Friday, July 16, 2010

Everybody Remembers Their First Protein Shake

And Matt gives Britney some instructions about how to mix it.  He's been there, and he knows.

Ragan:  Just let us know when you want to make slop!

Ragan's been there, too, and he knows.  Britney has problems shaking up all the powder in the bottom, so sweet Matt gives her a hand.
It's not so bad, Britney says.  She thinks they can freeze it to make vanilla ice cream.  Enzo obsesses on the list of allowed items for a Have Not---why can you have pickles, but not olives--that's crazy!

Monet is glad that she ate all the cookies lately---she can justify them now.

Meanwhile Lane makes A LOT of noise while making himself a salad.  It was deafening, really.

It Happened. It Hurts.

and Britney and Monet have been bawling.

They both expected, it, but it still hurts.  Even in her grief, Britney finds the time to insult Kristin, and Rachel's crotch, which is apparently on display 24/7.

Britney:  OK, so I won't see Rachel's pap smear every day.

Britney says that she misses her life, her family, he friends.  Monet went into the kitchen and accepted a shoulder pat from Ragan.  The two of them might go outside, but right now there is still a lockdown.

Monet is kind of pacing around, sniffling and holding her stomach.

Enzo comes in and reminds them that last week, "both of them were nominated and both of them got off".  (true)  Enzo is a Have Nottie, too, so he is in there with them all week. He tells them the game can change on a heartbeat, and not to give up.  But you're never safe, either.


I'm hanging in there.  (Answer = Autumn.)  (Who?)

What Fun.

Still TRIVIA, but I am enjoying a vodka cocktail and read back over some of my posts this week.  I could NEVER have said most of the shit I say on here on the Big BB Website I used to post on.

I would have been bleeped!  How fun is it to have your own forum where you can just let loose?  And post pictures, to boot!

Britney and Monet Plan to Take It Like Men

They are in the Have Not room (their new home) and are bracing themselves to be nominated soon.  Rachel is still in the DR and they know when she comes out, it will happen.

They are rehashing the competition today and feel like everyone targeted them.  Lane kept hitting Britney in the face and it hurt her.  She called him out on that (shocking) and he denied it.

Apparently they had to be on some sort of hill and then they slid down.  They think they would have been better off going up higher (?).  Rachel and Kristin were very buddy-buddy during the comp, I think.

TRIVIA again.  I guess they are about to hold the nomination ceremony. 

[I pulled a back muscle working out yesterday so I am in tonight and will be posting the results as they come in.  I am going to take a Soma (bliss) but I will wait until after the noms to do so.]

For My Friends on the DL

just as I was switching cameras, Ragan discussed all the laundry he needed to do, and he said "I feel like everything I wear is a deep V-neck".

(Remember Dustin BB8's gray blouse??? ha ha ha)

More Action to Come Tonight

The screen in the living room reads "Nominations Today", so there are last minute meetings in the HOH, and of course the HG are going over the Saboteur reveal over and over.

Ragan:  I think the fans are ecstatic that it is over---they hated the cliques, they just like straight up game play.

Ragan, Kristin and Hayden are lounging in the cabana room and for some reason, Ragan is stroking Kristin's right arm and she says it feels good.

The camera just did a quick porno shot of Kristin's cleavage.  Sorry I missed that for you, but it was kind of pervy.

(I got to go in the control booth at an NBA game one time, and there were at least 4 cameras trained on the NBA dancers' crotches.  You won't see that on TV, but it was right there in the control room and I pretended not to notice---it was a business-related visit and I didn't know what to say.  The team was a client........)

Lots of DOTs tonight as the HG say things that I guess they don't want us to hear.  Hayden didn't sleep well last night after being holed up in the cushy HOH room for so long. There were new sounds to deal with, harder beds, etc.  Ragan said at least you're not a Have Not this week, be glad for that.

And Ragan continues stroking Kristin's arm.  They thought the competition was fun, but Hayden feels bad for "squirting her really hard".  One of the girls started "choking up there" and it scared them.

Switching cameras.

Britney: Do You Think She Really is a Bi-Sexual?

and the girls are rehashing what Annie told them about her girlfriend Jen.  They think that part is true, but they're not sure.

Matt:  No more twist----I guess they know what a bust that was.

The Saboteur video they saw morphed into Annie, and the voice was different.  They are all freaking out and this will be the topic for the next few days. 

Britney:  So last night when we were saying that Julie was telling her who the Saboteur was, Julie was asking her what she did wrong!

