Friday, July 9, 2010

Dinner in the Making

Brendon and Annie are making the meatballs and sauce and are whispering/talking strategy.  They are aligned, ti seems.
Why isn't Enzo making the pasta?  WTF

All cameras have been on the HOH room for awhile.  Andrew went upstairs and started the conversation with "I really like you Hayden....".  Hayden looked like he wanted to be anywhere else.

[I couldn't listen to that conversation because it was after ten here and I still hadn't had dinner.]

So then Rachel visited him for what seemed forever and she was starting to laugh in that annoying way (see the CBS show?) and obviously feels pretty safe now.  Basically she was begging for her life and Hayden said that he did see a way to save her, but he didn't elaborate.

Matt came in and Hayden asked him to wait outside for a few minutes, so Matt laid on the purple couch outside, eyes wide open and staring ahead.

After Rachel leaves, Matt comes back in and they are celebrating.  Matt says that Rachel is walking right into it and she is supposed to have Brendon come in to see Hayden in the morning.  Hayden is going to tell Brendon that he is saving him, but also feels compelled to disclose that it is Annie who will be nominated.

[Note that Hayden doesn't say things like "compelled to disclose...".  Watching Hayden communicate is lot talking to a dog. You pretty much understand what they are trying to tell you even though you can't make out a word.  I just try to gussy it up sometimes to keep in shape.]

Now we're back in the kitchen and watching Hayden load up a plate of spaghetti. Andrew is trying to slice a cantaloupe with a plastic knife and Brendon suggested he use a real knife.  It seems like Andrew wants some melon but can't eat the whole thing and wants to cover the rest for the group.

[Is cantaloupe kosher?]

He is looking at all that great Italian food but he can't have any.  He just apologized to Annie for what happened last night.  I think she accepted it, but it was really awkward and her back was to the camera.

Andrew kind of went around in circles and said more creepy things like "you are an attractive woman".  He's very stiff and it comes off like a serial-killer.

If you don't know what happened, Andrew did something like put his face under the covers by Annie's crotch and joking that he was going to give her a pap smear.  That is why Kathy was cracking jokes about Annie needing a rape kit.

Britney is a Gamer

Britney and Monet are in the HOH talking with Lane about the new Annie Eviction plan and they ended up talking about Kathy.  Britney says that the longer that she is "fake nice" to Kathy, the more she almost likes her.  I'm surprised that she said this in front of Monet, who is super-tight with her.

Apparently Kathy talks a lot of smack about people, and everybody notices it.  Lane leaves and then Britney is very upset that Lane already knew about the Annie Plan.  They blame Enzo, who they say is being way too obvious about it and needs to calm down.

They obviously have no idea about the Brigade.  (I would think it was semi-obvious.)  Britney thinks there are two good players in the house---one who is playing really hard, and one who is not even trying to play the game---both of which are good strategies.

I think she is talking about Annie and Kristin, in that order.  Monet thinks Kristin might be an actress or something.  They are all concerned with acting the same way around Annie in the next 24 hours.

Someone is making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner.

Enzo Means Business

and he wants Annie to get nominated in Brendon's place.  He is all hyped about it, although Hayden is set on getting Rachel out this week.  He says that that would be a big power play and that everyone would vote to evict Annie, at least enough people to make it work.

Enzo says that at 4:00 am they will all meet and talk about it--that is there time.  They are really trying to keep their alliance on the downlow.  Enzo goes downstairs to see if he can find Lane or Hayden.  He farted when he tried to open up the sliding door and Ragan called him out on it.

A little while ago Hayden met with Matt in one of the bedrooms and made it clear that he wanted Rachel to go.  He wanted to nominate Kathy as the pawn, thinking Rachel would go for sure.

[I wonder what happened in the time from when they entered in the house, until the season kick off last night for Hayden to hate Brendon and Rachel so much.  Something must have occurred.]

Enzo circled the yard and went back up to the HOH by himself.  He reports that he just talked to Britney, Kathy & Monet and they said to him, "I know Hayden likes you---what do you think about putting Annie up in Brendon's place?"

Matt and Enzo are celebrating the situation.  Enzo laughs that Ragan was right there and didn't pick up on the conversation. (Really?  I find that hard to believe.)

