Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Hour with Janelle and Jordan - Part 2

This is Part 2.  Now we're waiting on Jordan to call in, and listening to fans call in to chat.

There is chatter about how you can go on and suggest tasks for the Saboteur.  Now they are talking about how the season will be broadcast by simply streaming live on, rather than using the Real Player.  Everyone is happy about it.

Is this Missy's "real job"?  Does she make a living from doing this?  Is this how she "makes the doughnuts"?  Because there sure are a lot of doughnuts.

Now Jordan is with us but we can't hear her, and she's not smiling or anything.  She has her hair in a ponytail and some sort of white hoodie zipped up.  They are going to send her a new microphone for next week.  Maybe we won't even be able to hear her at all today....what the hell.

Jordan is going to have a weekly show on Mondays at 6:00 PM EST, but next week and next week only she will be on Tuesday instead.  Finally we can hear Jordan in an energetic burst and she says that she has one more summer school class on Monday of next week and then she is flying to Chicago to be with Jeff so he will be on Tuesday's show with her, live from Chi-town. Exciting!

I haven't kept up with Jordan, so I didn't know she was in school---good for her.  She talked about wanting to go back to school when she got out of the house, so that is great that she made that happen, even with all the BB, TAR, and Jeff Romance stuff.  She wanted to be a dental hygienist, so maybe she is still striving for that.  That would actually make her one of the smarter BB winners--pursuing what they wanted to do in the first place, but with a financial cushion (exp:  Will-BB2, Dan-BB10).

In what is sure to be one of the technical glitches of the year, Missy said, just to get it out of the way so every single person doesn't have to ask this, are you and Jeff still together?

Jordan answered, but we couldn't hear any of it.  Reading her lips, she said:  Yes, we are.

Missy and Jordan begged her:  Say it again, say it again!  And she did, but we still didn't hear it!  Ha ha ha.  Missy had to announce that Jeff and Jordan are indeed still a couple.

Jordan has some extreme technical difficulties, so Chelsea is apologizing profusely for having to let her go.  They say goodbye and she waves goodbye.  I guess there were  a lot of people holding to talk to her.  Now, if they have this type of problem when Jeff is there with her next year, things might get ugly. 

Jeff and Jordan won't be ugly.  But everything else will be.

Back to the callers and the BB talk:

Chelsea says the only one who had never seen BB before was Hayden.  Missy starts dissing Hayden's hair and looks (Whaaaattt Missy?????) but Chelsea says in person that Hayden is "smoking".  They compare his hair to Justin Beiber's. 

Missy felt compelled to mention that there would be no Russell this year for her.  She was in love with Russell last year and made a fool out of herself when talking to him.  She asked him at the finale about his comments about fat women---basically why didn't he love the large ladies.  ***awkward***

Missy if it is any consolation I don't think that Russell likes any ladies, but that is only my opinion based on watching him all summer and seeing his blog posts in the past year, along with the pictures posted of him and his "buddies".


Now Missy is commenting on Andrew's comments about not letting his daughter have dolls or anything pink.  I agree with her there.  Chelsea says that he seemed to be the only one who recognized her by name the minute he walked in.  The others said she looked familiar, but didn't know her name.

A caller said that she hoped that Enzo was the first to go, but Chelsea said that she loved him and he was funny.  They are all doing his signature moves now---the knuckle thing.

Even though she reportedly doesn't like him, Missy is repeating the Meow Meow Mafia phrase over and over and over and over.  Maybe six times in the last 4 minutes.

A caller asks for predictions on the 1st three evictions.  Chelsea:  Kristin, Monet, Monet.  Chelsea says that none of the girls will like Monet, and that when the interview was over, she couldn't even talk.  She stood in the corner, staring at the wall.  (I could tell that!!  There was no rapport there.)

Chelsea says that there is "nothing going on upstairs".  She has never lived on her own, and has only visited places for a few weeks.  They both love Kathy.  Chelsea said she was very shy and sweet.  She is a petite sheriff that does "gnarly stuff". 

Missy says that she shouldn't tell the others that she is a Sheriff.  Once again, I agree with her.  Now the caller discloses that she is Kathy's best friend and she is calling from her Texarkana home town.  They are having a big viewing party tomorrow night to celebrate.

