Saturday, July 10, 2010

Scrambling in the Storage Room

and Brendon is whispering like crazy about what is going to happen tomorrow.

Hayden is going to talk to Rachel tomorrow to see what is up with her, for himself.  Hayden says he thinks Annie is the Saboteur.  Brendon takes a melon and leaves.

Lane Uses Lotion

 Just thought you'd like to know.   Aloe, to be specific.

OMG Monet is a F'Idiot

She is arguing with Andrew that the time difference between Los Angeles and the East Coast is 4 hours.  She is basing this on her visits to St. Louis and her home in "Glen Carbon, Illinois".

She is actually arguing about it and supporting her position with some "facts" that are impossible to folow.  She gets up to go to the BR and to Andrew's credit, he drops the topic when she leaves the room and doesn't trash talk about her to Kathy.

Finally, Monet speaks up about something, and now this.  She is a freaking moron!  She told Chelsea that through her modeling and acting work, she has lived in both LA and NYC.  How can she not know the time difference?

Kathy and Andrew talk about how the boredom and hunger will make anyone crack.

Ragan Sheds a Tear

I saw Ragan crying on my computer screen.  I turned on the sound and he is talking with Annie about the lack of privacy and the inability to be alone.

Ragan came into the house and so did not want to be the "Gay Guy" who cried all the time.  People just don't get how hard it is and he had no clue.

Ragan:  This shit just breaks you down.

Kathy (didn't even know she was there) mentions the fact that these people are always here, no matter where you go.  And you have to deal with that, too.

The three of them are really bonding over this, and Annie regrets hating on former HG who cried all the time.

Ragan calls out Amber and Bunky as crying ll the time and being the HG he did not want to imitate.

Annie notes that some people in the house don't seem fazed by this.

Kathy:  Their time will come.  We're not eating this week and when people find out what that's like, their time will come.  I mean, your personality goes, etc.

Monet came in a few minutes ago and had absolutely no comment, however, until Ragan asked about her sweatpants.  She got them for "like $3.00" at Old Navy during their super sale.  The cameras don't even bother to pan over to Monet's pants.  They know we don't care about her.

How bad can that slop be?  Is it like oatmeal?  Can they stir peanut butter into it?  I can't believe they whine so much about the flavor (I understand about the time frame.), but how bad can it be?


I am listening to Brendon and Rachel whisper in bed and it sounds like Annie told Rachel that she is gay, or bisexual, or whatever.

Brendon uses that to demonstrate that Annie doesn't always tell the truth.  But Rachel justifies by saying that Annie thought the girls in the house would be judgmental.

Brendon thinks they probably would be.

These two are in a totally different place then they were a few days ago.  Not only will both of them likely stay in the house, they are trying to build alliances (however shaky) to save their asses.

Sounds like Brendon is starting to realize that losing Annie is an Acceptable Loss.

Fast Times at Big Bro High

and Hayden and Brendon are finally having their Big Talk.  I have to say that the POV ceremony must not be until tomorrow, because Brendon is outside and usually the Veto holder has to be inside taping footage of them looking at the memory wall, pensively considering their options.

Hayden tells Brendon that there is one person he can nominate that can guarantee Rachel's safety 100%, but he doesn't say who it is.  Brendon says that Rachel is the only person in the house that he feels that he can trust.   Brendon thinks he knows who Hayden wants to nominate, and he says that he thinks that they can use that person later to help them in the game.

Hayden tells him that "that person" has tried to form alliances all over the house, with Enzo and others.  Brendon nods and takes that information well, and continues to suck up.

Annie's name is never mentioned, but they both know who they are talking about.  In order to discount what was just said, Brendon says that Enzo is so cool and funny, but his impression is that Enzo will go whichever the wind blows...

Brendon appeals to Hayden based on their physical strength, saying that between the two of them they can run the competitions and thus, the game.  Brendon pushes his luck by dragging Rachel into this, saying that "she really is smart".

Brendon serves up Britney as someone who will flip in a heartbeat--I guess to save Annie's ass if at all possible.  Now he tells Hayden that Andrew is not to be discounted--he could be a good partner in the house and nearly won the Veto yesterday.

Brendon is trying to guarantee Hayden's safety if Andrew wins HOH.  (Brendon and Annie were talking earlier that he would throw HOH to Andrew if it were only he and Andrew left at the end.)

Well, I have been watching BB feeds for YEARS, and what I just witnessed is a first for me.

It started raining, and then pouring in the BB backyard.  Everybody jumped up and ran to shelter.  I tried to snap a shot of the raindrops on the pool, but my Mozilla browser shut down completely and I had to reboot.

***about 3 minutes pass***

When I got back online the girls are all inside, wrapped in blankets like drowned rats, and Brendon is huddled up in bed with Rachel, whispering about his conversation with Hayden.  The past is forgotten, they can team up, yadda, yadda yadda.