Enzo:  It's hot right now.  I'm telling you now is the time to get her out of here.  If we wait a few weeks she'll do a lot of talking...

They look at the Spy Screen and it looks like Annie might be coming up there.  They curse and Enzo leaves to go back outside.  (Annie nver went up there that I could see.)

The camera crews must be doing some training, because I keep seeing DOTS while the audio for the feeds is on.

Outside on the couches Kristin, Enzo, Hayden and Lane are lounging and talking about how some of the HG are connected.  Enzo starts whispering to Lane about getting Annie out.  Now Hayden is being summoned upstairs by Enzo for the Big Talk.

Hayden goes up to the HOH where Matt is still watching the spy screen and Enzo makes his pitch, based on the fact that Annie is making deals with everybody.  And the girls all hate Rachel and will vote her out soon anyway, doing their dirty work.

Matt interrupts to summarize things.  Basically they don't know if they have the votes to get Rachel out, but Annie is a solid eviction vote.  Enzo likes having the Monet-Rachel combo in the house because they hate each other and will be at each other's throats.

They also suggest that Hayden can use this to curry favor with Brendon that they are saving Rachel since he likes her.  Both Matt and Enzo are talking like crazy and gesturing, trying to sell their idea.

Hayden just sits there.  I must say that Hayden has a serious case of Hat Head, which I find distracting.

They refer to themselves as the Brigade--their four-man alliance.

Hayden finally speaks and says he likes the plan, but it all depends on how Brendon perceives the deal.  Brendon is a strong competitor and Hayden wants to make sure that Brendon appreciates the gesture and doesn't come after him later, in retaliation for his nomination.

Enzo keeps saying that Annie is the Saboteur---Matt doesn't say anything about it.  He kind of changed the subject by telling them about how Ragan approached him with what he thinks is the Next Big Twist.  Ragan whispered to him that Britney must be Kathy's long-lost daughter.  Matt is cracking up over this and using the story to demonstrate how paranoid everybody is and how rumors start.  He also deftly avoided further conversation of the Saboteur.

Enzo says to not tell anybody that will tell Annie---she can't have any extra time to start talking to save herself.

Rachel Flashes Us

She was in the kitchen talking to Brendon and Matt and she had to adjust her microphone. So for some reason she reached down the neck of her black tank top and scooped out one of her huge jugs and then stuck it back in.

Matt:  They're going to have to increase the monthly fees if you keep that up.  (ha ha good one)

They joke about the camera falling out of the ceiling.  She leaves and then Brendon starts saying that she is deeper than she seems and a really cool girl.  He trusts her.

Brandon:  I guess what I'm saying is that I suck at this game!

They laugh.  Brendon thinks that Matt is not aligned with anybody and they joke about what he really does for a living.  Brendon starts throwing out terms like C++ and Java and they laugh.

It is possible that Brendon told him about his education but I'm not sure.  Oh snap---Brendon just took Matt into another room and confessed that he is about to start his PhD.   So Matt understands now about his attraction to Rachel.

Matt:  It's like a little science love affair.

Now they leave the room and Brendon tells him that he does need the money, too.  It would be nice--he has some credit card debt--three or four thousand dollars.  Then Matt finds out that the PhD will be a full scholarship and you can tell that Matt is blown away by that.  Brendon is writing his dissertation about MRI radiation therapy---he knows the physics part but not the science part so I think he is partnering with someone for the research.

He hopes that Matt didn't make up that story about his wife Stacy needing money for her medical problems-the cancer treatment.  (I think he did, but I guess we'll find out later.)

Rachel walks by in a bikini and they laugh at how the cameras spin around.

Now Brendon says if he wins he would give Matt at least $50K for the surgery.  The story touched Brendon and he feels for him.  Brendon jokes that if he is lying, he's going to hell.

Now Britney comes in smoking in a blue and green bikini.  Matt jokes that she is taking all of their camera time so now they won't be famous.

[This last few minutes was pivotal, in my opinion. How will Matt handle this new information about Brendon? Matt was way too smart to reveal his own secret---his sky high IQ.

I Guess Meow Meow Means Catty

because the minute that Rachel leaves the HOH room Enzo starts imitating her kissing up to him.

