Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Annie's Back

That's good, I guess.

Is Annie Gone?

They haven't seen Annie in quite some while....since before dinner.  The HG think Annie may have left---Britney thinks her girlfriend must be really pissed.

Lane is on Annie's side and Britney thinks he is stupid for that. She feels like Annie will start seriously campaigning tomorrow---she can feel it coming.

Something is wrong with the feeds and I know the BB fans are all pissed about it.  The footage and sound keep repeating.  Monet and Britney are going to work out, and make this announcement to the house.

Honestly where is Annie?  The last time I saw her was during Britney's What If game earlier, and she seemed fine then.  Is BB prepping her for something?  Is she getting psychiatric help?

Sexual Tension

in the kitchen while Rachel sits with the guys.  I've included a picture of Matt, for variety.

Matt thinks she looks "like Monica", who I guess is a professional wrestler?  Or that redhead who was on the Celebrity Apprentice this year---Maria?  Rachel says she gets that a lot, even without wearing her extensions.

While snacking on a can of nuts, Rachel announces that she likes "big nuts ----Cashews, Brazil--all the big nuts".  This leads into a discussion of all the nip slips she has had, and the entire boob slippage that happened on the Slip-n-Slide.  Enzo asks if she has big nips, and she says "no, but I have big boobs"!

Duh, Rachel, duh.

Brendon does a really funny imitation of the Saboteur discussing his other acting work, and his credits.  Rachel wants to know if he is going to move out to LA when the season is over.  Ha ha ha.

Apperently Rachel is naming her showmance "Brenchel", and fears that she will be known as the "girl from Brenchel".

Enzo tries to imitate the Saboteur and says "Enzo, I really enjoyed the chicken parm you made the other night".  Ha ha ha.

They wonder if the Saboteur will ever call out any of them by name.  Rachel thinks that would be great.  Andrew is popping up here and ther but doesn't really try to make conversation.  He checks his look in the window over the kitchen sink.

I believe that is Ragan sashaying through the house house in the background, wearing that yellow towel as a skirt.  He is still residing in the Have Not bug room, and here he is slipping into a pair of jeans.  I thought I might have a chance at snapping his bare bottom, but instead he has on these royal blue briefs.

And to complete his Tuesday night ensemble, he pulls out a neatly-folded black T-shirt, which looks suspiciously like his blue one (and Dustin's gray one).  At least he is accessorizing his look with a spiky black belt, adding a little spice.

Enzo's chicken parm looks fantastic, doesn't it?

Rachel teases Ragan that he gets dressed up every night for Showtime.  Ragan screeches that he's "Single!" and then launches into the "That's Ragan!" refrain and everybody laughs.

Everyone is loading up their plates with chicken and pasta and we see a shot of Andrew sitting alone, silently.  I'm pretty sure a conversation about the lack of kosher food is bound to happen soon.  Especially if he sits there like a sad sack while everybody else is trying to enjoy their food.

Why, there are two hungry guys right there, getting ready to strap on the old feedbags.

Did Enzo used bottled sauce to make his gravy???  Whattt?  Well, he may have, because there wasn't enough sauce for Brendon so he went to the storage room for this new bottle.  I guess he dumped it right in there.

Everybody loves the food.  Enzo says it is hard to cook for so many people.  The camera does a few pans around the table, catching everyone as they chew and shovel.  Ragan says it is the best chicken parm he has ever had (but see my post earlier today about him loving Joe's Crab Shack).  

The HG keep getting in trouble for forming letters on the velvet couch.   One of them just drew a smiley face and got yelled at.   I see Andrew is eating pasta---maybe not just the chicken.  Good for him.

Fish Keep Dying

but the tank is just gorgeous.

That is probably the problem---someone put the tank together to make it look a certain way, rather than with regard to the health of the fish.  I read somewhere that the coral is the problem----it is poisenous without some sort of treatment.

Ragan is rhapsodizing over the great food at Joe's Crab Shack.  He likes the "Steamer Pot" and tells Monet that she has to go there and get one. He then describes the way the staff all dance in the restaurant to "Come on Ride the Train".

They are all watching the tank and the fish drama, and talking a little bit.

Annie:  I had crabs.....hermit crabs, that is.

Ragan got called to the DR.  Monet went today already, but only went in there yesterday for "one quick sound byte".

Kristin is part of the group, but is always just on the perimeter of it, if you know what I mean.  Just kind of there, listening.  (Could she be the Saboteur?)

Britney's "Would You" Game

I am struggling with how best to describe what I saw this afternoon in the BB house.  I'm worried that I won't be able to do it justice.  I guess I will just get started and see what happens.  OK.

Briitney was in one of the bedrooms, perched on one bed talking to Lane.  They were talking about what would happen in future weeks if certain people won HOH.  Britney has no idea who Kristin, Andrew, or Ragan would nominate.  She does not know what kind of game they are playing.

A little this, a little that, and all of a sudden Britney has a small crowd around her, hanging on her every word.  She is playing 'Would You" with Lane, and then Annie joins in, and Monet, and Matt, and Ragan, and Brendon, and so on.