When will these BB players learn to forego the showmances and stop thinking with their dicks?  This is fucking Big Brother and they would have killed to be on the show!  Now Brendon is going to blow it with this fake skank!

[I actually don't have a problem with Rachel, but if this is Brendon's future wife, can't it wait until outside the game?]

Outdoor Lockdown

And speculation is that the Veto Ceremony is near at hand.  It might be tomorrow, though.  I don't have the BB schedule down pat yet.

Kathy seems to breaking down on the Slop Diet.  Brendon mentioned trying to put a coating of slop on some dill pickles and panfrying them to eat with mustard a little while ago.  She just saw him and said she wanted to beg him to make some for her.  She keeps talking about how her clothes are falling off of her.

Annie can't wait until no one can hear her go to the bathroom.  Monet said she doesn't care if someone hears.  Kathy agrees--it's just natural.

Annie noted that many of the people in the house don't seem to be worried at all about the nominations.  Kathy noticed that, too, and thinks there is a lot of scheming going on.

Somebody get Kathy a sandwich, stat.  And shelve the Have Nots for next week.

Open Wide, Brendon

Brendon gets the award for being most aware of himself on camera.  He is constantly bringing it up---how people are watching him, which camera is on him, etc.

Matt just asked America to send them some banners with confusing messages, like "Don't trust Memphis!!"

Ha ha ha.

Ragan, to us:  Hey, do ya'll know the identity of the Saboteur?

BB didn't like that.  DOTS on that.

Enzo Appears, as Dusk Approaches

because he is going to be the guy who is up all night, and sleeps all day.  He has been on slop and can't wait to eat.

 Andrew says that as soon as the HG hear that there is going to be a Have/Have Not contest, they should all go to the kitchen and start shoving food down.

Andrew:  Remind me, Enzo, remind me to do that.

Enzo wants to hide food in the bathroom so he can eat it in secret if he is a Have Not again.  But for now heis munching pickles, since that is allowed on his slop diet.  He is allowed to have a raw carrot, too, apparently.

Kristin just burped and says she does it all the time.  According to Ragan, she is also a big farter.

The Invisible Houseguest

I rarely see Monet on the feeds.  I suspect because she is fairly boring, and so many other people in the house are not.  She just had her Big Closeup, where she picked nuts one at a time out of this can and munched on them, complete with crunching noises.

Andrew stood there for awhile before she even talked to him.  But when she did it was to discuss raisins and dried cranberries, which they both want.  They are both going to have cereal and Monet wants to mix hers---with two or more flavors in one bowl. Looks like it is Fruit Loops and some other type of cereal.

Kathy comes in and apologizes to Andrew for being rude earlier. She says she had something on her mind and didn't feel like talking.

Andrew:  Look, you're on slop and your hungry so it's okay. I didn't take it personally.

Andrew is a smacker when he eats cereal, which is highly annoying.  Is it the BB mikes that are amplifying this?  Or is this common practice for him.  Lots of slurpy closeups from the camera crew.

Turns out Monet left the milk out and Andrew scolds her for it, though she isn't in the room.

Kristin only eats salads, "salad all the time".  She doesn't understand why BB can't pick up some kosher bread for Andrew at the store.

These little conversations, as innocuous and as boring as they are, are probably a big achievement for Andrew today.  He has been ostracized in the house and people have been treating him like shit.  He asked Kristin about her family and she starts talking about her siblings.

Kristin moved out right after high school and has been on her own since then. She has a brother who is in the Marines and is just back from service.  Her dad has property in the suburbs of Philadelphia (Buxton County) and built her brother a little house on the grounds.

Her dad had an illegitimate child after he divorced her mom and I think that child is an 11-year old girl.

Andrew's daughter goes to school in Cleveland and he talks to her on Skype--they do homework together.  He usually has her every summer and this summer she went to camp, so the BB scheduling worked out.

Andrew's ex-wife remarried and moved to Cleveland.  Andrew lives in Miami Beach---he almost said the street but caught himself just in time.  He lives near Collins Avenue right in the heart of everything.

He mentions Jewish, Kosher, Jewish, Kosher every other sentence, which just compounds how different he is.  For example, Cleveland doesn't have a lot of Kosher, Miami Beach has a huge Jewish community, etc etc.

Kristin wants to open a store in Philly and Andrew kind of gives her grief about it.

Snack Time

in the kitchen with Annie and Brendon.  There has been much speculation about these two being in an alliance because she sleeps in the bed with him every night and makes a big production out of minimizing it.  They whisper all night, too.

