Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Meeting Ends on a Sour Note

with Matt going out frustrated with an ugly tone.

Rachel apologized to Monet (which might be a little too over the top).

Hayden hasn't said one word.  Neither has Lane.  Enzo tried, but couldn't get any traction, or good ideas for that matter.

Even with all this, Matt might not even go home.  Who knows how Kathy will vote?  I'm sure Ragan can still vote to evict Monet, along with the other three Brigade members (Enzo, Lane & Hayden), but Kristin will probably vote with Hayden...I mean, won't she?

Maybe the Brigade won't vote for Matt, since it will call out their alliance.

Britney got involved again and said that she hated to be involved with all the confrontation.  Matt shrugged at a few questions and left the room.  Monet just told the group that Matt lied to her and he will lie to them too, started crying and made her exit.

Matt comes back:  I never threw you under the bus, Brit.  I said you were the Saboteur, but that's it.  The living room is emptying out--the show is over.

But Matt keeps harping on Rachel and the way "they" handled the HOH role.

Matt:  How many people were HOH this week?

Now Brendon says he is a fucking rat!  Britney starts crying.  Matt keeps saying he was playing for himself and the only safe place to be is to not have a vote this week.

Now Matt brings up the Clogged Toilet incident and how Rachel wanted to hide things, and now she wants to "throw all of her cards on the table".

Rachel:  What, I'm not allowed to have people in my room?

[I would love to stay up later, but I have a business breakfast meeting tomorrow at a formal club at 7 AM.  Brutal...]

Rachel's Big Moment

She is going to call a house meeting to get to the truth.  This is basically Ragan's idea.  She went in the the HOH bathroom and started applying more makeup and tossling her hair.  Ragan points out that the cameras are loving this.  Rachel does not put on pants, or any sort of substantial shirt -- she is going to do this in her bikini, see through sequiny top and sheer wrap.

Rachel:  On any other seasons, do you think they had a big house meeting like this?

Kathy:  Let's just quit talking about it an do it!  Can we do it outside so I can smoke?

Rachel:  I think we should do it in the living room.

Everybody is here now but Andrew, who can't participate due to his religion.(!)  Matt was the last one in the room.

Rachel starts and Ragan interrupts and says that she should start the meeting without making accusations (against Matt). Rachel calms down and says that she will stick with facts, so she describes that Matt came to her and asked to be put up as a pawn.  (correct--I saw this).

She calls on Britney and she takes it from there, that Matt said he was shocked to be nominated, blah blah blah.  Matt tries to start talking and Ragan interrupts him to structure the wording of his statement again.

[How long is Ragan going to hide under the radar if he is behaving this rationally as a "college student"?]

Matt is saying that he volunteered because he felt bullied and railroaded and still maintains that he was shocked to be nominated.

Rachel: Why did you tell Britney that you wanted us out?

Matt doesn't deny this, but starts telling Rachel that he doesn't like the way she is railroading people in the game.   Now they confirm that Matt kept saying that Britney was the Saboteur, which is another strike against him.

Matt isn't quite on par with his arguments and his tone of voice sounds cloudy.  I feel sorry for him and he is obviously put on the spot.  Where is the Brigade to defend him?  Now is the time for Enzo and Lane to lie and say that Britney is making it all up....that's all they need to do to strike a blow for Matt.

Now Rachel calls on Enzo and asks if Matt was surprised that he was nominated.

Enzo:  I don't know what the fuck is going on right now.

(no help at all - maybe it's the slop)

Ragan is jumping in to paraphrase Matt and help him out---much better than the Brigade is doing, that's for sure.  The mood is tense, but not hostile.  Matt is getting beat the fuck up.  I haven't heard Monet say one thing.

Now Matt starts attacking Rachel and saying that she isolated people and went on a power trip, telling people to do what she needed them to do.  He said of course he would come after her next week and everybody else in the house would, too.  He said that everybody that they promised to be safe couldn't possibly be safe next week---the math just doesn't work.

Rachel:  Then why did you say you want to be an anonymous pawn then?

Other than these three, the house is virtually silent.  Hayden's body language is horrible, hunched and biting his fingernails.  Enzo tries to jump in but gets shut out.  Matt sits with arms crossed--it is understandable that he is defensive, but his tone is combative and he obviously can't think on his feet.

[If I were a friend of Matt's watching this, I would be really upset.]

Now What?