One of the girls says that she thinks that Rachel has done something to her lip, and the other one says that she said she had it done about 20 times.

Enzo:  When she's in here I want to cut my ear off.

Now we see the Have Room with Annie talking to Rachel now.  They are both hoping that Andrew gets nominated.  Now Kristin comes in and they are all excited that they can go outside soon (when the POV comp is cleaned up).  They want to lay out.

Rachel is doing her nails again and comments on Kristin's bikini. She has the same one and she got it at a "stripper store".  Then they start talking about some trip to Jamaica (?) that Rachel was supposed to go on.  I think it relates to Oingo Boingo, who must be the brand of the bikini.  Kristin went and was saying "OH MY GOD!  We were talking about the girl from Vegas who didn't show up!!"

And the camera switches to Matt giving laundry instructions to Britney.  We can see all of his very colorful tattoos.  Ragan has his shirt off and has a big star on his shoulder, and some writing on his forearm.

Some people are relieved about the POV, some are paranoid, and all are whispering to someone when they get a chance.

Ragan starts mouthing things to Matt that he thinks he can trust Kristin, but he's not sure.  Matt thinks she's so mysterious because she acts like she doesn't care.  Ragan has talked to her and says she is not someone who opens up very fast.  Ragan thinks that is smart and logical.

Matt:  Oh I know she's smart.  I think I can trust her but I don't want to trust her because she's so tight with them....

Matt tells Ragan that if he heard his name thrown out, he would tell him.  But he doesn't feel like that about everybody.  They both say this experience is "something else" and Matt thinks it's weird that America is watching them now.

Ragan gestures at the camera.

Ragan:  But I love it!  I love it!

[I am changing my mind about Ragan because he is handling himself well, in my opinion.]

Annie Get Your Xanax

because you are going to need it in there.

I just got home and am trying to get up to speed on what is going on.  It sounds like Brendon just won the POV (!) although this is not confirmed yet.

Enzo, Kathy and Monet are in some room whispering and blowing off steam from the comp. It sounds like they all hate Annie and they are planning to initiate her nomination when Brendon takes himself off the block.

Lots of whispering about her shady behavior and her actions with the guys in the house.  Enzo says that Annie was telling people the first day that she thought Brendon liked her, and then yesterday she said she thought that Lane likes her.

Enzo:  She says she has a boyfriend, but there is no way.  No fucking way.  She says that she has been with him for 2 years, but no fucking way.  She is so disrespectful.

Monet:  I don't think she has a boyfriend...

Kathy:  Maybe she's gay.


Kathy:  No, just kidding.

Damn that Kathy has skills.  She is good at reading people.

Now Rachel comes in and is a little nervous about what will happen now.  Enzo said that she was safe before, and might be now, depending on who gets put up.  I don't think he mentioned the plan to nominate Annie to her.  Hmmmm.

Rachel wants to go to the DR now while she is pumped up (I think Brendon is in there now.).  She starts imitating the DR people asking her about things that happened 5 days ago and BB doesn't like that.


I'm ready to confirm now.  Brendon won POV. We've got the abs for another week.

Annie's Baggage

I mean the baggage under her eyes, is significant today.  I don't think I noticed this before, but she has huge bags under her eyes.

Lots of salty snacks?  Too much booze last night?  Tossing and turning all night?

Kathy said yesterday several times that she thought Annie would have a nervous breakdown.  Maybe this is a sign of Annie's overall stress level.

Kathy has on a kelly green T-shirt with big white letters that says "Rub for Luck".  Ha ha.  Kind of racy for the mom of a teenager, huh?

Britney still has on her pink PJ pants and is cute as a button.  She saunters into the kitchen with her coffee mug.  Kathy is lotioning her elbows, getting ready for the day.

Rachel says the slop is okay this morning with all the brown sugar in it.  She thanks Ragan for making it, but he corrects her and says to thank Matt.

Enzo:  Thank God it's Friday.  I  always say I love me some Gigi, about my wife.

Enzo is still sporting his shades, too cool for school.  Andrew just popped some pills, right there in the kitchen.  Part of the drama around today is that Andrew has apparently said to a few people that if he wins the POV, he is going to take Brendon off the block.  Between that and the fact that he accused Enzo of being "in a gang" (in the BB house), he is one of the most hated players, if not the most.