Matt:  Worst twist ever!

Someone said she was a Shitty Saboteur.  Ha ha ha.   Matt loves that they cracked on the Saboteur for 13 days and now it's over.  Enzo thinks she took his hat, which has been missing for some time now.

Yesterday Britney was telling the guys about her DR session, and she said they had to ask her twice:  "Britney, without criticizing the Saboteur, can you tell us....." .  And they all cracked up and we got DOTS.

Well, we're not going to see much of this conversation on the CBS show.  Lots of blatant criticism about the twist and how lame and bogus it was.  Hayden "feels so good about himself" right now.  Britney says they are going to laugh when they see her DR sessions accusing people of being the Saboteur.

Andrew was sure that it was Matt, because he was ripping on the Saboteur the worst in the house and was so patronizing about it.   Ragan says that Season 11 would NEVER have figured it out and that they made history by eliminating the twist on Week #1.

Britney is a Have Not, too, and is taking Matt's cot in the Have Not room.

Matt:  There's some good energy on that cot.

Damn that is one hideous tattoo on his left shoulder, huh?  What in the world would possess someone to put a picture of that on their body?  I guess Satan might possess someone, but other than that......

Matt:  We are the best cast ever!

Now they are figuring out that the unanimous vote to evict last night should have tipped them off, because The Saboteur would have voted differently to cast suspicions.  Britney took her first cold shower and reports that it was "cold".

OMG They Know About Annie

and they are hooting and hollering and congratulating themselves for getting her out.  I guess they saw some sort of video and now they want to see it again.

Ragan:  Week one!!  Week one!!!

Ragan is "dumbfounded", and Britney is excited, too.

Enzo:  All of her stories are BULLSHIT! 

In the midst of all of the excitement, Lane sits relatively quietly.  He was totally sold on Annie and feels had, I bet.  You got got, Lane.

Cleaning Up

in the BR mirror are Kathy and Britney.  I think this was a dirty challenge--one of the messy ones.

I think Brendon and Andrew are on slop, along with Enzo.  I don't think Hayden is a Have Not, after all.  And it's going to be a horrible week for Monet, since she is a Have Not as well.  Along with being nominated, that adds up to misery.

On the bright side, maybe she will lose it on someone and go postal.  Mix in a little PMS and anything could happen.

OMG Big Baby Brendon is such a crybaby.  His is in the HOH bathroom saying "every fucking night I have to go through this shit".  And Rachel says "I'll come down there and stay with you..."
Since he is a Have Not, he can't stay up in the HOH with Rachel!!  It's like a gift from the BB gods, isn't it?  And I can tell already that he is going to whine like a motherfucker about it.  He seems to have forgotten that Rachel already knows ALL ABOUT being a Have Not.  She did it for 10 days, without any effin' FISHSTICKS.

I would love it if Rachel dumps his ass in the house.  How funny would that be?  That would make her showmance a true original.

DOTS, again.

We're Back.

And all we can see at first is Rachel in her bikini, doing stuff in her HOH room.
Then I can see one of the bedrooms, where Matt and Ragan are talking about the challenge and how hot Ragan was out there wait for production to let them start.  BB didn't like that.

Looks like Hayden might not be happy today.  Is he a Have Not?

There is a wide array of fish sticks scattered here and there all over the house.  Enzo is putting fish sticks into the empty boxes (dozens of them) with his bare hands.  Putting some in the oven at 425 degrees for 10 minutes.  That place must reek of fishsticks.  There are literally fish sticks scattered everywhere.

Enzo is reading the instructions (he's a Have Not) and he can use barbeque sauce, ketchup, but no lemons.  Enzo has blisters---Andrew says they all have blisters.  Enzo is going to shower first, then take care of the "fuckin' blisters".

Andrew says that the fishsticks are "a nice snack" and that he would eat them --I guess IF they were kosher.   Lane  is in the kitchen and doesn't seem too stressed, so maybe he's a Have this week.

We'll see.

Trivia Time

We have been "enjoying" BB trivia for at least an hour now.  (At least that gives me a chance to be somewhat productive with my life.)

Chances are the Have/Have Not competition is underway.  The answer is Jessie, BTW.

This is Enzo, On the Floor

He and Brendon are trying to find that beeping thing under the bed.  Enzo found one in another bedroom and that is how he knows to look now.