The basic gist of the game is to offer choices for the HG that feature a fabulous BB achievement to be earned if you are willing to perform a horrible, dreadful task.  And the horrible, dreadful tasks are to be performed with a few people generally assumed to be ***horrible and dreadful***, like BB11's Ronnie, Lydia, Natalie, and their own housemate, Andrew.  Enzo is also featured in a few vignettes.

The descriptions of these events are where I will not be able to convey everything---there was just too much going on, and I even rewound it twice to try to catch it.  I ended up staring, mesmerized with wholesome Britney calmly, methodically, and energetically describing choices similar to these wearing a sweet pink T-shirt.:

1.  Lane, if you had a guaranteed spot in the Final Three, would you have sex with Lydia thrice in one night, on camera, with Dae Yum Yum watching?  She is also wearing that shiny metallic bra.  Because you will be on camera, there is also the possibility of receiving residuals on the porn footage?  (I think Lane said yes, but he is a horny bastard.)

2.  Monet, if it meant that you were in the final six, would you put the tip, just the tippy tip of Andrew's peen in your mouth?  Monet:  The tippy tip?  Probably not for final six, but for final three!

3.  Matt, if you were a Have Not the first week and on the block, in order to survive Week #1 would you sit under Meow Meow's ass, bare naked, under his hole, and let him drop a grenade in your mouth?  Matt, eating a plate of something, immediately answers: Yeah!  Monet:  Yeah, I mean, it would be horrible while it's happening, but when it's over you're good!

[Is a grenade a fart?  Or doo doo?]

4.  Lane:  For Final Three, would you let Ronnie give you a Superman Get-that-Ho (or something like that) to your back?  Lane had to ask what that was---accordingly to Britney it is when a guy will "splooge on your back and then stick the sheet to you".  (WTF are kids doing out there today??)  After clarification as to the meaning, I think Lane said that he would do it as long as the fans understood why he was doing it.

5.  Ragan:  For Final Four, would you let Ronnie dry-hump your back, wearing only old, worn, "tighty-whiteys'"?  Ragan, immediately:  YES!

[I'm sure Ronnie is already posting this on his facebook.]

Rennie even got dragged into this filthy mess, although after 10 to 15 choices fly around and ricochet off the HG, I was a little shellshocked and just can't describe the act she was to be involved in.  When Brendon came in, he was matter-of-factly pointing out the health risks of the different choices, and then he said, "Where IS Andrew?".  And no one knew, even though they had been throwing his name out there as a horrible, dreadful price to pay.

It was one of the most entertaining hours I have ever spent watching BB.  You will NEVER, EVER see any of this on CBS, and probably wouldn't even see it on SHOWTIME.  This happened around 11:00 AM if you want to Flashback it yourself.

Also:  Ragan refused to perform full penetration with Natalie for Final Two.  Matt would not let Enzo put more than two fingers in his ass---Britney had already clarified that there would be "back and forth motions, not just sticking it in".  I think one of the guys said they would put Andrew's tippy-tip in their mouth but it was all so crazy I couldn't keep up.  Most of them would cut their nipple off, and not be able to reattach it, to be the winner of BB--Britney assured them there would be local anesthetic, but not general.  Both Annie and Monet agreed to that.   Britney would not cheat on her boyfriend to win unless she could talk to him about it first.

If I were in that house, Britney would be my New Best Friend. It was hilarious, and I wouldn't want to miss anything else she said.  I hope her mom is not too horrifed---I know she watches the feeds.

Backyard Tidbits

1.  Ragan worked at Macaroni Grill, which is a "trayless restaurant" so he is good at carrying plates.

2.  Ragan worked at a mexican restaurant and forgot to put the sizzling fajita pan in the wooden holder, so he burned his neck very badly.

3.  Brendon has all kinds of cuts and scratches on his hands from using knives incorrectly.

4.  The "caramel challenge" has been the hardest on their bodies, as far as cuts and scrapes go.

5.  It is very, very hot out there today.  Ragan thinks it might be a triple digit day, and Kristin says probably around 95 degrees.

[Not much to report on right now.]

Rachel Gets Smart

But before we get to that, in the last post I said I was switching cameras due to all of the animal cruelty talk that was making me sick, but I didn't do it fast enough.  I had to hear Lane share a treasured childhood memory of visiting a place where "for $5.00 you could feed a baby rabbit to a live snake or alligator through a hole in the fence".


Rachel is telling Brendon that she is in training until the HOH comp---not eating sugar, not drinking alcohol, etc, to make sure she can perform at her best. 
She seems to get that the two of them are seen as a threat so she wants to play it down until the vote.  They want to win HOH, or have Andrew win.  If the competition involves "hanging by something" then Kristen has a good chance to win.

Right in the middle of their WhisperFest, Kristin comes in and she and Rachel say that they would be best friends outside of the house, they like each other, yadda yadda yadda.  [This is better than the horror being discussed outside, though.]

Ragan Comes Out

outside, that is, to work out.

He has some recurring comedy theme in the house where he screeches in a high voice:  "That's Ragan!!".

I guess  that is a takeoff on That's So Raven or something, but I am admittedly not familiar with that.  It is funny when he does is and seems to be a popular gag in the house.  I have yet to hear Ragan's name mentioned as a target or in a negative way.  He is doing well in there and should stay the course.