I suspect many of the HG don't care one way or another, but are just glad that they aren't in his shoes.  (I would be, anyway.)

I think the Have Not room looks super cool, with the trees and everything.  I'm thinking that Enzo is a Have Not, too, because I heard that he said last night he didn't know whether to "cry or slap a tree".

Brendon went into his BR and put on a cap backwards.  He seems to be praying silently and psyching himself up, whispering a bit.

He has on flip flops.  Now Annie materializes and starts whispering with him.  She has on some sort of fierce flat gladiator sandels and I must give props for that.

Brendon knows he needs to win the POV, and then if he wins the HOH then Hayden is out of there.  He hates him and thinks he is so stupid.  During the POV Brendon is going to be shit-talking and trying to fuck up his game.

Now Annie is telling some story about clashing with Andrew over the bagels AGAIN.  She told it a little while ago but I didn't feel like typing it up.  I guess she put one of the bagels in the toaster and he told her that the bagels were for him, since they were kosher.  Annie is incensed over this.

She will have a nervous breakdown if she doesn't calm the fuck down.

I jsut realized that Annie is going for the whole Avril Levigne look, with the straight hair plastered to her head and the eye makeup and all.

Brendon goes off again about how stupid Heyden is and how he won't be around past week #5 the way he is playing.

Annie isn't playing in the POV, but she has a feeling that Brendon is going to win.

[You know, the first BB eviction is usually a social one.  The first HOH doesn't want to piss anybody off unnecessarily, so they always seem to nominate and evict the house oddballs, to gain consensus and do the bidding of the house.  But this year.......totally different and exciting.]

Brendon:  I just think he's thinking with his fucking dick. He wants to get the guys out so he can hang with the girls.  He's 24....he's young...

[In Heyden's preseason interview with Chelsea, it came out that he had never watched BB before in any regular fashion.  So maybe he is being stupid right now, who knows.  You can read my summary of that interview here.]

Primp Time

Rachel has joined the beauty group and is using the flat iron, too.  She says she hates not wearing her extensions and they all comment on them.  Her normal length hair is not short---shoulder length.

Britney: All of my sorority sisters saw me fall off that wiener last night.


Rachel:  I know, I can't wait to talk to my sorority sisters and see what they think.  Even though I haven't seen them in awhile, I still can't wait.

Britney wonders how the editors are handling the timeline of events, how they are cutting and splicing things for the TV show.

BB:  You are NOT allowed to discuss production!

Movie Talk

The feeds are back up.  Ragan, Brendon, and Annie are talking bout movies.  Matt is there, too, with a slight stubble but he is quiet.

Brendon likes the movie Crash but Ragan didn't.  He thought that in trying to have a racist commentary, it had moments of being very racist, as far as the writing or the portrayals.

Annie has already loaded up on the frosty eyeshadow this morning.  "A courageous choice", as some might say.

Ragan wanted Brokeback Mountain to win the Oscar that year, rather than Crash, because "I'm gay.".

Brendon:  Oh.  Touche.

Ragan likes the director Ang Lee and calls out The Ice Storm as another one of his great films.

Andrew has on his yamulke (sp?) and is eating some cereal.  Enzo sits next to him at the round table wearing sunglasses.  Not a morning person, apparently.

Britney is in the BR mirror, using a flat iron.  Monet is putting on makeup now, and Kathy is curling her eyelashes.

[I'm guessing that BB told them to get ready for the POV.]

Britney:  Do you guys think that after this, Monet will marry a professional athlete?

They joke that she will hook up with Reggie Bush.  Britney thinks Kristin will marry somebody in finance, like an investment banker. Britney says her fiance is "just a phlebotonist", in response to a question about him.

DOTS. Posting.

Alliance of Four

Since the feeds are down (for me, anyway), I am watching the flashback from last night, picking up where I left off with the freshly-baked cookies and Matt and Enzo going up to the chessboard.

Matt and Enzo are tight tight tight and Matt was running the conversation by saying that since Andrew seems to be in everybody's crossfire, they don't need to win HOH next week and have a clear shot to Week #4.

Hayden walked upstairs and invited them in.  They immediately start expecting Annie to come up there---they don't like her at all (me either).