Brendon found it--Enzo wonders whether the Saboteur or BB planted it.  They have three now that have been found.  Brendon knows it is courtesy of the Saboteur.

The cameras are in on the joke--showing us this:

Kristin's Turn

and she comes in the HOH like gangbusters, talking a mile a minute.

Kristin recommends nominating Britney and Monet, because she thinks they will go at each other and when the week is over, Rachel's "hands are clean".

They talk about how much trash Britney talks, and Kristin points out that some of the dirt that Britney has unearthed has been good---it saved Rachel in the game.  (calling out Annie's lies and double-dealing).

Rachel told Kristin that Britney recommended nominating Kristin.  She isn't surprised, but she is surprised that Britney told her that.  It should have been obvious that the two of them are friends. 

Kristin:  I'm not going to say anything to her about it, but I'm out for her after this.

Both Rachel and Brendon want Monet out, but she thinks Brendon wants "another person, but doesn't want to say who".    Rachel wants Final Four to be she and Brendon, and Kristin and Hayden. Kristin assures her that if they end up on opposite sides of the house, she will still feel the same way about her and will be in her corner.

Rachel is glad that Kristin is here because, other than Kathy, they are all really mean.  Rachel noticed right away that Kristin is a tough competitor.

Kristin:  I think the trick to this game for you and I is to get the girls out, then worry about the guys.  You know they are all going to go after each other.

(good strategy, actually)

Rachel likes that idea, but she would "never, ever go against Brendon".  She plays with those extensions the entire time.

Rachel brings up Season 7, and the Chilltown Alliance, when Will and Boogie decided to get out all of the guys, and then let the girls go after each other.  She brings up their showmances and how that played into the Final Four.  Obviously Rachel wants this to be the case for this year.

"Brendon and I"  "me and Brendon"  blah blah blah blah

It's Kathy's Turn

in the HOH.  Rachel immediately starts talking about Britney.
Rachel likes Britney, but doesn't know if she trusts her.

Kathy:  You shouldn't trust her.

Rachel brings up that Britney is "in everybody's ear" and that she is not necessarily a great competitor, but is a "good mind-fuck competitor".  They both agree that Monet is a tough competitor.

Kathy brings up the fact that "those girls"  (Britney and Monet) are a little too good to help out with the cooking and cleaning like everybody else.

Rachel:  I hate cleaning, too but I had to do it!

They discuss how different Andrew is, and how he is ostracized for it, but that they don't know if they can trust him, and what his motives are.  Rachel says that Brendon has been "wrong about two people" and she realizes this.  (Annie and ???)

Rachel told Kathy that she was safe, "obviously".  I think the "Have Nottie" bond is important to Rachel.  Rachel doesn't even want Monet to come up there and be fake---she doesn't even want to hear it.  She hesitates to put Britney up next to her, since she thinks Monet will be evicted before her, and then Britney may be her enemy at that point.

Rachel feels the house splitting in camps.  Rachel is snacking constantly during her meetings with Britney and Kathy.  Fruit mostly, but something we might need to keep an eye on.  That BB snacking will get you.

Kathy is thrilled that Rachel won, especially due to Annie's comments that were just made about Rachel being dragged through the game by Brendon.

Rachel thinks that the nomination meeting could take place any minute so she wants to talk to a few other people.  When things calm down, Kathy wants to come up and listen to Rascal Flatts.


of flies in the storage room on all of the fruit.  One pineapple was covered, and the melons are infected as well.  I guess BB told them to clean out the storage room to get ready for the competition.
Rachel asked Britney if she wanted to talk now, and she said okay.  They walked upstairs and as they went Rachel announced that she wanted to speak with each person alone, naming people as she went.  I don't think she said Monet's name, but I could be wrong.

Rachel wants to be sure that she and Brendon aren't nominated together again.  Britney calls out Kristin as someone who should be targeted because she "isn't playing the game", as well as Andrew, due to his "celebration" when Rachel won HOH.

Rachel has no idea why----Britney says Andrew was fist-pumping and running laps in the backyard like he himself won.

Rachel:  I've talked to him, like six times in this house and I've never told him he's safe.

Britney:  When we came back in the house, everybody was saying, what a douchebag!  He can be happy, but try to be somewhat discrete and have a poker face.  Maybe he was just happy that I didn't win.

Britney refused Rachel's snacks because she "just had Apple Jacks".  Britney wants to go after the floaters---Rachel and Brendon are playing the game.  She thinks yesterday's HOH competition was fair to everyone and gave everybody a chance to win.

