Monday, July 12, 2010

State of the Mop

It's getting worse.  Enzo told someone he looks like Teen Wolf.  Ha ha ha.

Recovery Time

in what they call the Cabana Room.  Ragan, Matt and Kathy are down for a nap.

All three of them were Have Not's for the past 10 days, so I guess they will be in recovery for another day or two.  I hope they don't have to eat slop for awhile, because I was getting tired of hearing about it.

Although Andrew complained more than they did----when will he learn that he can't make his special requests by yelling at the cameras?  If you want some kosher bread, dude, go in the DR and ask politely.  Kosher this, kosher that, no one can forget about his issues for one second around there.

Remember when George Costanza put the leftover lobster in Jerry's kosher girlfriend's omelet?  Ha ha.  I'm not suggesting that BB do that to Andrew, of course.  I would NEVER do that.

Did you know Kathy has freckles?

I didn't, either.  Kristin and Brendon are having a conversation that BB has to interrupt constantly due to the negative comments they are saying about former bosses, roommates, etc.  They both hate slobs and can't stand to live with them.

Brendon doesn't want to find dog shit behind the TV, either.  Don't ask......

Laundry in the Kitchen?

I guess that's where Kristin is doing her wash. I guess there is something wrong with the washer outside.  With 13 people using it, I guess it's understandable.

But she's washing her undies in the kitchen sink, people.  Ewwww.  There are two sinks in the bathroom---can't she use those?  I guess the probability of camera coverage is better in the kitchen during this time of the day.

Now she is draping her 10,000 wet bikinis, thongs, and bras on one of the dining room chairs.  Was this bitch born in a barn? 

Funny---while she was folding the camera was on her, then Rachel walked into the kitchen and then back through the house and the cameras jumped over to her and then went back to Kristin when Rachel left the room.  I guess Kristin knows where she stands now.

Don't believe me about the chairs?  Look at this.

Talk about an exhibitionist.  And Annie looks like she had a rough night.  By the sound of it, she went a little nuts last night and started smoking like a chimney, out of the blue.  Kathy, using her detective skills, deduced that she must have been wearing The Patch for the last 10 days, because she was pulling on that cancer stick like she was a hard core smoker.

Sounds like she also blurted out her big "secret" to Kathy and Monet, at a minimum.  We also know that she told Ragan and Kristin, and maybe more people.  So much for all of her preseason shit talking.

But you could say that about all of them, not just Annie. 

Kristin Pops Pills

after wrapping up a meeting with Hayden.  The pills were in her dresser drawer and she made a big production out of getting them out, so I guess they are vitamins. You can see the little pile on the bed, as she works her way through them.  She must have a strong gag reflex.

I took a snap of the entire Real screen so you can see it.  It is quite different than past years.   On the right are those little numbered squares.  In the beginning I assumed that if I clicked on them, my camera view would change (there are 4 different camera views available to viewers at any given time).

But when I clicked, nothing happens.  The four pictures above the numbers display the four camera views, but they show what happened a few seconds ago.  But when I click on them, my view changes.

Apparently there are many die-hard live feed viewers who are very upset about the fact that you can't make the Real screen a full-screen view.  They are even going so far as to call Real and try to cancel their subscription.

***whatever****  I think life is too short to get upset about every little thing.

Remember yesterday, when Annie and Britney were ready to kill each other after the POV meeting?  Well, at the present moment they appear to be workout buddies.

They're not best friends, but they are chatting about the workout and basic stuff.  These girls are skinny, but they work hard.  Lots of legs in the air.

What about the guys?  What the hell are they doing?  Well, Lane and Matt are doing sets of ab work.

They are huffing and puffing and working hard.  Enzo has been lifting on the weight bench and announces that he is going to do the "Three Ess's---Shit, Shave, and Shower".  Good for you Enzo, thanks for sharing.

Lane does personal training and he tells Matt about people that come in with "bullshit New Year's resolutions", and people that "say they can't do something while they are doing it".  He thinks its all in people's heads.  He says that if he were training Matt (and he has been while they are on BB) he would tell him it is going to take about a year to get solid muscle mass so people's expectations aren't too high.

Someone starts to sing "Gin and Juice" and we get DOTS for a second.

Andrew is working on his bod, too, and manages to keep quiet while doing it, which is nice.

This is a pretty healthy crowd, I have to say. I think Kathy is the only regular smoker, which is a BB miracle.  There are usually a handful of smokers, and a few former smokers who relapse during the season.  (Like Michelle the Scientist last year.)

I spoke too soon---Andrew makes noise while he does this:

But at least he's not talking about being or eating like a Jew for a few minutes.  Some of the guys are running sprints across the yard---Brendon I think, and even Ragan is benchpressing.  All that food is helping them put on a show today.

Speaking of popping pills (the initial theme of this post), I read some rumors recently about BB9 and what happened in there.  I didn't get the feeds that season, but I did watch BBAD on Showtime.

Well, you know that two of the HG on BB9 are currently HG of prison, right?  Both Adam and Matt are in various stages of doing time for drug distribution charges----Oxycontin, I think, although there might be some Ectasy involved.  Anyway, I read that Adam told Matt in the BB backyard that he brought some Oxy in the house with him, hidden in a sock, and he would share with him.

Then they had an immediate outdoor lockdown and when it was over, the pills were gone.

Hmmmm. Interesting.  I'll bet Allison fired the casting crew for that season.  So many mistakes.  Chelsea said that her family saw all of Crazy James' (**shudder**) gay porn online and her dad tried desperately to contact her in the house.  The rumor was that he drove to California from Iowa in order to "break her out", but Chelsea said that he only called (and called and called) the CBS brass to get them to tell her the facts.

Of course, that would have been tampering with the game.  I understand where Allison is coming from on that, but I also understand where Chelsea's dad was coming from.   Maybe that's why James had to leave the country.

Here's Brendon doing some tricep work.

And Monet is no slouch, either, keeping the wheels in shape.

And she looks like a track star doing these "high knees" across the backyard. (over and over and over).

And Rachel needs a lift, too.

Tidbits from Last Night

I listened to (and watched a little bit) of the action in the wee hours today as the HG came off the Have Not food restrictions.

Unfortunately I have to crank out some deliverables for a client today but hope to get that pesky work out of the way so I can focus on BB.  Have to make the donuts, so to speak.

I love to see them pig out after being starved to death, so I will probably watch it again later.  I do have a few interesting things to note:

1.  Matt bought Boy's pajamas at Target for $9.99 with cool skulls on them and everybody loves them.  Matt must have a lot of confidence to wear shit like that on TV.

2. Matt can only recall one dream in the house.  He was standing up in the back of a convertible in the parking lot of McDonald's getting a blow job from someone.  One of those mystery dream people that you can't peg later.  Enzo liked the sound of that dream, and they all say that Matt and his wife Stacy should recreate that later, that it would be "fun" for Matt. Several jokes about special sauce.

Matt: Stacy, did you hear that?  We're going to McDonalds!

3.  Everyone is so dependent on Brendon now for the cooking.  What a change from just a few days ago.  Kathy apparently can't even make a sandwich for herself and bugged him incessantly to start dinner for her, so they would be ready to pig out at the strike of 12:00, when the restrictions ended.

4.  Ragan got some Zantac from the DR to take before they started eating, to help prevent getting sick.  They haven't eaten in 10 days!

5.  Annie is starting to re-group and put her Game Face back on.  Too late to tell if it will do any good.  Apparently she really showed her ass in that POV ceremony and was vicious, particularly to Britney.

People don't forget that kind of thing....but people do see the growing connection between Brendon and Rachel and that could help her.