Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Was Under Matt's Bandaid?

Last week, Matt wore a big square BandAid on his left bicep most of the time.  I thought it might be a Crazy James (***shudder***) type cover up.  He had really obscene tattos on his left shoulder, including a likeness of the Brawny Towel man and the words "Prodigious Cunt", or something like that scrolled under it.  BB made him cover that up.  I don't think Showtime cared about the language, but the fine folks at Brawny took great offense.

But I digress.  I thought our Matt might also have a filthy or obscene blasphemous picture on his arm.  But clearly, it's just a smiley face with a trembly mouth..  What so bad about that?

Ragan came into the kitchen and he and Matt were talking while Andrew stood there cooking.  Now that  I know that Andrew thinks Matt and Ragan are secret lovers/husbands, it is really funny to watch them talk in front of Andrew and imagine what Andrew is thinking.

Matt took Ragan in the BR and told him he thinks he and Monet will be nominated.  Andrew thinks Matt is the Saboteur.  Ragan is reassuring Matt, saying that if Brendon or Andrew won HOH, that might be the case, but since Rachel is HOH, it's not such a risk.

[It will be very good for Matt if BB tells everyone early tomorrow that Annie was the Saboteur.]

Matt doesn't think that Rachel would do it on her own, because he thinks she likes him, but her relationships with Brendon and Andrew are what bothers him.

Ragan states again that he thinks that Annie is the Saboteur.

OMG Monet & Britney are Evil!

They are in the kitchen hating on Kristin.  Let's see, they make fun of her "4th grade leotard" and "high waisted faux denim trousers".  Monet said that her shoes made her look like a "two dollar hooker".  And she "thinks she's cute and she's not".

They said that she will suck up to where ever the power is this week.  Britney peeked out the window to see if she still had on her Live Show outfit and she did.  They laughed at that and at her.  It was vicious.

Britney also went off on the way that Kristin laughs her head off when Enzo farts, and how she burps all the time.

Matt came in and said he's not too worried about Brendon or Rachel---the one benefit of being on slop last week is that he slept in the same room with Rachel for a week.  Lane came in, too, and munched on a cookie. They are all bummed. 

Everyone is taking turns in the DR.  Monet starts quizzing Matt and he said he gives a bunch of one-word answers in the DR.  Monet can't wait to see his DRs. 

Now Britney speculates that Annie now knows the secret.

Monet:  Yeah, I"m sure she knows who the pair is, and the saboteur.  (ha)

They think she watched the HOH comp from backstage and was thrilled with the outcome.

Monet and Britney say they just can't harp on the way that both of them almost won---they have to let it go.  (They were in the tiebreaker with Rachel.)

Monet & Britney Face Facts

They are talking in the kitchen---they both expect to be nominated.  I think Monet is 100%, and Britney is about 75%, personally.

Britney wants to cry.

Britney: Lane, Should I Have Another Taco?

Lane:  I don't know, should you?  Did you work out today?

Britney:  No. 

Lane:  Well, what do you think you should do?  I can't be your daddy all day!

It is so relentless and back-and-forth that if I were Britney's fiance, I might want to get in the car and drive out there and kick his ass.

Wow Wow Wow

I was really surprised to see that Annie was the Saboteur, but I am glad that it sounds like they plan to come clean with the HG and admit that it was Annie.  I am glad that whole thing is over, because I thought it was cheesy, but it must be disappointing to the people who planned and plotted the entire initiative.

Everyone is drinking beer and eating whatever takeout BB bought them and milling around. Rachel did a huge favor to Brendon by winning HOH, because now instead of everybody grilling him over his lies that Annie just exposed on live TV, he is answering polite questions about what he plans to pursue as his career.

And Monet is visibly bummed.  She has had ugliness with Rachel since their first days in the house, but will Rachel focus on that with her nominations? I know Brendon has been mouthing off about wanting Monet out, because she already won $10K.

So...look for Britney to separate herself from Monet this week.  Not good for business, so to speak.  And I think we all know how calculating and bitchy Britney can be.  (I loved the comments about Annie's ill-fitting flats and silver eyeshadow on the good-bye message.)

The two of them are viciously flirting and it is so obvious.  Lane just said "I"m going to show my weinie off tonight on Showtime!"

Lane thinks America deserves it, that we've been waiting.  Britney bites back that "America isn't waiting."   And she thinks Showtime should take a poll.

Lane said that he "bets he was eyefucked at least 80 times during the live show".  By who Lane, us?

Lane wants to play strip pool with Britney!

Rachel Does Enzo

his hair, that is.  She is concentrating on the task at hand and Enzo doesn't seem nervous at all.

And the guys grab some primp time at the mirror.
I heard Hayden say that he wasn't allowed to shave until today---I guess so the producers can splice together footage and not lose their continuity.  Someone is blowdrying--I think it's Annie.

Trivia Time

Well, you know that when we see BB Trivia, we aren't going to see what is going on in there for a long time.

