Sunday, July 11, 2010

Backyard Fun.

It happens every summer, and this summer is no different.  The HG are making a Slip-n-Slide in the back yard out of black Hefty bags.

Andrew is busy mumbling on the side that "they are using our bags!".  (What fun he is to have around.)
Its a team project, with Britney, Monet, Rachel, and Matt doing most of the work.  The camera crews are working hard today, too, as you can see.
I really don't think Rachel should be using the Slip-n-Slide.  She could pop something.

Meanwhile Brendon is in the kitchen making some fried pickle slop for Kathy while she hovers and tastes.  BB is apparently mulling over whether to let them Slip-n-Slide, due to the issues with the microphones getting wet.

Lane is in the kitchen and suggests just putting one of the girls in a garbage bag, soaping it up and then slinging them across the backyard.

The Slop Snack is ready now.  At least it looks crunchy and salty---those are good qualities for a snack.

Annie seems to have had an Attitude Adjustment and is now offering to make pizza---it's DiGourno.  (gross).

Enzo is making a salad, and Kristin is scurrying around, doing something.  Kristin kind of reminds me of Tatum O'Neal in her Little Darlings stage.  If Tatum had big giant breast implants, that is.

Now Annie Heads Outside

and gets something out of the fridge that is just outside the door.  Britney must be choking on her weiner, but Annie comes right back in.

Now she is in the bedroom shooting birds at the ceiling and is starting to pack and is talking to herself:

* She can't wait to go home and be with people that love her.
* She wants vodka.
* She loves vodka.

She is throwing shit in the bag like the train is about to leave.  Where is the fight Annie?

She holds her hair up to the camera and says  "I died my hair for this shit---I died my hair!"

And BB doesn't like that and we get DOTS.

[Maybe she had blonde hair?  BB already had two blondes, so maybe three would have been too much.  They have done that in other seasons---changed HG hair color, but I can't remember who at the moment.]
***Update - Yes, it was platinum blonde, she told Lane.***

Now she is back in the dining area and here comes Britney, clutching that half-eaten bag of chips that everybody has had their grubby mitts in.  The table is set in a very colorful manner and looks like a table display at Macy's.
Britney has yellow fingernails and is eating a cookie.  She is one of those skinny girls who eats, but eats slowly and doesn't really build up any speed when doing so.  It took her about six bites to eat a little cookie.

Annie is still yammering on about needing some booze, and that she can "spice up 12" (BB12) if they give it to her.

Annie:  I hope you guys are ready to lose some challenges!  Keeping the weak players and losing the challenges---I'm going to be watching and loving it!

Lane tries to tell her that she has a few days left, to start running scenarios in her head.  She bites back that she's done that already, blah blah blah.

Poor sport. Poor loser.

BB just called out Kristin for some sort of battery issue, and I thought, "Kristin?  Who the hell is that?".  Ha ha.

Oh Shit. We're Back.

And is it possible that Annie avoided the nomination?   ***Update -  No, She Did Not Avoid It***

We open on Rachel sitting in the nomination chair, trying not to cry.  Brendon takes her in the BR and holds her, whispering.  Rachel feels like she is about to throw up.

They both are happy with their speeches.  I guess it was really intense.  All cameras are on the two of them. 

Now outside Ragan hopes that "people don't shun her".  He feels that reactions to things are very important.  Even though Rachel has been on the block all week, and a Have Not, she has not complained, or tried to throw anybody under the bus.

Hayden:  That says a lot about her character, I agree.

Ragan thanks Hayden, and now Rachel hugs Hayden.  I guess that meeting was bad---Rachel tells Hayden that if she feels like throwing up, she can't imagine how he feels right now.

Hayden is very calm, and says he needs to chillax for a while and would love to "drop a keg".  Rachel is going to do yoga with someone---I can't tell who.

Britney is on the verge of tears, and doesn't want Annie to say anything to her.  I guess Annie threw her under the bus in that meeting.  Britney isn't going to let that spoil her appetite, however, and starts inhaling her hot dog.

Britney thinks Annie is going to come out and yell at her.

[I think Annie might DOR, actually.]

Brendon is Called to the DR

So POV time is near.

It's not over for Annie yet.  If she is nominated, she has a few days to turn the tides before the vote.  She is still talking to Enzo and making some of her points to him.

*  People are so worried about her rumored alliances---Brendon and Rachel is a solid, out-in-the-open alliance right there.  Why not break that up?

