Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The HG have been in indoor lockdown all day and it is rumored that they will not be admitted in the backyard until the competition on the live show.

Kathy just wants to know--someone needs to ask the DR if they can go outside.  I know she wants to smoke some cigarettes.  In BB8 they rigged a little closed off area for Evel Dick to smoke during situations like this, but he is a much heavier smoker than Kathy.

And Evel Dick was the Star of the Show.  And Kathy....well as Britney said she should be an hourly employee on the clock for all her contributions.  She did help prevent STDs by interrupting Brendon and Rachel, but those germs are spreading anyway.

Monet said that there was no definite word on being allowed outside yet....they are "preparing for something".

Rumor is that it will be an endurance competition, particularly if they don't get to go outside until tomorrow.  Someone one the feeds saw a flash of a the setup in the BY.  I will try and find a picture if I can.

Power Hour With Janelle

This is the first time I've watched this weekly show since before the season started.  I keep forgetting about it and 6:00 PM is kind of a strange time for me.
Chelsia is the host and she started off by talking about last night's explosive events in the house.  Janelle said she was glad that Britney and Rachel had a chance to talk, and it reminded her of when she and Erica finally talked and put two and two together at the end of the AllStars season.

I love Janelle---don't get me wrong, but she looks a little different, doesn't she?  Her Minnesota accent sounds especially prominant today---maybe her husband is from there too and that makes it stronger?  But she looks better here.
Janelle isn't rooting for Rachel as much as she used to--she was rooting for her to win HOH, but since then all of the making out is making her sick and she can't watch it.  She understands that the HG are bored and have nothing to do, but as a Feed Watcher it is gross.

She initially liked Rachel because she is a cocktail waitress in a bottle club and is super-competitive (like her).  A caller asked Janelle how she feels about Rachel comparing herself to Janelle.  She started talking about how she herself hated the floaters (like Chicken George, even Mike Boogie) and if Rachel really feels like that it is cool.

CQ = Caller Question

CQ - Tell me about showmances--are they happening too quickly?

She says that meeting someone in the house is very intense because you are together all day.  When she went into BB6 she had a boyfriend who she had seen 6 or 7 times, and when she got in the house the intensity of the situation changed everything.

CQ - Do you think Kristin is running the house?

Janelle roots for Kristin only because she is a Capricorn like herself and knows this is weird.  Janelle said that if Kristin can end up controlling Hayden, she can go a long way, but she doesn't seem to be controlling anything now.

CQ - Did you see the make out session this morning? 

Both Chelsia and Janelle were skeeved by it.  The caller said it seemed "put-on" to him.  Hmmmm.

CQ - How did you get on the show?

She went to try out with a male friend who was also a big fan of the show.  Her friend almost got on the "couples" edition but didn't at the last minute.  I think he was going to be her partner instead of Ashlea (who Janelle didn't really have a strong relationship), but since the guy was a multi-millionaire the producers were worried he would just leave if he got pissed and the going gets tough.  Janelle didn't know anybody like a producer or anything, and she only applied for S6.

Both Janelle and Chelsia think Rachel handled last night all wrong---she was too hasty to call the house meeting.  Janelle thinks that they gave Rachel tequila because things were getting boring.  The only time she got tequila is when they had the margarita slushies.  Janelle put a bowl of it in the freezer and "saved it for many weeks to have when she was mad".  When they evicted Kaysar she was fed up and she drank it and got in that big fight with Beau.

CQ - Is it that smart to be so in-your-face with a shomance?

No, per Janelle it hinders your game this early.  In sequester, it is fine, but it makes you an obvious target if you put your alliances out there.  She thinks Rachel and Brendon are in for a rude awakening on Friday if Brendon doesn't win HOH.  She watches the feeds and has heard that some of the HG think Rachel is stupid.

CQ - When you went home and watched your season, how did you feel about how you came across, and as a comparison to what actually happened on the show.

Janelle - I cringed at the editing of BB6 because I was edited like a whore.  For example when they made the tape with her opening statement, they made her say sexual things like "I'm going to use all the men in the house!" and she finally gave in and said what they wanted her to say.  And they made her wear lingerie in the opening, too.  She knows it was "what they wanted", but it wasn't her.

Chelsia - I haven't watched my season---only the opening and she was unhappy with her portrayal, too. They made her take off her shirt and show her tattoo on her back in the opening scenes.  And she doesn't like to watch herself with James---"there was really nothing there with him".

CQ - Who would you like to see on Celebrity BB, if there ever was one?