(BTW, the answer to the above question is Natalie---Chatty Natty who provided sexual favors to Matt, who is now a jailbird.)

Oh, but we just saw this little piece of information:

This probably means that the HG are in the BY rehearsing for the competition tonight.  This is also quite common.  They won't know the content of the competition, but the format will be explained to them.  They will be instructed where to stand, how to push the buttons, and most importantly:  how to behave.  (i.e. no shout outs, cursing, etc).

The next time we see the HG, they will be scurrying around getting dressed for the show.  Nerves will be high.  It will be their first time live and it is a Big Deal.  

Prediction:  If Enzo makes a blunder with his language, it will be many, many weeks before the Chenbot allows him to speak on camera again.  

I hope that Hayden fixes his hair for TV.  I know that Rachel's cleavage will be screaming tonight.  Will Annie wear her gladiator sandals?

Plea to Julie Chen:  Please, please please do not ask Rachel and Brendon about their showmance.  I'm begging you Julie.

On a personal note, I am quite aggravated that I have a business dinner to go to tonight.  I just can't get out of it, as any excuse involving my needing to watch Big Brother, much less watch the live feeds, would not be considered acceptable and might hurt my livelihood.  I am going to make myself come home and watch the CBS show before I go online to watch the feeds.  I really want to enjoy the suspense of finding out who the Saboteur is, and who will be evicted (although I am pretty sure I know the answer to both).

Prediction:  Eviction - Annie Whittington,  Saboteur - Matt Hoffman

Monet Slices a Kiwi

and they discuss the adequacy of their housework this morning.  BB told Kathy that things were clean enough, I guess.  I saw Andrew vacuuming, but didn't catch anyone else cleaning.

Monet told Ragan that she feels like she needs to look around some more to prepare for the HOH competition, but she also wants to chill out.

Kathy has her game face on.  Well, I guess it is her game face.  I see it a lot, and she's playing a game, so I just put two and two together.

Annie started talking about making her speech tonight, and comparing the HG reaction, to all of America's reaction, and we get DOTS.  We will have lots of DOTS today, as we build up to tonight.

Hot Slut of the Day

In related news, our very own Rachel Reilly has been named Dlisted's Hot Slut of the Day.  Especially interesting is the picture of her with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, taken before her boob and dye jobs.

Probably not before the blow jobs, though.


The "lovers" grip each other during the HOH lockdown like their ship is going down.  I guess you could say that they are spending every precious moment on each other in case she is evicted.  But I don't think either of them think she is going anywhere.

Consensus is that Annie will be evicted tonight.

I know the camera guys would hate for Rachel to leave.  They use her tits for target practice.  And I think Rachel is okay with that.

On First Show:

Rachel:  People see me and they just think I'm a girl with big tits...but I'm really a scientist with big tits!!

Lockdown in the HOH

This lockdown can only mean one thing:  Live Show Tonight!

This is a customary procedure that allows the crew to get the house ready for the live show.  They usually also lockdown the backyard in preparation for the HOH competition.  In past seasons, the lockdown has a very combative, contintious vibe, but right now it is very chill in there.  It's Naptime, basically.  Bodies everywhere.  Silence, too.

One of the worst seasons for the Live Show Lockdown was Season #6, when "the Friendship" had moved en masse to the room.  Also, the vibe last year was pretty icy, too.

It always kind of sucks for the HOH that their final moments in their suite have to be spent like this.  Because after this, the HOH room will be locked and prepped for the new HOH, which will happen tonight.

Based on my BB experience, I expect tonight's competition to be pretty cut-and-dried, due to the number of participants.  You can only do so much with 11 contestants on a live broadcast.  They are trying to make the time frame, keep up the momentum, make it simple for the nervous contestants, and ensure no vulgar language airs in prime time.

I am guessing it is one of those True/False games where the minute you mess up, you're out.  I think it's way too early for a "high stakes" HOH competition like endurance (hanging, swinging, holding on, etc.).  The fans always love those and it is a great way to push sales of the live feeds, but I think it is just too early and too many people are involved.

I think the Saboteur is going to have specific instructions that he or she will have to carry out during the HOH competition.  I think that will be the big drama tonight.  So far I think that whole twist has been a big bust, but they need to hype it up to get some bang for their buck.  It should be more fun if we know who it is, and can watch them try to get the job done.

Also, I'm not saying that BB rigs things, but if history is our guide, look for Andrew to be a finalist, if not the winner, of tonight's contest.  He is the true underdog right now, and his winning would turn the house upside down.  You would really see a few people start to sweat if he won.  Allison Grodner knows that, too.

I can't help it---I am starting to hate Brendon.  His mannerisms really bug me, and I think a lot of things about him are disingenuous.  Who sits like that?  He is dabbing at or blowing his nose or something.  He just annoys me now and I think he is putting on a big show for the cameras at least 86% of the time.

[Did you know that 47% of statistics are made up on the spot?  Ha ha ha.]

More Britney, Part II

[This happened last night.]

