Monday, July 19, 2010

Getting Fat?

I don't think so.  I wanted to believe Britney and Monet when they said Kristin was getting fat, but I personally don't see it.
Especially now that she's doing Hayden in the dark.  Nothing like a slutty new romance to help you monitor your snacking, huh?

Speaking of snacking, Enzo has apparently been sneaking pieces of cheese from the fridge, even though he's a Have Not.  If I know it, and Britney and Monet and Lane know it,  then surely BB must know it!

Last year Jeff sipped some GatorAde without realizing it while he was a Have Not and got an extra day added to his Have Not sentence.  A few years ago Jen Johnson got a penalty vote (she was already nominated), but she blatantly ate turkey burgers and apples after Evel Dick blew smoke in her face. 

How ridiculous is all this?  I really need my head examined, because I am so into it every year.

Matt Checks In With Ragan

in the storage room, as he picks up a package of Jennie-O ground turkey.

He asked Ragan if he has heard anything different, and if he will let him know if things change in the next few days.  Ragan sees the house as being split into pairs, and the more he watches, the more he sees this.  He calls out Brendon & Rachel, Hayden & Kristin, Lane & Enzo, Britney & Monet...

Ragan:  Be aware of looking too much like a floater, or of getting dragged into mean-spirited conversations.

Ragan and Matt have a silent deal to watch out for each other.  Ragan is backing off from hanging around with Matt because Rachel kept saying "Ragan, I know you really like Matt.....".  Ragan describes Kathy as becoming a kind of Uber-Floater who is difficult to read.

Matt thinks Brendon & Rachel are playing the "worst game in the house" right now because of all of the deals they are making with everybody and that "they are toast next week".

Showmance #1 For Sale

A little while ago in the backyard Brendon and Rachel were in the hammock, doing what they normally do.  All of a sudden I guess the cameras swung around on them and they were so thrilled.

Brendon:  I wonder if there are lots of pictures of me out there on the internet, with my penis hanging out, with us making out

Rachel:  And me!

Brendon:'s okay if a girl shows a boob, or a nip slip....

I'm bored even typing this.  I give up.

Laughter and a Few Tears

or tears with a little laughter.  Britney and Monet are crying a little while thinking about the past few days, and what is to come.  Britney has also stated that she misses her fiance Nick, their dogs, their house, and has PMS to boot.
Matt comes in to talk with them and they go over their options (not many) and make a few mean yet hilarious comments about the HG.
Such as:

*  Britney is worried that gonorrhea might now be airborne in the house.  (ha ha ha I even looked up gonorrhea in the dictionary so I could get that right)

*  Kathy is like a housekeeper up there in the HOH and her whole face is brown now.

Monet:  Everyone here is just so fake and up each other's ass.  I'm just not like that.

Britney:  Even the competitions aren't as fun anymore because by the time you do them, you're so worn down.

Monet:  She is such a BITCH!  (Rachel)  Obviously everybody in that group already knew what was going to happen---she didn't have to make it like that.  She was obviously trying to make a point, but she's lucky I didn't make a point upside her head.  I'm going to take her extensions and flush them down the toilet!

Britney:  She didn't even wear a shirt, either.  Even in the POV comp, she had her stomach hanging out.  But we can only wear the clothes we wear.......

Now they discuss the story of the clogged toilet, and how Hayden must be a part-time plumber since he was summoned up there. 

Britney:  She needs to go back to her stripper job...

Monet:  Just because you cheat your way through school, doesn't make you a scientist.

Matt:  Hey, she's making science sexy!

Britney:  She's making science slutty....

Sunny and Cloudy at the Same Time

Kristin is her usual talkative, entertaining self outside today.
Meanwhile the Mean Girls go to town talking about her.

Britney: ...because she farts and burps and that's cool.....she thought getting boobs would make it better, but it didn't...

Monet still talks about leaving early.  Britney says don't be silly---don't waste $10K by doing that---I would stay here all summer for 10 G's---as it is I lost my frickin' job to be here....
With an ass like that, I don't think Monet should spend one minute crying.

Britney:  She thinks she is soooooo hot.  And she's gaining weight...(Kristin)

Monet:  I hope she blows up in here.

Britney discusses how Kristin has little skinny bird's legs and a big body.  Monet says she was needy and desperate to get those boobs.

Monet:  I'll tell you something else, they better have their finger on that Mute button when I leave.   I won't scream or curse, but they better have their finger on that button....

Britney:  Are you going to hug anybody?

Monet:  I don't know....

Monet:  I don't know who these people think they are....

Suck It, Bitches

Looking good is the best revenge.

It's Matt

in the nomination chair now next to Monet.  She is pissed, because she thought it would be Andrew, and she had a chance to stay in the house.  She is making noise about a voluntary exit---I hope she doesn't turn this into another example of Poor Sportsmanship, ala Chima.