Janelle:  People who are big BB fans like Shannon Elizabeth or Lance Bass.  But I would also like to see real train wrecks, like Lindsey or Britney.  In reality it would probably be D-List celebrities like Corey Feldman, etc.

CQ - What do you think of Lane's gameplay?  And I can't stand Enzo's hair---he needs to shave it.

Janelle - That hair---there's nothing worse than a man who is holding on to those last strands for dear life.

Chelsia - Agreed.  But who is Lane?  He never gets any airtime.

Janelle - Yeah.  He and Kristin don't get a lot of airtime.  She thinks he will do well in competitions unless it is a hanging or standing endurance competition.  The Final ones are very physical and you need to be tough.  If you are a girl at the end going against the guys you are really screwed--unless BB gives you some sort of fast pass.

CQ - Who are your favorite players this season and why?

Janelle:  It changes weekly.  Right now I kind of like Kristin, but I guess I give everybody a 5. I even kind of like Britney and I think she will be better without Monet.

Chelsia:  I like Matt and Annie---I hope she comes back.

Janelle:  I also really like watching Ragan.

Chelsia:  Me too.  Have you heard of the catty things that Britney says?  It's kind of gnarly but it's funny.

Janelle isn't a big fan of this--she doesn't usually like mean people and it reminds her of a girl from home.

CQ - Do you think Rachel is a skank?

Chelsia - No...but did you see today that she was talking pictures of herself alone in the HOH room.

Janelle:  When she gets dressed up and puts her extensions in and does her makeup, she looks good.  But when she doesn't do her hair for three days and has no makeup, she looks rough.

CQ - What kind of comp do you think we're going to have?

Janelle:  No endurance---just questions and answers or something.

Chelsia thinks they might switch it up and have an endurance, since people might not be expecting it.

CQ - Who do you think is the most hated in the house?

Chelsia brings up the way Rachel and Brendon are acting, and how they acted last night.

CQ - What do you think about Kathy?

Janelle:  Oh, I hate players like Kathy---she's so annoying.  She hates that Kathy is declaring she won't win any competitions.

Chelsia:  I don't think it's smart to align herself with Rachel.

Janelle:  I really don't think she's aligned with Rachel. I think she's a true floater and will go whereever the power is, like if the Brigade wins she will be up their butt.

They discuss how Kathy keeps walking in on the makeout sessions and how crazy that is.  Janelle goes in the Chat Rooms (78 and 51?) and "throws tomatos" at Rachel when she talks about what a good person she is, and whenever Matt is on--she is so sick of Matt.

(Note to self - Learn about this tomato throwing process.)

CQ - We just got a quick glance of the feeds in the backyard and it looks like it might be some sort of hanging thing.  They are on lockdown until tomorrow.  (How is Kathy going to smoke?)

They discussed this.  No one knows!

CQ - How does Mr Bear like sharing you with your new husband?

Janelle:  When we went home to my old apartment to pack up for moving in together, Mr. Bear was so happy because he got me all to himself and thought we wouldn't have to see my husband again.  He likes Jess (?) but he likes to have me all to himself.  (Mr. Bear is Janelle's pomeranian.)

CQ - I don't understand why Brendon is getting so much hate.

Janelle:  I'm kind of sick of the crying and the baby talk, but he is very handsome and it is nice to see someone so physically pleasing on the feeds.

CQ - If he leaves, the other guys are all ugly!

Janelle:  Yeah---I can't get into Hayden.  I don't like the hair, and he's too young.

CQ - And Lane is so fat!

Janelle - giggling.  All of you would be lying if you said that Brendon isn't handsome!

CQ - How old is Mr Bear now?

Jan - He is 7--he is an old man now.  Middle aged.

CQ - A few years ago you said that you wanted to start a business in Minnesota--are you thinking about that?  (Janelle wanted to start a doggie day care / grooming business).

Janelle - No, not with this economy...I don't know what I'm going to do.  I might just be a housewife.

CQ - Who do you think Britney will align with if Monet leaves?

Janelle thinks she is playing well and may not need anybody---just play by herself.  It was also said that she might not be as catty if Monet is gone.  Janelle remembers being really catty when Ashlea was in BB6 with her.

[It is hard to type all of this and my hands hurt but the conversation is GREAT.   Sorry for the typos and shitty grammar.  I heart Janelle and if someone knows her, please send her the link to this blog.]

Janelle wants Ragan to be the first gay guy to win BB.  She and Chelsia love him.  A caller really liked the way he kept correcting Rachel last night and would be great to play with.  He knows when to speak up and when to step back.

