype With Chelsia and Missy

With Chelsia and Missy.  It is Jen Johnson from BB8 and she is apparently a surprise guest.
She looks good and says she is watching BB this year, but isn't really interested in it.  Chelsia says that something big may happen tonight, and things may change.  I am guessing that ratings may be down this year, and they say that may be because we want to see strong gameplay, rather than constant showmance crap.
Jen has a new boyfriend that she sees everyday (she and Nick broke up) and she has a real job now.  She works for Landmark Company doing online media and also a little bit for the Reality Wanted website.  She also does periodic nanny work, but the kids she used to nanny are 13 and 16 years old.

She talks to Eric Stein from her season from time-to-time, and also hangs out with Danielle Donato once in awhile since they both live in Huntington Beach.   She doesn't talk to Nick, since he has a "stern rule" against talking to his exes.  Chelsia was uncomfortable with asking that question, so they all seem relieved to get the topic out of the way.

Jen interviewed Chima last year before she went into the house and barely recognized her on the show---her whole attitude changed in the house and she never imagined that it would turn out the way it did. 

They asked her who she wanted to win HOH tonight and Jen kind of snapped that they should have preinterviewed her.  (It's not like that is a hard question, Jen.)  Jen finally said Britney.  Missy thinks she should team up with Andrew once Monet is gone.

Jen doesn't even know all of the guys names on the show, so I guess she doesn't care about it.  She just referred to someone as "that guy".  Ha ha ha.  Maybe they should prescreen the guests a little more. (Turns out "that guy" is Lane.)

(In the house today they were talking about how Jen went batshit when she was on Slop and ate a bunch of turkey burgers and apples.)

Ooo, a caller just pointed out that Matt and Ragan have the same star tattoo, implying that they are the lifelong friends.  Is that a coincidence? 

Missy is a big cigarette smoker.  Huge surprise......

A caller just called in who knows Enzo---Enzo's wife is his niece, I think.  Joella (the wife) is more like his daughter to him, and Enzo even came to him to ask for her hand in marriage before he proposed.  This guy never watched BB before, but now he watches the Live Feeds and BBAD and is addicted. 

Missy asked him if he saw Enzo sneaking cheese even though he is a Have Not and the caller mentioned all the ketchup he eats, and the pastina he created.  He said that Enzo is a huge eater and they never have leftovers after family functions.  He has never seen Enzo cook and he is surprised that Enzo has made chicken parmesan twice in the house.  He says Enzo is playing under the radar and is the one who started the Brigade. 

This is interesting:  The caller didn't know that Enzo was coming on the show until it was announced publicly, but he received a "reference call" from someone from the show that he thought was related to a job or loan or something.  He answered the questions and had no idea that it was BB-related.

After the caller hangs up Jen pretty much says she doesn't care for Enzo because he is trying too hard to be like Chilltown with the Brigade.  Chelsia thinks he sounds just like Alex from her season if you just listen and don't watch him.

Jen is at work now and told her boss she was going to be on a call....a caller just busted her for that and it was funny.

A caller said she saw Rachel "bobbin' the knob" on the feeds and told us what camera and time to Flashback on.  I didn't write it down in time, but I don't think I would watch it, anyway.  The caller said Rachel had a "protein shake" and I am worried that I might vomit if I saw that.  No big surprises with this information---they have been getting "frisky" all the time.

They want to know if Matt's wife knew ahead of time that he was going to make up the lie.  They are all really mad about it and worry about karma---i.e. she might really get sick.  I think karma is already happening since he told a podiatrist about it---Andrew has been on the warpath for Matt for awhile because I guess he already knows Matt is lying about one thing---why not more.

OMG Big Fat Missy refers to "Edward" as her husband---the one from Twilight.  She just addressed him directly and called him Babe.  ***ugh***  Last year she had the hots for Russell and talked about him all the time.  She even confronted him for calling Jordan fat and asked him if he was biased about "big girls".

They are saying that Kristin went into the house in a relationship---I didn't know that.  I didn't really care, but i might need to start caring if Kristin is going to be around for awhile.

Happy Hour with Chelsia and Missy

This is what the set looks like.  I think the cocktails might be real, because Chelsea just took a sip and started coughing.  I don't know Missy's background, or what qualifies her for the job on 

They are talking about how Rachel constantly plays to the camera, and also how embarrassing her use of "Obvie" is, coupled with her poor grammar and spelling on her HOH blog.  The caller says that Hayden's was much better---imagine that!  Missy thinks that CBS didn't mean to release the unadulterated version.

Chelsia said that Kristin's arms are "ripped" and she asked her what she does to get that definition. She doesn't tell us what Kristin said, however.

I will let you know if anything newsworthy comes up.

Matt's Band

I am listening to the live feeds in the background while I crank out some client stuff today--the goal is to hang on and watch the live feeds through any endurance competition tonight, so I'm preparing ahead.

But some things are more interesting then others.

Matt still has a good relationship with the guys he used to be in a band with (Shooting Blanks) and he is planning to call them to see if they want to do a 2-week tour this fall in order to visit all of the HG's home towns.  That way he can see them, have some fun, and make a little money, too.

He thinks that they would be up for it, and addresses them on the feeds, in case they are watching.