Brendon and Rachel laid in the hammock for awhile and ran scenarios.  They are both anti-Matt right now and would love to get rid of him this week.  However....that would mean turning the votes of Kathy and Kristin and Hayden.  They know Andrew wants Matt out.

They don't think there's any way of getting Kathy and Kristin and Hayden to turn (they don't even know about Hayden's Brigade involvement).

At first Rachel wanted to wait until the last minute to blindside Matt, but then the reality of having to change other people's minds really sunk in, and Rachel settled on evicting Monet this week, and then getting rid of Matt next week.  But Brendon said, let's just think it through--let's talk to some people and see how they feel.

The last I heard, they planned to talk to Ragan soon and to "make sure he wouldn't tell".  [Yeah, I think I know how that will go.]  They don't think Ragan will tell Matt, but they can't be sure.

OK--the lockdown is over and Rachel pulled Kathy and Ragan in the HOH.  So much for waiting until later to pull the backdoor.
Rachel starts spilling it and it all comes gushing out.

Kathy:  Now...who told you this?

Rachel:  Britney...and Monet and Enzo and Lane!  (She has only spoken to Britney.)

Ragan:  None of this makes sense to me....none of it.

Rachel goes on, and Brendon comes in the HOH and locks the door.  Now Kathy gets in on it and is telling the story of what happened earlier this afternoon with the Kristin-Britney showdown.

I think Kathy may be in favor of evicting Matt!  But now she mentions the talk she had with Britney earlier and how she told Britney the things that bothered her.  (i.e. Britney's eye rolling, starting drama and trouble)

Rachel seems really sold on getting Matt out.  She is saying that Britney things that she anticipated, but hadn't happened yet. And Brendon is parroting what Rachel is saying, even though he is only really a third party to the Rachel-Britney conversation at best.

Ragan is upset that they are trash-talking Matt and starts defending him--he thinks in order to get to the truth, they need to have a meeting and have everyone discuss it. 

Ragan:  We can  smoke it out that way.

Ironically, Ragan always says that he "doesn't want to be that guy with no shirt on", but this scene is going to be all over the CBS show, whether he likes it or not.  He was just coming in the house after an outdoor lockdown and didn't know he was walking into a buzzsaw.

Rachel:  I think Matt is Ronnie!  Matt is Ronnie!

[I'll bet Ronnie is loving this shit.]

Brendon says maybe they should only pull in Enzo and Lane, since Britney mentioned them specifically.  But Regan argues against that, and says they need everybody, to keep it honest.  [Ironically, this will hurt his friend Matt, because Enzo and Lane would take up for Matt due to the Brigade.]

Ragan is really on Matt's side--I don't know how that happened--maybe the Have Not bond?

Kathy is still there, but isn't making a peep.  A literal bump on a log.

World's Collide

Rachel and Britney head out to the hammock.  Brendon has been summoned.  Rachel has been wronged and wants Brendon to hear all about it, asap.
Rachel:  I like, knew it!

Britney: You can ask anyone if Matt has said it---he said you and Brendon have been acting really shady and weird.  And he even said that if HOH is between the two of us, to let him win so he can get the revenge on you.

Rachel is incensed and she has been like, wronged.

Brendon comes over and the story starts spilling out.  Brendon looks away while he listens, and his posture changes a little.  I think he's shocked.

Britney drops the Big Bomb:  He even said only dumbasses would have a showmance on live TV!

[Ha ha ha Matt says that all  the time----but what do they think Britney says?]

BB keeps giving us DOTS.  Maybe they want the HG to save it until Showtime?

If Britney can pull this off and keep Monet in the game, she deserves to be there in the end.  I can't freaking wait to hear her DR sessions about all this.

What does defeat look like?
I tell you, Brendon is about to cry. Now he's saying "I knew it", too.  I'll bet the Control Room is in turmoil!

The Shitney Hits the Fan

You know, I turn my back and things go crazy.

Britney is in the HOH and is making Rachel CRY!!

Ha ha ha Britney is telling Rachel what Matt has been saying about targeting them next week, and that he has made those statements in front of large group of HG.

Rachel:  I knew it!!  I told Brendon, I knew it!!!

[She did---she was worried about Matt and I wrote about it here.]

Britney:  Matt is playin' the game!

Britney is turning this game on it's ear---she's turning Rachel against Matt!

Stay tuned!

Pot, Meet Kettle

Still rehashing the drama, Brendon notes that "when in doubt, Monet cries!"

Brendon:  I wish guys could cry like that, don't you guys?