*  Why would you keep weak competitors in the house?  Do you want to be on their team and be on slop?

Now BB calls a Lockdown outside.  Shit is about to happen, people.  Lane gives Annie a big hug from behind, and then dives into the bag of chips that Enzo did not devour.

Lane tells Annie that she looks luscious today.  I guess they like to say saucy things to each other. 

Enzo:  I'm 'bout to go get my shades.  We might be out there about a fuckin' hour.

Enzo stated a little while ago that all he wants is the Fan Favorite prize and then he's happy. 


I wonder if BB has to pay the crew overtime for the Sunday work.  Anybody know the union rules?

Annie is PISSED

and the calm friendly demeanor that she just displayed in the HOH with Hayden is gone, baby gone.

She is having an Angry Whisperfest in the BR with Brendon and is livid with what is going on.

Annie:  I swear, if I am the first one out I am NEVER talking to anyone in this house again.

She knows that Hayden is going to nominate her.

Annie:  If I go home, it is going to be because of RACHEL!  Because you want her here in place of me!

Brendon says that he tried to talk to Hayden, but Hayden can barely communicate and doesn't tell him anything.  (Liar.)  He wants to talk to Hayden alone, without Rachel.

Brendon wants Monet nominated---in another two weeks people will forget that she won $10K.

Ragan interrupted in the midst of all of the anger to get a toothbrush.  Annie faked it while he was in there.  Unfortunately Ragan is wearing his Blue Dustin Shirt  (remember that gray T-shirt that Dustin wore continuously during BB8?).

Moisturizer is your friend, Ragan, as is sunscreen.

Now Annie is outside telling Enzo she is as good as gone, while he chews and chomps his breakfast, talking and gesturing all the while.  Enzo asks how the talk with Hayden went, and Annie is so negative about everything.  It's going to be a loooonnnnggg week with her in the Nomination Chair.

Ragan just wants it to be over with.  Annie says that people are "already spreading lies and being two-faced...already!"

Enzo crunches chips.  Annie says people are just kissing Hayden's ass, and he won't even be HOH next week.

Annie:  Have you heard things about me?

Enzo:  Crunch.  Crunch.  Crunch.  I heard that you were making alliances with everybody and shit like that.

I just want to point out that no one has ever mentioned nominating Ragan, or said anything negative about his game.  He is flying low under the radar, yet he puts himself in the safe co-pilot seat most of the time.

Nice cleavage, Ragan.

Monet Speaks

and has something to say for a change.  The minute she comes in the HOH, she starts talking a mile a minute.

Annie came to see her and told her that Britney is trying to throw her under the bus and not to trust her.  She wants to know what Hayden has heard.

Hayden:  What does your gut tell you?  Do you think you can trust her? (talking about Britney)

[Smart.  Putting it back on her.]

Monet:  When I first saw her, I didn't think I could trust her.

Hayden mentions that there is a lot of drama in the house, and most of it lies with the girls.  He likes Monet, though, even though he doesn't know her well, and feels like he could trust her.

Monet would vote Annie out if she goes up.  Hayden wants to know where Annie was during the blackout.  Monet goes through what happened, and who was holding hands with who, and she points out a hole in Annie's story.

Hayden:  I don't want to say for sure, but I think Annie could be the Saboteur.

and BB doesn't like that.  We get DOTS.

[WTF?  They aren't allowed to talk about it?  It's a major plot twist!]

Speak of the Devil

and he appears.  Brendon comes into the HOH and Hayden invites Rachel to stay.

Rachel:  Brendon...there is some doofus who wants to break us up!

Hayden goes over the same points that he did with Rachel.  Brendon knows that the person Hayden is referring to is Annie.

Brendon is cool with that, "as long as Rachel stays".  Hayden just shook with on that, and thinks a future alliance would be a great option, but he isn't willing to commit fully.  What he will say is that, if they win and don't put him up, if he wins again he won't put them up again.

Brendon points out that Britney and Monet are sketchy, in his opinion, but he knows that they probably aren't threats in the competitions.  He says that ____ and Ragan are floaters.  He says that Enzo will turn on him in a heartbeat.

[You know, when all the big power dudes start running things, that is the time when BB will have a competition that is weakling-friendly.]