The girls laugh that they are glad they said nice things about Kathy to her friend---they had no idea who she was when she called in.

OMG one of the callers is a FREAK.  They are trying to shut her up and have her move along but having a hard time doing it.  Apparently this caller went to the "Rainbow Reunion" in Oregon on a train and she is going on and on about her hypothiroidism and how she hasn't talked to her mother in years and yadda yadda yadda.  A hot mess,  for sure.

The last caller is complimenting Chelsea on her wicked exit speech when she left the house....about someone not having a backbone, someone needing an education etc.  I don't remember it and was probably high or something.

He asks what would happen if the Saboteur gets voted out first.  They think there may be another twist on the back burner, just in case.  Just speculation based on past seasons.  Missy just implied that production would try and have the HG not vote out the Saboteur first, looking at Chelsea for confirmation, but Chelsea didn't bite.  She knows who pays the bills and she's not telling any secrets.

That's it.  All over and signed out.  I don't know if I will recap these Happy Hour shows anymore unless I hear something really juicy said.  I am going to have my hands full with BB and running my business. 

I recapped it tonight because I thought Janelle and Jordan would actually be there, and because I am excited about the new season.  Having said that, I do want to watch the episode with Jeff next Tuesday.  I have a meeting with a client that day in some godforsaken country town, but hopefully I can get home in time to get back to what is really important---my BB addiction.  And we all like to leer at Jeff, don't we?

Ha ha. I'm as scary as that caller with hypothyroidism.  Bunch of freaks!

Happy Hour with Janelle and Jordan - Part I

Big excitement tonight--Janelle and Jordan are hosting a preseason happy hour special, which is due to start any minute.

OK ---the music is just starting and it's a funky beat.  Apparently the happy hour show will be hosted by Chelsea and Missy, and the opening montage has some colorful graphics with little pictures of the two of them slurping and clinking martini glasses.

(I know, but there is nothing else to report on yet...I'm just shaking off the rust.)

And here we are.  There are some audio problems.  Chelsea is sporting a ponytail and Missy has some sort of new do.  Jet black straightened and flattened to her head.  Not much else to say about that.....

Things are really different on Real this year...instead of downloading Real Player software and then watching the feeds from that, the process this year involves just logging on to the Real website and streaming the action from there.  So, I guess it all depends on how their website can handle it all.  We'll see.

Chelsea is hating on Monet, who told Chelsea that she felt there were too many "trashy bimbos" on BB in the past.  Apperently she didn't know that Chelsea had been on the show and there were some awkward moments when the interview was over.  Chelsea readily admits that she acted like a trash bimbo, but was still offended by Monet's attitude.

Janelle is going to be on a remote feed and I guess we are waiting for that.  Ha ha, now Chelsea is mentioning how the air conditioning failed during Lane's interview and how hot it is.  You can read about how sweaty he was here.

Now Janelle is here on Skype and we see a discolored close up of her face.  She looks great and maybe had some work done on her lips.  Maybe not.  There is an annoying echo on the sound, but it's okay.  Janelle still watches the show faithfully, reads the websites, and watches the feeds a little bit.

Janelle likes Lane, Brendon, and Enzo.  For the girls she likes Britney and Rachel.

Enzo reminds her of BB9 Alex, but thinks he might end up being like a Guido Howie.  Funny.  No mention yet of Janelle's wedding.

A caller just called in to congratulate her.  Now the caller mentioned that one of the preseason interviews is missing (Kristin).  Chelsea said that it is really hectic around there and someone was "out", so they are going to dig around, find it and put it out there for us.

Missy just alluded to the fact that she had "seen enough of Kristin on the internet".  I guess there are some nude pictures out there of her?  I will have to see if that is true and get back to you---it's kind of like my job, isn't it, to keep you updated.

Janelle doesn't like Andrew and hopes he isn't the Saboteur so he can't have a chance at the million dollars.  Andrew rubs her the wrong way, apparently.

Lots of sound technical issues but that is to be expected.  They said it was the same way last year.

Dear God the girls just asked Janelle to hold up her ring finger----Holy Cow that is a rock!  Janelle fingernails are still "red and blue from the fouth".