The Alliance of Four is Matt, Enzo, Heydon and Lane.  Sounds like they want to get rid of Brendon and Andrew, so that they will be the only guys in the house and can pick off the girls as necessary, one by one.

If Brendon wins the POV, they might put Annie up and backdoor her, but they don't want to "show their cards" to Annie, in case she doesn't go home.  They know she's playing the game and is trying to play it off like she hasn't chosen a side yet.

Enzo:  If anybody wins the POV and takes Brendon off, they're in deep shit.

Lots of mafia references from Enzo, which is funny.  I can't wait to heara Matt's DR sessions to see if he is playing how he says he is.

[Dear Alison Grodner:  If Matt is the Saboteur, please don't let him go home.  Thank you.]

They plan to spread out in the house and to mix with everybody throughout the game.

Hayden:  I just was in the HT with Brendon and Rachel and trust me that's the last place I want to be.

They discuss Kristin and how crazy she seems.  She doesn't seem to care who wins the competitions or what happens.  She's the Wild Card, they say.  (Strategy?? The Saboteur??)

They want to keep Monet scared and not tell her that she isn't going up if the POV is used.

Enzo:  She doesn't have a scheming bone in her body.  I like to keep her close to me because she's a good competitor.

They bring up Annie's game play again.  They all agree she's playing hard, doing whatever she can.

If  Brendon leaves, they want to hold a house-wide Study Session to pretend they are all a big family and share info with everyone.  But if he stays, Matt doesn't want to share the info or have a Study Session.

Matt:  I stay up at night and think of all this shit.

(careful Mr. Mensa......)

The HOH Room is beautiful, if on the girly side.  Wonder how long that carpet will be snow white?  Heydon has a table full of snacks, too, that they aren't touching right now.

Matt's cover for coming up to the HOH for everyone is to say he's taking a dump.  Right now Heydon is leaving the HOH first and they are going to come out later, using the TV screen to find a time to go to the chess board.

Oh here comes Rachel, with wet hair. Andrew walked her up to the HOH and opened the door for her, but didn't come in himself.  Not kosher, I guess.  Rachel goes to the bed where Enzo is splayed and asks if she can hang out.  Enzo immediately starts trashing Andrew to her, asking why he doesn't want to hang out.

Now Matt joins in, calling Andrew a creeper and a shit-stirrer.  Heydon points out that he is "saying a lot of bad words tonight".

Rachel's ex-boyfriend didn't sign the release, so she can't talk about him.  He is a lacrosse player, and the guys are impressed with that.  They dated for 2 years.

Now Annie comes blazing in without asking if she can.  She has on yet ANOTHER outfit and immediately joins the conversation about Andrew.

Sounds like Rachel told everybody that she is a scientist already.  Maybe being nominated first shook up her game.

Now they discuss Matt's wife.  She is only 24 and has a degenerative bone disease that is very rare.  He is using a lot of medical terminology.  It is on her left leg and she might have to have it amputated, although there are other options.  However the other options are not covered by insurance, so this is one of the reasons why he applied for BB.

He says that as a web designer he started a website or something like that, to raise donations but the money wasn't coming in fast enough.

[I tried to look for this website, but couldn't find it.  Is Matt crafting a big lie???  Love it, if so.]

Matt talks about how much of a nerd he is, and that he converts all of his girlfriends to the nerdy type, too.  Matt loves hot chicks who love geeks. (duh)


Some Real Problems This Morning

Damn needs to come correct with these feeds!

On the quad picture I can see in one frame that Monet is chatting with someone, but I can't seem to click on that feed to watch (and hear it.).

The following statement is printed at the top of the Real Screen:

Blah blah blah we are experiencing problems with the feeds blah blah blah we are aware of it and we're working on it blah blah blah.

In other words, our site is jacked up but don't you dare call and complain.  I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.  I'm not one of "those fans" that are going to make a public demonstration about it.

As long as the Flashback is available later so I don't miss any good shit, I'm fine.  So far.

All Quiet in the BB House

Everything is all dark in the house right now.  I am figuring out that if I watch the Quad Feed (all four cameras at once) there is no sound.

I hope they fix that.  Right now when everyone is up the conversations would be hard to follow on the Quad, but a few weeks from now it will be a different story.

