Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lane Enjoys a Post Nap Snack

of chips and salsa, while Andrew asks him what is wrong with this carrot. Andrew just had a mini-meltdown in the storage room that there were 5 containers of chocolate ice cream in there, but no kosher ice cream.

Lane:  What's different about it? What's in the kosher ice cream?

Andrew:  Nothing!  But there's an OU on the label---that's how I know in Miami.

[No wonder people are confused about his Kosher needs.]

In the Cabana room Matt asks the others about the packing procedure on Live Show night.  Do you just throw a few things in the duffle bag, and then put everything else in your suitcase?

Monet starts to nod but BB nips this conversation in the bud with DOTS.

I guess Matt is obsessing already about being nominated tomorrow.

Andrew Reads the Bible

There was a copy laying around somewhere and Andrew read through it to see if swearing was banned by the ten commandments.  (see last post)

It was interesting because as he read, he compared the Bible to the Torah (or whatever the book is that he has).  Britney asked a lot of questions including how hard it is to convert, and if she could visit his synagogue.  Swearing was not included in the commandments so they are free to curse.  Matt is happy about that.

Tidbits from the Cabana

A group has been lounging for an hour or so in the Cabana Room: Enzo, Britney, Andrew, Matt, Hayden and Monet, some flowing and out, and some for the whole time.

They discuss cursing.  Enzo thinks it would be funny as shit if he were talking to Julie Chen after the show is over and he's cursing left and right.  Britney said the DR has been cracking down on profanity, and stops her if she even says "freaking".

DOTS on that comment.

When we return Enzo is saying what's the big deal with swearing?  Everybody does it?  Even Jesus--he probably swore.

Enzo:  He was a carpenter!  He probably hit his thumb on stuff and cursed like crazy.

Matt agrees that it can hurt if you hit your thumb with a hammer.  But he doesn't think no swearing is one of the 10 commandments

A hated discussion about whether the 'scripture' contains language banning swearing ensues.  It sounds like Monet has actually read the bible and discusses it frankly.

I just noticed that Brendon walks pigeon-toed.

Enzo's Wife

They have been together for seven years, married for three. She is his soulmate.
Enzo:  We have good fights, too.  She tells me to go fuck myself, it's fun.  She makes me laugh.

Britney:  When Nick and I fight, the rules are very defined.  I can say pretty much anything to him (i.e. you're stupid) but he can't say that much to me.

They got into a big fight over beer---Nick was going to eat Mexican food with his friends and it was easier for him to stay at his friend's house after dinner because it was closer to just drive home.  Britney didn't expect him to come home, so she planned her 'alone time' evening---to eat something he wouldn't like, to watch a movie that he didn't want to see.  He ended up coming home and told her on the phone that the friend who he was going to stay with said he would buy his beer if he went home to Britney.

She put all the beer in their fridge by the front door with a note that he could drink it on his way back.  Yadda yadda yadda it was a big misunderstanding and they made up.

For the Brendon Fans

He is discussing superconductivity of his sample---MGB2, at 40 kelvin and argon gas and blah blah blah.

This drives Britney and Andrew straight into the house and the cabana room.  They think the fish are starving.

 Enzo:  Don't go in that bathroom, man.  It's like World War III in there....

Andrew:  Well, it's only fishsticks, right?

Enzo:  It's fishsticks, protein shakes, ketchup...whatever.

Thanks for sharing Enzo.

Andrew says he spends the summers in New York.  Britney asks him what he does for a living.

Andrew:  Well, the Company I work for went under last year---daytrading.  Now I work in a shoe store--one of the big ones---I don't even know if I can say the name on TV.

Britney:   Travelling to NY every weekend is expensive...

They talk about his dating.  He dated someone who worked in a pharmacy in NY for a few months but she didn't want to move to Florida and it just fizzled out.  Britney thinks he is better off dating in Florida but he says there are only so many single Jewish women there (whaattttt?).

[Sounds like Britney is suspicious but Andrew calmly talked his way out of it.  We'll see.]

Britney has wanted to get married her whole life but thinks moving across the country for someone is a huge sacrifice, even if you are in love.  Andrew didn't want to date after his divorce for a few years, but now he wants to find the right person.  He sees his daughter on the holidays and over the summer.  He got divorced because things "just didn't work out".  No cheating, nothing like that.

Enzo:  That happens.  It happens.  The good thing is you got a beautiful kid out of it.

Andrew:  Exactly.

The stepdad is a good guy and is also divorced with a kid from a previous marriage, so he understands and works with Andrew.  Britney calls her stepdad "Dad" and Andrew said he heard that and it hurt him a little.  Britney said it hurts her real Dad but she grew up with her stepdad and sees him every day, etc.

Andrew is glad his daughter has a person there for her, and tries not to dwell on the bad stuff.

[This conversation is great for Andrew--both Britney and Enzo have both said they dislike him so maybe this will help.]