A caller thinks that Annie might be the HOH due to the July 4th BB Pool Party picture montage that BB posted on the holiday.  People think that from her hand in the picture that she is holding something ---maybe the HOH key.  But now Missy is saying that she was wearing a big flower ring and that is what was in the picture, rather than a HOH key.  (Do you believe Missy?   I don't think she has any more scoop than we do, personally.)

Janelle is so sweet to all of the callers, saying hello to them with the singsong voice she would use with Howie.  Even if it's fake, it is so nice of her and she is a fan herself so she understands the addictive behavior of the fans.

In response to a caller's questions, Janelle says that she likes the new decor in the house because it looks like Miami Beach, where she lives.

Chelsea thinks Matt is the Saboteur, since he reminds her of Eric Stein.   Janelle disagrees, because Matt comes off like he would be a cheating, vicious player and has potential to be one of the best ones in the house.  She thinks the Producers would like that and that someone more subdued would be chosen for the Saboteur---she keeps saying Andrew.

They don't think that the Saboteur would have a choice in the matter.  That was their deal, take it or leave it.

Janelle is so excited about the new season that she doesn't know how she will get through the next few days.  She keeps looking at Jokers to see if there is new news. (Just like one of the callers just said---Janelle is right there with us as one of the Superfans.)

A guy just called in and said he wanted to be "Janelle's Main Gay".  ***laughs***  The gay guy says that there is casting rumor that Britney from AK is Kathy's long lost daughter.  No one really believes it, and the call goes no where.  Janelle is having a hard time hearing the callers, so Chelsea and Missy have to repeat everything to her at least once.

Now a bubbly girl calls in and is so excited to speak to Janelle she forgot what she was going to say.  She compliments Janelle's "Bye Bye Bitches" speech and asks if she would appear this season if they asked her.  She says "sure, they usually ask me to do something or play some sort of game or something".   It doesn't sound like Janelle would go back for Allstars 2.  "Once was enough for me,"  she said.

They are saying goodbye to Janelle--she is going to have an hourlong show every Wednesday at 3PM on Real, which is cool. 

Jordan is up next.  Posting Part I.

Preseason Spotlight - Rachel Reilly

I am watching Rachel's preseason interview with Chelsea Hart on  Rachel is 26 years old and is a student and cocktail waitress from Las Vegas, NV but is originally from Concord New Hampshire.

My impressions and opinions of Rachel are as follows:

1.  She went to Las Vegas from New Hampshire to take a job with Chevron since she is a chemistry major.  They told her she would work in "Mountain Pass, CA" but would have to live in Las Vegas and it sounded great.  She worked in that job for 6 months and is now a cocktail waitress.

2.  In her interview, she looks a little like Tori Amos. Long red hair (quite possibly her real color, unlike Tori), good skin, nice lips.  She dressed for the occasion in a black strapless top which is good on camera.

3.  Currently she works at Aria at the City Center, but she worked the pool all last summer at Wet Republic and it was "crazy fun".  She does cocktailling, bottle service, etc.

4.  Rachel is very bubbly and she knows that could help or hurt her, depending on the circumstances.

5.  She has no plans to tell anybody that she is a chemist.  She just wants to walk around the house in her bikinis and hang out.  If someone calls her a ditz, she might go "all science" on them, but she hopes not.

6.  Chelsea ran "out of time" and had to cut the interview short. This one was only 3:34 long, in contrast to Annie's interview which was over 20 minutes long.  It was super short.

7.  I did watch her CBS "You Ask They Tell" feature and she mentioned the fact that she has Big Boobs at least three time in that.  She also repeated over and over how intelligent she is, and that she wants her fans to know that, and the HG not to know it.

8.  Uh...we get that Rachel.  See, that's the thing with intelligence.  If you have it, you generally don't need to point that out every 10 minutes.  People just know.

9.  Rachel's resume sounds problematic, if I were a recruiter. (And I'm not....)  She sounds like she works for a few months and then flies the coop whenever she feels like it.  BB won't help her professional aura, either.  So....she might want to forego her planned Science career and just to straight to porn.  Just a suggestion.