Poor Monet thinks Enzo is on her side.  And she's on slop and fish sticks.  And umpteen stockade sessions.

As soon as the ceremony ended, Matt went upstairs to talk to Rachel, but the cameras didn't let us witness that.  Matt is changing clothes and is not acting as upset as he should be.

Maybe it's shallow of me, but I love that leafy wallpaper.  It's busy, but beautiful.  Now Matt tells Monet that he doesn't feel safe, and he doesn't understand why Rachel "spewed publicly like that".

Matt said he had his suspicions based on Rachel's behavior---he thought it would be him or Andrew on the block.  Monet is calm, and is exhibiting grace under pressure, given the circumstances.

Monet:  Let's face it, she said that her toilet was clogging, and used that excuse to hold a powwow up there.

Monet again says she wants to pack her stuff and leave, but Matt says don't be silly--a lot can happen in two days.

Matt:  You are going to go Chima, just like Britney said!  It's the hair!  (kidding)

Monet, under her breath:  Shut the fuck up, you stupid ho! (to Rachel as she walks through the house).

POV Ceremony

now in progress.

Matt and Monet Gossip

about how Rachel must be getting on Brendon's nerves with her irritating energy levels.

When Brendon was in the stockade and Rachel kept wanting to play games, they could tell he was getting really irritated with her.  (She wanted to play word association games where everyone in the Stockades had to take turns answering.)

Monet:  Do you think he really likes her?

Matt:  Yeah, but they're in the moment.  He's a good looking guy and he's on TV--I'm sure he's going to get tons of girls after this.  He'll dump her in a heartbbeat!

Monet hopes Andrew is nominated.  (Fat chance.)  She has on cool ripped jeans that look they way they are supposed to look, on a tall girl.  BB just called an outdoor lockdown.  Brendon just got out of the shower so he washed all the Rachel off him. 

And Rachel?  She's still Rachel.

Calm Before the Storm

People in the house are lolling around, pretending not to be stressed about the upcoming POV ceremony.

Kathy just finished her Marlboro Light 100 (hardbox) and is sitting outside with Britney and Lane, while Andrew works on his "physique" on the elliptical.  Britney and Lane argue about the big huge golf club like an old married couple.

Britney is starving but doesn't know if she will have time to eat before the ceremony.  Since Kathy is the only smoker in the house, she can just leave her cigarettes on the table outside and doesn't have to worry about anybody ganking any of them. 

If you just saw my post about Brendon and Rachel having sex, consider this:  She got called to the DR while they were still under the covers, and got out of bed, shook her hair around a little, and then went downstairs.  No trip to the bathroom, no hand washing, nothing.

I don't have time to take a poll, but I think that means that Brendon got off and she didn't, and that she is too skanky to know she needs to wash her hands afterward.  ***gross***  BB will probably sterilize those doorknobs later today during a lockdown.

While he was still under the covers, Brendon put on his workout shorts that you see below.  I am so over him but will post a picture anyway for all the Brendon fans out there.  You know who you are.

I Think Brendon and Rachel Just Did It

as in, did "IT".  I had just logged on to and saw them kissing in the HOH room pretty passionately.  Brendon kept saying things like "you have no have no idea".  She cracked his back for him then they started making out again.

She said, should we get under the covers?  First they used the blue fuzzy blanket on top of the bed, but then they got under the comfortor and really started going at it.  I think both heads stayed on the pillow, but something went on.

Either hands or full penetration.  Lots of heavy breathing and pillow talk afterwards.  I was interested to see the state of things when they came out from under the covers, but BB changed the channels on the feeds.

This is what it looked like when it was over.  Their heads are both right there at the top of the screen, and Rachel's hand, I think.

Ugh.  I feel dirty.  The whole thing took about 10 minutes.

Now the cameras came back, and we saw this for a second, before they went under the covers again.

Mom will be so proud..........

Shomance #2 Update

Kristin and Hayden are in bed, snuggling and whispering.  She is stroking his hair like a baby.

Everyone else is outside--the bell rang and Brendon, Rachel and Monet are in the stockade.  They play to separate as soon as people come back into the house so they don't get caught.

This doesn't feel nasty--it feels sweet. Hayden has "never felt like this before"...he "thinks about her all day".  etc etc etc

Kristin mirrors back his statements and says she will do anything for him in "this house".

Hayden:  What about outside of this house?

Kristin:  Outside of this house, you have to prove yourself.  I'm a tough egg to crack!

Hayden mentions that about "25,000 to 30,000 people are watching them right now".  Outside I can see Brendon still shackled into the big dollar sign.  Kristin doesn't want to make anybody mad.  Hayden doesn't want to disappoint his family.

Hayden:  I am so attracted to you it's unbelievable.

Hayden calculates that if they make it to the end, they have 50 more nights like this and it's "brutal".  Kristin feels like they're going to explode.

Hayden:  Literally.....literally.