(Rachel has to sleep in the Have Not room so for the time being those two can't sleep together. )

They are discussing the messages from the Saboteur.  The first message was the one on the first night.  They think that there is no way that CBS would risk the entire season on that one night, and that one act by the Saboteur (putting the padlock on the storage room).  They are both forgetting the fact that the show wasn't really live, and that BB are in control.  Supposedly the lights were off for about 20 minutes and the scene was heavily edited for telecast.

So who the hell knows.

The Saboteur also put some X's on some of the faces on the wall, but I didn't see that so I can't speak to it.

And the third message is the one about two people in the house being lifelong friends. That sounds bogus to me, since the feed watcher surely would have noticed something by now.

Britney just walked in the kitchen and had a brief conversation with them about Triscuits, cheese and constipation.  When she walked out Annie murmured: "Go spread your little gossip!"

And then when Britney walked outside she announced to someone that she just busted up some scheming in the kitchen.


Afternoon at the Pool

OK, maybe it's more of a kiddie pond, but it's all they've got there in the BB House.

Yes, Brendon is there right in front of her.  She discussed her boob job yesterday--I think she said she has only had one surgery, but she started out with C-cups, so she wasn't flat.  She has been wearing an old swimsuit that she got before her surgery because she thinks that it makes her boobs look bigger.

 Kristin is the only other girl in the house that the guys know has had a Boob Job.  A few of the guys would have thought Britney had surgery if they didn't know her, but now that they know her they realize she isn't the type of girl to do it.  (Plus, her boobs look real.)

They didn't discuss Kathy.  I haven't seen her in a bikini top (that I know of) so I can't comment on that.  It's a possibility is all I'll say about that.

Ragan always seems to be right there, participating in every conversation.  Never really leading it, just supporting and reflecting and generally being agreeable.  Strategy?  Probably.   Just after I took this screenshot,  Ragan appeared to pick his nose.  Sorry I missed that for you.

Kristin said that everyone's feet are the EXACT same size as the length of their forearms.  Rachel has heard that and it's weird.

[I was ready to call bullshit on that, but I just tried it on myself and it looks like it may be true.  Strange.]

Andrew the Outcast

See that little guy by himself all the way at the top of the frame?

That's our Andrew, all by his lonesome.  The cameras did some impressive work on his face, and then pulling back and holding this shot.  All those HG on the property, yet he is all alone. Maybe he is waiting on Hayden to go to to his HOH room so they can talk.

It's going to be awhile, Andrew, he's sitting with his feet in the pool chatting with Matt. 

Brendon and Rachel "Nap"

After the massage they start to settle into their "nap", giggling and smooching all the while.  Brendon just told her that this is more than a shomance.  She fishes for compliments by asking what he would think about her if he met her in Riverside or Vegas and you can feel the tension in the air.

She is rolling around and probably grinding her jugs on him and he said that he is having a hard time controlling himself.  Now with the serious multiple kisses....

She said he was a physicist way too loud and he shushed her.  Please, like anybody isn't going to figure it out now that at least two people know?  His cat is out of the bag, and in his bed now.  It is starting to feel like Showtime After Dark in the afternoon.  Brendon covered them up with covers because he wants it to be "our makeout session, not their (us) makeout session".

And for those of you who like to look at men's feet, don't say I never gave you anything....

Hayden Hair Watch

Here is the State of the Mop as he talks Game with Britney and Lane.  Britney is stressing about the POV ceremony and what Annie knows and who told her.  Apparently Annie is mad at Britney for talking about her so Britney really wants her gone.

Britney wanted the POV surprise to be Out of the Blue for Annie, but now Annie is somewhat aware that it might happen.  Lane just sits and plays with a pair of sunglasses and looks bored.  He has the hots big time for Britney and flirts with her constantly.

Lane is surprisingly funny and occasionally witty, which is a surprise to me.  Maybe he is super-smart to keep his Listen/Talk Ratio high.
Britney just wants Hayden to know that her word is good and she will vote with him, and she knows that Annie coming up and flipping out makes Britney look bad.

I guess Annie started bawling last night about something and they think it is about her family.  There is always going to be drama when Annie is around, so that is that.

Yesterday Britney said that her Mom has probably not left the house since the Live Feeds went up---she is  going to be watching every second of the action.  I think Mom can be proud so far--Britney is keeping it together and keeping her make up on whenever I see her.  Her fiance might not be so thrilled with Lane hanging around all the time, but at least he knows where she is and what she is doing.

Rachel Jumps On

Brendon to give him a massage.

They are flirting up a storm and discussing the latest mystery in the house.  The Saboteur has left them another cheesy message, telling them that two of the HG are life long friends.

Now, the Saboteur is there to mess them up, so maybe it is a lie.  And is it a lie told by the actual Saboteur, or by the BB Producers?  Is whoever the Saboteur is peforming to expectations?  Are they getting the job done and giving the Producers enough footage to stoke the mystery on the next two shows?