Rachel brings up Natalie coming in 2nd last year and how unfair that is.  (I hated Natalie, but she did scheme and play the game...)  Rachel is all about "Brendon and I",  and "me and Brendon", and "obviously we like each other".

 Britney:  You get along with everyone so much that I don't know what your're thinking.  So I don't want to come in here and name names in case you are friends with them and I just don't know...

Britney mentions how Annie kept coming up and begging for a vote over and over.

Rachel:  I really like you Britney, and we talk about sorority stuff and stuff like that. But I am scared of you Britney---you can say that you won't put me and Brendon up, but I'm not sure that is true.  I don't want you to go home....I'm not sure about Andrew though, and if he were up against this other person.....

Britney brings up the fact that Andrew might be the Saboteur. 

[I think BB needs to tell them what's up sooner rather than later.  I guess it is possible that they are recruiting a new Saboteur, or will do so with America's help, but I think they need to know before nominations.]

Rachel doesn't say who, but she knows this "one person" would put her up, or Brendon and Andrew, and she feels like that is a threat.  (Monet...duh.)

Britney brings up that guys always beat the girls, historically, and that she should consider that.  If she had won,she would have gone after Andrew, to cause the least amount of stress in the house.

Rachel sounds like she really wants Monet out, but knows if she has the chance to get Andrew out, she probably should.  She has watched BB before and yelled at the screen---"What are you doing?" and knows this could be the case with her.

Britney brings up that Andrew shot his hand up immediately when Julie asked for a volunteer to sit out the first HOH game.  They both think that was strange, and also the fact that he spelled the word "pasteurized".

Rachel:  He would have won if he didn't mispell it.  And I'm not even sure that wasn't on purpose.

Britney gives Rachel props for being "totally positive when she was on the block", and being nice to everyone all the time.  Rachel has tried to be friends with everybody, but with this "one person" it just doesn't seem to work.

Britney had a bad night last night, and is very calm during this conversation.  She seems very open and honest.

Britney:  I really, really don't want to go up!  I've said my piece, but I've been stressed about this.

[Everyone must be recording this snippet, because the feeds lock up and repeat over and over. I had to switch cameras to continue...]

Rachel combs through her extensions with her fingers constantly while she is talking.  She stares Britney right in the eye while they talk, and it seems sincere and positive. 

Britney:  All I can say to you is that I wouldn't come after you.  Based on the history of this game, it is much more important to take out the floaters.

Rachel says how "fucking irritating" it is when people come up to the HOH and ask how they should vote.  (i.e. Enzo!)  She thinks each person should decide for themselves, and play the fucking game.  Loose cannons shouldn't be there.  Britney brings up how Andrew "isn't a good player based on what he just did in the backyard".

Rachel asked what happened between the two of them after the competition. 

Britney:   He came in the BR and said "good game" and I thought he was rubbing it in my face that I lost so I said it was obvious that he was happy I lost.  But then I felt bad about it and went in and apologized and he admitted he did celebrate....DOTS.

[I saw part of that conversation and Andrew kind of called her out on the way she speaks to people and the tone she uses.  He was acting like he was in charge, and she was kind of sucking up to him.  It was weird.]

Rachel  could see them being friends after the show. They hug and Britney leaves.  Rachel is ready to speak with someone else.

Early Morning Meeting

between Rachel and Matt.   Matt still has on his jammies. She is reassuring him that he is not her target.  He tells her that when Rachel won, Andrew's reaction was more excited than Brendon's---like they had a deal from day #1.

 Matt would like to speak with both of them, but wants to wait until Brendon is available.  And he wants to keep it confidential.   Rachel wants to take care of some people whom she thinks would nominate both she and Brendon again if they got the chance---at least one of them is a female....hmmmm. 

Enzo was waiting in line after Matt, and came in for a quick kiss ass session to say that he would vote however she wants, he likes her, she likes him, yadda yadda yadda.

He leaves so Rachel can take a shower.  I think the Have/Have Not Competition is today---sometimes BB lets us see that on the feeds.

Flashback -Near 10:00 PM in the BB House, After the Live Show

Lane and Hayden are touching base in the BY.  They think they are safe, but that Enzo might be nominated initially, or after the POV.  They are worried that he will call out the Brigade at that time and they need to plan for what to do in that case.

Hayden:  I think you and me might need to make a move this week.......

Then Andrew and Kristin come up and put a halt to that conversation.