[Uh, Brendon, I have seen you boohooing at least twice.]

Enzo says he feels bad to see her cry and wishes she wouldn't.  Kathy stirs the pot by asking everyone if they have gotten the "eyerolling treatment" from her.

Brendon:  My tears go inward!


Ragan Wants Answers

and goes out to the patio to find out what happened.  Brendon tells him that he always misses everything good.

Kathy said that she felt bad the first time Britney and Monet cried, but she doesn't anymore because it happens everyday.

Rachel takes control and starts saying that, like, she's the HOH, and like, she's going to nominate who she wants to nominate.

Blah blah blah.  This is going to get it's own segment on Wednesday or Thursday's show, and it seems like such a nonevent that it is shocking.  But when Allison Grodner and Co. add the background music and splice and dice it, it will be riveting.

Brendon:  She just got caught campaigning, and that's it.

Yes, that's a nose pick there folks.  You won't see that on CBS this week.....

Like, We're Playing a Game

and there is no need for additional drama!, says Rachel, after storming out to the patio to confront Monet and Britney.
Kathy started this little episode, because Britney asked her if she is the one who told Rachel that she said she had Kristin's vote.  Kathy took this as a personal assault on her character, and went into the LOCKED CABANA room where Brendon and Rachel were huddled under a blanket doing god knows what.

[Of course, Rachel did not wash her hands, contaminating every door knob and surface between the bedroom and the patio with whatever was all over her hands.]

Rachel got up, adjusted herself, and stormed out to the patio to confront Monet and Britney.

Rachel:  Like, I totally want Monet out!  She didn't talk to me for 13 days, until I made, like, HOH!

I'm sure you'll see this on TV, so I'll spare you all the details, but let's just say that Britney didn't back down, and Kristin had a few well-placed "yeahs", and "I knows".

Now Monet is crying and came in the house to talk to Matt and Ragan about it.  This is total bullshit, but you can tell that they are going to talk about this incident over and over and over tonight.

Now they are chuckling about how Brendon had to scurry out there to help Rachel fight the girls.  But Monet is upset about how Rachel stormed out there and said clearly that her goal was to get Monet out because she deserves it (the $10K, yadda yadda yadda).

Ragan:  I'm confused as to how this even happened!

Monet: I know!  Me too!

Monet is a pretty crier and doesn't swell up or get red like most girls.  Matt got up and got her a tissue---I guess he can't really hug her because she is nearly naked and he is married.  I think Ragan should have, but instead he got up and is now summarizing the situation and decides to go outside to get closure!

These guys in the house have it made.  The girls are going to scratch each other's eyes out, while they just chill and secure their place in the jury house.

Matt is actually starting to worry and approached Hayden a little while ago---he really needs Kristin to vote to keep him and Hayden says Kristin's vote is guaranteed and not to even think about it.  Who knows what impact that little patio display will have---it really made Rachel look like an ass.  Monet's campaign has been to say to people that if they vote Rachel's way, it is condoning her methods, and furthering Rachel and Brendon in the game.  And at least half of them hate Brendon and Rachel, so it is a smart strategy, if a little too late.

Stay tuned for Ragan's closure!!

Monet is Going to Try To Keep Her Cool

if she is evicted because otherwise she is going to cry and say something to make them hit the Mute button.
Lane:  Just take a deep breath and do what you need to do.

Britney:  I'm a cryer---I think I would cry!
A bee goes after Monet and she jumped up and slapped it with something, knocking it in the water.

Lane:  I feel for that bee.

Meanwhile, there is an important conversation going on over on the couch between Kristin and Kathy.
Kristin:  I tap my foot when I'm driving.

(Yes, that was the conversation.)

Enzo is going to make more of  his Slop Pastini and Britney asked to please use less salsa.  Earlier, Kathy said that if she had to go to the sequester house with Britney, she would ask BB to put her somewhere else and she would pay for it herself.  After reconsidering that, she says she would have to use someone else's credit card (her son's?), but that she couldn't stay in the house with Britney, due to all of her mean looks and comments.

Enzo:  I'm so bored I'm about to go start something with somebody, slap somebody, start some shit...something!

Kristin has nothing to add to that.
Oh shit Kristin tells Britney that Rachel told her that Britney said that she has her vote for Monet.  Britney denies it and offers to go talk to Rachel.

Britney:  I don't even talk to you!

Krsitin:  I know, I know....

It looked like Kristin was challenging Britney and Britney bit right back. 