Matt and Annie are lounging in the sun. Matt is talking about how he is used to taking care of his wife Stacy due to her medical issues (may or may not be a lie) and Annie is talking about herself as usual.  Matt makes it sound like he is taking up for her in the house.   I have been watching him and I honestly don't know who he is.  I think he is a card-carrying member of the Brigade (Matt, Enzo, Lane & Hayden), but he is equally believable when chatting with others.

Maybe he is milking Annie for info before she finds out the bad news today.  Because chances are she is going to go apeshit when she is nominated.  Matt is asking if Hayden said anything to her about being nominated, etc.  She thought she was friends with Hayden, but now she's not sure.

Matt has been wearing a big bandaid on his left bicep, as seen in the picture below.  Is this for an injury, or is the band aid intended to cover a tattoo that CBS doesn't want to display, ala Crazy James?  (I feel like a need a good shower anytime I think of Crazy James.)

He even used the Bandaid as a cover for a strategy conversation with Hayden yesterday.  When they left the bedroom he said, Oh yeah, I can say I came in here to get a bandaid.

Does anyone know about this tattoo?  Surely it isn't the Brawny towel guy.  ***shudder***

Brendon Opens Up

while talking to Ragan alone in the backyard.

He's never been a fighter, and he was always picked on in school.  Ragan wants to know why.

Brendon:  Well, when I was younger, I was in all the gay classes.

*** Alert Alert Alert***

Ragan:  Gay classes?

Brendon: Well, the smart classes.  And I was smaller and they all just picked on me constantly when I was going home from school.  And then one day, one of the guys who was picking on my was shot.  It had something to do with what he had on.......and it was all over....

BB didn't like that, and cut to one of the dark bedrooms.

I think the kid got shot for wearing gang colors or something like that.  **Interesting***  A bonding moment for Brendon and Ragan......Ragan didn't seem mad about the "Gay Classes" comment, under the circumstances.

Wake Up Call

BB just gave them a wake-up call so we had DOTS.

When the cameras came back it looked like only Ragan got up and at 'em.  He was chatting briefly with Brendon, and then went on to the BR to start the day.

[Ragan looked thrilled to be greeted with a clean shiny Brendon first thing in the morning.]

Now Brendon is picking up towels outside and putting them in the washer.  It looks like people are just throwing shit all over the place out there.  Like a hurricane hit.  Brendon found his socks out there, so he's not innocent.

Ragan is tired but does not want the coffee offered by Brendon.  (Whaatt?  No coffee?)

They sit on the outside couches outside and chat about how hot is is in the Valley over the summer.  I can see movement in one of the BR, but the room is still dark.

Brendon:  It is kind of nice to be out here by myself, nice and quiet with no one talking game.

Ragan:  I know....I dreamed about it last night.

I guess they are talking about Enzo chattering nonstop last night (or some other guy) about strategy, etc.

Brendon:  I flipped this house upside down, didn't I?  By winning....

Ragan:  Yeah.  But in a good way.

Brendon is turning on some hose and putting it in the hot tub, I guess to clean it.  I was looking away when he did it and it sounded like someone was hitting a bong out there.  Now that would be exciting !  Stoned HG waking and baking in the BY.

Ragan:  I don't want to get too specific, but one of the things that is annoying me is how willing some people are to throw other people under the bus.

Brendon:  Oh, totally dude.

Ragan:  Again, without getting specific, I think Hayden's choice is very important in terms of  how he can throw somebody up that will really reveal their true colors.  I think people are already starting to...

Brendon: You know what's soon as I won the POV people have started acting weird around me.

[Ragan looks MUCH older than he is.  He needs to take better care of his skin and probably hydrate constantly.]

Now they talk about how Andrew is trying hard and struggling to fit in and he is being treated like crap.  He knows that Enzo is talking crap about him and it is uncomfortable.  Brendon has felt like he doesn't fit in, either, so he understands.  Ragan does, too.  He's been the scapegoat before and understands.

Brendon mentions that Andrew is struggling to maintain his religion, and the cameras immediately shift to a dark bedroom

Not kosher, BB, to discuss that?

Brendon Is Up

and he started a pot of coffee before getting in the shower.  He looks deep in thought, staring at something outside of the shower.  Looks like he might be mentally calculating something.  He doesn't have to wear his game face right now--no one is watching him.

(Except for us, of course.)

He's probably the only HG (other than the Brigade) who is relaxed today, because he will not be in the nomination chair due to his POV win.

This should be an action-packed day, once they have that POV meeting and last night's plan is put into place.

(i.e. Annie is getting her ass handed to her.)

***Important Update***

Boxers, not briefs.  Specifically, plaid boxers, deftly pulled up with one hand while he held up a towel with the other hand.  Unlike many past and present HG, he did not put on his undies in the shower stall---he did it in the middle of the BR like a man.  Ha ha.