Flashback - 9:15 PM in the BB House, After the Live Show

Who Wants to See My HOH Room?

 Funny thing is, no one was there to take her up on the offer.  She had to run to the backyard and ask again. 

Rachel wants to do a cheer but doesn't.  Everyone comes upstairs on the landing and she waits until they are all there before opening the door.

Pictures of her mom, her sister, her dog, and a bottle of TEQUILA!  Rachel squeals and jumps up and down.  I think it might be Patron.  She got a letter and everyone sits to listen.
The letter doesn't say much except that everyone "loves loves loves her".  There are remembrances about some trip to San Antonio that I have to wonder might be a code of some sort.  Her mom says how brave she is and they are all proud of her.  Win or lose, she will always be a winner to her mom.  It is a nice letter but she read it in a sort of singsong voice that kind of minimized it.

Her CD is Rascal Flatts--not her first choice but she likes it.  Her first choice was Cascades (??).  They think it is funny that she got tequila.  And chocolate, of course.  In the fridge she got cheese, fresh veggies, Chocolate Silk soy milk.  She doesn't have any shot glasses or she would open up that bottle now.

There is a sash from some sort of pageant she was in in Nevada.  Ragan wants to wear it.  She didn't get her "stuffed Rottweiler" and is surprised about some of the pictures that they put in the room.  There are pictures of "Angel's Landing" that she told Kathy about--you have to "hold on to some ropes" or something like that.  She shows Kathy.  She got a sheer white bikini wrap from her mom---Brendon corrects her and says it is a sarong.

She cracks open a bag of M&M's (blue metallic bag) and passes them around.  Monet digs in and passes it.  She got espresso, and they joke aobut how she did ask for brown rice and veggies as a treat.  (Matt:  It's like Survivor in here!)

It is really kind of quiet in there, and you can feel the tension with some of the people.  Andrew inspects the M&Ms but doesn't eat them.  They are a new variety of some sort that is salty.  Rachel got Goldfish and she likes them.  And popcorn, too.  They think that must be a joke, after being on slop for 10 days and having to eat a lot of popcorn.

Brendon tried the M&Ms and says he likes him, they remind him of "salty balls---just put them in your mouth and suck them". 

(Right, Brendon, right.)

Here is a peek of her "cubed cheese platter" that she asked for.  Everyone is digging in and munching.  That is Enzo's head there---he is enjoying the cheese selection.  Ragan has never heard of Muenster cheese.  (I guess they don't serve that at Joe's Crab Shack.

What was Kristin doing all this time?  Good question.  Kristin is truly the life of any party, like her BB intro promised us.
(I wonder if Kristin is the #1 casting error at this point?  I think they Producers thought they were getting something else when they cast her, and I'll bet the prospect of losing someone with good bitchy soundbites like Britney and keeping Kristin for the long haul is causing a lot of agita in Camp Grodner.)

Rachel starts talking about her Nana and her being in a nursing home (which was mentioned in the letter) and the group breaks up almost immediately.  Lane says that if he wins HOH, he asked for an "8 ball".  Enzo asked for "an ounce".

We can only hope they win HOH soon.

Enzo and Lane went to the storage room to get the booze, and have a quick meeting about how they think they are safe this week.  They think Monet will be the target, and Enzo wants to provoke some drama with the girls this week to make sure of that.
Three bottles of wine but only 4 beers.  Everyone gathers around to get their share.

Kristin speaks:  I'm going to have Merlot.

She is the first one to pour her share, and Monet is right behind her with the bottle of Cabernet.  Britney usually doesn't drink, but says she "needs it today".  Matt tells her "no need to're boozin'!"

You can just taste the tension that wine won't melt away.

Flashback - 9:00 PM in the BB House, After the Live Show

and I think Rachel is thisclose to getting the keys to her HOH room.  She just got called to the DR and Brendon took her luggage up the spiral staircase and placed it by the door.

Andrew has yet another conversation about what he can't eat, and what he can eat.  Bitch bitch bitch, moan moan moan.  He has yet to have one conversation that does not focus on his religion or food restrictions.  It's who he is.

Funny that last night Monet started asking him questions about his pot, and his bowl, and what could touch them.  After 13+ days together, she is finally asking questions.  Most likely related to him having new power in the house.  Indirect power, but power nonetheless.

Ragan went to put a shirt on, because he thinks they are about to go see Rachel's HOH room, and he doesn't want to be "the shirtless guy". 