Britney tells a story about bands that visit her town, thinking they are booked into some sort of grand arena and always return to the hotel pissed off about it.  It turns out that the arena is a tent in the JC Penney parking lot.  (Britney works at the Hilton, I think, and that is how she has insight into how the bands feel after the show.)

Matt starts to tell a story about how his band "played with Vanilla Ice" and we immediately went to TRIVIA, which is common for the night of the Live Show.

Bummer, I'll bet that was a good story.

PS  I know Britney works at the Hilton because she has told a couple of stories about her friend Summer Conquest.  Yes, that is her real name and I guess her parents were hippies who thought it was funny.  She tried to use her middle name Nicole but it didn't stick.  I thought that name was priceless and looked her up on the internet---she has a LinkedIn profile as a Hilton employee.  Sorry Summer if this is causing you pain, but I guess it could make you popular as well.  I'm sure being Britney's friend is a blast.

Calm Before the Storm

As usual on Thursdays, BB has asked the HG to spruce up the house for the Live Show.  Lane is vacuuming.  The HG have said that they never use the living room, lounging in the Cabana Room instead.  So it doesn't look very dirty in there.

Kristin is in the kitchen and took some eggs out of the fridge.  Rachel saw her and asked if she was making eggs.  Kristin says yes, she making egg whites and Rachel asked if she would make her some, too.  Kristin said yes, and Rachel then asked her if she liked to put salsa in her eggs.  Kristin said not, not really.

Then came the interesting part.  I don't know how Kristin can make egg whites if she doesn't know how to crack an egg. I just watched her try with two eggs and she had to fish shell and yolk out of the bowl for both.

As best I can tell, Kristin literally cracked an egg, and then held the crack over the bowl, trying to get all of the egg white to drain out of the egg.  She didn't open it up and use the shell to move the yolk back and forth to eliminate the egg white.

 Kristin:  Rachel, do you mind if there is some yolk in your eggs?

After watching this, I sincerely think that Kristin might be retarded.  The cameras switch immediately after she asks this question.  I guess BB doesn't want us to know about her mental handicap.

Now we visit the BR, where Matt, Ragan and Britney discuss tonight's Live Show.  BB hasn't even told them yet if they are having rehearsal this afternoon.  They think that Britney may have an advantage in an endurance competition, but she points out that sometimes larger people have the
advantage with endurance, and sometimes they don't.

They agree that whatever happens, the stakes will get a lot harder after about 5 minutes, when Julie comes back and says, "HG, sometimes it snows in July!" and snowflakes will fall, or something like that.  Britney mentions when she fell off the hot dog during the first competiton, it took BB "45 minutes to decide what to do".

(Remember that Matt said that break in the action was the best thing for him because he and Hayden devised a strategy to let him win the first HOH.)

Britney brought an Underarmour top with a Northface shell to wear over it for competitions like this, in addition to fingerless gloves.  She doesn't know if they will let her wear it, however, due to the logos on the clothes.  She said that "they said they would cover it up if it is less than 1 inch" and we go to DOTS.

(At one point Erica from BB5 and Allstars got a job working on creating and executing BB challenges, but I don't know if she is still involved.)

Ragan would love some fresh air.

Ragan:  After 8 hours of hanging or whatever we are doing, I will probably say I wish I was in bed!

Rachel said they have A LOT of booze saved up to drink tonight when all is said and done.  Ragan is trying to determine what best to eat for lunch.

Ragan:  A hotdog?  Would carbs be good?

Matt:   I might just have pita chips and hummus.

Matt's stomach is still really nervous about the situation.

Matt:  I am excited to see the house divided, even if I'm not here to enjoy it.

Matt thinks it will be 5-4 or maybe 6-3.  Lane jokes it will be 10-1.

Like, I'm Kind of Like, Upset

says Rachel, to Kathy.  Brendon told her that he doesn't think his parents will like her because she is so flashy and the family would prefer a more "plain" girl.

So this is causing drama for her and she is "going to stop the striptease" and all that stuff.  She doesn't want his parents to think that she is some "Vegas stripper whore" and if she is being portrayed like that, her own parents are going to be upset.

Rachel:  Like, the haircut.  It wasn't a striptease I did straddle him...but I didn't like, do anything inappropriate.  It was fun, and cute, and like if I was a boy I would be excited!

[Rachel, you're a whore, darlin'.]

So...Rachel and Brendon are already having in-law problems after a few weeks of "dating" and "love".  Now Brendon comes back to console her.  Drama, drama drama.

***I'm worried my eyes are going to get locked in the rolling position, like my mother often warned me***

It's Painful, You Know?

I am watching a flashback from last night and it is painful listening to Kathy.  She says "you know" at least three times in every sentence.

And she is freaking out from not being able to smoke at all today.
Kathy and Rachel are stategizing about getting ready on Thursday in the HOH BR for as long as possible before BB kicks them out.

OMG:  I think Matt is, you know, disrespectful to, you know, women, you know when he's drunk. Talkng about you know, tampons, you know other disrespectful stuff, you know...

What the Heck?

This is a picture that someone snapped of the metal contraption that is being built in the backyard.  This was yesterday--so who knows what it looks like now.

Definitely looks like it is being constructed for strength--like people are going to hang from it?

Looks like we're up for some excitement---I hope the HG eat their Wheaties today.