I have a meeting this afternoon with a new client (the nerve of her to hire me during BB time..) but otherwise I am going to be glued to my screen for much of the day and evening.

Yes, I'm a dork.

Things Get Ugly Part 2

I am watching the Camera#3 Flashback from last night at 9:00 PM in the BB House - Part 2.  This would have been the time that the Live Feeds started last night (or early this morning on the East Coast).

Ragan, Brendon, and Kristin are at the hot tub talking about the nomination ceremony.  Brendon says how intense it was to be hanging around outside, getting called into the house, and BAM there are those keys.  Kristin says this is so intense, taking the keys out. 

Ragan is using his communication training to listen and say things to Brendon to make him feel better about being nominated.  He tells him that everyone could go home, that the VETO can change everything.  Brendon is in the "feel sorry for me" stage and is kind of wallowing in it.  Strategy???

(It would be a damn shame to lose that eye candy so early in the game.)

Now Andrew is out on the couch talking to them, and he is all bundled up in sweatpants, socks and shoes, and a longsleeved shirt. 

Ragan thinks that Andrew could be a radio host with his calm, deep voice.  Ragan is on the stair climber, going slow, and Brendon says that he is making it into a sensual act, with how slow he is going.

Now they are mimicking Jeff Shroeder by saying:  "Techtronics"  "Yo-Yo", and "You Got Got".  Ha ha.

Now Monet is in the hot tub, up to her knees.  She has killer abs with the definition line at her hips like a body builder.  Hayden has on a Doo Rag and is dipping in the hot tub, too.

Kristin wants to know if people feel like they have to be more entertaining now that the cameras are live.  Someone says that it makes them feel like doing less--I guess due to being self-conscious.

Brendon:  I would like to get a live feed of the people watching the live feeds!  That's what I want to see!

Monet:  I would never pay for this if I didn't know anybody on the show.....

They continue to imitate Jeff.  Brendon imitates him talking to Russell and it is funny.

Now Annie comes out in a print bikini.  This is the THIRD outfit I have seen Annie wear during this hour-long flashback.  She gets in up to her shoulders and is sitting across from Monet, who hates her.

So now Monet says that she wants to go inside and get some cookies, but she doesn't make the move yet.  She just addresses everyone except Annie--there are 6 of them at the hot tub right now.  Annie announces that she has been eating a lot of crap in the house.  Some of them are craving fish like ahi.

Now I see that Rachel is in the HT, too.   She isn't much of a talker right now---maybe the nominations have hit her with a can of Shut Up.

The HT is a lot hotter than yesterday and they all love it.  Brendon is sitting on the edge with the water up to his knees but everybody else is submerged.  Hayden isn't much of a talker, either.

They are bummed because they did a lot of singing before the feeds went live, and that has to stop.

A little while ago Monet and Kathy were whispering about the songs BB has played, and are trying to figure out if there is a pattern, or if they relate to the POV comp:

Nine-to-Five, by Dolly Parton  (Kathy jokes that she is the only old one who knew it)
Push It - Salt n Peppa (pretty sure she said this)
Work It - Missy Elliot

Now Kathy is talking low on the couch with Andrew.  About Annie, of course.  Andrew says that she is making him look like a bad person, and he is worried about his safety next week.  Kathy says again that she thinks Annie will have a nervous breakdown.

It sounds like Andrew is the one who had a big blowup of some sort with Annie.  Or she accused him of doing something really bad??  Andrew wants to make it through to next week and wants Kathy to win HOH.

Kathy is one of the ones who can't eat, and she doesn't know if she will get to eat before the competition.  She knows that she is "going downhill" without eating and has lost a lot of weight.  Andrew has a very soothing low voice and thinks that he is all alone in the house.

Kathy is listening to the "other group" and that is all...and laughing when she should.  She is not on their side and assures Andrew of this.  They are wondering about Kristin and where her loyalties lie.  Andrew thinks that she is scared and is trying to lay low.

Kathy:  Look...look...this is an attention getter right here..

and we see Kristin get out of the HT and run over to pool.  Everyone cheers her through it and she walks back to the HT.

Damn---Kristin's body is so tight and toned.  I don't like the fake boobs, but she is lithe and graceful and her muscles are not too big.  Un-freaking believable.

