Saturday, July 17, 2010

Matt Is the One

who is going to be Rachel's pawn, as of now.  Kristin is helping her craft her statement to him, and to the rest of the house.

Matt was getting a little cocky, so maybe this will snap his head back in the game.

Things could still change...but this sounds like the way Rachel (and Kristin) want things to go.

Ugh--now she is saying that Andrew would be a great pawn because no one will get mad at her, but she is scared that Andrew would go home instead of Monet.

Monet Savors the Nuts

on top of the fruitcake.  She doesn't like the fruitcake, but she likes the nuts on top.  (The Have Nots were arwarded Fishsticks & Fruitcake as a dietary addition this week.)  I have yet to see these bitches eat any slop.
Britney is mixing up a vanilla protein shake so they can freeze it to eat it later.  Britney snacked on a very loud and crunchy dill pickle as her allowed snack.

Enzo is hungry, too, but plans to jog a little outside.

We'll Be Right Back

We are getting a lot of DOTS tonight, sometimes right at the end of a strategy conversation, which is odd.

I heard Lane discussing the POV competition with Hayden.  Apparently they all dressed up in shirts and ties (see earlier posts and pictures today) and had to stick their arm through a hole in a wall and hold up a briefcase.  Lane said that both Britney and Monet could stick their whole arm in there, but he could only go a little higher than his wrist and it hurt.

(Yet another game leveler, courtesy of BB.  When will the big boys learn to be humble about the comps?)

Anyway, I think all the losers got an envelope.  Kristin was sure they were all getting prizes (she didn't play) but it sounds like the envelopes contained punishments.  So far I have heard about laying with water dripping on your forehead, and also having to stand at a guillotine.  I think everybody but Britney has to do it.

Sounds like a bell is going to ring and they all have to rush outside and do it together.  I thought maybe that was the reason why we keep getting DOTS, but I don't think the punishments have started yet.

Brendon Has a Woody

I feel horrible posting this, but I know what the fans want to see.  Even if you don't want to see this, you'll still want to see it.
 You're welcome.

Showmance #2

Yes, that is Kristin's right talon on the small of Hayden's back.  He climbed in bed with her and said he had been hoping that she would be in his bed.

Kristin says they need their alone time together.....

You know, Rachel was just telling Brendon that as a team they were forgetting to expect the unexpected.  Here's a thought:  America doesn't like your showmance!  How unexpected would that be for her?

Oh Shit. Britney Rings the HOH Doorbell.

Britney came up the HOH and said she was about to go back to the DR so she needed to talk fast.  Brendon and Kristin left to allow privacy.

Britney, lips trembling:  I just want to thank you for being so nice during all of this, and for being so nice to me when you didn't have to be.  And so is Brendon---he was nice too.  This whole thing can be so awkward, and the way that you were treating me made it better. 

She's sorry that Rachel has to nominate someone else.  Rachel asked who she would put up if she won HOH.  Britney assures her that it is still Andrew, and that Monet won't target Rachel if she saves her this week. 

Britney:  The whole house wants him gone---you would have no blood on your hands if he leaves.  If he leaves, there is no one to blame you for that later.
Rachel starts talking about making it to the Jury House (with Brendon of course) and we get DOTS.

Lane Left

I guess because Kristin is there, but also because Rachel told him right off the bat that he was safe, and that no matter what happens Monet is going home.

Now Britney is Enemy #1, and Kristin vows to have Rachel's back with Britney, and it's on now, blah blah blah.

Kristin:  Oh, she's after both of us---you and me!

Rachel:  Well, what about me and Brendon?  Aren't we first on the list? know...

***Rachel is so worried about her Showmance storyline***

Brendon came up with a big nasty plate of fish sticks. 

They looked at the package last night and 5 fish sticks have only 10 grams of protein (or something like that).  It is mostly breading and they were bitching and moaning about that.  What about the slop,A-holes?  Why don't you just eat that, then?  Britney packed up a few fruitcakes last night and said she was going to sell them on E-bay if she goes home. They joked that they were probably left over from the CBS christmas party.

Kristin is going on and on about Britney calling her a floater.  She acts like that is a slap in the face. Rachel assures her that she is the most fierce female competitor in the house.

(Then why hasn't she won?  Hmmm?)

Matt Fills Lane In

about the conversation he just had.

Boy that room is a freakin' mess!   Matt tells Lane that they will want to talk to him upstairs, and advises him to suggest putting up a weak player like Kathy who won't be a threat to them.

I'm not sure that Matt knows that if Lane isn't nominated, he probably will be.

Meanwhile, back in the HOH, Rachel asks Brendon if he thinks Ragan will be angry if they nominate Matt. Rachel thinks Ragan wants them to nominate Lane or Kathy.

[I just want to point out that I have heard NO ONE mention nominating Ragan at any time.]

Rachel has something she wants to say to Brendon, but is hestitating.  Brendon is dumbfounded by this and begs her to talk.  Apparently it has to do with Matt---she noticed that he is asking sneaky and suspicious and she "should have taken it as a fucking clue".  Brendon tells her "it's still not too late".