10.  This season really could be subtitled the Clash of the Intellectuals.  Lots of high IQs in there, impressive educations and jobs.  And it seems like most of them think they will be the smartest ones in there, and don't want to put that little secret on shout.

11.  I think Rachel is going to clash with the girls, particularly Monet and Kathy.  Just a guess.  I think she will hook it up with somebody in there, and not care who knows about it.

12.  We can all agree on this:  Rachel is NOT the Saboteur.  Duh.

Preseason Spotlight - Kathy Hills

I am now enjoying Kathy's preseason interview with Chelsea Hart on  Kathy is the Cougar of the group, coming in at age 40.  She is from Texarkana, AR and is a Deputy Sheriff and a Sergeant!

My impressions and observations of Kathy are as follows:

1.  Well, I would be remiss if I didn't mention right up front that Kathy is a Frickin' Hottie!  Wow. Long blond hair, big dimples, nice shoulders and teeth.  She might be the best-looking woman in there, representing the older ladies well.  You go Kathy!

2.  She is not going to tell the other HG that she has worked undercover, with experience in criminal profiling.  She can be a human lie detector and doesn't want them to know that.

3.  Chelsea is really excited by her bio--she has the need for speed and likes all kinds of dangerous and dirty stuff, including riding around in her patrol car.  She also likes gardening, particularly planting crepe myrtle trees (a Southern flowering tree).

4.  Ahhh....she mentions that she is a survivor of ovarian cancer and planted a crepe myrtle tree every time she finished a chemo treatment.  So she now has oodles and oodles of crepe myrtle trees on her property.

5.  Kathy has applied for the last 5 years and considers being on the show as fulfulling a promise to her grandmother.  While Kathy was undergoing chemotherapy her Grandma was ill as well and they used to watch BB together.  Grandma suggested she apply because it would be fun for her.  Grandma died in 2005 and that is when Kathy started applying for she show.

6.  She has been a big fan of BB since Season #3 and Season #8 was her favorite, primarily due to Evel Dick.  She loved all of the "awesome gameplay".  She also loves Jeff and Jordan but her least favorites were Chima and Ronnie, because Chima "disrespected the game and Ronnie just flat out got on her nerves".

7.  Kathy's has a 20-something year old son who has NO IDEA that she applied for the show.  She wants him to be surprised but she did lie to him.  She thinks he will be very excited and will have a hard time not talking or texting with him.

8.  She plans to flirt a lot in the house but will not have a showmance.

9.  She is used to working with men all of the time and thinks it is much easier for her to get along with men.  She is going to have to work really hard to bond with the women in the house.

10.  She is going to miss her "big fat" cat Shamu, who weighs almost 25 pounds.  He was a "fraternity cat" named Buster in Dallas, but the fraternity guys got caught with the cat and had to give it up.  She saw the cat online and knew it was going to be put down if someone didn't adopt it, so she drove to Dallas to get him.

11.  Kathy is yet another HG who plans to go with the flow in the house and take it as it comes as far as strategy goes.  She believes she is physically and mentally prepared for this, more than she ever has been.

12.   Chelsea asked if the people online who may be mean about her will be hard for her family to deal with. Kathy said she wrote her son a letter that basically told him to ignore the haters and focus on the positive things.

13.  Kathy is trying not to sweat the twist, but laughs kind of wickedly when she says she hopes it's not her....but you never know!  Hmmm.  She could be the Saboteur.  God knows she has the job skills to pull it off.  I think her age and her cancer history is going to keep her out of the last half of the game because no one will want to go against her in the end.  Alison Grodner knows that, too, which may be a good reason to sacrifice Kathy's chances for $500K and make her the Saboteur.

14.  The more I think about that idea, the more I like it, actually.

15.  I don't think she should disclose her job to the other HG.  People won't be free to be honest about themselves if they feel they are talking to an Officer of the Law, and frankly it is intimidating.  But I think it would also make for fascinating conversation during those long boring days under Lockdown.

16.  I would have her teach me how to apprehend, take down, and cuff the big guys in the house.  How fun would that be?  Everyone could get involved with that game.