CQ - Does Kristin know about the Brigade?  Has Hayden mentioned it to her?  Shouldn't she get rid of Matt in that case?

Chelsia - No, I don't think they would admit her to the Brigade in this place.

They think Kristin might know about it, but no one is for sure.  (lots of pillow talk with those two, but nothing of substance that I have heard).

[Chelsia is all about Matt Matt Matt and has said this several times.  I guess she is attracted to tattoos?]

Eviction Prediction:  Janelle thinks Monet doesn't have a chance.  She knows fans trash talk her but she thinks she is a sweet, mellow girl and it's sad that she's leaving.  Janelle would like to see some men go and hopes Kristin wins HOH and puts up the Brigade.  She likes Brendon but wants to see a shake up and not to have him win HOH.

Chelsia of course is all about Matt Matt Matt.

That was a fun hour (except for the typing) but I disagree with most of Janelle's views. ***sniff sniff***

Tidbits From This Afternoon

1.  Britney told Monet that Rachel told her that Kristin and Hayden have a showmance.  Apparently Britney was surprised by that, and Rachel told her they are together all the time and of course they are involved.  I'm sure that will be filed away for use later.

2.  Monet didn't make a big impression today--I think she is kind of shell-shocked by the turn of events since last night so she is keeping a low profile.  I have heard her talk about how hurt she is by what Matt did and said to her---choosing to get nominated against her so that she is eliminated, and lying about it.

3.  Britney's mom tried out for the original Survivor and made it to the Finals.  She wasn't allowed to tell anybody  so Britney knew she was out of town but didn't know why.  Once her Mom didn't make it, she was allowed to talk about it and they watched the show together.  Britney said there is NO WAY her mom could make it through something like that.

4.  They talk about Survivor quite a bit in the house----those who have been Have Nots can't believe that the Survivors usually eat a lot less then they do, and their challenges are much, much harder.  Ragan can recite all of the serious injuries that have happened on Survivor and what the circumstances were.  I have heard them do this several times so far this season.

5.  Ragan also has an incredible recall of past events and DR sessions on BB, although maybe he did some extra studying once he started the interview process. He was referencing today when Jerry (the old one from BB10) went into the DR to vote to evict Bryan and said "you'll notice that I'm not wearing any military regalia today".  Ragan told everyone he went into the DR and started the session by saying that in a really gruff voice and the DR guy said, "Hmmm..  What is that Ragan?"  Ragan asked him, "Did you not work here for BB10?"  and the DR guy said, "Oh, is that Renny?".  Ragan got to tell that story twice today, cracking up the whole time.

6.  Also....Matt commented yesterday that he really likes the Tuesday BB person on shift "on the button" and in the DR.  He said that person was cool to talk to and didn't yell at them constantly (about not singing, talking about production, etc.).  He then said that the Wednesday and Sunday shift guy was a "son of a bitch", or something along those lines.  He said this on a Tuesday, so I guess that proves his point---BB didn't tell him to shut up when he said this.

7.  Ragan came bounding into the bedroom where Britney and Monet were this afternoon all excited:  Oh my God!!!  I was just looking at my picture on the wall on the way to go poo and I noticed they did touch-up work on me!  They touched up my picture!!

Britney and Monet were kind of slow digesting this so he had to repeat himself.  Ragan:   I have these little bumps on my face, and I don't mind or anything, but they took them off!!"

He was urging Monet to go look closely at her own picture (I guess he thought she had some work done.) and BB didn't like that and gave us DOTS.  (The Wednesday Son of a Bitch.)

8.  Britney and Monet trashed Kristin today (of course), talking about how she was burping in the hot tub last night while she was drunk.  Britney is DISGUSTED by this.

9.  Britney told Monet how Rachel said to her "we're a lot a like!".  Britney's feeling was "on what planet are we at all like?" but instead she hugged Rachel like a long-lost friend.  It was hilarious.  If Britney can pull this off, than Monet owes her a big one.

Season 11 Takes More Hits

as Ragan and Matt talk about the game.  Some tidbits:

1.  Matt is going to be sweating bullets during the live show, between the segments with Julie.  He wishes he could just sit back and enjoy it, but he can't since he is a participant.

2.  Ragan was nervous last week, when he knew Annie was leaving.  He was worried that it would turn out that his vote was the only one to evict her.

3.  Ragan is so tired of hearing Rachel call Matt a Ronnie.  Matt says that is the worst insult ever, and they mimic what Ronnie said on his way out of the door.  If Matt leaves, he might do a speech calling Ragan the "most despicable human being he's ever met", or whatever Ronnie said to Michelle. 