Tidbits from This Afternoon

No big news today, but a few interesting items of note.

1.  Andrew does most of his dating online on J-Date.  He likes the fact that the women are pre-screened to ensure their beliefs correspond to his.  He lines up a number of dates in New York and then travels up there for a dating weekend.  If one date goes really well, he calls the next one to cancel or reschedule.  Ragan was the main participant in this conversation but didn't ask how a shoe salesman affords this type of lifestyle.

2.  Ragan and Andrew talked about the Broadway shows in New York.  Andrew saw Wicked with the original cast (Menzel, Chenowith) and Ragan said he was jealous.  Andrew also saw Spring Awakening but couldn't remember the title until Ragan called it out, based on the description of the play.  Ragan talked about the play Grey Gardens and how it inspired the HBO movie but Andrew had never heard of it.

3.  Ragan inhaled yet another DiGiourno pizza and plans to start eating them at home, they are so tasty.

4.  One of the guys said they had never had hummus before---I actually think it was Ragan.  I guess they don't serve the hummus at Joe's Crab Shack.

5.  Monet and Britney had a droll but hilarious session ripping on Kristin and the bikini she had on today.  This session involved trying to determine what was in her head when she picked it out, as well as imitating her talking about being a bikini model. (Monet: " Translation---she put on sleazy swimwear and her boyfriend took pictures of her.")

6.  An interesting conversation took place in the BY as Brendon and Rachel lamented the fact that kids are not interested in science, and how Obama promised to fund programs in the schools but has not done it yet.  They joked that Rachel would have a Sexy Scientist show on TV.  They both love Bill Nye the Science Guy and Mr. Wizard.  They watch the Discovery Channel all the time.  Britney and Andrew are present during this conversation but appear to nap or nod out most of the time.  Britney does get involved when describing the show where a komodo dragon bit an elk and waited for it to die.

POV Ceremony

isn't until tomorrow, BB tells the HG.  Enzo is happy because "at least that's somethin' to do tomorrow".

Enzo thinks his wife is barbequing, maybe at her mother's.  Britney and Nick always go to Kroger on Sundays and buy their groceries for the week.  The guy behind the meat counter knows them by now.

Enzo wants to make learning to play golf a priority when he gets home.  Nick has been playing golf since high school and plays in tournaments all the time. He usually wins gift certificates for the pro shop.  The club he used to play when he was in H.S. lets him play now even though he's not a member.

Britney thinks the golf clothes he wears are so cute. Enzo wants to wear "those fucking pants, those shoes".

Britney thinks Kathy is acting weird. 

Enzo:  Of course.  Kathy better watch her ass.

Brendon Update

Matt and Lane were sitting outside, mumbling to each other about Brendon.  Matt points out that he was very grouchy last night.

Lane:  The slop?  You think?

Matt: Yeah---we were on it ten days. You get grouchy.  If this next one is endurance....

Lane:  I don't think he's that coordinated, actually.

Rachel gets called to the DR.

They say that if they get HOH, it's smooth sailing.  Matt thinks they're playing as well as they can at this point.  I guess they think that Andrew can't hear them----for god's sake he is right there!  Look!

Alert the Media

I think Britney is enjoying a big bowl of breakfast slop.

Rachel walks in and out, making a chocolate protein shake and Britney rolls her eyes as it happens.

Everyone knows that as soon as Britney gets called to the DR, the ceremony will happen within 30 minutes or so.  Matt is feeling nauseous about what is about to happen and ate a Tums.

Andrew is on the elliptical and is not breathing very hard.


Ragan swings in the hammock with Rachel (creak creak creak) while Brendon sits on the ground.  The POV ceremony is upcoming, and they can't wait to see faces when Rachel announces who is going up.

Ragan wants to sit directly across from someone "to see her face".  Don't know who yet.  Brendon is going to look at faces too, to see if "she thinks she has a chance".

Ragan:  There are just so many parts to this puzzle.

Brendon: I'm just starting to see why people do what they do, and why they do it.

I guess they think Enzo might vote to keep Monet, and wonder if he would risk going against the house to do so.  Rachel thinks her nomination will expose the different sides of the house, and might even "expose the pair".

You can feel the tension building....

Oh, and I figured out the Kristin thing---she is a cross between Monica Seles and Tatum O'Neal.

BTW she and Hayden were spooning last night but got back in their own beds before morning.

One Thousand Words

Behold the contrast of the Powerful and the Powerless.

Flashback From Last Night

The HG have to get in the "Stock Market Stockade" for an hour.  Something to do with the POV competition yesterday.  Rachel is cheerful and wants someone to bring her wine.

Rachel:  I hope someone takes a Facebook picture of me!

Monet is pretty quiet.
Lane ain't happy, either.  Enzo is ready to eat some fishsticks.  Brendon is doing it, too.