Matt told her that if he were to put one of them up as a pawn, they would go home.  She is taking that as a threat---I just heard Matt tell Lane to go upstairs and tell them the same thing!

Brendon tries to calm her down---they knew they were threats, it is okay, they can do it.

Rachel feels that they are playing a good game, and every year those people get targeted and get eliminated, like Jeff last year.

And, like clockwork, here comes Lane.  And then Kristin, with her shorts pulled up to her neck.

Ragan Spills It

regarding the next strategic move, in the HOH with Brendon, Rachel, and Matt.

He is so happy to be voicing his feelings about strategy, instead of just watching on TV and yelling at the screen.

He expects Britney to be thinking ahead, and trying to gather momentum to target Rachel and Brendon, since only one of them can play in the next HOH comp.

Brendon thinks no one will trust Britney due to some of the Annie-like mistakes she has made.

Now Ragan says that Britney has said stuff to him that he finds offensive, like "I was really hoping that there would be a flamboyant gay guy in the house!"  Ragan warns them that she is hungry for a win, and is going to go for it.

Rachel:  She told me she wants Andrew out, if she's HOH.

Brendon and Ragan shoot that idea down---no way she won't go after the Brendon-Rachel team.

Matt cautions to be careful who you name as a pawn--don't pick somebody too competitive in case they hold a grudge, too.  (I think he's implying Kathy should be nominated.)

So I guess the shirt and tie were part of their uniform.  Rachel just stripped down.
Rachel and Brendon are alone and she tells him that they forgot to "Expect the Unexpected".

Now Brendon says that he's not worried about Britney--if it's an endurance competition there is "no way he is going to fall". (How many times have we heard that?)   Rachel keeps telling him not to get to cocky about it.

And then:

Rachel:  We have to think about the TV audience.  They don't like us to win every time---they want to see people against us, and then us winning.

***These two are ALL ABOUT putting on a SHOW***

Rachel is leaning towards nominating Lane, since that is one person Britney and Monet would to to for help this week.

Lane and Hayden Discuss

who is going to go up, and whether their alliance will be exposed.

Hayden doesn't know how "that" happened...i.e. Britney winning.

Every year its the same thing---these alpha males forget that not every competition involves arm wrestling.  Anyone can win at any time, actually.

Hayden comes in the Cabana Room to admire the new fish. 
Hayden laid down next to Kristin and the feeling is decidedly intimate, even though Enzo and Kathy are there, too, with Lane on the floor.

Hayden, whispering:  I think Monet is going home.

Hayden worries that he might be nominated.  Hayden has a magnifying glass--a big one--and is holding it and waving it around--must be from the competition.

They discuss that whoever goes up in Britney's place is bound to be "salty about it".

New Fish in the Tank

which unfortunately are probably destined to die.

Britney still feels jittery.  They announced her time second-to-last, so she knew she was in the lead, but they still had to announce Enzo's time.  I guess that is where the 14 seconds come in.

I know I post a lot of pictures of Britney, but the cameras are always on her.  Supposedly Kristin tasted the water in the tank and it isn't salt water, which shocks them.

As soon as Britney leaves the room, Kathy and Kristin start talking about her.  Kristin is worried now that if Britney wins HOH she will get nominated.  Kathy says that Britney is jealous of her.

Kathy:  I have one or two girlfriends, and that's it. 

Kristin:  I have a few good girlfriends that I've known forever, and the rest are gay guys or guys.

Kristin knows that Britney called her a floater and that makes her mad. "I'm anything but", she says.

Britney Misses Nick,

her fiance, so she is wearing his Hogs shirt today.

Britney:  Hi Mom!  I won the POV!  ***pause***  I love you Nicholas! I miss you so....

DOTS, because BB doesn't allow shoutouts.

Britney Won POV!

Because Monet is discusssing whose votes she would get if Kathy were up, or Andrew.

They discuss how it "was obvious that she was playing against you" (Monet).  Monet needs to take a shower but has to work up the energy.   Britney went to the kitchen to make some fishsticks, and now Kathy is whispering with Kathy in the Have Not room about her options.

(Monet said earlier that she is going after Kathy and is considering it personal.  Kathy said some shitty things about she and Britney to Rachel.)

This picture, I don't understand, for obvious reasons.

A suit and tie?  WTF?

Britney announces that her bra is "gross and sweaty and she has to get it off before her back breaks out".  Monet "thought about dropping after you did, but that seemed so obvious".  It is hard to imagine the competitions based on the bits and pieces of stuff I hear on the feeds, but it is fun trying.  I think Britney won by 14 seconds.

One of the Nominees Won POV!

I don't know who yet, but Rachel and Brendon are discussing who is going to go up as a pawn.  Rachel is down about it and doesn't want to make another enemy.  Matt comes up as a possibility--they want to go after the floaters, or people who are "in another alliance."

What about Lane?  Rachel whispers, or Enzo---everybody likes him.

TRIVIA, For Hours

The POV competition is underway, and may even be over.  BB has a history of not turning the feeds back on immediately after the POV.

Answer to above, of course, is Mike Boogie.  Who can forget the custom leather outfit he wore for his proposal?  ***douchechills for days***