Brendon says that he hopes Andrew wins HOH, because he will go after the "shitheads who are treating him like crap".  (I guess he means Enzo?  Who else?)  Then the "blood is not on their hands".

Hayden wants to build trust with them before committing to an alliance, but he is going to keep them safe the next time he wins HOH.

Hayden:  I'm going to win HOH again.


Brendon's targets are _____and Britney.  And he thinks Enzo is a major wildcard who makes him nervous.

[Brendon is kind of a mush mouth and hard to hear sometimes.  And without the RealPlayer, you can't pause and back up the tape like we could before.]

Brendon asks if Monet has been upstairs to see him.  Hayden says no, they have talked, but not about strategy.

AHA!  Right then, there is a knock at the door and it is Monet!  (the Invisible Houseguest).  She is going to take a number and wait outside.

Rachel likes Kristin and the guys think they can trust her, too.  Hayden summarizes AGAIN that when he wins again, the two of them are safe.  They are all on the same page now. 

The meeting is adjourned.  They all shake hands.

Busy Day for Hayden

and I have to say, for someone who didn't really watch the show before being cast, he is doing a pretty good job being diplomatic and listening to everyone.  And not making promises that he knows aren't true.

Annie finished her plea to stay off the block, and then they chatted about who they think the Saboteur.  She thinks it would be someone that you would least expect, like Matt (!) or Kathy.

They discuss how Kathy was telling her long emotional story about her Grandmother last night, and how it went on and on and on.  They all tried to be respectful because she was so emotional, but Enzo kept giving her "The Face" and Hayden tried hard not to laugh.

After Annie leaves, Hayden takes a meeting with Rachel, who was waiting outside playing chess by herself.

All cameras are focusing on this conversation.  Hayden is trying to cut a deal where he will nominate someone who will "100% go home" but he wants both Rachel and Brendon to guarantee that they won't nominate him if they win.  Rachel appeals to his vanity, by saying that the three of them would make a great team, because both guys have the potential to win HOH every week---they would be unstoppable.

Hayden indicates that he is willing to help them out this week, but as far as any future commitments, he needs to get to know them a little better before locking that in.  Hayden would like to squeeze in another conversation with Brendon before the POV ceremony, if possible.

Hayden:  What have you heard about today?

[Smart of him to try and see who can't be trusted.]

Rachel:  I don't know.  I walk into a room and sometimes people stop talking...if you told me I won't tell anybody else.

Hayden:  I will tell you that the person who I think will go home if I put them up, has come to me and said that we need to split up you and Brendon.  There is that person, and there is a few other people who would be a gamble.

[Real smart of him to let her know that would be an ADD'L favor to her---to eliminate a threat to her.]

I think Hayden has that Geico-Caveman look today.  And every day.

Annie is Pleading in the HOH

and is appealing to Hayden to stay in the house.  I guess she is well-aware of the fact that she may be nominated in Brendon's place today.

Annie wanted to approach him with an alliance, but didn't get a chance to.  She calls out Britney as someone who is acting totally different towards Hayden now that Brendon won the POV.

Hayden:  The thing with Britney.....I don't know.....I don't know what to do about that girl.

Annie:  She's just not my type of person.  I just try to keep my distance.

Hayden:  How close are you to Brendon and Rachel?

Annie:  Well, she kind of comes with him, so that sucks.  I've had some great conversations with him, just personal, but  I can separate that.

Hayden is trying to figure out who would nominate him in the future, and trying to feel out where Anie stands with everybody.

The doorbell rings in the HOH and it sounded like Rachel's voice:  Do you have a minute?

Hayden tells her to come back in a minute. Annie must know it's her big day---she is already all made up and is wearing short denim cut-offs and those gladiator sandals.  Now, I liked those sandals the first time I saw them, but it is actually kind of weird to see her wearing them in the BB house.

[If I were in there, I doubt I would ever wear shoes at all, unless I needed to wear them to work out or something.  Maybe for the live show, but to wear uncomfortable-looking sandals in the BB house is just weird.]

Annie is pushing hard and saying that no one wants to align with her now and that makes her less of a threat.  If she's not nominated today, she won't nominate him if she wins HOH.  She also won't hound him incessantly like everyone else is probably going to do.

[What happened to the element of surprise, with Annie being shellshocked by the POV ceremony?  That would have been great, if they could have pulled it off.]

Andrew is Up

and isn't the bathroom gorgeous this year?  I think its stunning.

And how's my hair?