They are talking about some animal cruelty topics that I find unbearable and can't describe to you.  OK, maybe I'll give you a flavor of the horrors I am talking about:

*  Annie's family had baby raccoons in between their walls, so her dad "shop-vacc'ed them up and then dumped the bag in water".

*  It was common to put baby animals in a "rock crusher next to Lane's high school".

I just can't take this and am switching cameras.

Boredom in the Backyard

It is quite common to hear them all bitching and moaning about how bored they are, but this is kind of early.

There is a group sitting outside---Lane, Britney, Money, Matt, Annie & Hayden--talking about all kinds of stuff.

1.  Lane and Hayden discussed the rodeo.  Hayden's sister is very skilled at 'cutting'.  Lane describes what that is---it's not what you think.  You have to get a horse to do something hard under pressure.   Hayden grew up in a farm environment and always had to lasso cows and other barnyard animals.

2.  Britney would like to be a jockey, due to her size.

3.  They apparently went online just like we did to find about this season of BB.  Lane read a spoiler that there would be dogs in the house.  (They would all love to have a dog around.)  Britney discusses what she read about the Summer Camp theme of the house and what a lie that was. (The Have Not room?)   Lane mentions that the 'white room' was supposed to have a coffin in it.  Britney discusses that people were tweeting about their interviews for BB, and one transgender person's claims that they were going in the house.

4.  Somehow all of this was okay with BB, but when Monet mentions "Captain Kosher", and something about how he could be nice if he wasn't so weird, we get DOTS.  I guess Allison doesn't want to have a scandal about anti-semitism this year.  Not that Monet was being harsh---all Andrew does is talk about being Jewish so how can they think about him as anything else?

5.  Hayden and Lane talk about ski lodges out west.  Lane went skiing one time and a girl who rode up in the gondola with him ended up freezing to death--maybe in an avalanche or something.

6.  They talk about that movie Without a Paddle (wasn't watching that a BB luxury prize a couple of years ago?) but Annie mentions "Jax" who was in the movie and no one corrects her.  Monet says they missed the new Twilight movie that they are missing.  Annie says the acting is horrible and why doesn't anyone ever admit that?  Britney and Monet both read the books and they both sound really into it.  Annie makes fun of how Kristin Stewart  is always breathing really hard in the move.  Lane says she always looks pissed at move premieres and stuff.  Monet agrees she is ungrateful.

7.  When Britney read the books she pictured the perfect Bella as Alex Bleidel (?) and everyone likes that idea.

8.  Brendon has arrived outside, carrying a sandwich plate loaded with his lunch.

Showmance, Showmance, Showmance

I'm not sure if CBS is behind all of this publicity, but Brendon and Rachel's showmance is creating quite a stir in the media.  Let me give you some insight into what I think about it.

1.  Brendon is the one who is most aware of the cameras.  Since the very first moments the feeds went live this year, he has been commenting on the cameras, and making comments about us, the watchers.  Not negative comments, like what losers we must be, but comments about how he wishes he could see us, etc.

2.  I do think that Brendon and Rachel are attracted to each other.  I mean, they are both attractive, right?  And they have a surprise connection with their science degrees and jobs.  Brendon feels at ease with her because she knows the truth about his education, and he can feel free to talk about nerdy things.  Like yesterday, he explained to her in great technical detail how a smoke alarm works---I guess he was staring up at one while they laid in bed.  (It was kind of interesting---basically the smoke particles get in the way of the clean air that the smoke alarm is monitoring, causing the alarm to sound.  All news to me.)

3.  But then there's this.....I caught snippets from a conversation that Rachel and Brendon were having last weekend that BB didn't want us to hear.  Rachel is quite an authority on all things BB, and she was explaining to Brendon that because of their showmance, they would probably be the stars on Sunday night's show, with several segments devoted to them.

Rachel:  They have to set up our storyline!

And Brendon made some sort of comment about Kristin having a small cameo role, or something like that.  BB kept interrupting the feed during this discussion.

4.  And Rachel brings up Jeff and Jordan all the time.  She watched them on TAR and talks about that, too.

5.  Now, obviously Brendon has his immediate future planned out---he starts his scholarship PhD in September, but he is probably not adverse to having some sort of celebrity on an ongoing basis.  And Rachel, who the hell knows what her goals are.

6.  Mrs Brendon?  Maybe.  Jeff & Jordan Part Deux, Probably.

7.  I think Brendon should get an agent to do talk show appearances on the prime time cable news shows.  I'm sure they have a need every once in awhile to have someone explain something scientific in plain english.  Like why did that car bomb fail, or how will the oil spill react to some chemical.

8.  So, is it a genuine showmance?  Will it last?  I think both of them have stars in their eyes.  Remember Janelle's infatuation with Creepy Michael??  I'm sure she doesn't want to now....

[PS  I'm in a place where I can't watch the feeds right now, but will be back in business this afternoon.  Lots to catch up on then.]

Lane Sleeps

Wow that is one ugly tattoo, huh? Everybody else is sleeping, too.