Hayden comes in the BR and they discuss how Annie is driving everybody crazy with pestering them.  Britney feels suicidal having to listen to it.

Now Monet asks Britney if losing Rachel would be better for their game....Britney considers it.  Neither of them totally trust Rachel.

And now Annie comes back in to chatter---she just did a loop around the house to see what his happening and she came right back. 

Britney gets Annie to agree to be the pawn next week, IF she stays, and IF Britney is the HOH.  Annie agrees.  Britney tries to get Annie to agree not to nominate her until Final Six ("Jury") IF she stays in the house.  Annie does a bunch of calculations, but basically sidesteps this question.

Andrew walks through the BR to the WC and they all shudder once he is in there and Annie does the 'gagging' motion.

Britney is Fed Up

Last night she told Annie that Brendon's story "doesn't add up".  She tried to ask him questions about his swimming coach experience and got the runaround.  He started talking about how he "got laid off two years ago", and that "he has worked with different swimming programs".  And he also told her that he majored in "general studies".  Britney knows that is bullshit.

She is also fed up with Annie, and her "chunky midsection" and having to see her "frontal wedge".  Monet agrees to all of this, and it is clear that they have discussed this before.

Britney:  Where do you even get sweatpants like that?  It's like...geriatric pants.  I feel like I could create a mold of her vagina just from having to look at those pants.

Britney and Monet both think they are gaining weight.  Monet reminds her that the camera adds 10 pounds.

Britney:  So I'm not just overweight---I'm now obese!

She mentions how skinny Jordan is in real life, and how she was like Shamu by the time she came out of the house.

[This was part of last night's BB activity.]

Annie Used to be Fat

I think that is why she keeps stressing about her eating habits now.  She is constantly yammering on saying that she is getting fat in the house and thinks she has gained 5 pounds.

She used to weigh about 165. (!)

When Annie sees old pictures of herself, she says, "Why didn't anybody tell me I used to be so fat?".

And her sister says "We thought you all knew!".

She discussed her weight issues in her preseason interview with Chelsea, which you can read here.

What Went Down Last Night?

and what do you need to know to prepare yourself for the Live Show tonight?

1.  Brendon has been scrambling.  And his gameplay pretty much sucks, in my opinion.  He spent time with Hayden in the HOH last night, spilling his guts about his thoughts on the game.  He keeps saying over and over that he needs to have Rachel safe, and he seems to think that he and Hayden are aligned now.  He also keeps repeating that he would like Andrew to win HOH in order to do his "dirty work".

2.  Apparently his dirty work involves getting Britney and/or Monet out.  Why would that be dirty work?  He's really not offending anyone by targeting them.  His reasoning involves Monet already winning $10K, and the fact that neither of them do any dishes or housework.  Since Brendon is the Kitchen Bitch now, he is pissing and moaning about house frau stuff.  That is no way to win Big Brother, Brendon.

3.  Hayden told Brendon that he would give Annie 'false hope' that she might stay so that she wouldn't be on the warpath on Thursday.

4.  Annie came into the HOH and compared Rachel to Natalie and Jordan, riding a man's coattails to get into the finals.  She doesn't want that to happen here.  She made some good points and Hayden seems sincere with her.  They discussed how Annie has Lane wrapped around her little finger.

5.  Hayden thinks he will be friends with Lane for a long time.  He lives in the same area as Hayden's sister (the rodeo rider) so he knows they can visit.

6.  Britney is still Enemy #1 for Annie.  Hayden agrees that she thinks she is running things, but everybody sees the way she acts, and the way her actions change as events in the house dictate.

7.  Annie and Hayden mock the Showmance---how it started on Day #2 and Annie says it is "so gross", and that "they act like they are married".  They can see how that would happen later in the game, but it is stupid to hook up so early in the game.

8.  I have to say Hayden is doing a GREAT job as HOH and if he cleaned his look up a little, he could be a CBS heartthrob.  Rachel mentioned cutting all the guys hair soon, so maybe she even did it last night.  The Producers don't like them to change their appearance drastically, for editing purposes.

9.  They discuss 'Mama Kat'.  Hayden thinks that she is smarter than she looks.  The other night when they were all in bed, someone asked her why she became a police officer, just to see how long she would talk with no conversation partner.  She went on for about 90 minutes, according to Annie.

10.  Now Annie seems Anti-Brendon, but I think that might be strategy---she wants everyone to think that if they keep her she won't align with him.  She kept saying how she was "stuck sleeping with Brendon" last week to try and play off their connection.

11  I guess Hayden knows about Annie's girlfriend.  She keeps saying that now she can "be herself" for the rest of the game.

12.  Let me talk about The Sounds.  There are intermittent noises occurring in each room of the house---I think just the bedrooms, actually.  Britney noticed that Andrew has been spending time in each room--15 or 20 minutes at a time, listening.  Britney feels that the HOH competition is going to have something to do with this, so she and her group (Monet, etc) are doing the same.