17.  I wish Chelsea had asked if Kathy has ever met Bill Clinton.  You just know Bill would have been all over that.

I'm a Kathy fan now and am looking forward to seeing her get her game on.  Look for lots of DR comments from the boys about what a Hot Cougar she is.

Preseason Spotlight - Lane Elenburg

I am celebrating the Day Before Kickoff by watching Chelsea Hart's preseason interview with Lane, who is a 24 year-old "oil rig salesman" from Decatur Texas. 

Here are my impressions and observations of Lane:

1.  Lane has that Lumberjack look, with GI Joe-type stubble and what looks like a beefy frame.  Not fat, just beefy like a lumberjack.  Kind of sweaty, too.

2.  Lane wants to make a Good Impression on the other HG and become everybody's buddy.

3.  Lane has a "hellbound steel wicked chopper".  This is his release and he's really going to miss it. 

4. Lane is a big fan of BB and considers himself a late bloomer, only getting into the last three seasons.  His favorite player is Dan-BB10 because of his gameplay, and his least favorite is Jesse.  (We all understand that, Lane.)  He also liked Renny, but disliked Russell because "he was annoying and always fought".

5.  He is most afraid of electric fences.  (???)  When questioned by Chelsea about this, he gave some sort of explanation that they are hidden by "bob wire" fences. (Misspelling intended there.) 

6.  At this point Lane is flat out mopping his face with a Kleenex or some sort of white napkin.  Is it that stressful Lane? 

7.  He is wearing a hot pink plastic bracelet---the same type as one of those old LiveStrong bracelets.  Is that a BB thing?  A way of controlling the herd of HG while they move around the sequester hotel?  Or does it mean something else?

8. Lane is going to miss seeing his parents all the time, and feeding his dogs in the morning.  Lane scored some big points from me for that.  **big dog fan here**

9.  Lane has worked in public relations before (!) and thinks he can use this to his advantage.  He is going to take those Good First Impressions and then lay on his Texas charm to manage the relationships.   He has an accent that is reminiscent of Colby from Survivor.

10.  His collarbone area is glistening like he just did a Last Chance Workout.  What is up with that?  I wish Chelsea would say something about it.

11.  He has said that he has a strategy, but he is not going to disclose it.  When pressed by Chelsea on this,  he explains that he knows his strategy will change when he gets in the house and he is going to have to switch it up as he goes along.  He mentions implementing the  Good First Impression Plan for the THIRD time.  Geez Lane, I hope you don't have a sweaty handshake, dude, because that is going to blow your plan right away.

12.  He is single, and dating.  When Chelsea asks what "she" thinks about him being on BB, Lane kind of shrugs and says "I didn't get a chance to tell her" and then reaches for a big gulp of water.  No eye contact on that one.  Lane studiously looks to Stage Right while he sips and once again mops his brow.

13.  At this point, Chelsea apologizes to the fans and says that it is "600 degrees in here and it's a loong day".  Lane agrees.

14.  Lane has one brother and one sister.  They all live in Fort Worth, which is apparently close to Lane's home in Decatur.  They all know about him going on the show and they think it's awesome and an amazing opportunity.

15.  Lane knows that if he wins he has to give half to taxes, so he plans to "give some to charity instead".  Probably some military-themed charities since he has some buddies "over there".

16.  He says whatever he does in the BB house shouldn't surprise anyone bcause "everybody knows I'm a cheater and a liar".  Chelsea jumps on that and asks if he has cheated before.  Lane:  Oh...a few times.  Lane is a big flirt and plans on flirting with the ladies if he thinks it will help his game.

17.  Lane is excited for the twist and thinks it could be a good one.  Chelsea likes that positive attitude.

18.  This was the shortest interview ever.  About 4 1/2 minutes.  Maybe due to the heat?  Maybe because Lane wasn't that interesting, especially compared to characters like Enzo and Ragan?  That contrast might be helpful to Lane's game.  It is quite possible that all of the competing intellects will end up picking each other off while Lane coasts through to the halfway point chilling in the poll.

19.  You'd think that a Texas cowboy-type would be great in challenges, but with that sweating, you never know.  I mean, it was severe.

20.  I guess he could be the Saboteur.  He seems expendable, frankly, and I think this is a good year for somebody like him to slip below the radar.