Meanwhile Kathy and Andrew agree that if you're safe, why win HOH?  Andrew doesn't want to win, but if "he" has a chance to win it, Andrew will need to win.  So some guy is against Andrew and I guess everybody knows it.

I think it's Brendon--Kathy and Andrew both say that he doesn't talk to either of them. 

Brendon gets called to the DR. I hope he doesn't take the time to put on a shirt.

(Last night Andrew introduced himself to the others as a shoe salesman, and Kristin told the group she manages a high-end shoe boutique.  I wonder if that is going to trip up Andrew's lie??)

Now Matt appears in a L/S hoodie and is racking up the billiards for a game with Lane.  Lane feels like he is being totally normal on camera and isn't worried about it.  Matt, too.

Matt is twirling the little triangle racker thing like he has done this before.  Enzo is at the table in his hat and is talking some BIG SHIT about Brendon, I think.  Effin' this, effin' that.  I guess all three of the guys are going to play.

Enzo:  He was telling me you're safe 'cause you're in the gang.  I said what gang?  What the fuck?  I'm not playing games anymore.  I don't give a fuck.

Matt:  It's funny.  When I was younger I used to beat off to Showtime.  Now I'm on it.  (ha ha ha)

Enzo:  This game is going to get.....fucking dirty.

Maybe it's Andrew he is talking about--I think that's it.  Whoever it was was "too scared" to finish his conversation with Enzo.  Now Annie's name came up but I can't tell if that is good or bad with this crowd.

The PT seems to be far enough away from the HT and the couch so they can speak freely.  Enzo is going on and on with the cursing and saying that they need to start "picking people off".

Matt's Standard Coversation Filler:  Yup.  Yup.

BB is going to have to tell Enzo that they are going to have to bleep everything for CBS if he's not careful.

Kristin seems to be the wildcard.

Enzo:  We've got to fucking coach her.

Matt:  Who's she with?

Enzo:  Exactly....and Britney's another one.  Who the fuck knows?

They discuss that Kathy and Monet are together.  Monet started crying because of the look that Rachel gave her when they pulled out the key (?).  Enzo went in to comfort her and told her to just play hard.  They keep calling her "Monique" instead of Monet and they laugh and curse about this.

Lane doesn't talk much, but he is part of their group.

Enzo: Hayden is fucking dumb. Fucking dumb.

Now they discuss how weird it was with Andrew and Annie.  Yup.  Andrew is pissing people off. Enzo acts like Andrew saying he's in a gang is the worst thing ever.

Enzo:  Even if people think we're together, we're still a powerhouse.

Matt:  Yup.  I'm loving this more and more.

They plan to approach Hayden for some sort of deal.  They cover the pool table and make their way upstairs to the chess board, stopping on the way for fresh cookies.

Enzo:  These smell fucking good!  Oh we've got milk??  POW!

Britney is perched on the counter, giggling.  Matt can't talk clearly with the cookies in his mouth.

Annie comes in, wrapped in a towel, and refuses a cookie.

Annie:  I can't really. I've gained so much weight since I've been in this house.

Enzo:  Gained weight?

The camera switches to the HT again.  I guess Rachel is one of the non-eaters, too.  Ragan is as well and they accuse him of farting all the time, even without food.

Kristin:  You fart all the time!

Ragan:  I haven't farted once in this house!

Kristin:  My mistake...

lots of laughs out there.  Ragan accuses Kristin of being the Fartoteur.

Ha ha.

End of Flashback.  Posting.

Things Get Ugly Fast....

I am watching the Camera#3 Flashback from last night at 9:00 PM in the BB House.  This would have been the time that the Live Feeds started.

(I was sitting in bed with my laptop, trying to wait it out until midnight, but I fell asleep.  Sorry.)

Monet and Kathy are laying on the outside couch, stretched out with their heads together, talking low about some woman that they hate.  I get the impression that it is Rachel (aka Jugs), but I'm not sure.  Kathy has one arm over her head, hanging over her forehead, and the inside of her right arm is COVERED in bruises.  Big, dark bruises.

They are talking about a competition (a new one, with "sticky stuff") and how hard it was. 

