Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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The Saboteur Returns

We have been watching DOTS for a while and when we come back everyone is gathered in the living room discussing the message.

Someone says:  Another disappointing message from the Saboteur!

It sounds like there was someone onscreen with a lot of white powder on his face---they say that they think it may be the guy they talk to in the DR, and we immediately get more DOTS.

They continue the ongoing comedy routine that they have about the Saboteur.  About how he's booking dates in clubs, going on tour, etc.

Enzo:  He probably even has groupies.

Britney:  Yes, the Sabo-whores!

I think the message was that the Saboteur has 'escaped' this week, so they know they didn't nominate them this week.  They are all skeptical that there even is a Saboteur.

[The Saboteur videos give me douchechills.]

Enzo:  It would be great if he said "I'm nominated this week, so you better make the right decision!

Ragan thinks the Saboteur exists, but some of the messages may be lies.  Like the one about the lifelong friends....he thinks that may be bogus.

Kathy is mulling over the clues....trying to solve the puzzle.

Meanwhile, Hayden looks like Cro Magnon Man today, if Cro Magnon man was nodding out.

And Ragan cheerfully pacifies himself with two slices of DiGourno. 

***UPDATE - Ragan ate a total of 4 slices before all was said and done.***
The HG talk about how we're watching them watch the Saboteur.  Annie would like to see it again---it is such a short message.

Frankly, I think the HG have enough to worry about playing the BB game---why complicate it with this whole Sabotuer business?

Matt and Annie Chillaxing

and lounging on round pool floatie-things.  They have that Chicago connection (along with matching accents) so they always relate on that level.

Matt asks her about her life in Tampa now.  What does she do and who does she do it with?

Annie says she goes to the beach all the time.

Matt:  Who do you hang around with---with your man?

Annie:  No, we're pretty much all alone.  We don't have any friends---its just the two of us.  I like it that way.

Annie had to make a video to go to the show, and ended up having to pay over $40 to make a DVD to mail out right away.  They think the open calls may be easier, since you don't have to do all that.  I think Annie said they saw her DVD, and then invited her to an open call.

Right before Matt came to BB, his wife Stacy's grandparents gave them their old riding lawnmower and Matt got to use it once before he left.  He loves drinking beer and then riding around on it.

Matt missed his finals in high school because he got a bad case of chicken pox---he got excused from all of that.

Lane Doesn't Like Andrew

Something about him rubs Lane the wrong way---when he sees him he just wants to rearrange his face.

Lane:  But that hat would keep me from doing it.  Like feeling sorry for someone who wears glasses.

Annie:  You act like I like him, and I don't!

Lane:  But why does he eat with plastic?

Annie explains that he can't use the metal eating utensils because he doesn't know if they have been used for non-kosher food.

Lane:  I just don't like people who are so religous, because they make me feel bad because I'm not.  But you know what. we're both going to the same place.  And he's down here doing all of this, and I had fun.  But we're going to the same place, and I'm going to beat him up as soon as I see him there.

Lane appreciates that he does the dishes, but doesn't need to hear Andrew point it out every day.

The hammock is very noisy and Lane wonders if it bothers the production people.  (It bothers me, Lane.)  Lane is going to work out on the elliptical trainer.  Ragan is working out and taking a lot of breaks---in a cheery mood as usual.

Annie doesn't like smoking and isn't sure why she keeps doing it.

Lane, man of few words :  Stress reliever.

Annie dares Lane to pick her up by her ankle and wrist.  He did it and now he is her hero.

Kind of like roping a steer, huh Lane?

Lane: I Woke Up With A Boner Today

and is proud to tell Annie that he has a three hour time period before it really goes away.  He also told Annie that he put on new underwear today.

Annie:  You mean you usually don't?  Gross!

Lane:   Why is nature gross?

Annie wants to shave Lane's legs today and asks for permission.  I think Lane is going to let her do it, but only with a lightening bolt in it.  She shaved Hayden's feet last night.

They asked Lane what he says in his DR sessions.

Ragan, imitating Lane:  I saw a titty today.

Lane:  I can't tell you what I say in there.

Annie likes to tell guys in bars who piss her off that she needs "tweezers and a flashlight to find their dick".

Lane says he has a lot of girth, and Annie tells him he just has a lot of mass.

Lane:  None of our conversations are going to be on TV...

Annie:  I know, it makes me sad.

Lane:  People are going to wonder if we even know each other?

Somehow I Was Expecting More...

I neglected to mention yesterday that a weird sound has begun to bother the HG--a kind of electric chirping sound.  It is annoying them, and seems to occur on a regular schedule every couple of minutes.

I guess this is a Saboteur act?  Is this supposed to mess with everybody's game?