4.  Matt jokes that if he leaves the two of them should full-out make out at the door.  Ragan says that would ruin his chances to be America's Player.

5.  Ragan said if they both make All Stars, they are going to ignore Natalie (BB11) and Ragan will act as if anything she says was spoken by a ghost.  He will totally ignore her.  (Ragan really, really hated Natalie.)

6. They say that if the vote is 5-4 tomorrow, the house is officially split down the middle.

[Ragan said in his preseason interview that his strategy was to make the split, and then do things to deliberately turn the two sides against each other.]

7.  The two of them went into the storage room to get supplies to make turkey burgers.  They're even dressed alike today, like two peas in a pod.

8.  They are using a whole pound of meat for two burgers---Matt says it's like two Quarter Pounders but with only one bun.  Britney is starving and watches them cook.

9.  They are out of milk until Thursday.  Ragan:  Our groceries this week sucked!

Kathy Was Born in a Barn,

apparently.  She has barged in twice without knocking, while Rachel and Brendon are engaged on some sort of nasty activities.
She jokes about breaking it up.  Now she is in the bathroom with the blowdryer, getting ready, while the Showmancers are under the covers, moaning and making various mouth noises.

And the bathroom door is wide open!  I'm not sure who is the tackiest here--Kathy or the Showmancers.  It is at least a tie--Kathy is not even the HOH!  You'd think she would have learned some tact at some point.

Rachel is all sweaty and needs to get up and take a shower.

And OF COURSE Brendon mentions the cameras and the bloggers now:  They all want to know what we do under here...

They're At It Again

and that blue blanket is moving and there are a lot of smacking and slurping sounds.  By the movement in the blanket, I'd have to guess a hand job for one or both of them.

They really like that camera time, don't they?  All four screens, too.

Kristin Slept Well,

because she "drank a fair amount last night".  Brendon said that being a Have Not would not be so bad if they could drink--then he could sleep in that Have Not bed without a problem.

He went up to the HOH room, all clean and shiny, and jumped in bed with Rachel.
Things heated up on their normal accelerated schedule, as you can see.
Brendon is under there, and then the camera shows us this, which I can assume is part of Rachel's couture.
There were all sorts of noises under there, and then this exchange:

Rachel:  Brendon...really?  Really?

Brendon:  No, you don't have to apologize.  I'm glad I could do that to you---you do it to me all the time.

Rachel:  You do it to me, too.

Brendon jumps out of bed, holding a blanket in front of him, and moves to the table to eat his slop.
Brendon brings up the cameras, OF COURSE, and says that he bets lots of people that they know are watching them right now.

Brendon :  Because the feeds are probably on us, right?

Rachel:  Yep!

Brendon proceeds to do a bunch of friends and family shout outs, so Rachel feels compelled to, also, especially Reilly, her nephew.  (I hope Reilly isn't watching this...)

Needless to say, these two are ALWAYS ALL ABOUT putting on a show for the cameras.  Now Rachel says she is "way better than Holly Madison", and explains to Brendon that Holly got a reality show in Vegas even though "she's not really Vegas".

[If Rachel gets a TV show, I am probably going to have to leave the country.]

As usual, I feel dirty after watching them bump uglies although it is probably as real as a porn movie.

Matt Tries to Escape

And the cameraman practices by coming in close, then going wide, and in close again.

Brendon is up and about to shower.  I'm keeping my finger on the camera trigger button for you.  Kristin is just out of the shower, and has wet hair.  Brendon is a Have Not, so he only uses the water when he really needs to---in short bursts.

He is talking to Kristin, but I don't hear his teeth chattering or anything.  He said that he and Andrew have both done triathalons, and the water is really cold then.  His buddy was in the Marines and had to crawl in water during a drill, and there was a layer of ice on it. 

So we've found one thing Brendon is not a crybaby about---the cold showers. 

Kristin said it's not that bad, either.

Showmance #1 - Brendon and Rachel

This is Brendon and Rachel, huddled together in the Have Not room.  They just made a huge production of Rachel changing into sleepwear in the HOH room before heading downstairs.

Brendon was irritated with how long Rachel took to get ready, and criticized her choice of clothing.  Basically she was going down there virtually naked, and Brendon told her the room is cold.  He really wanted to go to sleep and is tired.

A discussion of how the cameras love to watch her, and how Showtime AD loved to watch her ensued.

Meanwhile, Kathy has the HOH room all to herself.