As you may know Brendon and Rachel have been nominated.  Monet has apparently had words with someone and thinks the plan might be to backdoor her this week since she won the $10K.  She plans to fight like hell for the Veto--I think she already knows that she is going to play for it.

Oh....the girl they are talking trash about is Annie!  She is shady and obvious and doesn't fool either of them one bit.

Kathy:  I'm just not used to being around this level of immaturity.  We're in here for the life experience.

I guess Annie kept talking last night about how when the CBS show came on last night, and then the Live Feeds, that she was going to be a celebrity.  She kept saying "Are we live?  Are we live?  Are we live?"

Kathy:  I knew that the minute that those cameras came on we were about to see a whole new level of personalities.

and...I'm not going to be the one shaking my boobs on camera.

Sounds like Annie changed her clothes a dozen times, waiting for the Live Feed cameras to go live.

(I think we all saw one of Annie's "characters" in the DR last night, complete with accent.  She thinks she is going tobe a big star, apparently.  I got the gist of it in her preseason interview, which you can find here.)

These two have apparently hit it off (Kathy & Money) and are giggling and rehashing things that happened.  It's hard to tell exactly what they are talking about, but Monet is calling someone a bitch.

I can see Brendon in the hot tub---his body is incredible.  Abs for days.  It looks like Annie is hovering on the edge of the hottub in some sort of striped top.  They are close enough to hear them talking, but not what they are talking about.

There are two empty wine bottles on the outside table, a number of abandoned wine glasses, and what looks like a giant can of peanuts.  So I guess they can eat now.

Monet got up to go to the BR in a bright pink bikini.  Now I can hear the hottub conversation and they are talking about something that Kathy says is nasty that they hope was not shown on the show.

One of the guys (not Brendon) said something that was one of the nastiest things that Kathy has ever heard.  Brendon is draining a can of beer.  Kristin is there too, by or in the hottub.  I can see Ragan walking around in a long-sleeved plaid shirt.

Sounds like they may have had a lot of lockdowns recently that prevent Brendon from doing what he wants to go work out, etc.  Now Monet is back out on the couch and is under a blanket.

Kathy just torched up a Marboro Light (hardbox).  I guess she does have a smoker's voice.

She and Monet say that someone is freaking out because "her plan didn't work out".  Annie gets called to the DR.  Apparently BB told her to change the dress she is wearing (the striped one) and Kathy tells her this as she scurries to the DR.

Kathy and Monet start talking trash about Annie the second she is inside.

Monet:  She's telling everybody what they want to hear....(names everybody's name)

Kathy:  She's gonna have a nervous breakdown......I'm going to play this game, but I'm not going to stop my morals and what I believe in, and not be able to forgive myself.

(Every one of these people said in their preseason interviews that they are ready to lie, cheat and steal.)

One of the guys is "freaking out because they bombed hard with Annie".   Kathy is saying that she can't work out, and hasn't eaten in 6 days (??) and is so beat up it looks like she has two sleeve tattoos.  (ha ha ha)

Kathy is trying to wave the smoke away from Monet and seems to be one of those smokers who is aware of the impact on others.  Two of the fish in the tank died already.

Annie comes back out and has changed into cutoff shorts and a plaid shirt.  I think they took that dress.  Now Annie is talking getting into a confrontation with one of the guys----sounds like something bad happened in there because Kathy joked that BB needed the dress for a "rape kit".

BB immediately switches the audio to the hot tub and Kathy gets called to the DR.  Oh boy.  I wonder if we will get to find out what happened.

Kristin has on a green sequined bikini and the camera just did a few porn shots of her body.  Ragan is out at the hot tub talking to Brendon and Kristin.  Brendon is saying that this (the nomination?) is really shaking his self confidence.  Kristin hasn't been herself at all.

Damn Brendon has some hot abs.

Ragan thinks that after nominations people relax and start talking more.  I guess people let some walls down.  Brendon wanted to hang out with everybody last night after noms but he didn't feel like it.

(I think he and Rachel hung out and I read on Jokers that they were making out, but I didn't see that myself.  Yet....)

Brendon is a really sensitive guy and if he walks out the door first, that's okay, but that's not what he wants.  He doesn't want to backstab anyone and has to win the POV now.

I'm at the halfway point of this flashback.  Posting....