I guess cereal and milk are kosher.  He mumbles to himself about eating carrots tomorrow.  He also had to hold his cereal bowl in a certain way and hold it up before filling it.  Some sort of blessing?  Checking for cleanliness?  Obsessive-compulsive disorder?

Here's Kristin in her outfit that Britney and Monet made fun of.  I think Monet said she looked like a "two dollar whore".  That's mean, I'd say at least three dollars.  Kristin is a bit of a butterface, so this is her best side.

Flashback - Midnight on Thursday Night (con't)

and Matt didn't waste any time approaching Rachel to find out if he is in trouble.  Matt went out in the BY where Rachel and Brendon are, to tell her that he is extremely paranoid about being nominated.

Rachel is reassuring him and telling him he is crazy to worry about that---they are Have-Notties together!!  And there is no bond stronger than that!  She is insulted that he would even think so!

Matt explained that Andrew doesn't like him, or thinks he is the Saboteur, and that Andrew is walking around the house acting like he is running the show.

Rachel is surprised by that and says that she is the only one running the show. 

Matt says he would "bet the bank" that he knows who the Saboteur is.  Based on what he has seen, and heard, etc.  He doesn't want to discuss it in the BY, but has noted that this person has had words with several people.  (I think he is implying that it is Britney.)

Rachel and Brendon apparently drank a whole bottle of Tequila (HOH prize?) because "Brendon wanted to get frisky". 

Rachel:  We haven't even talked about the game.  All I wanted to do is get shmammered.

Brendon is slurring a little.  Enzo says he wishes he had been asked to be the Saboteur---he would have "gotten the fifty G's and gotten the fuck out!".

Enzo likes Rachel, likes Enzo, yadda yadda yadda.  A virtual love fest.

I really wanted to see when Rachel got access to her HOH room, so I am going to look for that flashback now.

Flashback - Midnight on Thursday Night

Or Friday morning---whatever.  The aftermath of the Live Show and HOH competition is in full swing.

Enzo and Monet are laying in the hammock, hashing it out.  Enzo said that Brendon was going crazy during the competition---saying "c'mon....c'mon....c'mon" while Rachel got closer and closer to winning.

The HG seem to think that something is happening on Friday---Enzo said he can't wait until tomorrow, "to see what happens" and the implication was that they would find out something about the Saboteur.  Enzo assumes that Monet and Britney will be nominated.  He is already stressing about what will happen if Monet wins the POV and takes herself down---who will be nominated?

Neither of them would have pegged Annie to be the first one out.  Enzo points out that a few days ago she was hosting the POV competition and was all smiles, and a few days later her ass is out the door.

They are basically consoling themselves with the results of this week by saying that Rachel and Brendon will always be targets.  They think that Brendon is going to run the show and Rachel won't make any decisions for herself.

[I hope not---I am expecting more from Rachel than that.]

Monet says that Kristen and Rachel were already buddy-buddy so she thinks that will continue.  They also comment on the Hayden--Kristen connection.  Those two are always the last ones up and she was up in the HOH late every night.  They haven't seen them kiss, but wonder what is going on.

Andrew gets called to the DR and Enzo says "good riddance" and that Andrew is "a creeper--putting ideas out there."

Enzo thinks it's good at this stage of the game not to win HOH, to let someone else get the blood on their hands, and see what's what. 

And it happens every year----whoever gets called on to speak during the Live Show analyzes every word they said over and over and over.  Enzo is no exception.  (At least they didn't have to bleep him live.)

Apparently Rachel is "wasted" right now and they won't bother to talk to her until tomorrow.  They discuss how quickly things change in the house, and what short memories they all have.

Enzo:  It just sucks that Andrew gets another week. That sucks.

All Quiet in the HOH---Well, Sort Of.

Rachel and Brendon are trying to sleep.  I think Rachel would succeed if Brendon would stop whining about how he can't sleep.  Which he obviously can, from the sound of the breathing.  Not snoring per se, but just heavy sleep breathing.

There are still occasional beeping noises, and something new.  It sounds like a kitten crying every now and then.  It was loud enough to wake up my dog, who is napping within 10 feet of me.  She jumped up and ran to the window, barking.

The handiwork of Annie the Saboteur?  Perhaps.

Maybe the crew will tell the cast about the beeping devices so they can find and destroy them.  I can't imagine the camera crew enjoys hearing them, either.

I'm going to watch some Flashbacks from last night and report back here, pronto.