Blue Lagoon

Lots of scrambling this afternoon--Monet started playing the game, but I think she started too late.  Monet just appealed to Hayden for a vote, and he told her he would think about it.  She asked him to please tell her his decision--either way---by Thursday.  He said he would.  Monet said that the DR people are giving her pep talks, not to give up, and BB didn't like that, of course.  She feels badly campaigning against Matt because she likes him so much.  She wants to stay just so she can see Rachel's face when Julie announces it.

Rachel just interrupted their moment to come in and say that Britney and Monet are saying that they now have Kristin's vote  (total lie).  Just shit stirring, I guess.

Kristin announces that she is getting her period, and feels gross.  Rachel finds a way to make it all about her, but telling Hayden that getting your period is "like, the worst feeling ever!".  Then she tells Kristin that she can use the HOH bathroom for the rest of the week, and reminds her that they are having a 'slumber party' up there tonight.

Rachel:  I just put the sheets in the washer!   But, no....we DID NOT get FRISKY up there.... there was making out....OBVIE!

Hayden:  OBVIE!


Britney Imitates Kathy

Britney:  I don't even see Kathy having the ability to press a buzzer.  (i.e. in a competition)

She imitates Kathy's hand spazzing over the buzzer.    Matt thinks that she, Brendon, and Andrew need to go first of all, due to the way they are playing.  Matt really wants to win HOH tomorrow. (It's not tomorrow, Matt, but we know what you mean.)

Britney thinks Rachel's outfit last night (the black one) looks like the movie Hocus Pocus.

Monet:  All she needs is a broomstick.

Matt:  All over America, people are photoshopping that right now.

Britney:  Good, send one to me.

They discuss Enzo's slop creation last night---'pastine'.  Enzo mixed salsa, ketchup, oregano, and a few other things with slop and it looked and tasted just like pasta according to most of them.  Enzo said that it would be worth $29.99 in a restaurant.

Matt wonders if the CBS show depicts a good and evil side of the house, and if "that side" is the evil side.  Britney thinks that two of the houseguests "just dress out, but don't participate".

Matt:  Two of them are cyborgs...

Britney:  I think Kathy is just on hourly wage---what in the world does she contribute to the house?

Britney: There are so many people in this house that I can't stand, every day is less enjoyable. And with one of you two leaving, it's going to be even worse.

She said that if they piped in more music, the house would be just like a cruise ship.

Here comes Kathy to smoke.  She was going to quit, but "there's nuttin' else to do."

The Morning Funny

Britney gives Matt a tough choice--would you rather spend four hours talking to Brendon about how smart he is, or would you rather spend a night out in Vegas with Rachel, and you can't drink a drop?
Monet:  That's a tough choice.

Matt:  Whew.  I guess I'll take Brendon, 'cause I can zone out here.

Britney:  I'd take Rachel, because of course she would be drunk, and she would have no idea that I was making fun of her.

Monet:  I hate the way she is so fake to me, saying "Good Morning!" to me so sweet today.  (Rachel)

Britney:  And she said to me, if I need to talk, she's there for me.  If I have any questions about how to use Valtrex, I'll be sure to ask her.  (ha ha ha ha)

Matt makes Britney swear to get Brendon or Rachel out next week.  He can't see how someone like Ragan would want to align with those two.


Morning Smoke

Kathy looking tres glam enjoying her morning cigarette in her striped PJ's. 

Lane is huffing and puffing on the elliptical.  BB just admonished Kristin to get out of bed.  I guess all that canoodling with Hayden last night interfered with her sleep.

 In the kitchen Ragan is telling Brendon about the problems with the way he was parented, and why he is so cautious about being a parent himself.  I can't believe BB will let him go on much longer, because Ragan is naming names.  Basically his dad was married and divorced many times, so when his mother married him, there were three other kids to deal with, which she wasn't really happy about.  Ragan says "Betty" his stepmom, was crazy and blah blah blah he and his 42 year old stepsister (Tina) both have abandonment issues and are wary of committments.

Ragan's father loved Tina but didn't have the choice to keep them.  Ragan's brother Jeff was "kind of like, weird, like, a lot, a lot, a lot, and there was a big age difference--about 10 or 12 years".  Finally someone in the control room takes the cotton out of their ears and realizes what Ragan is saying.  He was just saying that Jeff was about to marry "a real witch, and I had A LOT of problems at that time..." and the cameras finally changed to a much more boring, but quiet cabana room.