Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Preseason Spotlight - Enzo Palumbo

FINALLY....Real Networks posted Chelsea's remaining preseason BB12 interviews.  I decided to get acquainted with Enzo to start the day's BB posting off with a bang.  Enzo is a 32-year old insurance adjuster from Bayonne, New Jersey. 

You know, I don't mean to brag, but I predicted that BB would try to draft off the buzz of Jersey Shore by casting someone fitting the Guido stereotype (see #7 at the link).  I apologize if that offends anybody but they all call themselves Guidos so I don't know what other word to use.  I also lived on Long Island for 3 years and the Italian guys who worked with me all referred to themselves that way.

Here are my impressions and observations of Enzo.

1.  Enzo is very proud of his heritage and thinks the Italians "bring the charisma" and we "say what we want to say". 

2.  His nickname where he's from is "Enzo the Meow Meow", and he has signature moves that will come out in the house.  The Meow Meow will come out in the house and he gives Chelsea an example of how to say it in a sentence.  Chelsea is doing a lot of giggling and is enjoying the Enzo show.

3.  He wants to popularize the use of the word "ca ca" and gives a number of examples of it's proper use.  Basically replace the word "shit" in a sentence and you're doing it the Enzo way.

4.  If he gives you the Italian Horn, you'd better watch out.  Ditto with "the Face", which kind of looks to me like the "What'chu talkin bout Willis" look crossed with a mild evil eye.

5.  Enzo has T-shirts ready to wear in the house to popularize these four things.  I am impressed with his marketing skills.  I know Chelsea wishes she thought of it.  (Remember Jen Johnson's "Jenius" line of T-shirts on BB8?)

6.  Enzo has been married to Joella for 2 years.  They met in Hoboken (lots of bars there) through a friend and Enzo "got her digits" right away.   They have a 7 month-old baby named Gia whose teeth are just now starting to come in.  Joella thinks he will win and it would be "a travesty" if he doesn't win it.

7.  Enzo has been watching BB since Season 2, basically due to Justin from Bayonne who got ejected from the game for holding a knife to Krista Stegall's throat.  He got a little behind on watching but is trying like crazy to catch up in the last few weeks.

8.  Enzo liked Evel Dick and his antics (especially the pot-banging), and he liked Jeff's accent last year.  He didn't like Dan from BB10 because of his constant religious references.

9. Enzo went to the casting call with a friend of his wife's who is a diehard fan.  Then he went home and downloaded an application, sent it in and things started rolling.

10.  Enzo is afraid of rats and AIDS.  Chelsea asked him about it and he said "AIDS is AIDS--nobody wants AIDS".  She laughed.  And "I don't want nuttin' to do with it" and "it's not like gettin' the sniffles."

11  Enzo is going to try to not come on too strong in the beginning and make friends, but he knows that his best alliance is "me, myself and I".   He plans to start the Meow Meow Mafia in the house and we will all be able to tell who is in it.  The MMM will include a right hand man, a strong woman, and also a good gay guy, because they can play both sides of the field.  He is ready to implement that team...

12.  Enzo didn't spell Meow Meow for me, so maybe it is spelled differently.  I guess I'll know when I see it on the shirt!

13.  I was very interested in learning more about Enzo, because he seems to have gotten a bad rap in the online polls.  He was a good talker and I think he is going to be fun to watch.  Because he is older he might be nice to live with, too, but that schtick might get really old, really fast.

14.  I am assuming that all this Meow Meow stuff was inspired by The Situation, who had the good sense to start building a brand before he even unpacked his Hefty bag at the Jersey shore.  I think Enzo's personality is genuine, but I think he knows what he is doing with all the terminology and the T-shirts. He might want to be careful not to be so in-your-face about it right upfront.

15.  I think he is a leader in his day-to-day life---he manages two different fantasy baseball leagues and it will kill him not to see sports for a few months.

16. Enzo may have been chosen to be the Saboteur, since he is obviously sharp and will know how to work people and situations.  He's a worker, for sure.  If he can be himself and blend in while still being able to entertain everybody, he could go a long way.

17.  Let's all give Enzo a chance.  I'll bet Ragan is going to be at his throat, just based on first impressions alone. Let's see how open-minded Ragan is---I'll bet Enzo will accept him a lot quicker at first sight.  Enzo = Good TV and probably Good Internet.